rowing a boat

driven stoic,
this last winter

&  her planes
of endless red

the asphodel field
gone and its
water, incompressible

as hands

petals clutter the surface
of river’s self in thin tension
& carnelian gullible white

another sweet hemlock

fluttering loosely
from the Judas tree

where on some far shore
[she] comes [she]  is rowing

the spectral boat - onwards

through the thousand
lunations & utterance

of otherworld

mirrored willows
mirroring me,

      some nothing

a sloppy mix of being

and here,
where you are not

the last shred of soul
burning above me


Alternative title; How Shanks finds out his little baby is dating


Glancing up at Yasopp’s bellow, Shanks stills upon the deck, reaching out with his Observation to see just what it is that has caught his snipers attention.

The answer has a smile stealing across his face. For that extra little bit of confirmation, Yasopp calls down a “Riskua ahoy, Captain!”

“To the island, Beckman!”

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Romantically drinking a bottle of wine in a row boat as they watch the ferry they just blew up in the distance

To be perfectly honest, this prompt is in itself an amazing piece of microfiction I could only dilute by expanding. Readers, please appreciate this masterpiece.

Saturday Morning [Part 3] (Grayson)

Written by: @keepcalmandlovepotter

Summary: Alyssa is new to L.A. and has a few secrets she’s rather keep to herself. When a famous YouTube star meets her, it changes the course of her life forever.

A/N: This was a submission and this is NOT MY STORY

Part 1/ Part 2

I woke up before the sun to the chirping of my alarm, and dragged myself out of bed. The worst part about working in a coffee shop was that when you open at 5 AM, you had to be there at 4. I almost always worked morning shifts. I honestly didn’t mind most of the time, but I had had a hard time getting to sleep the night before. I tossed and turned like a row boat in a storm for hours thinking about my “date” with Grayson later today. If I was lucky, I could catch a nap before and still have some time to get ready. 

I didn’t bother taking a shower because I knew I’d just smell like coffee grinds and fruit from the smoothies at the end of my shift, so I tossed my hair up in a messy bun and put on my usual cat eye and mascara before heading out.

I unlocked the back door, having arrived at Java Jane’s before my boss, Ashlee and decided to get a jump start on brewing. I had already made a dark roast batch when she walked in through the front, unlocking the glass doors. 

“Hey, you’re early,” she said, locking them behind her, as there was still about 45 minutes until opening. I shrugged, already covered in coffee grinds and moving the large carafes so more coffee could be brewed. It was the biggest early morning seller. 

“Yeah, I knew we had a lot to do and I had a lot on my mind so I hopped in about 15 minutes early. What’s going on? How are you?”

Ashlee and I chatted as she put on her apron and went the back to turn on the radio so we’d have some music while we worked before she started on the cold brew. 

“You seem a little off. What’s up?” I looked back at her, biting my lower lip, holding my breath, wondering if I should tell her. I didn’t have many friends in L.A., but Ashlee was definitely a genuine friend. She knew about my past, my family, and she didn’t give a single shit about any of it. She was 25 and had short black hair. She was tall and thin, which I couldn’t understand because she ate all the time. Sometimes I had to remind her that the cheesecake was for the customers and not for her to take home at the end of the day.

“I met someone…” I started with quietly, leaning a carafe into the warming station where it kept the coffee hot. She stopped short of what she was doing and turned to look at me slowly.

“Oh my god,” she started, covering her mouth with one hand. I raised an eyebrow and she abandoned her task to come give me a hug. I laughed, but hugged her back with the one arm that wasn’t holding up the large pot of coffee.

“What? Is it that monumental?” I asked with a genuine laugh. She’d heard me cackle one night when I’d had a little too much to drink after we closed down and ever since then, we’d become close friends.

“It is if you’re telling me about it! That means you think something might happen! Or that you’re already head over heels for him! It took you SIX WEEKS to even tell me about who Joe was.” I rolled my eyes and scoffed, feeling a familiar, sour taste fill my mouth. A grim look crept across my face and I turned from her. It might’ve slipped her mind because of her excitement that I hated hearing my ex-boyfriend’s name.

“Sorry, but it’s true!” She insisted. I sighed and shook my head. 

“No, he’s just a guy I met yesterday at The Grove. He’s pretty cool. He’s super sweet and totally funny. But he’s like, YouTube famous? He has a twin brother and they make these videos -”

“You’re not talking about one of the Dolan Twins, are you?”

I looked back at her with an expression that was half utterly astonished and half completely amused. She turned a little red and shrugged. 

“They’ve come in here once or twice. Before you moved. I’m a huge fan of them. Their videos are hilarious.” She talked as she picked her task back up and I did the same. I walked around the bar to place things in the case - little wrapped candies and treats.

“Well, I guess that makes it easier to explain why I can’t really date him,” I confessed, a twinge in my tone. Ashlee stood up straight. 

“UM, I’M SORRY, I MUST HAVE COFFEE GRINDS IN MY EARS BECAUSE I THOUGHT I JUST HEARD YOU TELL ME YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DATE HIM!” She was basically shouting and I laughed before looking over at the clock. I finished the display and walked over to the door.

“Time to open,” I said, unlocking the door. That didn’t stop Ashlee though.

“At least tell me which one it is!” She begged and I sighed, putting my hands in the pockets of my apron, fiddling with the sharpie I kept there.

“It’s Grayson,” I replied reluctantly and she squealed.

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say.” She bounced up and down and I couldn’t help but break my scowl to smile at her sincere delight for me. 

“Come on, we’ve got pastries to set out.”


The shift seemed to go on for ages. When you work so early in the morning, you feel like it’s midnight when you get out at 1 PM. Ashlee had grilled me whenever she had a spare moment about my encounter with Grayson and our date later tonight. She had a lot of theories, each one crazier than the last. I could only laugh. When it was time for me to leave, I took off my apron and hung it in the back room, grabbing my backpack.

I checked my phone to see that Grayson had texted me. My heart felt light as I opened the message.

Hey, Alyssa! Can’t wait to see you tonight. Wanna send me your address so I can pick you up?

I fired off a quick reply, sending him my address with a smiley face. He sent one back and I put my phone in my back pocket.

“Hey, Ash, I’m leaving. I’m gonna try and get a nap in before…you know,” I said, feeling my face get red just thinking about the fact that Grayson was coming to pick me up in 6 hours. She smiled teasingly and sent me on my way with a big hug, making me promise to call her after the date. I rolled my eyes, but smiled and appreciated her enthusiasm and excitement, even if my own emotions were a shit storm at the moment.

As soon as I got home, I all but collapsed onto my couch. I let out a loud groan and turned the television on. What I saw made my stomach turn a little.

“And the Dolan Twins were spotted downtown this morning at a meet and greet with their fans. Their popular YouTube channel has earned them over 3.5 million subscribers. Hundreds of people mobbed the area and stayed long after the boys had left the scene. Traffic was reported in the area until very recently.”

The broadcast continued but I let my body fall back onto the couch. I rubbed my eyes, forgetting about my liner and mascara til I saw it on my hands. Annoyed, I got up to clean it off my face and fingers. While I was in the bathroom, scrubbing my face, I looked at my reflection, unimpressed. I let out what felt like the 80th sigh of the day and shook my head, my hands on the edge of the sink, hanging my head.

What’re you doing? This has to be some kind of prank or for a video or something. Wake up. You’re not worth what this guy could offer.

It was so clear, and loud. Like it had been the night before. These thoughts came from a part of my brain I wasn’t sure I was ready to deal with yet, associated with a person I had only recently forgotten. I looked back up at my own reflection and was shocked to see tears running down my face. I didn’t even remember feeling them fall. It made me angry.

No. He has no power here anymore.

I chucked the make up wipe into the trash and walked back to the living room and put on a baking show I enjoyed, pushing the thoughts out of my mind, focusing on the positives. I took regular deep breaths to calm myself down and laid my head down. I set an alarm in case I drifted off so I’d have plenty of time to get ready.

As soon as I put my phone down, I was out like a light.

  • Yuuri: ok y’all how do i ask a boy out
  • Phichit: roses are red, violets are blue
  • Phicit: guess what, my bed
  • Phichit: has room for two
  • Yuuri: OH MY GOD NO
  • Phichit: twinkle twinkle little star
  • Phichit: we can do it in a car
  • Yuuri: STOP IT
  • Phichit: row, row, row your boat
  • Phichit: gently down the stream
  • Phichit: merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
  • Phichit: i can make you scream

Context: The group is investigating a necromancer who’s been terrorizing the region. To find more information, the group must cross a lake on row boats.

DM: Roll a 20 to see how the trip went.

Me a Warlock (OOC): *rolls a 1* Fuck

DM: You hit a large rock and fall off your boat. You are now drowning, roll a 20 to save yourself.

Me: *rolls another 1*

DM: Ok, you get 2 more tries

Me: *rolls a 4* I’m gonna die here

DM: One more shot

Me: *rolls a 2*

DM: Shit…

Me: So I’m dead?

DM: No. As you drown your demonic patron appears infront of you. He will save you, but only if you do something for him.

Me: Yes. Yes. I’ll do whatever.

DM: K, you’re on shore and there’s a parchment in your bag.

Me: Thank you Satan.

One thing that I really like about the 2004 Final Lair is that it changes “take her” (said to Raoul) to “take him” (said to Christine), which makes sense given that Christine has to untie him from the portcullis, rather than the Phantom cutting him down. But, I kind of wish this was the line in the show itself. Partly because a lot of the time, when the Phantom says it, Raoul is still lying on the ground, dazed, recovering from being nearly strangled to death. Christine is the one who needs to be taking care of him.

This version also implies less that the Phantom is giving Christine into Raoul’s care, as if this has been a contest between him and Raoul for her affections, than that he’s offering Christine her freedom, and part of that is the life of the man he sees now that she genuinely loves. It puts the focus squarely on Christine, the real protagonist.