best parts of being a rower: 
people in unis
sunrise and sunset from the water
finishing a race
being able to eat anything after a hard workout
you get a really cute butt

worst parts of being a rower:
land practice
rainy practice
erg tests
erging in general
running tests
having a crush on your coxswain

  • Me, on a date:So, how do you feel about rowing?
  • Date:I don't like-
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:I'm sorry I have t-
  • Date:How Janouseks are praised nowhere near as much as Empachers though their shells for smaller boats are brilliant
  • Me, slowly returning breadsticks:Go on
  • Date:Of course Wintechs must be the best brand out there
  • Me:*sprints out of Olive Garden with basket under arm*