A Bosmer in Skyrim #8: Riverwood...

It wasn’t long until she saw a village on the horizon. She came to a halt when she saw a dog sat at the bottom of a tree. It barked at her, wagging its tail happily. 

“Stump!” came a whining voice from up in the tree, “You’re the worst attack dog ever!”

Rowena tilted her head upwards to see a young boy sat among the branches watching her intently. 

“Who are you and what do you want?” he demanded.

“I’m just a traveller,” she told him, “I bring news from Helgen.”

The boy hastily climbed down and grinned at her, “You survived Helgen too?” He then began to frown, “You’re not an Imperial, are you?”

She shook her head, “Far from it. What do you mean ‘survived Helgen too’? Is another survivor here?”

He nodded eagerly, “My uncle. My mother told me to watch the road in case of Imperials. Come on, I’ll take you to them. I’m Frodnar, by the way, and this is my dog Stump.”

“I’m Rowena,” she said, then followed him into the village. 

The villagers watched her suspiciously, unkeen on a new face among them, but no one said anything. Frodnar led her to a house with a garden full of flowers and a cow chewing on the grass outside. He opened the door and she went in behind him. 

“Mother!” he called, “I found another survivor! She just came down the road from Helgen!”

A blonde woman appeared with a smile on her face.

“I’m Gerdur,” she told Rowena in a soft voice, “I heard about what happened in Helgen. Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine,” Rowena nodded shakily, “I got out okay. But I don’t know whether anyone else did.”

“So far I only know of one,” she sighed, “My brother Ralof was there.”

A Bosmer in Skyrim #9: Injured...

“Where is he now?” Rowena asked almost immediately. 

“In here,” Gerdur said, taking hold of Rowena’s hand and leading her around the corner to the bedroom area of the house. On the smaller of the two beds was led Ralof with his shirt off and a bandage wound tightly around his arm. 

“What happened to him? He was fine when I saw him.”

“So you’re the one that helped him,” Gerdur smiled, “He told me about you before he lost consciousness. He got caught by an arrow as he fled Helgen, an Imperial soldier saw him escaping and shot at him, but the dragon soon took care of him as Ralof ran. He lost a lot of blood, but he just needs to sleep. Rest is the best thing for him at the moment… You’re welcome to stay with us. You rescued my brother from Helgen; I can never thank you enough.”

“I would hate to impose,” Rowena said quietly.

“Nonsense,” Gerdur said with a roll of her eyes, “Any friend of Ralof’s is a friend of mine.”

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Day Two:

2.) What are your characters most prominent physical features?

((Rowena has very sharp features; pointed nose, pointed ears, keen eyes; all of which help her when hunting. She has a very small physique which makes her nimble and a swift runner and climber. But the most prominent feature she has is the scar on her left cheek that was caused by one of the more abusive of her carers during her childhood after she was attacked with a rusty knife after a Bosmer elder had consumed a little bit too much Argonian mead…))

A Bosmer in Skyrim #7: Escape...

The tower was completely silent compared to the battle that was waging outside. She made her way through the Keep, not once coming across anyone else. She prayed that people had escaped instead of lying dead outside. 

Once out the other side, there was nothing but silence. She could no longer hear the screams or the roar. Helgen lay far behind her and she would have had it no other way. She wasn’t sure how long she walked for. The morning sun was high in the sky by the time she finally stopped by a river for a drink. She knew that if there was a time to cry and grieve over Matlara, it was now when she was alone and she wouldn’t have to put on a brave face for anyone. But no tears came. She just sat staring at the slow moving water with nothing but anger inside of her. 

She let out an unheard sigh, and then started back on the road again…

A Bosmer in Skyrim #6: Massacre...

Rowena watched after him for a second or two, not entirely being able to register what had just happened. But the roar of the dragon and the screams of villagers and guards alike snapped her back into reality. 

She readied her bow then ran around the side of the tower to help join the fight. But what truly lay before her was a massacre. Burned and bloodied bodies lay everywhere. The Imperial soldiers yelled orders to each other as they showered the dragon with arrows with very little outcome. 

She stepped slowly and carefully around the dead and dying, knowing that there was nothing she could do to help them. Yet then she saw Matlara’s body among them and sick rose in the back of her throat. Matlara was the closest thing that Rowena had had to having a friend here in Skyrim, she was always willing to buy the game she hunted and always had a bed free for her. 

Rowena approached her, not caring about the dragon that was destroying a village around her and slid her hand over Matlara’s face, closing her eyes for her. Rowena removed Matlara’s necklace from her neck and slipped it onto her own. She knew that this amulet had been passed down through generations of Matlara’s family and Rowena owed it to her to pass it on to Matlara’s son who lived in Winterhold. 

Rowena got to her feet and looked around her. There was nothing left for her here. Her only friend was dead, and the only home she’d ever known was being burned to the ground. Without a second thought or look back, she headed back to the tower and went through the door that Ralof had escaped through not moments ago…

Day One:

1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

((Rowena never knew either of her parents. She has the faintest of memories from the earliest years of her childhood that include being handed around from one Bosmer elder to the next; none of whom she ever got along with. By the time she was twelve, she had begun secretly learning archery from a man in the village; something the elders she had been adopted by never approved of, yet they would never reveal why.

Once she turned 16, she was deadly with a bow and she knew what she was going to do. Over the next two years, she began doing any jobs or errands she could to earn some coin, and as soon as she was 18; she left Valenwood forever with nothing but her small amount of money, her bow, a sheathe of arrows, a knife and the clothes on her back. 

In total, over twenty elders had at one point or another looked after Rowena, but she never bothered saying goodbye to any of them.))

A Bosmer in Skyrim #5: Ralof...

“Head through that door,” her voice was hard, but her eyes scanned the sky nervously, “Make your way through the Keep to the other side and get out on the other side of the village. It’s already attacked the farm so it won’t go back that way. You can make a run for it. Just don’t get caught by any Imperials; they won’t respond kindly to a prisoner getting away; dragon or not.”

Suddenly, he grabbed hold of her and pinned her against the wall, kissing her. For a moment or two, she didn’t know how to respond. But then she did the only thing she knew how to do. She forced him off of her, then held him against the wall with a dagger to his throat

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, “I don’t know, you don’t know me!”

“Either of us could be dead in the next few minutes,” he reminded her in a husky voice, “I wanted to make the most of it. My name is Ralof.”

She slowly removed the dagger from his throat then muttered, “Rowena.”

“Let’s hope that I’ll be seeing you soon,” he told her with a lopsided smile as he reached for the door, “Fight, or die well.”

He kissed her hand gently before disappearing through the door…

A Bosmer in Skyrim #4: Rescue...

The dragon took flight and flew over to the farm that was on the outskirts of the village. Within seconds, it was in flames, but Rowena took the opportunity to sprint across the square to where the prisoners were. 

Many of them lay dead with severe burns covering their pale Nordic skins. But she did notice movement coming from over by the chopping block. The prisoner whose execution had been postponed was trying to cut the ropes that bound his hands on a rock. He stopped immediately when Rowena approached him and looked up at her. 

“If you’re going to kill me then at least do it quickly,” he growled at her, “I don’t really want to die at the hands of a dragon.”

She squatted down in front of him then with a swift cut of her dagger his bonds fell in tatters on the floor. 

“Come on,” she said quietly, standing up and holding her hand out to him, “We need to get out of here.”

His large rough hand took her small tanned one and she pulled him to his feet. 

“Why are you helping me?” he asked suspiciously, “You don’t look like a Stormcloak.”

“Neither am I an Imperial,” she told him sharply, “I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done, but I want to help you so just shut up and follow me.”

She grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him away from the bodies of the other prisoners. Her elven ears picked up the sound of the dragon taking flight again and heading back towards the square so she remained flat against the wall of the tower, forcing the man to do the same. She looked to the sky to see the dragon soaring over, burning buildings as it went. 

Once it was over them, she headed for a side entrance to the Keep…

A Bosmer in Skyrim #3: Preparing for battle...

Rowena stood completely still, her eyes fixed on the dragon, her heart pumping painfully hard with fear. She couldn’t surely have been seeing a dragon, could she? They were things of myth and legend. Dragons in Tamriel had been unheard of for thousands of years. Yet there was one right in front of her. 

It let out an almighty roar and from its mouth spewed masses of flames that immediately set the closest houses to it on fire. The villagers and guards alike scattered, grabbing children and getting them to safety or readying themselves with weapons.

“Head for the Keep!” Rowena ordered to Matlara, “Get everyone you can, forget your things; just head for the Keep!”

Matlara nodded, but as Rowena turned to run away, she grabbed hold of her arm, “What about you?”

“I can help,” Rowena told her, “They’re going to need everyone they can against this thing. I can shoot if nothing else.”

“You’re a hunter, not a soldier!” Matlara screamed at her as the dragon let out another mouthful of flames on a group of guards at the bottom of the Keep tower. 

“I promise you I’ll meet you at the Keep!” Rowena yelled, pushing her away, indicating for her to run, “Just go!”

She nodded with tears streaming down her face, then turned and headed for the group of villagers that were starting to gather together. 

Rowena readied herself an arrow, but then she noticed the large group of prisoners that were still huddled together. She couldn’t tell whether anyone was still alive or whether they would be able to help the fight, but she knew that she had to find out…

A Bosmer in Skyrim #2: Execution...

Rowena had just woken up and heard the large amount of commotion outside. She grabbed her always-packed bag and her bow and arrows, and then slipped on her travelling cloak before making her way out into the street. 

There were five horse drawn carriages all lined up outside of the Keep, each with three or four people in the back. She noticed straight away from their armour that they were Stormcloak soldiers. Back in Valenwood, she’d heard tale of the civil war that was raging in Skyrim and when she left home she vowed that she would never get involved. She’d come to Skyrim for a better life, not to become a soldier.

They were all lined up and catalogued by an Imperial soldier Rowena knew to be called Hadvar. She stuck close to the inn’s door, but she made sure that she had a good view of what was going on and could hear everything. 

Among the prisoners was Ulfric Stormcloak himself. 

She knew straight away that something was wrong. If he’d been captured then he surely should have been taken before the Emperor himself. Why was he being brought to Helgen for execution?

The inn’s owner Matlara appeared by Rowena’s side to watch the goings on.

“Something’s not right,” Rowena hissed to her, “Why isn’t he being taken to trial? Or at least to prison?”

 “I’m not sure,” Matlara whispered back. 

There was the sound of the axe swinging and a sickening squelch as the first prisoner was beheaded. There was a strange rumbling in the distance; a sound that Rowena had never heard before. A few of the villagers and prisoners looked to the sky, but there was nothing to see. 

The next prisoner was forced up to the chopping block; a tall, muscular Nord with shoulder length blonde hair and a rugged blonde beard. 

The executioner raised his axe, yet before he could bring it down upon the prisoner’s neck, the rumbling became louder and there was a sound of flapping wings followed by the undeniable sound of a roar. 

From over the top of the Keep flew a dragon…

A Bosmer in Skyrim #1: New Beginnings...

There was nothing left in her homeland of Valenwood. She’d been an orphan girl for longer than she could remember and coming to Skyrim had been the best and the worst decision of her life. 

Once she was of age and knew how to defend herself, she set off on the long journey to the province of Skyrim. She became a hunter and spent long hours out on the mountainsides and in the forests hunting elk and deer. She sold her produce in the village of Helgen and stayed at the inn there with the money she earned. It was a quiet life, but she was happy and that was more than she’d ever been in Valenwood. She never let on to anyone that she was a Bosmer as she knew that elves weren’t always welcome in Skyrim, and all she wanted was to be left in peace. 

Yet, one day, the Imperial soldiers that occupied the village brought in a large number of prisoners for public execution…