Crowley and Rowena

Crowley and Rowena.
For how many seasons have we been overlooking them?
Things Rowena has done in season 12:
• tried to get out of the drama and horror of hunting and witchcraft by engaging in a semi normal social life.
• offered her help with no strings where defeating Lucifer is involved (after all, she powered down the warding so Lucifer could get TFW into the cage)
•been completely and absolutely normal and neutral. She’s not taking part in the fight for Lucifer other than assisting in the spell to send him back to the cage.
Old Rowena probably would have tried to strike a deal with him.
Things Crowley has done in season 12:
•been more invested in defeating Lucifer than anyone else.
• exhausted his contact list for info on Lucifer when TFW sat around and moped.
• enlisted Rowena to help
• stepped in to watch Cas’s back at Club Meteor when he could have abandoned him
• faced the wrath of Lucifer (AGAIN) to keep Cas from getting killed
• has not threatened the Winchesters in any format despite having them constantly berate him
• shown extreme character development in not actively engaging with Lucifer in a power struggle

Crowley and Rowena, guys.
They’re the stars of this season thus far, at least in my opinion.

Mommy Dearest

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Characters: Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 1322

Summary: While wallowing in the bottom of a glass of wine, you meet a sweet-talking Devil who helps comfort you with a night of smut.  

Warnings: Smut, Swearing, Some Angst, Some Fluff, Drinking

A/N:  Maybe don’t have sex with the King of Hell when you’re drunk and emotionally vulnerable.  Or do…idk…I guess I would.  This has been ratting around my mind for a while because Crowley’s relationship with Rowena really resonates with me. 

“Bad day in the universe?”  You glanced sideways at the man at the bar beside you.  British accent.  Interesting. You hesitated before taking another drink of your glass of wine.  

“I guess you could say that,” you said with a shrug.  

"now, what’s got someone has pretty as you so distressed.” He chuckled.

“Do you have a few hours?”  You said rolling your eyes.

“I’ve got all night.”  He raised a finger and ordered another round of drinks.  "I’ve been told I’ve been a very good listener.“  

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LOTUS: Recap

*High Sodium Alert*

We may be adding an extra bullion cube or two to this recap. We have….issues with it. But there were plenty of good times so we’ll try and bask in those moments as much as possible.


We’re reminded that the world needs more Sam Fucking Winchester, the British Men of Letters are still a mystery, and Lucifer is still loose.


A priest is listening to the news about the death of a wealthy patron of the Church when his red robed superior officer God-Talking-Guy tells him to turn the radio off and “focus on the Lord’s work.” With eyes glowing red, red robed guy then proceeds to walk down the hallway, crosses turning upside down in his presence.

Sam and Dean are at a morgue, investigating the death of the wealthy church patron. Cas and Crowley are already with the body. Taking a look at the body, they see his eyes are burned out –thus surmising he was Lucifer’s latest vessel. Uh, wut? Burned out eyes are from angel smiting, not vessel burnout. Nick’s body was completely decomposing (as was Vince’s). What gives? Did Lucifer smite the person when he became too weak to hold him? Crowley exposits that Lucifer isn’t just content to hang out in little people vessels, he’s moving on to well known and more powerful humans. Cas concurs with Agent Zappa. Dean snaps at Cas. I, for one, am proud of Cas for aiming the fake ID a little closer to Dean’s chosen era of music.

Back at the bunker, Sam’s online investigating reveals that Lucifer is now in the body of an archbishop.

Cut to the boys pulling up to the archbishop’s rectory. It’s dark, and seemingly abandoned. They break in to find the cold-open priest dying, and others dead in really visually intense ways. They eventually find the archbishop, also dead, and with his eyes burned out.

Jump to a praying dude, making a deal with the devil. Cue glowy eyes. Also: Cue Boris’ rolly eyes.

The praying dude, Jeff, proceeds to have a conversation with himself/Lucifer. 

Imo, they should have used Mark Pellegrino for this. He’s consistently portrayed Lucifer in any internal/mental imaging of Lucifer. This was a really bizarre sequence. I kind of felt like I was taking crazy pills. In any event, the conversation reveals that Jeff is really the President of the United States. A bodyguard wanders into his room to investigate all the talking, and promptly dies of a massive cerebral hemorrhage, courtesy of Lucifer. After the commercial break, Lucifer is surrounded by his staff, and fire. (I know Lucifer runs cold, but I like the fire imagery a lot!) His staff ask him to pray, and they all proceed to sit on the ground. Lucifer is temporarily confused about what to say to God, but he musters something, as the bible burns his hand (or is his hand burning the bible?) 

Jump to the bunker. (Are you picking up on how much Boris hates the disjointed feel to this episode? It’s like 20 little mini-episodes, with a whole lot of gaps in the narration.) Cas is looking at the church carnage.

TFW ponders where Lucifer is now.

President!Lucifer happens to be in a meeting. After the meeting, his assistant, Kelly, lets him know that his poll numbers are up, which impresses him. He then asks if “there’s something else?”

Jump to some dub-con post-coital conversation. They talk about their affair and she desires to make it public, do the wedding thing, do the baby thing. A light bulb goes off for Lucifer.

Crowley meets with the medical examiner, who tells him the death of the bodyguard was anything but natural.

Bunker: Sniping Husbands Cas and Dean bicker about the bunker’s warding. Dean powered them down so Crowley can come and go. Sam wonders about this decision, but it’s too late, Crowley is already there, and has intel we already know: Lucifer is using the president as a meatsuit.

President!Lucifer informs his secret service agent that two mentally unstable possible cult members are going to attempt to assassinate him. Luci tells him that they need to eliminate the threat, and it needs to stay within the secret service. (I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works.)

Bunker: Sam was missing out on his previous torture time with the BMoL so he calls them. Protect Sam At All Cost Rage! What even was that call about? Cas meanwhile reiterates that Lucifer can’t be returned to the cage while inhabiting a vessel. Then, ironically, Sam says, “And Lucifer has found the perfect safehouse.” I realize he meant that the president is a well protected individual, but Sam is the perfect vessel; He wouldn’t have to ever leave Sam, like he will with the president. The prez is currently on tour so they have a slight chance at getting to him.

Insert Rowena. She’s currently getting cast aside by her latest beau. Crowley comes in and obliterates him.

“That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me,” Rowena praises. Hee. (Natasha: my favorite scene of the episode. Give me more gleeful baddie team-ups.)

Lucifer and Kelly are in bed again. She tells him that things felt different this time, something’s changed. “Maybe something has,” Lucifer gloats.

Cas carries coffee for the Winchesters into the war room (awww!) only to suffer a massive headache as angel radio turns up to 11 in his ear. The boys rush to his aid.

“A nephilim has come into being,” Cas announces and because of the power behind the conception, they know it’s Lucifer.

“I didn’t know he was dating,” says Dean. *rimshot*

TFW heads out towards the presidential compound when they get pulled over by secret service. The agents taunt the Winchesters (and Dean’s low key, incognito car) and fisticuffs ensue. Cas casually strolls out of Baby towards the melee but Dean holds him back as they’re all held at gunpoint.

A mysterious man rolls up, blasting Brubeck’s Take Five (or as he calls it, Party Jamz Track 18) and pulls out a grenade launcher. He blows up the secret service car and proceeds to kick some extremely casual, smooth jazz ass while issuing orders to Cas to wipe the agents’ memories. It’s Arthur Ketch, British Man of Letters. Dude, it didn’t take you very long in the States to ditch your sweet motorcycle for a car. Downgrade.

TFW confronts Mr. Ketch who tells them that he is there because Sam called them. “You, Halo,” he says to Cas, “Do you sense I’m lying?”

Sassy Cas informs him that his name is Castiel and his friends call him Cas so that’s Castiel to him, and concedes that Mr. Ketch doesn’t appear to be lying. “But the truth can be situational.” Mr. Ketch chortles at this.

“Oh, I do enjoy an angel,” he says. (Suddenly I’m quite concerned that Mr. Ketch has been playing experimental chophouse with fallen angels in recent years.)

Mr. Ketch weakly apologizes for Lady Bevell and then shows TFW all the sweet supernatural weaponry he keeps in his trunk. They have a vampire blood poisoning gun, for example, and Dean already has heart eyes for the grenade launcher. He pulls out a “hyperbolic pulse generator” which drives possessing demons from their vessel.

Sam super-not-subtly asks if that will work on angels. Mr. Ketch is intrigued. (Dude, Mr. Ketch, how do you not know all this already? Weren’t you supposed to be following them? TFW and Lucifer haven’t exactly been subtle.)

Regardless, Mr. Ketch gives them the weapon (and disappears from the rest of the episode) and they prepare to face Lucifer. They decide to lure out Lucifer by snatching Kelly, making his spawn a pawn. (Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night.) Crowley, as the only one with teleporting capability, is on the job! (And super excited about it.)

In the pool house, Crowley zaps in and abducts Kelly who is busy freaking out about the pregnancy to someone on the phone. They fill her in on President!Lucifer and she understandably resists the idea, calling it impossible. Dean tells her that teleporting is impossible too, so “Ta-da!” Which, yeah. Good point. They go through the introductions. A witch, an angel, and the King of Hell all walk into a bar…

Cas pulls out a Bible and has Kelly place her hand on it. It bursts into flames, convincing her that she might actually be carrying the spawn of Satan (dun dun DUN). (But doesn’t Lucifer burn cold? Sigh, whatever.) A little while later Lucifer rolls up to the site of the ambush and sends in a few Secret Service agents to the sweep the place and make sure that Kelly is alone. Dean, Sam, Crowley, and Rowena hide in an adjoining hotel room while Cas hides in the closet. Closeted!Cas (I’m sorry, couldn’t resist) Jedi mind tricks one of the agents into believing that the hotel room is empty, save for Kelly. Convinced that those are NOT the droids they’re looking for, the agents clear out of the hotel room and Cas comes out of the closet. (<– Not sorry.)

President!Lucifer heads inside to talk to Kelly. She tells him that she can’t have the baby and he attacks her, insisting on its birth. Sam busts in and activates the golden egg from Harry Potter holy hand grenade hyperbolic pulse generator. Lucifer starts to light show out of his vessel as Rowena works the spell to banish him back to the cage. 

“This isn’t over, Sam,” Lucifer snarls and Sam tells him to go to Hell. I like that Lucifer fixates on Sam’s attack, as though he is the greatest threat in the room. (And perhaps he is.) Lucifer gets sucked down through a heating grate in the floor. I’ll only be convinced he’s in the cage when we see it.

Cas kneels beside the prone president, confirms that he’s alive, and zaps the president’s memory. He escorts Kelly from the room. Sam and Dean take a moment to revel in getting Lucifer back in the cage before Secret Service agents run in and arrest them for attempting to assassinate the president. The boys get locked up in a super prison truck and away they go! 

A little while later, Cas and Kelly are eating breakfast in a diner when Kelly heads off to the bathroom. She looks at her abdomen and sneaks out instead while Cas sits politely and waits for her to finish in the bathroom. She calls him as she drives away and tells him she intends to keep the baby, Spawn of Lucifer or not. Oh, Cas. At least she didn’t steal your wallet like Claire did a few years back. Women and their tricksy bathroom escapes…

Meanwhile, heading to a Super Secret Torture Prison Base ™, the boys think, we are so screwed.

Boris: What even was this episode? I try to brush off Buckleming episodes, because we all know we’re going to get disjointed storylines, highly ooc dialog, and questionable plot devices, but they really outdid themselves with this one.

+Angel smiting vs vessel burnout. Figure it out, show.

+If Crowley can teleport, why can’t he just save the brothers? (Natasha: My headcanon is that Crowley is a dick.) (Boris: But he’s a dick that has some serious affection for Dean.) (Natasha: Come on. Just say it. Crowley’s THEIR dick.) (Natasha: I am 5.) (Boris: lol)

+Why did Sam contact the BMoL?

+Why did the brothers stick around with the president?

+Why is Mr. Ketch ok with Cas? Should we be very concerned for Crowley and Rowena?

+And Lucifer was just banished from the president’s body, right? He escaped out the vent.I can’t decide if this is suppose to confuse us or if I misread something.

I feel like any and all questions can be answered with : Idk, because.

There were some funny moments though, and I look forward to learning more about the BMoL. Whatever is happening between Cas and Dean needs to be worked out –because there’s something off there. I guess Dean is jealous and non-communicative that Cas is working with Crowley, but why should he care? I’d think he’d be happy that the ends justify the means.

Mid-season Hellatus is upon us. We’ll be recapping Mary episodes during the break, which should be fun. We’ll also be counting the days until we’re reunited with the Winchesters, just like poor Cas. (That preview was killer.)

Taking the Quotes of Office:

Did the bunker’s warding fail?

Can I get you without the flannel?

Nice car, by the way. Really stands out.

Rowena x Reader: Enamoured

You were enamoured with her. It began with a fascination, a fascination in her powers, her life, her as a whole.

It evolved.

You began to feel things, a tingle as you stood in a room together and met eyes, a gentle tickle of anxiety when you saw her about to be put in danger, or the drop of your heart as you saw her look with desire into another’s eyes.

It evolved.

You began to stare at her, noticing the intricacies of her beautiful form. Her long, blazing sunrise hair. Her strident, viridescent eyes. Her vulnerable, lithe figure. Her lilting, gorgeously accented voice. Her smooth, milky skin. Her elegant, graceful presentation.

It evolved.

Your infatuation became more obvious. She met your stares with her own confused glances. Your friends interrogated you, as you denied all the allegations they presented you with. You felt more dependance on her, you started to feel despondent when deprived of her company.

It evolved.

You knew you had it bad. Her presence made you smile, her pain was your pain, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that you had feelings that extended past the expected line of a platonic nature. You were in the palm of her proverbial hand, reading and willing to comply with any demand she had for you.

She was Rowena. And you were enamoured with her.

thegreyruin  asked:

So I saw your tags on the Sam "getting lucifer" gifs and I had a question! We clearly see lucifer "going down the drain" lol so how did they get him? I don't understand!!

I’m not absolutely certain, either, honestly! Sam used the Magical Egg Thing to remove Lucifer from his vessel, and Rowena performed the same spell she performed in 11.10 to send him back to the Cage. It didn’t work in 11.10 because Castiel had already given consent, and Rowena’s spell would not have worked if Lucifer attained a vessel. (That’s why she had to wait until they forced Lucifer from “Jeff.”)

I think a lot of people are freaking out about the claim that “we can’t send Lucifer back to the Cage in a vessel” because they’re thinking back to Swan Song, where the only way to send him back was to drag him physically into a hole opened up by the Horsemen’s rings while in a human vessel. But they didn’t have Rowena on their side at the time and they didn’t have the power or knowledge to force him from a vessel and perform such a difficult spell. They’ve implied that Rowena is now the only witch alive who could perform a lot of these spells. So… at the very least, that isn’t one of Buckner and Ross-Leming’s continuity fails.

Lucifer going down the vent could have been him going back to Hell. We don’t have any idea what an archangel being banished back to the Cage with witchcraft should actually look like, so there’s nothing to say that they didn’t succeed. I really, truly hope they did. Apparently, Pellegrino has made tweets implying that he will return on the show. It’s possible that Lucifer really will be back in the Cage, because that’s the only way Pellegrino would be filming again. Nick’s actual vessel is gone. Lucifer only chose to take his form while in Hell. So if Pellegrino is back on set for anything more substantial than a flashback, I’m guessing he’ll be back in Hell. Of course, that’s only if Pellegrino was telling the truth and talking about something that would happen this season. *shrugs*

But if they didn’t succeed, my vote goes to the secret service guy:


I just want to take you grinding
Hope you cap on script just right
Hopefully this party’s fine…

players, put yo favorite classes in the que
dps, what y'all trying to do?
Twenty four man raid magic up in here
Head to toe raid ready
Look out uh

Que popped, it’s go time (go time)
go time (go time)
Guess who’s tanking again?
Oh they don’t know? (go on /tell ‘em)
Oh they don’t know? (go on /tell 'em)
I bet they know soon as we load in (loadin’ up)
Wearing i250 things (bruh)
Coeurl minks (yuh)
Rowena’s finest shoes (whoop, whoop)
Don’t examine me too hard might hurt Yo’self
Known to give the best main tank the blues


I’m a dangerous man with some gil in my pocket (keep up)
So many pretty crafters ‘round me and they takin all my money (gear up)
Why you mad, fix ya gears ain’t my fault ya don’t repair (keep up)

players only, come on
Put your favorite classes in the que
Healers, what y'all trying to do?
Twenty four man raid magic up in here
Head to toe raid ready
Yo, look out!

Second verse for the Scholars (Scholars), Machinists (Machinists)
Astros and ya stupid ass friends! (haha)
Can I preach (uh oh) can I preach (uh oh)
I gotta show 'em how a suport can get it in!
First, pop yo ish(ish), try not to rip (rip)
give em heals, mp, and tp like support ain’t shit (whoop, whoop)
Don’t regret
don’t say dps is low now

I’m a dangerous man with some gil in my pocket (keep up)
So many pretty crafters ‘round me and they takin all my money (gear up)
Why you mad, fix ya gears ain’t my fault ya don’t repair (keep up)

players only, come on
Put your favorite classes in the que
Tanks, what y'all trying to do?
Twenty four man raid magic up in here
Head to toe raid ready
big pull, look out!

everywhere I go they be like
Oh, casual player player
Everywhere I go they be like (oh, real player oh)
Oh everywhere I go they be like (oh, harcore player oh)

Now, now, now watch me burn em down like (uh)
Twenty four man, twenty four man raid magic
Average wait time? (twenty four man, twenty four man raid magic)
Come on now
twenty four man, twenty four man raid magic
Don’t fight the newbies, invite the newbies (bonus)

Put your favorite classes in the que
classes, what y'all trying to do?
Twenty four man raid magic up in here
Head to toe raid ready
Put your favorite classes in the que
classes, what y'all trying to do?
Twenty four man raid magic up in here
Head to toe raid ready

why i can't take Ravenclaws seriously

in Shakespearean english, a euphemism for a guys you-know-what was “wit”. so, “the length of a man’s wit” is actually a clever euphemism for talking about how ‘manly’ a guy was/ how big his dick was.

…brings a whole new meaning to
“wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure”

  • Godric: Guys, where should we put the kitchens?
  • Rowena: How about a little ridd-
  • Godric: Godamn it Rowena, the children are not answering riddles to get into a kitchen
  • Salazar: How about a nice simple door?
  • Helga: No, it'll be behind a painting of a fruit bowl
  • Rowena: Okay, fair enough but how-
  • Helga: You have to tickle the pear to get in
  • Godric: Tickle the pear...?
  • Helga: Yes
  • Salazar: Helga, in the nicest possible way, how high are you?

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any predictions for 12x09 ? I'm really torn between being scared for them, being excited for the sweet angst of the two brothers seperated in cells against theirs will for months and the probable hug we will get after that ( PLEASE GIVE ME THE HUG ) and wanting them just to be domestic in the bunker... ( Sam send Lucifer back to hell, he was so badass...)

I honestly have no idea. I’m waiting to see who wrote the episode to figure out whether I’m looking forward to it or not, but I am inordinately excited for Winchesters x law enforcement and also angst and potential Cage!feels and—was Sam praying in the promo or was he just getting impatient?—and also a potential hug. Yes. I would not complain about that. (We needed one in 12.02 and didn’t get it, though, so I don’t know what to expect…)

There must be something interesting at play if Rowena the super-witch, Castiel the angel, and the Actual King of Hell™ can’t locate the Winchesters in a regular old prison, so it should be interesting to see how the show explains that. But I’m interested to see where this season plans to take it.

It’s really weird, though—Lucifer was supposedly sent back to Hell, but it feels kinda sudden. In the course of a single episode, he went through financial and religious leaders and right to the President. Unless SPN wants to go global (which it seems pretty opposed to doing), its options are limited. Plot-wise, it makes sense, but it just seems like a really anticlimactic and kind of silly send-off for Lucifer.

12.08 didn’t really give us many hints. It “resolved” the Lucifer thing and set up Sam and Dean’s imprisonment, but… we have no idea where that’s going to go. 

Will the BMoL become the Winchesters’ allies in a fight against a larger threat? (-___-) please no. How will the Nephilim baby work into all of this? Will the BMoL and/or law enforcement become the villain this season (or flip-flop by the end of it)? It might be interesting if they start working with the BMoL only to discover what they’re doing to people like Magda and then work with governmental agencies who may or may not know about hunting? Or maybe more fun explorations of American and/or Canadian hunter communities? I’d be so very here for that.

Eek I rambled. Sorry.

tl;dr I have no idea what to expect but I hope it’s good.