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i want a drawing with "fade away" of Helena Ravenclaw on my desk ASAP or I will order u to the dungeons

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I don’t know if I’m laughing out of actual amusement or from a minor panic attack.


Helena Ravenclaw is the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, she is also the ghost of the Ravenclaw house known as the Grey Lady

I don’t know if this is canon or not, but I think Rowena and Helena had a bad relationship. Rowena had a strong character that she wanted to impose on her daughter, also she was an incredible smart woman who probably expected her daughter to be the same way she is. 

She went to Hogwarts when it was still ran by its founders, She met the Bloody Baron there who was another student from the Slyhterin house who immediately fell in love with her. Helena always rejected Baron’s advances because she didn’t believe him to fit her standards.

I think both Rowena and Helena were beautiful and smart woman but Helena felt like following her heart a little bit more often than Rowena did and Rowena saw that as a sign of weakness for her daughter who should be as wise, witty and powerful as she is. I dare say Helena had a small Gryffindor-ness in her.

We know that the Diadem of Ravenclaw grants wisdom to whoever wears it so in her attempts to live up to her mother’s expectations, Helena stole the Diadem and ran away. After Helena stole the Diadem, Rowena never admitted that the diadem was gone since she was far too ashamed of her daughter’s betrayal. Rowena fell ill after this incident so I would like to think that it was one last attempt to show Helena that she actually cared and this was her protecting Helena from the accusations. After all Rowena was a respected witch and a founder of Hogwarts which would mean loads of people would want to defend her honour and get that Diadem back if it meant killing Helena.

Probably considering what I have said above, Rowena sent a man he knew was in deeply love with Helena to go get her back before she died, she wanted to see Helena one last time. Helena tried to hide from Baron but she was caught around Albania and when she heard Baron closing in she hid the Diadem in a tree hollow (extra info: do you remember how people said Voldemort was hiding in Albania??? see the connection??? Voldemort went to Albania to get the Diadem from where it was hidden to make it a Horcrux when he was younger so he has some sort of connection to that place I guess nerds out completely).

When Baron tried to take Helena back, they got into a fight and Helena again rejected Baron’s affections and said she wouldn’t go back with her and Baron stabbed Helena in the rage of the moment. Seeing what he had done, Baron took his life, too. The silver blood stains on his coat got him the name Bloody Baron, he also wears heavy chains to show his remorse. like that fixes everything, honestly.

When Tom Riddle was a student, he tricked Helena to tell him where the diadem was hidden using her mock empathy and charisma. After recovering the Diadem and turning it into a Horcrux, Tom hid the Diadem in the Room of Requirements. Helena regretted helping Tom knowing that he later became Voldemort and almost refused to help Harry probably because he reminded her of Tom.

These are my headcanons mixed with canon for Helena Ravenclaw, I hope they help you Gracie @askthegirlwholoved

@ravenclawdefensenet creation event: Ravenclaw Females

Padma Patil is Parvati Patil’s twin. But unlike her sister, she is in Ravenclaw rather than Gryffindor. She’s noted to be gorgeous, intelligent, studious, and quiet with a sassy steak. She was a Ravenclaw prefect and Ron’s date to the Yule Ball.

Padma is also presumably pure-blooded, and based on her last name, her family is likely Marathi Indian.

The Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw

I stole the diadem. I sought to make myself cleverer, more important than my mother. I ran away with it. My mother, they say, never admitted that the diadem was gone, but pretended that she had it still.”

((OOC: So this was my little project last night! Hand made out of various bits of wire and a re-purposed necklace. Hopefully it will be making an appearance on the blog sometime soon… ))

“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;”
-The Sorting Hat
For all the Ravenclaws out there!
@egdramaqueen as Rowena Ravenclaw!
That diadem suites you! You should really get with TT and do a founders thread like asap! Pretty please, with a cherry on top!

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RIDDLE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? THIS IS THE RESTRICTED SECTION OF THE LIBRARY! Merlin... You know that you aren't allowed here Tom. You are lucky I found you, I won't punish you for this, but you have to go back to the dorm room...

Tom: None of the other sections were satisfying my curiosity. 

Tom: Very interesting… Perhaps you could give me a recommendation. 

@hpminorcharnet creation event: pre-marauders era

Helena Ravenclaw was the daughter of one of Hogwarts’ co-founders, Rowena Ravenclaw. She is also the ghost of Ravenclaw house and is widely known as the Grey Lady. In her life she sought to be the wisest and most intelligent witch she could be. Her ambition cost her her life.

She stole her mother’s diadem, which had an intelligence charm, and fled. Distraught that her daughter was no longer with her, Rowena sent the Bloody Baron (who was madly in love with Helena) to retrieve her daughter. When Helena refused to return the Baron killed her in a blind rage and killed himself soon after. Helena now haunts the halls of Hogwarts and remains the most silent and mysterious of the Hogwarts ghosts.