Supernatural season 12 so far

Toni: I can’t believe you’re making me torture and mind rape the Winchesters and murder all the American hunters wow so harsh but I’ll do it

British MOL: No I just want you to try and work out an agreement

Toni: Here I go, just following orders. Wow so harsh

British MOL: No I just need you to-

Toni: Oh damn now you’re telling me to kill their mom too. Gee wiz. Wow.

British MOL: :|

Luci is being a bad little devil, poor Vince…
And Satan is back!

Rowena and Crowley bickering lol. Let Rowena enjoy the good life and her BF!!!

Crowley wants to put Lucifer back in the cage.

Rowena called Cas the Winchester’s ‘pet angel’ ☹️

You brought your mother?

'Hello castiel. Yes, he did.’ And then sweet smug smile.

And dean worried about bringing Mary inside the farm and because she refused, and cas noticed his 'distress’ he helped him out by asking Mary for help with the warding lol. Mary was not amused.

● I figured the beginning was a dream, Sammy wasn’t injured and he was in bed with his torturer

● I love Mary Winchester

● Rowena, I am so aggravated that she’s Lucifer’s prisoner

● Sam’s reaction to Dean and Mary showing up 😢

● Sam not appearing injured and no one asking if he was ok 😒

● Sam’s talk with Mary at the end 😭