I’ve arrived back home last night after a terrific week in London. From all the times I’ve been there this has definitely been one of the most amazing trips so far! But it was 90% fandom related this time, so that made it quite special of course. :)

Before we went to see the film on Wednesday, we spent the day visiting filming locations and continued that on Thursday. We went to Savile Row again and actually went into the Huntsman shop this time, which had put up a big poster of Eggsy in the orange suit in the shop window. We didn’t want to disturb anyone and were very quiet, but someone told us that it’s ok to go into the fitting room, so we did that and took photos of absolutely everything in there and of ourselves in the mirror. 

We also went to St James’s Street again to taste some Kingsman Gin and Statesman Whisky and  we visited the Alexandra Road Estates.

On Thursday evening I joined Elle and Krissie when they went to the Black Prince, we had dinner and I had all the time to finish that lovely pint of Guinness in peace. OK, until we thought that it might be a nice idea to watch TGC once again, and we decided on a late screening at the Vue in Islington, where we had the pleasure to listen to Mark Strong in his role as Merlin telling us to switch our phones off. 

I enjoyed the trip so much, it had so many special moments (that photo with Colin definitely being the highlight) and I met the most wonderful people! Thanks for the great time together, @letmecomealong @blacksheepsadventure@paxdracona (plus sis) @glorioussandwichwhispers @travelledspace  and special thanks to @elletromil and @krissielee for the company, the laughter, the singing and all the adventures! :-*

Hope to see you all again in the near future - write faster, Vaughn!! 

(There’s so much I have to catch up on, tumblr posts, fanfic, comments… I apologise if someone is waiting for a reply, but with the elections tomorrow and work again on Monday I’m not sure when I’ll find the time for all this…)


These are the 3 Matrix necklaces still available at cronosiem @ storenvy!

I tried different colored rhinestones this time, some of which aren’t very matrix like, but I think they’re pretty xD They look different in different lightning, I tried to catch their default coloring in the photos.

After the devastation of losing the food competition at the Boardwalk, Atlas had begun to dedicate much of his spare time to perfecting his cooking skills.

He’d gotten quite good at baking berry pies in particular, and began to sell them alongside his farm products. 

Cheesecakes, however, seemed to be a particular challenge.

He hoped to redeem himself at the contest someday. But he knew he still needed a lot more practice.