USMC recruit needs letters!!!

Hello everyone :D Not sure if you followed Rowee before he went off to Boot, but regardless, he told me to tell everyone on Tumblr that he says hi! 

I miss talking to you!  Oh yeah, tell Tumblr I said “Hi!” and sorry for not updating LOL!  Give my address to people if they want to write me a letter, since I can’t write to everyone.

So, if you’d like to write to our dear friend Rowee while he’s at Boot, send me a message and I’ll get you his address!  He has gorgeous handwriting, and his letters are really fun to read :)  Also, if you’d be willing to send him some stamps, I know he’d appreciate that as well!

Even if you don’t want to keep up a penpal relationship, I know he’d appreciate a letter just saying hi!  Or maybe you’re too busy, but you know someone who’d like a penpal?  Pass his address along to them as well :D  I love knowing that strangers will reach out to support a brother in our military family even if they’ve never even met!  Gives me lots of hope :)

Anyway, just message me if you’d like his address!  I know he’d be eternally grateful :)


(and feel free to reblog this to get the word out to our tumblr family of military supporters!)