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My Children
  • *many years in the future*
  • Friend: Hey! I haven't see you in years! Have any kids yet?
  • Me: Yes, I have A LOT I've got 26 at the moment. Most of them are boys, they're a very rowdy bunch.
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: ... I see you're still into anime.

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could you write rei needed to burp really badly but he gets super embarrassed everytime one comes out?

A/N: Mmmm, ohh yes. Yes, I can…

In retrospect, they’d probably both had a little too much to drink.

New Year’s Eve, rowdy friends, and endless glasses of champagne to celebrate had turned the evening into a chaotic blur.

They’d stumbled back to the apartment in a euphoric haze and Rin was looking forward to spending the remaining hour before the new year snuggling with his boyfriend.

They’d popped in a movie, something both of them had been wanting to see, and settled into bed.

But Rin was having a difficult time focusing on the screen.

Rei was curled up at his side, head resting comfortably against his chest while Rin stroked his fingers through the dark hair. 

An explosion signaled the antagonist’s entrance on the television.

But Rei couldn’t seem to get comfortable. He was shifting his weight every few seconds, knee bumping against Rin’s thigh as he squirmed restlessly. His chest kept jolting with little spasms that caused his entire body to tense up. 

Rin couldn’t help the tiny smile that tugged at the corners of his lips. He wouldn’t ever tell Rei, (it would embarrass his boyfriend, possibly to death), but Rei’s hiccups weren’t anything short of fucking adorable; high-pitched little explosions of air that jerked his broad chest in a way he had absolutely no control over.  

Maybe it was because it almost never happened, but he kind of enjoyed seeing Rei like this. There was something undeniably attractive about his normally tight-laced boyfriend losing control, devolving into a wasted, hiccupy mess against Rin’s chest.

Rin was well aware of his boyfriend’s sensitive stomach, and Rei had indulged quite a bit more than he usually allowed himself to. Carbonated beverages in general made him burpy; add alcohol into the mix and Rei’s stomach tended to work itself up into a gassy disaster zone.

So when Rei pressed his face into Rin’s shoulder, suppressing a sudden expulsion of air in his throat, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

“Hey,” Rin pressed a soft kiss into Rei’s hair, rubbing a hand in a gentle arc up and down his arm. “You all right?”

Rei gave a slight nod, nose smooshing against Rin’s collarbone.

“You had a lot to drink,” Rin whispered, brushing Rei’s bangs away from his forehead.

Rei’s swallow was audible, his chest bouncing against Rin’s as he reached up to press his hand to his lips.

“It wasn’t - ulp - that much.”

Rin snorted, peering down at his woozy boyfriend.

“It was enough.”

Rei’s entire torso jerked in response, throat convulsing with a gurgling surge of something wet. He moaned softly, pressing his cheek more determinedly against Rin’s chest as he struggled to swallow down whatever the hell he’d just brought up.

A soft hiccup immediately followed and Rin moved his hand down to Rei’s back as the other boy’s bare stomach contracted sharply against his own.

It was painfully obvious that Rei needed to burp. He was stubbornly refusing to let the gas up and was bound to suffer unpleasant consequences if he continued ignoring his body. 

Rin could feel his boyfriend’s stomach gurgling as it rested flush against his own belly. But Rei had always been weird about bodily functions, easily embarrassed by the most ridiculous things, stuff that Rin rarely paid attention to.  

Rei was beginning to pant softly, warm breath tickling the hollow of Rin’s neck as he reached down between them to cradle his stomach and his cheeks inflated with another burbling surge of trapped gas. 

Rin felt the rumbling vibration against his chest as Rei squirmed against him. Nevertheless, little breathy hiccups were the only relief that Rei allowed past his lips as he muffled the wet sounds into his fist.

“Hey,” Rin shushed, hand resting firmly just below the small of Rei’s back. “You know I don’t mind. It’s okay if you need to.”

“I don’ - …oh,” Rei whimpered as he buried his face harder into Rin’s neck.

“Rei,” Rin soothed, coaxing his hand in a concentrated upward arc, “you’re going to make yourself sick.”  

Later on, Rei would blame the alcohol for inhibiting his discretion. He would also blame Rin’s skillful hands.

The noisy explosion bubbled up Rei’s throat before he had a chance to stop it, the sound reverberating between both of their bodies. Rin could actually feel the trapped gas rippling upwards as the pressure caused Rei’s muscles to seize up beneath his palm.

The constrained gas careened up into his throat, erupting in a violent, “huUURULP!”

Rei clamped a hand over his mouth a second too late, going perfectly still against Rin.

“There you go,” Rin praised.

“Oh, god,” Rei gulped, voice so small behind his hand that Rin almost didn’t hear him. “I’m so - urrp - sorry! This is so - huURrp - disgusting.”

Once he’d started, Rei found it impossible to stifle the flow as a steady stream of burps tore out of him in rapid succession, giving him little time to catch his breath. He tried to pull away but Rin wouldn’t allow it, strong arms holding him close while Rin’s hands continued rubbing encouragingly over his back.

“I promise, it isn’t,” Rin frowned, hearing the whimper of despair as Rei curled in on himself. “Doesn’t your stomach feel better after letting ‘em rip?”

“Please don’t - uURulp - say it like that,” Rei begged, fist still pressed firmly against his lips.

“Rei, it’s totally natural. Everybody burps. It’s not a big deal.”

“It is to me!” Rei groaned, succeeding this time in his efforts to untangle himself from Rin’s grasp. “This is not - hURrp - beautiful at all, Rin-chan!”

He sat up in bed, one arm carefully cradling his stomach and the other he refused to lower from his mouth. He looked unbearably miserable and Rin felt a sudden stab of guilt.

Rin sat up behind his boyfriend, spreading his legs on either side and resting a much gentler hand against Rei’s quivering back.

“Rei, I’m sorry,” Rin nuzzled his nose into Rei’s neck, a gesture that never failed to dissolve the younger man’s willpower. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I just want you to feel better.”

He felt the tension in Rei’s muscles ease slightly and took the opportunity to curl around his boyfriend. He rested his chin on Rei’s shoulder, pressed his chest against Rei’s back and looped his arms around the other boy’s waist.

Rei abruptly jolted with a deep hiccup, huffing in discomfort as his stomach burbled in displeasure at the contact.

“Just let me help,” Rin urged softly, pressing lingering kisses against Rei’s neck as his fingers began kneading into the cramping flesh.

Rei gave up the fight, enticed by Rin’s coercing hands and soft lips. He allowed his head to fall back onto Rin’s shoulder, closing his eyes and moaning as another cramp clenched his belly. He placed both of his hands over Rin’s, feeling his boyfriend massage out the painful aches.  

“Does that feel good?” Rin asked, lips humming over Rei’s skin.

As soon as Rei opened his mouth a resounding belch gurgled out of him into the open space. He sighed in relief, eyes fluttering as a much wetter burp erupted immediately afterwards.

The roiling bursts of air were interspersed with thick hiccups that Rei was no longer bothering to suppress.

“You all right?” Rin paused in his ministrations when his boyfriend seemed to choke on his next belch.

“Feel so - hicURrp - gross, Rin-chan,” Rei slurred, swallowing convulsively as he turned his face into the crook of Rin’s neck. Another deep hiccup rattled his chest, causing Rei to wince with its intensity.

“Rei, please don’t puke on me,” Rin arched his neck to get a better look at his boyfriend. “You’re not, are you?”

“Not gonna - hicUULP - be sick,” Rei murmured, even as a hand drifted up to hover protectively over his mouth.

“Sure you’re not,” Rin rolled his eyes, mentally bracing himself for a long night. “But I need you to tell me before you are, okay?”

Rei hummed something unintelligible, head slipping down to loll against Rin’s chest as the drunken boy began drifting off to sleep.

It seemed with all of the gas out of his stomach, the alcohol he’d consumed was finally catching up with him.

Rei rolled over, snuggling down into Rin’s lap and releasing a sleepy sigh. Rin petted his boyfriend’s unkempt hair and smiled, feeling rather exhausted himself.

Rei’s muscles tensed up again, only releasing after he’d burped into Rin’s thigh.

“‘M sorry,” he murmured, swallowing thickly.

“Yeah, yeah,” Rin leaned down to press a kiss to the top of his boyfriend’s head. “Try to get some sleep.”

Rin knew he should probably move Rei to the bathroom. The younger man had a notoriously weak stomach and the booze definitely wasn’t going to stay down for long. Rin was fully expecting to be woken at 2am with his boyfriend vomiting in his lap.

And it would be no one’s fault but his own.


Member(s): Jooheon x Reader
Type: Smut
Words: 614
Plot: Walking in on Jooheon was an embarrassing mistake, but it surely opened up some barriers in your relationship.

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A/N: Did I get lazy at the end? Yes I did. But I still hope you enjoy!

Stepping into your apartment, you noticed how quiet it was. Almost too quiet. With a loud boyfriend, and his band of rowdy friends, it was never quiet in your house. 

But as you stepped deeper into the house, you realized there was a noise, just not the one you had expected. It was soft, cut off, as though they were being muffled. Confused, and slightly curious, you followed the noises to the bedroom door. You’d expected the worst, but as you swung open the door you were more than surprised at the sight in front of you.

Jooheon, a pillow over his face to muffle his noises, and his swollen erection gripped tightly in his right hand.  Right before the noises had stopped, you realized that he wasn’t just moaning, he was moaning your name. It took barely five seconds for Jooheon to shoot up, flinging the pillow halfway across the room and the fuzzy blanket over himself.

“Jagiya!?” he exclaimed, “You weren’t supposed to be home till four!” but you hadn’t heard him. The sight of him, head thrown back as he stroked himself all while moaning your name, it had all been so hot. The two of you had never done anything too intimate, and the farthest it had ever gone was a light makeout session. But there was obviously some tension between you.

Your feet pattered across the soft carpet, before sitting bed by his feet. “Oppa,” you hummed, “You’re going to ruin the blankets.” Your hands moved to grip the cover, only to be stopped by Jooheon’s lightly gripping your wrist.

“What are you doing?” he beseeched.

“Do you not want me to?” you asked, noticing his hands grow looser in their grip.

“No. No, I want you to, but I don’t want you to feel like you’re forced.” Jooheon explained.

With a roll of your eyes and a burst of confidence, you gripped the blanket a little more, before quickly pulling it off of his legs. His member stood proud and you could tell just how excited he had been. “I want to.” you told him. Jooheon gave you a lasting gaze, before finally settling his back against the headboard.

You wouldn’t lie, you didn’t have the slightest as to what you do, but you assumed the years of smut might have taught you enough.

Your lips finally placed themselves on his swollen tip, causing a low grumble to come from his chest as you repeated the wet kisses a couple of times before slowly bringing him inside your mouth. The feeling was not what you’d expected in the least, and maybe that was his moans creating a certain dampness between your legs, but you knew you liked the feeling.

Jooheon was at complete mercy, moving your hair to one side of your face so he could watch as your head bobbed on his cock, soft whines leaving his mouth every few moments. Your hand that was placed at the base of his member worked itself, softly tightening as it moved along the parts that you couldn’t fit.

You had managed to work up a rhythm. You took as much as you could into your mouth while cupping the prominent vein with your tongue as you came back up.

Jooheon’s hand had slowly started to grip your hair tighter, and you could tell he was close by the way he tried to take control. It didn’t take much more before he became undone underneath you, releasing into your mouth.

“Y/N?” Jooheon whispered soon after he had come down from his high. The quiet hum you gave in response enough for him to continue. “Can I return the favor now?”

- Admin H

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6. "I need a place to stay," 66. "How could I ever forget about you?" 80. "does he know about the baby?" And/or 55. "You're a nerd." 😊

Hi, friend! Both 66 and 80 are already on AO3!

66 can be found here.

80 can be found here

So, I wrote you 6 and 55. I hope that’s okay! :) 


6. “I need a place to stay.”

He’s just burrowing beneath his blue comforter when the doorbell rings.

April and Andy are in Indianapolis for the weekend. They’d left him with an unreasonably long list of chores and demands, but he’s not that interested in playing games with the two of them. But they are usually the ones who answer the door since it’s normally their loud, annoying, rowdy friends who come over, help themselves to Ben’s yogurt and cans of Coke, and generally destroy the house before everyone passes out in corners of the room with Cheeto dust on their fingertips.

Ben grumbles and shuffles out of bed, cursing to himself when he steps on… Legos. Great. More Legos. 

It’s like Leslie’s house all over again.

The house where he learned that he should really leave his shoes on until he made it upstairs to her bedroom. The house that’s filled to the brim with newspapers and birdhouses and random Christmas knick-knacks. The house where he spent almost every evening, night, and morning at for the glorious parts of their secret relationship. 

But he shoves those images aside. 

That is, until he gets a good look at who’s at the front door.


As cliché as it is, his heart actually skips a few beats. He’s been trying. Trying so hard to forget about her, to shield himself from reminders and images of her. Trying so hard to carry on with his life, even though Pawnee is practically pointless without Leslie by his side. Everything’s pointless, honestly. And he’s not too sure he’ll ever be able to come back from this because he spirals every time he even glances in her direction. 

She’s so beautiful. Tonight’s no exception.

“Hi,” he breathes out, crossing his arms over his chest as he stands in the doorway. But then he moves and invites her in because she’s shivering. It’s cold out. He kind of forgot because it’s always freezing in this stupid place. It doesn’t help that April spilled chocolate milk literally all over his plaid heated blanket a few nights ago (while he was actively using it). He’d wrap it around her tiny shoulders and help keep her warm in a heartbeat.

“I need a place to stay,” she tells him. “My house is being fumigated because Lucy and Timmy won’t come out of the fireplace.”

His eyebrows furrow. “Lucy and Timmy?” 

She looks at him like he’s an idiot and as if what she’s saying is the most obvious thing in the world. “The raccoons.”

He immediately looks at the ground.

“Oh…” he says, rubbing the back of his neck. “Well… W-What about Ann?”

Idiot. He’s such an idiot. Why would he ask that? He doubts she would come here until she’s exhausted all of her other options. 

“She’s in Michigan for the weekend, and Ron’s apparently at his runaway cabin, and Tom’s definitely a no go,” she explains. “It’s okay if you say no. I figured I’d try here before a motel.”

He immediately shakes his head at that. Nope. No way. She isn’t staying at a motel. Sure, it’d be much less awkward with April and Andy here to spice things up with their overflowing chaos and constant questions, but that isn’t the case, and he supposes it’s okay. Yeah. It’s fine. It’s… fine. “You can stay here,” he tells her as he runs a hand through his hair.

But there’s a part of him that regrets letting her in. They aren’t together. Haven’t been in what seems like actual centuries. Because he totally doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. Ha. He wishes he could even compute that sentence. Wishes he could picture the freeness of that realization course through his veins, to swallow him whole and spit him back out as a normal, not very deeply in love with Leslie Knope type of man. 

“Where are April and Andy?”

“Indianapolis for the weekend.”

She chuckles. “I take it that’s why you’re in your pajamas at seven in the evening?”

Ben stuffs his hands in the pockets of his plaid pajama pants. “Guess so.”

Not to mention that he hasn’t actually slept in almost six days. He’s at the point where blinking hurts, and he’s falling asleep for brief spurts while driving, and he’s wondering just how small they can make a t-shirt. 

“Ben, if this going to be weird for you, I’ll stay somewhere else.”

“No!” he says a bit too quickly. “I mean, I swear it’s fine, Les.“ 

The shortened version of her name stings rolling off his tongue.

“I’ll set up shop on the couch. You can go lay back down. I’ll be quiet.”

He shakes his head. “You can have my room.”

“No, that’s your room, Ben. The couch is fine.”

But Ben takes it upon himself to move her overstuffed polka dot duffle bag toward his bedroom. “There’s a desk in here,” he says. “That way you can scrapbook or finish up whatever binder series you’re working on now.” He tries to hide his shaking fingers as he settles it on his bed. 

“You look so tired. Why don’t you lie down in here and get some rest?”

He rubs the back of his neck again, yawning at the worst moment possible. “Face it; you’re stuck, Knope.”

She grins and blushes, and he pats the doorway awkwardly before heading into the living room. 

Ben flops on the couch, trying to ignore the trembles he often gets when he stands in her presence for too long. When they were together, he got used to these constant butterflies that seemed to ignite if someone, anyone, said her name. And he’d grin stupidly every time she herself would look at him. He clicks on the TV and smushes his head to a pillow that smells mysteriously, faintly like… meatloaf? And he tries to ignore her. 

A while later, he’s mostly asleep, and he definitely doesn’t notice Leslie come into the room, who covers him with a soft blanket before smoothing his hair back. 


55. “You’re a nerd.”

Son of a cracker.


She fell asleep. Again.

Who cares if she’s five and a half months pregnant with triplets? That should not play a factor in this equation whatsoever. Damn Ben. Dammit. Dammit! All she wanted to do was settle down in bed with her binders and scrapbooks, but then her stupid husband came in and laid beside her, kissing her expanded, bloated belly four times before promptly falling straight to sleep. And then the snoring started, and then she yawned a million times in a row, and here she is.

But Ben’s gone, and she’s covered up with his idiotic, new, plushy Star Wars blanket that she bought him a few days ago (one of four, actually; as if they actually need anymore blankets). Leslie rolls her eyes and grumbles, pushing herself up with her hands. Their babies, their three babies, kick happily inside her, excited by the movements. Usually, her moving means it’s time to eat, and they’re already very used to this waffle intake schedule.

She waddles to the bathroom for a brief, expected pit stop. These kids stomp on her bladder at least ten times a day without fail. She thinks the one causing all these issues is Stephen, one of the two boys currently residing in her uterus. Sonia, their only girl, is taming the crew, while Wesley, their shy guy, hides out in the background. They have such distinct personalities, and she loves getting to know them, even though they’re still inside her. 

Leslie pulls up her yoga pants, washes her hands, and narrows in on finding Ben and destroying him.

Okay. Wait. Whoa.

Not destroying him.

Just smacking him for letting her sleep for that long again.

She’s tired of feeling this hormonal constantly, and February’s never seemed so far away. She’s already obsessed with Galentine’s Day enough as it is, but the idea of the babies being born on that day for real keeps her going. But her husband’s a scrooge and firmly believes the babies will be born some time in January. Damn him. How can he be so elfish and impregnate her with three children at once with his super sperm, but then tell her they won’t be born on Galentine’s Day?  

Because that’s so going to happen. 

Leslie makes her way down the hall, figuring she might find him in their home office. Possibly on the couch (but she’s not in the mood for stairs at the moment). But then she hears movement and rustling from inside the nursery, so she stops there instead.

Sorting Hat.

There’s a Sorting Hat. In the nursery. On top of the huge oak dresser that Ron built.

Tears swell in her eyes, and she clamps a hand over her mouth before letting out a strangled sob of happiness.

“Babe!” Ben says. “I thought you were still asleep.”

She shakes her head, and she shuffles over to her husband and wraps her arms around him. And is that a… scar on his forehead? “I love this!”

“I wanted it to be a surprise. I was sure I had at least another hour to decorate.”

“Well, these monsters wanted me to pee and eat copious amounts of waffles, so here I am,” she tells him, tears still gleaming in her eyes. 

Ben rubs her back. “I think the Harry Potter theme is adorable,” he whispers, leaning down slightly to kiss her hair. “And I also have another surprise.” 

And, yes, folks, she pulls away a little bit just in time to see her husband pull his glasses out of his hoodie pouch.

“You’re a nerd,” she chuckles. “But I love you so much.”


summary: link ponders throughout the evening about allen walker, featuring his rowdy friends and the dysfunctional family, that is—the black order.
notes: the prompt is “linkllen christmas cooking and a party with everyone.” this is set sometime after the order was and attacked and that whole zombie fiasco happened, so just pretend that it was during the fall etc. my deepest apologies that this is late, but i hope you enjoy this ficlet and i hope you had a lovely christmas, and one happy new year. enjoy! @kaze-no-kuni ♥
word count: 1k

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Date Gone Wrong | Lee Chan | Requested

Request: Heyyy Seokmin anon again (what a great name…)! For some reason I’m requesting again so soon but can I have a fluffy Dino scenario where you guys are on a first date at the carnival and the members are “sneakily” following you around (wih Jeonghan being protective over his baby Chan xD) and they somehow manage to ruin the date which makes Chan think you now hate him but you honestly don’t? Thank you <3

Pairing: Lee Chan X Reader

Genre: fluff/slight angst

Word Count: 1,197

A/N: My dear Seokmin anon, here is your scenario. I really hope you like it! You’re awesome and I love you. Request anything anytime you want! ~Jasmine

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On The Run-part 2

((part 2. enough said))

The next few weeks were great for Bryce. Jonathan dragged him out of the house almost everyday so they could hang out with his friends, who were quickly becoming Bryce’s friends. He finally got all of their names down, after he kept calling Brock, Brian, and Evan, Luke. But they had welcomed him quickly into their group, embracing the new guy with open arms and lots of jokes. Bryce had to admit that even though he wished he could do more research about the mysterious Ohm, he didn’t mind having this rowdy group of friends. Bryce usually kept to himself, but he was weirdly thankful for meeting Jonathan and his friends. It finally made him feel like he had a…home.

But Bryce had not given up on his research. Every night he scrolled through news articles, reading up on the “Masked Bunny,” which was what the news had taken to calling him. Bryce found it hilarious, considering Ohm was a lot tougher than a bunny. Bryce much preferred Ohmwrecker. It suited his mysterious persona.

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Summer Lovin’

Summary: Just a peaceful summer day; or it was, until your particular rowdy best friend showed up with a skateboard in his hands.

Type: Fluff

Member: Taehyung x Reader

Length: 1337 words

This one was so much fun to write! Ah, I love writing the boys as best friends, it’s just so cute and fun. Also, it reminded me of the scenario I submitted for the admin contest, except that was with Jungkook. I hope you enjoy this! Like I said, I really enjoyed the playful banter. I imagine this is exactly how Tae would be if he was super comfortable and a best friend.

-Admin Gray

Originally posted by jitamin

“Open up,” hearing his deep voice from the other side of the front door caused you to scrunch your face up, silently stomping your foot. You just wanted one day where your best friend Taehyung wouldn’t show up at your door, suggesting to go and do something crazy. You wanted to spend one day inside, the AC blasting and binge-watch a show for over twenty four hours, but no, Taehyung would not allow that sort of luxury.

He always went on about whatever nonsense he thought of, saying summer shouldn’t be wasted and you should do something different every single day. Keep in mind, he always said we and you would appreciate if he would give you some time to binge-watch at least once. You appreciated his way of thinking, and you sort of agreed with doing a lot of fun things over the summer, but not every single day. He was proving to be insane day by day.

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fic: fearless (1/4).

clarke needs someone to help with gas money. lexa needs a ride home. they both need a way to escape. clearly, a road trip across the country is the only solution.

clexa roadtrip au. ~10.1k. rated e for future parts. i say four right now but that’s subject to change. read on ao3.

A 7am photography lab has probably not been her best life choice but it gets her out of the apartment bright and early and that’s all Lexa needs.

She doesn’t hate living there – in fact, it’s rather pleasant. Her roommate, Raven, is decent as far as roommates go. She isn’t too loud and she always makes enough food to feed a small army, the leftovers of which she leaves on Lexa’s side of the fridge. Her only possible complaint is how late she keeps her rowdy friends over on Friday nights but even that, she can live with. All she needs to do is put her headphones on and tune into the sound of…anywhere else. Paris, maybe. Bangladesh, when she’s feeling particularly nostalgic. Peru, sometimes when she craves the smell of unpolluted ocean and the feeling of white sand between her toes. With the right music, the right sounds of nature, Lexa can go anywhere. She has CD’s upon CD’s, labeled with sounds from places she’s been and places she wishes she could go. So she can block out Raven’s annoying friends. It isn’t a big deal.

But she needs to be out of the apartment as much as possible. There’s only so long she can stay in one place. Only so long she can sit in her room and do homework. It’s boring. It’s repetitive. It’s not who she is. They live in a city that’s big enough to get lost in and Lexa often does.

(It’s a good thing she has navigation on her phone otherwise she’d have succumbed to the elements a long time ago.)

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Want to meet an immigrant in Sweden?

Tomorrow, me and a bunch of Swedes and immigrants alike, will be in Hagaparken in Stockholm to celebrate the 4th of July. So if you’re interested in getting rowdy, making some immigrant friends or just looking for something to do Saturday, hit a dude up with a message. Also, if I ever pushed the limits by making fun of Sweden too hard, please don’t come and attack me with too much Swedish passive aggression. I love you. Yes, you. 

Moments like these I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Had the honor of singing America the Beautiful at our beloved Cowboys stadium in our gorgeous home state of Texas to over 100,000 people in attendance, for the one and only #WrestleMania. To be able to give my brother the gift of his childhood dream to be there was something I’ll never forget. MY FAM AND I HAD THE. BEST. TIME! It was so entertaining. We laughed, cheered, got rowdy, made friends and had soooo much crazy fun. Thanks #WrestleMania and to everyone who made it happen ❤️🙏🏽 #GodisGreat by allybrookeofficial

Roddy Piper was as unique as they come, ‘the perfect villain’
by Jim Ross
[August 1st, 2015]

As I walked into a banquet hall in the Hilton hotel Friday to speak at the annual NWA Wrestling Legends Fan Fest, I received a message that my friend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper had unexpectedly died, apparently in his sleep the night before, at age 61.

My speech was immediately erased from my memory.

Every image in my mind was that of “Hot Rod.” The notes for my speech had been hastily jotted down but were hard to read through teary eyes.  

Luckily, at least I had something down on paper.

Even though the legend that was the unpredictable and controversial albeit massively talented Piper preceded him from his Mid Atlantic Wrestling (Charlotte), TBS/Atlanta, and WWF in the pivotal days of the company whose future was deeply mortgaged on the success of the first WrestleMania concept, I first worked closely with Roddy in 1996.

The “Hollywood Backlot Brawl” saw the bizarre villain Goldust facing a returning Piper who had been in and out of WWE multiple times since he was Hulk Hogan’s chief rival in the first WrestleMania more than a decade earlier.

Piper had a long, often times, controversial relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and, therefore, had “trust issues” when he was convinced to come back for a short WWE run that would culminate with the Canadian-born athlete defeating the “androgynous” Goldust in 1996 at WrestleMania 12 in Los Angeles.

Jerry Brisco, an old friend of Piper’s from the Mid Atlantic days and a WWE official, convinced Roddy that he could trust me in my role as vice president of talent relations. So, I became the primary liaison between Hot Rod and creative.

Brisco used his long-time friendship with Hot Rod to bridge the gap between the bombastic trash talker and myself, who represented WWE management.

Roddy and I became friends during WM12 and remained such until his death. Through the build to the 1996 mega-event, I had dozens of telephone calls and “sitdowns” with Roddy to reassure him that all was good and that his discretionary pay would be to his liking.

Piper, Roderick George Toombs, grew up a child of the streets, turned pro at age 15, never graduated high school but had a Ph.D. in the game of life. The trust issues seemingly never went away when it came to the wrestling business.

After his successful performance at WM12, where he drove a white Ford Bronco during the elaborate presentation, Roddy and I hugged as he was about to enter a sedan for his ride from LAX to catch his flight home to Portland, Oregon. My responsibility of care-taking Roddy was near an end.

He casually asked me what we were going to do with the white Bronco and I told him I didn’t know, but why? He indicated that he liked the slick, late-model vehicle so I asked him to not leave and to hold tight.

I sought out WWE Chairman Vince McMahon – who was always a big fan of Piper’s, especially his villain persona – and asked if we could give the white Bronco to Roddy. McMahon said, “Of course.”

Hot Rod was as elated as if he’d won a new car on “The Price is Right.” We dismissed the limo driver because Roddy wanted to drive the white Bronco from L.A. to Oregon.

Yep, Hot Rod was a unique cat.

The man many feel was the greatest, TV wrestling villain in history was moved to tears by McMahon’s gift of a used, late-model, low mileage Ford Bronco.

I compare the wrestling villain Rowdy Roddy Piper to Bruce Dern’s character in the John Wayne classic film, “The Cowboys.” The perfect villain to play opposite any hero. A vile character who cheated to win.

Without great villains there are no great heroes in any form of entertainment or sports.

To be a great villain in the pro wrestling genre, an individual must be legitimately fearless and have a burning desire to truly be despised as opposed to being “cool.” This describes the kilt-wearing Rowdy Roddy Piper perfectly.

Plus, it never hurts to have a badass ride.

RIP, Hot Rod.


I found a snail by our pool today! My cousins named it Buttercup. I kinda had to move it though because I have eleven cousins under the age of ten and they are very rowdy- and this little friend was scooting around on the rocks that lead up to our jumping waterfall/slide thing.