Lauren ( foo-fighter-forever ) and myself have been busy cooking away all today getting ready for the bake sale on Monday. Please come along and support us if you can and chuck a few pennies in our collection tub. If anyone would like to donate by baking some cakes that would be very much appreciated. Cakes will be 30p each or 4 for £1 and we’ll be holding the main sale outside the hall and will have a table with some cakes and a donation tub in the sixth form common room. Thank you all :)

Rowcroft Bake Sale

Hi all! Myself and Colm will be holding another bake sale this year to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice. Please have a look at our findraising page for more details. We will be holding it on 20th to 24th April at school so you can donate there if you’d like. After raising £140 last year, we are determined to top that and raise £200 this year! We hope you will be able to support us (please reblog amongst your followers to spread the word) :)

Hello fabulous followers

I would be very very grateful if you would all support me in running The Colour Rush for Rowcroft Hospice, a charity who have helped many people close to me in times of need (for more detail please look at my page). I only have a small goal of £20 so I would love to be able to reach it with the help of any donations you can spare and any extra fundraising I do!
Thank you SO much in advance!!
Here’s my fundraising page:

Who knew what £200 felt like in change aha. Thank you all so much for donating, we’ve raise a whopping £202.66 from the bake sale and another £31.95 on our website!!! We couldn’t have done any of this without your generous donations and help from many busy bakers. Remember, you can still donate via our web page or pop into a rowcroft shop and just shove a few pennies in a collection pot. colmpostman