… you need to stop.  So I guess this party is actually going.  The partygoers are all getting into costume.

Kara settled on a burglar outfit.

Sam settled on a thief’s outfit, which is way cuter.

Except he’s triggered by the tub ducky that manifested.

Lucy’s outfit hasn’t changed from the last party, but Angeline is rocking her hot dog outfit.

She’s so excited her nephew hasn’t changed even slightly.

But the piece de resistance….

Is Billy Wolff.

You have to understand: when Billy was a teen, one day he donned a cowplant costume…

And he legit never took it off until he turned into a YA.  He wore that costume so long that I started calling him Petunia, and it just became canon that he identified as a cowplant-kin.  xD  He used to wear it to bed, ffs.

To see him re-don that shit all on his own was just the bees’ knees.  xD


Artyom was ecstatic his murderous father came back…. >_>;

At the same time, Samuel came on lot to ????.  Idek.  The boys invited him to join in the apple bobbing contest.  Mmm.  That suit is off-putting.

… on the one hand, he looks actually very attractive in a suit and tie and I’d probably hit it - no regerts.

And on the other it’s headcanon that he cleans his own balls with his tongue.

…. yeah.

You still look like a roast with that in your mouth.  :|


A pretty day in Sunset Valley.  For reasons I now forget I reset the entire world with the exception of this lot.  That said…

Everyone in town should at present be home, including the Rowcrofts, who live just across from this beach…. 

….and Lucy.

And then I started thinking if Tasha is bi and Lucy is bi and they all live in the same house, does Sam get cheated on in his own house?  Sims are not monogamous in this game unless you yoke those bitches reaaaaaalllly well, which I most certainly haven’t.

It is a mystery.


Friggin’ concession stand worker will be the death of me.  It’s tempting just to kill her.

Oh stahp.

…. and you stahp mourning at fake gravestones like a giant puss.

You also don’t deserve that moodlet.

Btw I guess telling him about Joan’s infidelity did have an effect.  Imagine.  I don’t think anything came of their relationship though.  Robert apparently likes sloppy fourteenths.

….. :|