What Sarah said at her book signing

- Rhys’s last name is Hotpants (then she retracted and said his name might be revealed in future novels).

- She doesn’t think Aelin and Rhys would fight if they met, they have to much in common. If they met Aelin would be like “I’m too distracted by how attractive you are.” If they got into a verbal fight Aelin would win. Her mean streak runs deeper than Rhys’s. Then she’d feel guilty because “he’s too pretty to cry.”

- If Amren and Manon were tapped in an elevator they’d have a stare off until they both got too hungry to continue. Manon would tear off the elevator’s ceiling panels with her claws and Amren would climb the wires. Then they’d go get a cup of blood together.

- Sarah likes to write “not nice” female characters like Amren and Nesta because she doesn’t think she was always the nicest person in high school. She also believes that no one is ever completely sweet and kind all the time, we’re all a mix of good and bad (except her sister-in-law who is apparently the nicest person in the world). 

- She wrote 20 000 words of Tower of Dawn her first day sitting down to write it. 

- Tower of Dawn will be told from the perspectives of Chaol, Nesryn and Yrene.

- If her characters order Starbucks Amren would be super strong expresso, Rhys would get a latte with pretty foam art and Feyre wouldn’t drink coffee but she’d get English breakfast tea.

- If she could bring her characters anywhere in our world she would bring Feyre to the Louvre. She would just watch Feyre look at the art for hours. She would bring Aelin to the Metropolitan Opera House, which is her favorite place in the world.

- Page 666 of ACOWAR was completely coincidental. When she was reading the version with numbered pages for the first time she burst out laughing when she saw what happened on that page.

- She refused to answer who has the longest wingspan but says she might throw it in at the end of the very last novel. Until then we can choose for ourselves who has the longest ‘wingspan’ and the best ‘flying skills’.

- It upsets her that people feel like they need to apologize for reading fantasy or romance novels. She gained most of her knowledge of healthy romantic and sexual relationships from those kinds of books.

- She still has her copy of Pride and Prejudice from ninth grade where she drew hearts and wrote Sarah Darcy in gel pen.

- Throne of Glass wasn’t a huge success right away. If Crown of Midnight hadn’t sold well she only would have gotten three books.

- She went off on a really long but super sweet tangent about how much she loves her husband. She says that despite common fandom belief he is not the inspiration for Rhys (their only similarities are that they have dark hair and are tall) but their relationship did inspire the tone of Feysand’s relationship, especially the importance placed on equality and partnership. Josh was smiling like crazy the entire time to the point where Sarah had to stop because she kept laughing at his “goofy grin.”

- The very first scene of ACOTAR was inspired by the first song of the Princess Mononoke soundtrack while the last scene of ACOWAR was inspired by the last song on the soundtrack. This was a coincidence.

- Her dog sleeps in Sarah’s office while she writes. She goes there after her walk every morning like she’s going to work.

- She gets inspiration for her female characters through music. She gets inspiration for her male characters by trying to figure our how to get their shirts off in a rainstorm.

Aelin whenever someone accuses her of something she has most definitely done

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this part of Tower of Dawn tho, hands down

“Good luck to anyone who tries to go after Rowan Whitethorn.”

“Because Aelin will burn them to ash?” Hasar asked with poisoned sweetness.

But it was Kashin who answered softly, “Because Rowan Whitethorn will always be the person who walks away from that encounter. Not the assailant.”

A pause of silence.

I don’t want a boyfriend

I don’t want a husband

I want a fae MATE

THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J Maas montage complete 

Prints, blankets, tapestries, etc: 




The next time someone ask me why I prefer Rowan over Chaol I’ll just refer to the first time they saw Aelin’s scars. I mean Chaol just looked down at her and actually asked what she did to deserve those, like there was nothing wrong with that. While Rowan (even being the asshole he was back then) recognized that a girl that young shouldn’t go through that kind of stuff and was genuinely disturbed .

I know there are a lot of other reasons but this one… it’s just stuck in my head   

After Heir of Fire
  • Gavriel: so, do you love her?
  • Rowan: no, she's just gorgeous, hilarious, can hold her own in a battle, is the only one whose magic is a true match for mine, and is basically my equal in every way
  • Rowan: wait a second

Surprise papercraft! The Caraval papercraft was put on hold while I waited for specialty paper to be delivered. In the meantime, I used this week to work on this Throne of Glass / Heir of Fire papercraft! One of four I have planned for the lead up to Kingdom of Ash release! :)

I loved this scene so much! Even though we didn’t know at first read this was the moment Aelin and Rowan met - we find out later that Aelin made a hilarious first impression!

Inspirational references: Assassin’s Creed concept art, Japanese woodblock art