{PIPER HILDEGARD} is a {SIXTEEN} year old {WITCH/VAMPIRE HYBRID} and is the doppelganger of {ROWAN BLANCHARD}. {SHE} has been told that {SHE} is {EXCITABLE, SWEET}, but is also {IRRESPONSIBLE, INSECURE. SHE} identifies as a {CIS-FEMALE} and considers {HERSELF} to be {UNDECIDED}. {SHE} is the {ADOPTIVE DAUGHTER} of {NORA & MARY LOUISE} and has been hiding that {SHE WANTS TO FIND A WAY TO RID HERSELF OF THE VAMPIRE GENE BECAUSE SHE’S AFRAID SHE’LL LOSE HERSELF IF SHE TRIGGERS IT}, but who knows how long it’ll be hidden in Mystic Falls. {IRENE|23|PACIFIC|SHE/HER} 

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Rowan Blanchard x The Coveteur
  • How would you define the word “strong”?
  • “I would describe being strong as when you’re being truthful and honest. We have perceptions of ‘strong,’ especially for women, that very generically mean feeling empowered—whatever that means—and feeling super confident and invincible. Personally, I feel like strong is whenever you’re telling the truth to yourself, even if that means feeling insecure and feeling sad. That’s still strong because you’re not lying to yourself or to the world.”
  • Do you have any mantras that you live by? What do you tell yourself on bad days?
  • “What I try to tell myself on bad days is that no matter how I’m feeling, there is another person in the world that feels exactly how I feel in the moment. I think we often forget that we’re a part of such a grander thing. It can be nice to be like, ‘There are so many other people that feel the same way that I do, and they all survived.’”