rowan cosplays

Guess who’s incompetent ass finally found their green hoodie [after half year of searching] sooooo Modern!Rowan closey cosplay [if she were a freckled dude of course] that got zero effort outside of trying to hold that stupid expression.



It’s by no means perfect, and this is the first ever real prop I’ve built, but here we have it. The finished Cold Gun, complete with goggles and electroluminescent energy bar.

(yes that’s a gradient of paint its not just shit lighting)

My Photo Op request. “Steal my dog.” This was not a stretch given that he pointed at the dog the moment I came through the curtain. I took it to get signed and it slid down to him, earning laughter and an exclaimed “Yessssss!!! I’m so glad this photo exists in the world.” End of game? Once again Lucky the Pizza Dog steals the show… (A better version to follow when I can scan it.) Why yes I did have it signed to Clint. Shhhhhhh.


Arnold Judas Rimmer - Holovirus

@ MCM London ComicCon May 28th 2016

Mr Flibble is very cross

Because I’m greedy and couldn’t just do one cosplay, I broke out my prom dress (god I look so different now) and had a photo taken with Chris Barrie! (And before you ask, yes, that wide eyed stare is supposed to be me in character, not just me being shit at posing, which I am anyway, but that’s besides the point)

Chris complimented my Flibbles. It was great!

(if you see yourself, please get in contact so I can tag you!)

@kingofedge I found ur blog and I had the urge to get really poetic

In my chest, heart black as coal,

Fuelling an equally pitch-dark soul,

Feeds black light into my being,

‘Till I have no chance of clearly seeing.

Then a spark of light, softly aglow

Warmth upon me it doth bestow.

Despite my best efforts, I can’t respite what I became,

You may not be an angel, but you’re my flame.

Good will in your heart you may not see,

But you’ve saved at least someone, you’ve saved at least me.

     ((For it’s two thirty AM so do not judge,

My ass for several hours has refused to budge

Upon the bed that always becomes my seat,

My drawing does not help me be discreet.

'Tis not often that I try poetry,

So I do hope that this is easy to see,

That I mean what I say and say what I mean,

Your cosplay is the best I’ve ever seen.

I’m not suicidal, I swear to God,

Poetry just makes me write like some poor F-ing sod.

This does feel stupid, I’ll have you know,

Thank god that it can’t be caught on video.

Good riddance to this poem, it won’t be missed,

I’ll post it later and then I’ll be pissed.

Now, if I keep trying, something will go awry,

So it’s best that, for now, I’ll say “LMAO BYEEEE”))

(( Kind of random but it’s tradition to draw my kids dressed up in jojo cosplay so I did one for Rowan. I ended up picking Bruno and then was immediately reminded of why I don’t draw Bruno in his suit ever. (part 5 more like part please save Passione from their awful fashion choices) ))


I wanted to put together my cosplays over the years. This is really not all of them but I find myself lacking  pictures of most of them… E.g Male Galinda, Combeferre, Rainbowdash (yes I cosplayed a pony sue me) Raoul (who to be fair isn’t quite finished) Lucius malfoy and a few others :)

I challenge all my cosplay friends to do this as well, its kinda cool to see how I’ve improved. Of course if you dont want to, you dont have to :)

thisistheonlyphotoofmyselfihavesofarandit'sastupidselfie :x which features a fucked up ruffled wig because prior to taking selfies i had been rolling about on the ground and also running around. i’m cool. 

imagine being a couple/friends cosplaying dirk and jake

you’re sitting in the middle of this deserted park next to a convention centre

you’ve finally got some time alone or whatever and you’re doing cute things and chatting 

when all of a sudden out of nowhere john egbert comes sprinting and screaming through the park, running right past you

[i was that john.]

[jfc. okay so at one convention i went to i had too much excess energy and i volunteered to be a delivery-boy for a bit, to run around bringing peoples friends and siblings lunch, etc.

so i jogged out to a friends sister whose cosplay group was practicing way out away from the centre, and after dropping off her stuff i spotted this ‘empty’ park and i was like “fuck yes gonna sprint right through that”

so i did.

and it was only when i was nearing the centre of the park that i realised there was a couple sitting in the middle. and as i got even closer i realised it was a dirk and jake cosplayer and i was probably disturbing them a bit…

and i was like ohfuckokayjustkeeprunninggogogo]