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I think we can all agree that

“Castle” by Halsey is the unofficial theme song of the Throne of Glass series

  • Aelin: I have nothing to read.
  • Rowan: *points at bookshelf full of books collecting dust* Well—
  • Aelin: NOTHING!!!!
  • Rowan: There's literally a stack—
  • Dorian: *Bursts into the room* I CAN'T FIND A SINGLE BOOK TO READ IN THIS ENTIRE CASTLE.
  • Rowan: *points at huge library down the hall*
  • Dorian: NOT A SINGLE ONE!!!
  • Dorian and Aelin: *cling to one another sobbing*
  • Rowan: *sighs*
Rhysand's Moving Castle??

Is it just me but when I think of Rhysand or ACOTAR/MAF I see similarities in Howl’s Moving Castle. I also think about the beast form that Rhysand hates.

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Rainy Weather Friend - Rowaelin

I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for ages, but I just didn’t think it was anything special. But I had a crap and need something to make me smile. So if you’ve also had a crap day, I hope this little bit of pointless silliness make you smile too.

Aelin walked through the streets of Orynth with the hood of her cloak pulled up against the light but steady rain that was falling. She had visited her favourite sweet shop in the city and it had not been raining when she left and Aelin was assured the rain would hold out for a few more hours. She had said as much to Rowan when he expressed his thoughts on the matter. 

He had been right, of course.

Aelin pulled her cloak tighter around her and she cringed thinking about his smug face when she returned to the castle soaking wet. It was while thinking of ways to retaliate against his smugness that Aelin heard a soft squeaking. A soft distressed squeaking. Or rather mewling. 

Following where her ears led her, Aelin ended up in some random alley. And there, caught under the deluge of a drainpipe and surrounded by a deep puddle, was a little kitten. Body flat against the cobblestone the poor thing looked miserable. Tucking her sweets under her arm Aelin approached it talking softly. 

“How’d you get into this mess you tiny thing?” 

Aelin asked as she reached out and pulled the kitten out from under the water. She then gave it a quick rub down with her cloak and sending a soft wave of warmth over it to dry its fur before setting it down. 

“There you are. Now run home to mother.” 

Thinking her duty down Aelin started walking back the way she had come, only to have her fae ears pick up on a soft padding following after her. She turned and the kitten halted. It really was a tiny thing, with splotches of orange, black and grey over its white body. Aelin cocked her head to the side and the kitten followed the action. 


Aelin did not need a kitten. She had Fleetfoot and Lysandra spent enough time in her ghost leopard form to fill any need she may have felt to acquire a feline companion. Aelin turned and walked a little faster only to hear running, splashing paw steps and a tiny squeak of a meow following her. Stopping again Aelin waited to see what would happen. Soon she was greeted by a little kitten walking over her boots. 

With a sigh Aelin picked the kitten up and tucked it into her cloak and she could feel it purring against her body. 


“Well, you look utterly miserable,” Rowan said smugly. 

“Yes, Buzzard you were right.” Aelin grumbled in reply. 

“Pardon Fireheart? I don’t think I heard you,” Rowan said as he made to grab Aelin as she passed only to have Aelin ducked away from him. 

“Careful, Prince,” Aelin said with a smile, “gloating gets you nowhere. Now, I’m going to change.” 

“Shall I join you?” Rowan asked with a glint in his eye. 

Aelin made a contemplative face before saying, “No I don’t think so.” 

Before Rowan could retort Aelin took off to their chambers at a run, getting the head start she needed to close the door and lock it before Rowan could follow her in. At his firm knocking Aelin only laughed and dropped her box of sweets on the chest at the end of the bed before taking herself and the kitten through to the bathing room. 

After a good soak in the bath Aelin dried herself. The kitten, who she had decided to call Mollie, had played around the bathroom as Aelin bathed. Aelin even used some soap to blow some bubbles for it to chase. The little runt was too cute for its own good. Donning a soft robe Aelin exited the bathing room and slipped the kitten into the deep pocket at her chest. The kitten was tiny enough, or perhaps the pocket big enough, that Mollie disappeared entirely from view. Aelin then grabbed a book from the bookshelf, opened the window a little, and deposited herself on the bed and waited. 

A few minutes later Rowan flew in through the window in his hawk form and landed on the footboard of the bed. 

“Hello pretty bird,”Aelin said and Rowan screeched. “Stay in your hawk form a little longer. I always forget how pretty your feathers are.” 

Rowan let out a huff and ruffled his feathers, but he obliged. 

Aelin’s smile grew. “Turn around for me, you handsome feathered thing.” 

There was definite annoyance in Rowan’s eyes as he again complied with his wife’s wishes. Once he was entirely turned around Aelin eased Mollie silently out of her pocket. At the sight of the bird at the end of the bed the kitten’s eyes grew wide as did Aelin’s smile. 

“Stretch you wings out Rowan. I want to see the colours in them,” Aelin said, trying to hide the amusement in her voice.

Aelin watched in delight as Mollie stalked forward as Rowan shifted his wings. Just a few moments longer. Just a few moments is all Aelin needed. Mollie’s tail was twitching and her body wiggling. Just as Rowan went to turn around in question Mollie pounced and Rowan let out a surprised squawk before taking flight and shifting. 

“What the hell Aelin?” Rowan said and his eyes fell upon the kitten on the bed. Aelin couldn’t answer. She was laughing hard on the bed, clutching her stomach with one hand and wiping tears away with the other. 


Within a week Mollie was sleeping with Fleetfoot in her bed and following either the dog or the Queen around. At times she could be found riding on Aelin’s shoulder as she moved about the castle. Although Rowan would never admit it he had taken a liking to the kitten. 

But all his pretence was broken when Aelin and Aedion happened upon him one day, lying on the floor in the library, one of his own feathers tied to a string, playing with Mollie. He laughed and gushed when she made a particularly good jump. But it was the tone of his voice that had Aelin and Aedion frozen in the door way. Aelin had never heard his voice reach such a high octave before as he spoke to Mollie as someone might a baby. When their shock subsided the cousins burst out laughing and in his own shock Rowan had shifted into hawk form and flown from the room, Mollie meowing after him.

Braids & War Paint (Part 8)

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Rowan could taste the salt in the air when they landed in Varese, Wendlyn. From miles away his fae eyes could see a greeting party waiting for them. Though he did not expect this. 

Lorcan Salvaterre, the commander of the Queen’s first-hands lead a small group of Wendlyn soldiers, as well as soldiers clad in the colours of Doneralle. Fenrys, one of the wolf twins was also present. Holding the reigns of two saddled horses. 

Rowan’s right hand found it’s way to the braid in his hair,  as he thought about which queen he’d rather serve.

Maeve was difficult at the best of times, she was cruel, cold and calculating. The rest of the first-hands had taken the blood oath: Lorcan, Fenrys, Connall, Vaughan and Gavriel. But Rowan hadn’t. He had been offered the oath but declined, something deep in his chest had told him not to. Rowan hoped it was Aelin subconsciously telling him that Maeve wasn’t his final move on the chess board of life. With Rowan’s deep unyielding power Maeve cold have him with his free will or not have him at all. She chose the former like the tactical empress she was. 


His heartbeat echoed her name, even now, across the sea with the threat of silence and beasts of molten onyx. Rowan thought about what Aelin’s cause of action would be if she were in his position. 

“You’ve missed a lot, boyo.” Fenrys said, his smile not quite reaching his eyes. 

“Did you receive my letters?” Rowan asked, quickly placing the few items he bought with him into the saddlebags of the new stallion. His question was aimed at both, Lorcan and Fenrys. 

“The crown jewel, huh?” Fenrys said, just as Lorcan’s stern voice leeched into the atmosphere:

“We’ve had to stop intercontinental shipments, of all kinds.” 

Rowan’s eye’s caught alight with realisation, something was bubbling here. It would have to be major to cause all Erilean and Southern Continent ships to stop trading. To stop simple letters, it would have to be a threat that Rowan was uncomfortable to inquire on with the Wendlyn soldiers. 

It was only until he realised they were all, Wendlyn party included, were travelling to Doneralle. Just as Rowan thought he could ditch Galan. 

He needed infomation, Rowan  decided to hang to the back of the party, Fenrys trailing beside him, his stallion upset at such mundane speeds. 

“What is going on?” Rowan hissed at Fenrys, his golden face becoming harsh and stern. 

“Something magical has stirred. Creatures that Maeve fought alongside her sisters, alongside Brannon of the Wildfire and his kin.” Fenrys’ words caused Rowan’s hands to clench around his reigns, he hadn’t yet deigned to tell any of the first-hands about his Carranam bond, let alone who he shared the bond with. Rowan urged Fenrys for more information:

“The Valg. A black armada just appeared during the night. They just appeared.” Aelin. Rowan wondered if any Valg activity had occurred after he left. “We caught three, stabbed one in the chest and it survived. Like nothing had happened to it. We took the head off the next one, that worked but they’re fighters.” Rowan could tell there was more, Fenrys was keeping information from him. 

“And the third Valg?” Fenrys shook his head at Rowan’s question before facing him, his dark eyes held an emotion in them that Rowan couldn’t name.

“After Lorcan’s power couldn’t kill it we called in Maeve.” Fenrys swallowed hard, lowering his voice to a low whisper. “She couldn’t kill it, even with all her power, it wasn’t being affected. Maeve bought a candle in and the thing, it started hissing like it was afraid of it.” Rowan’s eyes burned into the back of Galan’s head. “She set it alight and it turned to ash, there was nothing left, even with a petty candle.” 

“How are we supposed to-“ Rowan started but was cut off by Galan’s voice, ringing out and asking all members of their travelling band. 

“Where is my family?” 

“King Glaston and Queen Rhoswen have been called to Doneralle, your Highness.” Fenrys called to him, Galan did not turn around but his shoulders coiled. “As well as the entirety of House Whitethorn.” Rowan had missed Endymion and Sellene, as well as his uncle. After seeing Aelin’s family, Rowan had missed his own. 

It was a rarity if the Ashryvers and Maeve made contact. It was rarer that the Galathynius’ responded to either of them. 

They held a fast pace to reach Doneralle by nightfall, the palace gates closing behind Rowan. The Oyrnth castle was an art piece compared to Maeve’s keep. 

Maeve had requested to see both Rowan and Galan tomorrow. That was final. So they decided to seek lightheartedness elsewhere.

He sat, his neck craned back looking at the constellations and wondering if Aelin could see them too. They were in the courtyard, shearing beer like they usually did. Fenrys was the life of the party: his words ran together and his laugh bounced off the sandstone walls, Lorcan was brooding but listening all the same, Gavriel was considerate of Rowan’s wiriness, Connall never really talked, his twin did that for the both of them and Vaughan was on the receiving end of Fenrys’ shitty jokes.

“Where’d you get that?” Gavriel asked, pointing to where Rowan’s hand was playing with his braid. 

“Terrasen custom.” Was Rowan’s only reply. Gavriel’s eye’s quirked and the rest of the ‘cadre’ as Aelin liked to call them, had a new found interest in Rowan. 

“Aren’t you gonna tell us anything about your trip?” Vaughan asked, the Osprey cunning and quick. 

“Not much to tell.” Not much to tell without mentioning his secret of Aelin. 

“Galan didn’t mention his cousin once the whole ride here.” Lorcan said, leaning forward so his forearms were resting on his knees. Rowan shrugged. 

“She didn’t spend much time with him, Galan followed the male Ashryver around.” Rowan tried to reason with himself; he should tell them now, better then them finding out later, he should be the one to tell them. But tell them what? That Aelin Ashryver Galathynius of the Wildfire, descendant of Mab, Mora and Maeve, blessed by Mala, the heir of fire and ash, was his carranam, was his… Truth be told, Rowan didn’t know. 

“I’ve heard rumours of her beauty.” Connall said, referring to Aelin and Rowan compressed his snarl. They weren’t rumours, she was the most gorgeous being Rowan had ever seen. 

“She was pleasant to look at.” Rowan said, his jaw tightening. He wanted to reverse this conversation. 

“Did you take fondness to her?” Gavriel asked. This was what boys talked of, they were men. Men hundreds of years old, yet when Rowan tried to say that she was ‘platonically friendly’ his face grew hot. 

“Stop bullshitting us, Rowan.” Lorcan said gruffly, looking somewhat disinterested. 

“I became quite…close, with Aelin.” Rowan wasn’t expecting them to laugh, he wasn’t expecting Lorcan to roll his eyes. 

“First name basis, boyo!” Fenrys said, leaning over and punching Rowan in his solid arm.

“Carranam.” Rowan spat the word before he had time to regret it.   

“What did you just say?” Lorcan said so low he almost growled.   

“Carranam. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius is my carranam, the bond is quite strong.”

As those words flew out of his mouth a cry sounded in the night. A white messenger hawk circled in the courtyard, silver and green ribbons were loosely tied around it’s neck. The Terrasen Messenger Hawk. It carried a letter in it’s talons which it dropped into Rowan’s lap. He laughed as the Hawk cried and flew off into the night. 

Count on his Fireheart to deliver a letter into a closed border country. 

“Speak of the devil, the Princess of the Flames must be able to hear us.” Fenrys laughed. 

Rowan smiled down at the piece of parchment that was sealed with the Terrasen green, stamped into it was the stag. 

Aelin tossed and turned, her silk sheets were too heavy, the room was suffocatingly cold. She couldn’t get warm, no matter what she did. 

Aelin knew she was dreaming this darkness, the faces of fae she had never seen before flashed across her vision, hissing of daemons in the dark. The screams of innocents plagued her mind as wyrdmarks erupted, gates flew open, rips in the underworld let ships pour out, she saw a key, she saw the Endovier salt mine, she saw Sam and Rowan. 

She saw battles enraging in lands that were foreign to her. She was burning armies, fleets, creatures that had only walked the earth according to legend. 

It was the twelfth time she had experienced this dream, as soon as Rowan left they started. She wondered if it was a bond thing. 

No more.

She sat upright in bed, Fleetfoot whimpering beside her.   

Aelin only knew one person who understood dreams, she only knew one person that could explain it to her. Tomorrow, Aelin would leave for Eyllwe tomorrow. Nehemia would be the only living person in Erilea that could understand.

A:N/ HELLO! Little note, the Endovier Salt mine will be mentioned in the future, Aelin has not been there yet. 

Wow, I’m four followers off 200 and I just can’t believe it, thank you so much. 

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I know I post a lot about being afraid of Rowan’s death, but I am actually honestly more scared of Aedion’s death. Everyone I talk to says they can see that happening and he seems like a high risk character and that really freaks me out. I know the fandoms main cinnamon roll is Dorian and I wont argue with that but my cinnamon roll is Aedion, I freaken love that kid and if he died....i mean Aedion is so...i mean

-Aedion, who threatened to burn down the rest of the library and attack the librians for Aelin when she was banned as a child
-Aedion who would crawl into her bed and listen to her insecurities 
-Aedion, who Aelin names whenever someone asks if she has siblings
-Aedion, who almost beat Dorian up as a child when he spilled tea on Aelin’s dress
-Aedion, who followed Aelin around as a boy and made sure she was always protect
-Aedion, her only friend as a child
-Aedion, distraught and upset that he wasn’t going with Aelin and her parents when Adalarn invaded, because he wanted to protect her

-Aedion who was kidnapped and forced to be a general for the man who killed his family and destroyed his kingdom
-Aedion who from the beginning worked with rebels, staging entire fake battle scenes just to make sure his country men lived
-Aedion, who never gave up hope in finding his long lost cousin
-Aedion, who threatened anyone who spoke badly about her
-Aedion, who slept his way through Rifthold, earning the title of Adalarns whore, just so he could try to feel something again

-Aedion, who had long talks with Chaol about his break up
-Aedion, who said Aelin didn’t need to do anything to earn his loyalty 
-Aedion, who was the first person to probably figure out what the black rings were, several months/years ago
-Aedion, who sat alone in the dark with tears in his eyes when the slaves in Endovier were slaughtered
-Aedion, who didn’t even know Sorscha really, but cried out and screamed when she was beheaded

-Aedion, who tried to die of an infection rather than be a spectacle for Adalarn and used as  trap for Aelin
-Aedion, who said he just hoped Chaol got Dorian out in time
-Aedion, who stared in awe in wonder at Aelin’s badass skills during the rescue
-Aedion, who told Aelin that none of what she did makes him ashamed, never never, that what she did to survive was okay with him, that he would never judge her
-Aedion, who still tries to follow her everywhere
-Aedion, who says he blames all her scars on himself, he should have protected her, BUT WHO IS PROTECTING YOU MY BABY
-Aedion, who sat up at night showing off his scars to Aelin and looking at hers
-Aedion, who smoked a pipe at a the bar becAUSE IT GAVE HIM AN AIR OF DIGNITY 
-Aedion, who mulitple times calls Aelin queen or your majesty because hE REALLY SEES HER AS HIS QUEEN AH
-Aedion, the first thing he said to Rowan being “You never mentioned he was so handsome” 

-Aedion, who wants to be blood sworn in front of a crowd of people, in front of the world because my baBY IS DRAMATIC AF
-Aedion, who tries to make them breakfast in the morning but always burns it

-Aedion, who is the best effing wingman for Rowan and Aelin
-Aedion, who is afraid of Lysandra and snow leopards lowkey
-Aedion, who had one convo with Rowan and knew why Aelin gave him the blood oath
-Aedion, whose first thought upon hearing who his father is and that he is demi fae is, “What if I outlive Aelin?” MY SMOL SON, HE THINKS ONLY OF HER OHMYGOSH
-Aedion, who could smell Rowan’s attraction to Aelin from day one and trIES THE REST OF THE BOOK TO GET THEM TOGETHER AH MYGOSH
-Aedion, who carries ROwan (with help from Chaol) all the back from the battle with the witches, and calls him BROTHER WHEN HE WAKES UP AHHHH

-Aedion, who was going to stay behind fighting, dying, for Rowan 
-Aedion, who said he didn’t need the dagger Rowan gave him, bUT WOULDN’T TAKE IT OFF AFTERWARDS, WEARS IT ALL THE TIME, BLESS HIS HEART HE IS SUCH A FANGIRL
-Aedion running to tell Rowan about all the castle problems and his feels while Aelin is passed out at the end of qos
-Aedion who dumps water on Aelin and Lysandra because hE IS SO PUMPED TO GET HOME, HE JUST WANTS TO GO TO TERRASEN SO BAD AH MY POOR LOVE

Aedion who says things like this, “ Whatever you had to do to survive, whatever you did from spite or rage or selfishness … I don’t give a damn. You’re here—and you’re perfect. You always were, and you always will be.”

SERIOUSLY GUYS, JUST GO TO GOODREADS AND LOOK UP QUOTES BY HIM, HE IS SASSY AF AND THEN THE NEXT SECOND SAYS SO MANY FEELING DEEP EMOTIONAL THINGS, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! Aelin and him love each other, they are the only family left in the world and if sjm kills him (because if he dies, we all know its him self-sacrificing himself because he has already tried to do that how many times? For chaol and Dorian, for Aelin and Rowan like 5 times, he has only been in two books!) i will literally LOOSE MY SHIT. I will legit start sobbing and will pretend the book was NEVER WRITTEN AND WRITE MY OWN! 
Aedion Ashryver is my smol son, my smol bean, my cinnamon roll and i love him so much. 
I need his ending to be him crying when Aelin is crowned, crying when he takes the blood oath, falling in love slowly and be all shy about it, having little fae wolf pups, getting drunk with Rowan, hugging Aelin and Elide, being an Uncle to Aelins children, I NEED HIM TO BE ALIVE ALWAYS DO NOT EFFING KILL OFF AEDION ASHRYVER HE DESERVES LIFE AND HAPPINESS OKAY!?

Fear mongering rant over….#prayforsjmcharacters2k16

Modern AU Continued

Rowan and Aelin had been in Rifthold for two days, now. Dorian decided to drag Rowan, Aelin and Manon out to ‘sample the nightlife’ of Rifthold. It was going well until Aelin spotted a kareoke bar. Her face lit up like Yulemas morning. And Rowan had a bad feeling that the night was going to take a bad turn. For him at least.

Sitting in the back of the bar, Rowan sat next to Manon. She wasn’t going to sing either. She threatened to gut Dorian if he so much as tried to get her to go up there. Rowan decided to make Manon his ally in the fight against drunken singing.

Aelin has been up on stage with Dorian for the past hour. Rowan was pretty sure that his Fireheart was a little tipsy. He loved her but her singing was atrocious. No one dared tried to get her to come off stage.

Finally coming down off stage, Aelin swaggered her way over to Rowan. Dorian was behind her and slid into the seat next to Manon, kissing her on the cheek. She rolled her eyes at the king.

“Rowan,” Aelin whispered not so quietly, “they have your song!”

“Maybe some other time Fireheart,” Not likely, “you are wasted. Let’s get back to the castle and put you to sleep.”

Crossing her arms, Aelin said, “Oh I don’t think so Buzzard. Either you get your feathered ass up there and sing or I’m going to tell Dorian about our trip here.”

Dorian leaned in and slowly smiled at that. So did Manon.

The blood from Rowan’s face drained. Gods dammit. After coming clean about what had happened in the bedroom to Aelin, they spent the rest of the ride singing at the tops of their lungs to Meghan Trainor. And sadly, his fireheart had filmed the whole thing.

“You wouldn’t”

“Oh I would.”

Giving Aelin a long look, he sighed. “I’ll do it if you promise we leave right after. You need sleep and I need to make a phone call to Fenrys.”

Aelin cocked her head, “Why do you need to call Fenrys?”

“I’m going to give the bastard a heads up that he better get used to the idea of being blind.” He was definitely going to peck his eyeballs out now.

Aelin gave a dark laugh and winked at Rowan. He sighed.

All right. If he was going to do this, then he was going to own it.

Standing up, Rowan rolled his neck and walked up ahead.

Out of my way peasants he thought. He was going to rock this.

Standing up on stage, Rowan turned to the computer and selected his song.

With his deep tenor, Rowan started up the song. Not even bothering to look at the screen.

I think it’s so cute and I think it’s so sweet

With a hand in the air, and a jerk of his hips, Rowan forgot about all of the people in the room and owned that shit.

“Nah” to the “Ah” to the “No”, “No”, “No”

Jerking his hips to each ‘no’ Rowan then lifting his finger skaking it side to side.

Jumping with lethal grace off the stage and onto the bar floor, Rowan slowly got up to his feet, still singing.

Working his way around the tables, singing, he made his way back to Aelin’s chair. Eyes on her. She was bright-eyed and smiling like a fiend.

Girl, all you gotta say is…

Rubbing his hand down Aelin’s leg, Rowan slowly got to his knees and then back up again turning around and winked.

Aelin’s eyes and smile widened.

untouchable, untouchable

Rowan was back up on stage and had everyone’s eyes on him.

Untouchable, untouchable

Rowan’s hand was in the air as the last of the words came out of his mouth. The spotlight on him. He froze for a few seconds after the song finished.

Slowly, everyone started clapping and whistling. Even Manon.

Rowan lowered his hand and dropped the mic.

Aelin was up at the stage and pulled his face down to her’s. Rowan wrapped his arms around Aelin and lifted her up, giving her a deep kiss.

“Now can we go back to the castle?”

Rowan and Rhys mini-fanfic

Celaena swaggered down the hall of the glass castle with Rowan by her side. Sunlight shone through the windows and enlightened the hall as well as her mood. She felt strangely happy this day, and her steps had an extra bounce to them. Right before she was about to tell Rowan everything he’d missed at the party last night, which was a lot of fun, he came to a sudden abrupt stop.

“What-“ the rest of her words died on her tongue as she felt the unmistakable presence of magic. Rowan stiffened beside her, and his hand darted nearer the sword on his hip. They rounded the corner and stopped.

There, coming towards them, was probably the most beautiful man Celaena had ever seen. Everything about him radiated sensual grace and darkness. The shadows seemed to linger around him, but not like any other dark creature she’d seem. This man, he reminded her of something, of someone.

She looked to her side, and realised who this stranger reminded her of.

“Who are you?” Celaena demanded. But strangely the man did not look at her. Instead she found that he and Rowan was locked in a staring match. Weird.

Rowan shifted his posture, and if Celaena hadn’t known better she would think he was trying to look taller. But that was absurd. Why would Rowan want to show off to anyone?

The stranger crocked his head slightly, and trailed his eyes over Rowan. This was starting to get a little more than just weird.

The tension in the air was so tight she could almost taste it. Deadly rage poured from Rowan, and she could feel, through their bond, that he was seconds away from killing him. But there was something else. Something she couldn’t quite place, underneath the anger.

The stranger smiled lazily, he had a confidence that would probably get him killed someday. If he didn’t watch himself that day could easily be today. But there was something lethal about him, something in the magic she sensed. He had to be either extremely powerful or a complete idiot not to be afraid of Rowan. She wasn’t sure which was the best.

There was a sudden change in the air.

She turned to Rowan to find him casually flexing his muscles. In the corner of her eye she saw the man roll his eyes. His short black hair gleamed in the sunlight.

As the two men continued to stare at each other, one with silver and one with raven hair, Celaena couldn’t keep her laughter inside anymore. They looked like a cat and a dog staring at each other, debating whether or not to kill the other. It was so weird, and so unlike Rowan, that she burst out laughing.

The stranger’s eyes shifted to her, two violet eyes, and such an intense colour.

“I’m Rhysand,” his voice was a lover’s purr, and as he said his name his eyes shifted to Rowan again. Rowan only grunted.

“You know what, I’ve got to run,” Celaena said with a wicked grin. Rowan looked at her, slightly panicked.

“Rowan, I’ll meet you later,” she turned and walked off before he could argue. When he didn’t follow her a huge smile spread on Celaena’s face. And as she heard the stranger, Rhysand, say Rowan name, tasting it, she couldn’t help but laugh. Well, that was certainly going to be interesting.

Rowaelin Fic #6

A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since my last fic. I had written a bunch but didn’t think any of them were good enough to be posted. Please let me know if you like it!

Summary: Rowan wakes in the middle of the night to find Aelin missing.


Rowan, still half asleep, reached across the bed for Aelin. He groped around a for a few seconds before realizing she wasn’t there. He bolted upright, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. It was one thing when she disappeared on a normal night, it was a whole other story when she disappeared while pregnant.

Even though they should be perfectly safe in their own castle, Rowan picked up the dagger he kept on the nightstand as he threw on the closest clothing item he could find - Aelin’s old sweatpants. Realizing they were absolutely not going to fit him, he hurried to the closet and pulled out a pair of his own.

He hurried down the hall to their daughter’s room, praying she would be there. He peeked into Nehemia’s suite to find her fast asleep, arms wrapped the stuffed wyvern she carried with her everywhere. “By the wyrds Aelin, where are you?” he mumbled as he shut the door to his daughter’s bedroom behind him.

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Throne of Glass Lover's Glossary
  • Celaena @ Sam: you're annoying no wait tbh I like you
  • Celaena @ Dorian: Mmm im feeling you but I can't let myself feel you
  • Celaena @ Chaol: Secretly hitting third base in the broom closets of the castle
  • Celaena @ Rowan: Hey;);););)yaasss let me be your fireheart,,,, I laveeeee youuu,.,.notice me senpai
  • Aelin @ Rowan: Buzzard;) love you:)

 going to the the beach! Rowan cursing at the hot sand and Aelin laughing at him cause she can walk across it without problem. Rowan carrying a shrieking Aelin over his shoulder into the water as she hits his back. Aelin giving the death stare to any girl who looks at Rowan the wrong way without his shirt on. Rowan going diving and finding a bunch of clams. Aelin building a sand castle and Rowan sliding into the sand next to her and showering her with it. Aelin cursing at Rowan and is about to throw sand at him when she sees the open clam in his hand and the pearl that sits inside.

Clearest Blue - Rowaelin Fic #7 - Part 1

A/N: I decided I needed to write a fic with a bit more angst for a change. It started to become a tad too long, so I’ve decided to split it into a few parts. Let me know what you think - if you like it, I’ll post Part 2 tomorrow :)

Clearest Blue - Part 1

He’d been gone for six months now. Aedion gripped her upper arm tightly, dragging Aelin away from the window where she’d held vigil religiously, waiting for him to return.

“Aelin,” his voice was gentle, barely more than a whisper. He continued to tug on her arm but she continued to resist. Maybe today would be the day when he would come back to her, when she would finally feel like half of her body, half her soul wasn’t lost.

Aelin, begrudgingly, had sent Rowan on a mission to the southern part of their kingdom to dispose of some creatures that had wandered across the border. During a meeting with her generals and those of power in her military, he’d been the first to volunteer to go, insisting that if he went, the creatures would be sure to never return.

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{{ Close Call; Closed with Wandererinfinitum }}

Time away from the castle provided Rowan with the opportunity to spend a precious handful of weeks in Falkreath. As integrated into coven society he’d become, he welcomed the temporal reprieves in which he could embrace the most important aspect of his life – his family.

On the present day, in the heart of the province’s forest, it seemed a bit of marksmanship training was in order.

But not for him.

“No, mo chridhe, you’re drawing the string back much too far–”

“Like this, Papa?”

“Runa, wait!”

The child’s arrow thwapped off the bow with the release of her little fingers before her father could ever hope to stop her, spiraling into the distance at a blinding speed. The extra velocity and off-kilter trajectory caused the arrow to miss its intended target of marked hay completely, flying instead for an approaching traveler Rowan had not previously accounted. 

At the last second, Rowan caught wind of him, and saw him with his own two eyes – yet, thankfully, the arrowhead pierced not the traveler himself, thwacking instead into the bark of a woodland tree very close to his path. The man was unharmed, but there was no way he’d have been able to miss the loud thunk of the projectile slamming into the tree trunk beside him.

Shite,” cursed the vampire, lowly enough under his breath that the young girl could not hear him. To Runa, he showed only a fraction of his disapproval, harshly furrowed brows accentuating the sternness of his demand. “Stay here, near the house!” 

Off he ran to make amends, jogging to greet the newcomer and assure him that neither he or his child meant any harm.

“Ah… hello there!” he called out, unable to help but feel slightly awkward about the situation at hand. “I deeply apologize for my daughter’s aim,” he said as he drew near, a faint, nervous smile crossing him, only to disappear again. “She’s still learning, I’m afraid. A long way to go, yet… are you quite all right?”