row row fight the power!

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: DO THE IMPOSSIBLE SEE THE INVISIBLE, ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER! TOUCH THE UNTOUCHABLE BREAK THE UNBREAKABLE, ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER! WHATCHA GOTTA DO IS WHATCHA WANNA DO, YOU BREAK THE RULES 'TIL YOU SEE THE TRUTH! THIS IS THE THEME OF THE "G" COMIN THROUGH, ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER! Power to the peeps, power to the dreamers, still missing piece scattering so incomplete, we be that once incredible soldier from underground, seeing how easy they all fall down. Digging through the core to see the light, let's get out of here babe, that's the way to survive, yeah top of the head, I'm on the set, do the impossible dontcha wanna bet cuz a lot of things change, we be waiting in vain, you wanna get by no pain no gain. Wow, fakers wanna test me again? Sorry, my rhymes gonna snatch your brain. I'm still striving for that straight up skill, we gonna making it happen with our crazy rap skill, get ready to rumble cuz now be the time, uh huh, if you ain't know, now you know.

me: alright time to sleep. i gotta get up early tomorrow

brain: hey remember that anime from 10 years ago that you love

me: not now please

brain: row row fight the power