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did Ted keep any journals, writings or drawings that are public now?

There’s no writing as far as I know, at least not public. He did draw while he was in prison :

The 2 paintings were done in collaboration with Bundy’s friend on death row, Bobby Lewis. Ted draw the picture and Bobby painted them.

Rowing is not well understood by the masses. Never will be. I like that about rowing. It’s remarkably un-glamorous. No money to be made. No grand slam. No slam dunk. From the outside it looks easy. Inside the boat all hell is always breaking loose.
—  Lido for Time
Brad Alan Lewis

I received this ask last night, and shockingly, when I answered it, Tumblr ate the photos. So! Again:

Allow me to assist! Unfortunately there are hardly any clear shots showing all nine Amis at once, but each gets his own—sometimes all too brief, sometimes all too blurry—moment in the film, caps-wise. Bahorel, unfortunately for him (and for me, as I love him) gets the most shortchanged, but anyway! A quick and dirty guide to who is who in the film:

Top row: the triumvirate or power trio of Combeferre (Killian Donnelly), Enjolras (Aaron Tveit), and Courfeyrac (Fra Fee)

Middle row: the architects of barricades, beauty, and destruction: Feuilly (Gabriel Vick), Jean Prouvaire (Alistair Brammer), and Bahorel (Iwan Lewis)

Bottom row: the party trio, who are of course far more than comic relief and whose actors, when able, brought incredible, sometimes heartbreaking depth to their characters: Bossuet aka Lesgles (Stuart Neal), Joly (Hugh Skinner), and Grantaire (George Blagden)

Now if you’re looking for the extended amis—the many unnamed students in the Musain, among the funeral procession, and at the barricade—I can be of assistance there, too, as I am hugely fond of all of them; just let me know.


F1 Seasons2007Kimi Räikkönen’s title (P2 Lewis Hamiltom, P3 Fernando Alonso)


  • After Schumacher’s retirement, Ferrari signed Kimi Räikkönen. His place in McLaren was filled by Fernando Alonso and the rookie Lewis Hamilton;
  • For the first time, the races calendar didn’t count with the German GP. A race was held at the Nurburgring as the European GP. 2007 was also the year that the San Marino GP left the calendar;
  • Alex Wurz’s last season. He retired one race before the end of the season;
  • A major talking point of the season had been an espionage controversy involving Ferrari and McLaren, which led to McLaren being excluded from the Constructors’ Championship. As a result,Ferrari clinched the championship at the Belgian GP;
  • At the Australian GPKimi Räikkönen took the victory and became the 4th driver to win on their debut for FerrariFernando Alonso came 2nd and debutantLewis Hamilton finished 3rd;
  • The Canadian GP was a very dramatic race with 4 safety car periods and one of the biggest crashes of Formula 1 in recent years, with Kubica hitting the walls. The race started off with the 2nd all McLaren front row with Lewis Hamilton taking his first pole position followed by Fernando Alonso. Hamilton won the race (his first win and his only 6th GP);
  • The season finale in Brazil marked the first time since 1986 that 3 drivers had a chance of becoming world champion at the last race, and the first time since 1950 that the man who stood in 3rd before the final race went on to win the championship, the driver then being Nino Farina;
  • Lewis Hamilton was the favourite with 107 points followed by Fernando Alonso on 103 points and Kimi Räikkönen on 100 points. Lewis Hamilton started 2nd but dropped to the back of the pack after a gearbox problem. He recovered to 7th but Kimi Räikkönen won the race and the championship. The final standings were Räikkönen on 110 points followed by Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso each on 109 points;
  • An appeal by McLaren regarding the legality of some cars in the final race could have altered the championship standings, but the appeal was reportedly rejected by the International Court of Appeal, confirming the championship results.

More of the Kit Purrson fic, rewrite and continuation of the bit with Grump, containing the bits I posted earlier today; this is the “hockey shit” before Kent gets back to Vegas and consults Twitter about cat aggression.  Contains Martha from Manitoba, Kent’s #1 fan, and Screwy Lewy (they call him that on ESPN), who owns the Aces.  (Also: author’s note speculating on Kent’s childhood trauma)

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  • Raphael: I am pissed off. A very grumpy person. But in addition to being grumpy, I'm also snarky and confident. I continuously express my annoyance towards Simon. In bed, I'll pin you down and make you forget your god damned name.
  • Raphael's hips: he's a sub
  • Raphael: son of a-
Pain? Yes, of course. Racing without pain is not racing. But the pleasure of being ahead outweighed the pain a million times over. To hell with the pain. What’s six minutes of pain compared to the pain they’re going to feel for the next six months or six decades. You never forget your wins and losses in this sport. YOU NEVER FORGET.
—  Brad Alan Lewis