A little over 2 years ago I was given the opportunity to join the Rovio Animation team for an experience so great I could have never imagined. I am so happy and proud to have been apart of this project and work on such a beautiful film lush in design, humor, heart and friendship, and the same goes for the crew… We got to do things we’ve never done before, go places we’ve never gone before, smell things we never smelled before (The Wizard), given responsibilities we never had before and made a ton of life long friends along the way, and it all wouldn’t have been possible with out the leadership of our great friend and Production Designer, Pete Oswald. You’re the best, thanks man!

I’d also like to thank our Directors Clay Kaytis & Fergal Reilly and Producers John Cohen & Catherine Winder, all for contributing to the best working experience of my life. Its been RAD.

Now go see the movie! 2 or 3 times to take it all in!

(Images 2,3,5 based on concepts by John Nevarez)

Hatchlings illustrations from The Angry Birds Movie credit scroll

(based on character designs by Francesca Natale)

"Angry Birds" To Hit The Big Screen In 2016!

Caitlin Swift
Staff Writer

From iPhone app to movie the Angry Birds are set to take over theaters come the summer of 2016. The film is being funded by Rovio Entertainment who are the creators of the game. John Cohen (Despicable Me) and former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel are attached to the project. Earlier this week it was announced Sony Pictures had won the distribution rights to the film, and they couldn’t be happier!

“We’re thrilled to be distributing this film and we hope this is just the beginning of what will be a long relationship with Rovio as we look for ways to work on future projects together,” Sony Pictures co-chairs Michael Lunton and Amy Pascal said concerning the project.

Angry Birds comes complete with a target audience, as the game has been downloaded over 1.7 billion times. Since its inception in 2009 Angry Birdshave spawned soft drinks, toys, an animated show, and even a theme park! It seems like a movie would be the next logical step.

Keeping checking PopWrapped for updates on the film!

Rovio announces brand spin-off, Angry Birds Stella

Finnish developer Rovio announced the latest spin-off of its Angry Birds brand this morning: Angry Birds Stella, a multimedia project centered around the pink bird Stella and her new group of companions.

Angry Birds Stella will span multiple entertainment media, including video games, cartoons, toys and books. Rovio noted in a press statement this brand will be in use “for many years to come,” suggesting planned longevity for the spin-off.

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Mighty Eagle Illustrations for Mighty Eagle’s Cave in The Angry Birds Movie


Angry Birds Epic gameplay trailer shows off RPG-style weapon crafting and combat system

Rovio Entertainment has released a gameplay trailer for the latest game in the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Epic, showing off the role-playing game influenced campaign.

Angry Birds Epic, which veers away from the series’ usual gameplay style, features turn-based combat, a story-based campaign and a crafting system for weapons, armor and potions.

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Worlds largest Angry Birds Activity Park by Lappset

Lappset together with Rovio Entertainment have created many Angry Birds Activity Parks already. These parks combine the physical and digital worlds in a totally new way. They are action-filled scenes that entertain the whole family.

Last week they opened the worlds largest activity park in Puerto Rico, Spain and I got a chance to photograph it for Lappset. Here’s few shots from this totally amazing playground for children.