A little over 2 years ago I was given the opportunity to join the Rovio Animation team for an experience so great I could have never imagined. I am so happy and proud to have been apart of this project and work on such a beautiful film lush in design, humor, heart and friendship, and the same goes for the crew… We got to do things we’ve never done before, go places we’ve never gone before, smell things we never smelled before (The Wizard), given responsibilities we never had before and made a ton of life long friends along the way, and it all wouldn’t have been possible with out the leadership of our great friend and Production Designer, Pete Oswald. You’re the best, thanks man!

I’d also like to thank our Directors Clay Kaytis & Fergal Reilly and Producers John Cohen & Catherine Winder, all for contributing to the best working experience of my life. Its been RAD.

Now go see the movie! 2 or 3 times to take it all in!

(Images 2,3,5 based on concepts by John Nevarez)

Pig city’s fountain. Here a process of this paiting I did for the Angry Birds Movie. It was very fun to paint gold.
A. Reference for the layout given by the Previous team.
B. Couple of sketches for the idea.
C. First pass of coloring to show my Production Designer Pete Oswald and have his feedback.
D. The fun on coloring :)

Hatchlings illustrations from The Angry Birds Movie credit scroll

(based on character designs by Francesca Natale)


Almost two years ago I had a chance, for a short time, to make some concepts/visual ideas for Angry Birds movie. Most of the development work was done at Sony Imageworks under art direction of fantastic Pete Oswald. Me, located in entirely different timezone at Rovio Entertainment HQ Espoo, Finland, and couple of others were briefed via Skype to do some fun exploring stuff. To be honest, I didn’t have at all the experience and skills to know of what I was doing! Back then I was a complete newbie. I’m thankful for the experience and great feedback I got from Pete Oswald. I already know a lot more. Anyway, I thought you guys might want to see, even if these indeed are quite sketchy things :)


Mighty Eagle 2D Sequence art | Part 2

One of my favorite and proudest involvements with The Angry Birds Movie was working on the Mighty Eagle 2D sequence. From helping develop the look and style, to getting the opportunity to lend a hand with the creation, supervision and final production of the backgrounds at the Rovio headquarters in Finland and ultimately earning my first credit as a Background Supervisor, I couldn’t be happier with how rad this part came out.

Here’s a list of the design and paint team I got to collaborate with on the art for this sequence…

Rovio Animation Crew: Pete Oswald/Production Designer, Luis Gadea/Character Designer, Jeanie Chang/Concept & Color stylist for “Rockstar” Sequence

Rovio Finland Crew: Edouard Gibbes/Layout Artist, Marija Dergaeva/Painter

There are plenty more awesome people who helped bring this sequence to life so please watch the film and stay for the credits to check out everyone else who contributed their talents…