Ringtone Meme

I actually make my own mp3 ringtones. I have the editing software for the other stuff I do (like my job) and so I whip them up in about 10-15 minutes when I think of one that would be cool.

  • When Mother calls, it plays “More Rednecks” by Charlie Daniels. Yep. My mother calls and my phone suddenly screams “What this world needs is a few more rednecks….!”
  • When @ShotgunCounslor calls, it’s the Swedish Chef making chocolate mousse…the whole skit. Sometimes I let it run on purpose. :P
  • When Lizabeth calls (middle sister), it’s frogs and crickets. She loves the frogs but I always tease her that when she calls she gets crickets ;)
  • When Ashy calls (that’s my baby sister…who will be 21 in Sept) it’s breaking glass, but that’s only because there’s usually a path of destruction following her.
  • When my clients call, it’s a hail of bullets.  It starts out with machine gun fire, then changes to shotgun blasts, topped off with a cannon at the end. I love it when they’re sitting across from me and that thing goes off. They jump. I laugh. }:}

…and when rovingvagabond calls, it plays Fugazi - “Waiting Room” , which is an STM all in itself…

Why I Joined Tumblr

I’ve actually had a Tumblr for a really long time, but I never used it until recently and that’s all thanks to two of my very good Twitter friends, TheOfficialWhackjob (Bridge… @girl_eats_world) and GarpTwo (I dunno if I’m allowed to say his real name, but @bdgarp). I’ve known about Tumblr for a really long time. In fact, my sweetie, rovingvagabond, has been on here for God knows how long and even mentioned it to me a couple of times way back before New Year’s. I’m not much of a writer. I used to be when I was in high school, and besides…what do I need a Tumblr for when I’ve got a fairly popular Twitter…right?? Well, then GarpTwo started in on me about how cool it was to see everyone behind the scenes. Then my excuse was: I already have 2 blogs and 2 websites that I neglect, that’s just what I need…another one. Right? Wrong…

Lo and behold, though, it all started one day when I received DM from Bridge several months ago that, being the wonderfantasticalifragilistic chick that she is, she’d made a video for me. She sang me a song and posted it to her Tumblr because she’s totally awesomesauce like that. That had to be one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me. I wanted to “like” it, but didn’t have an account, so I set one up real quick just so I could throw a heart down on there. I figured, while I was there I might as well follow the people that kept trying to coax me into this damn thing, so I did. Those were the first three that I followed.

I kinda ignored my Tumblr for a while. Wasn’t really sure what to do with it and Twitter. The next big question was “What to make of my Tumblr”? I’m pretty Star Warsy, so I thought it’d be funny if I called it “Not the Barbie You’re Looking For”. I had NO idea how fitting that would turn out to be. I think I put up a couple of funny Star Wars pics first. I’m not sure. I saw some posts with photographs, so I put up some of the photos I’ve taken, myself. I figured out a couple memes and then the next thing you know, I’m officially Tumblr-ing.

As it would be now, my Twitter is how Barbie (not my real name) reacts and interacts with the world. It always has been. Yes, I DO say those things out loud and I DO say them to people. But then there’s my Tumblr, which is more of how Barbie would react and interact with her friends and the people she likes….it’s TOTALLY NOT the Barbie you’re looking for if you’re looking for the Twitter Barbie. My Tumblr really IS more of a behind-the-scenes at the real person that is H0TMessBarbie, just like GarpTwo said it was - the creative and the things I think about that other people inspire in me.

Funny how that is.

rovingvagabond-blog-blog  asked:

What's your dream vacation?

That’s a tough one. There are so many places I want to go and so many things I’d like to do. It changes daily. I refer you to my bucket list.

My ultimate dream vacation, though, would (at the moment) probably be that I want to go to Greece. I have been to Italy and seen the heart of the Roman Empire (wouldn’t mind doing that again, either), and now I want to give Greece a go. I’m a HUGE history buff, one of my key interests being Ancient History. Plus, I love Mythology (did I mention I am also @TrojanBarbie…Helen of Troy?… *thumbs through oversized mythology book on table*).

I think it’s cool to walk around where people like Socrates and Aristotle walked…To see the mountains and the fields that gave birth to legends & try to see things the way the ancients saw them…to understand why they thought of the things they did. When I go to those places, it’s like stepping into a time machine. I want to see their structures and touch the same stones they touched thousands of years ago. These are things that have withstood wars and catastrophe and the destructive tendencies of the human race. I want to see them. 

I’m into that kind of stuff. That’s what pops into my mind every time I try to think of where else I’d like to go that I haven’t been. 

… also want to go on a safari in Africa and see the Great Wall of China, but that’s another story for another day…LOL

Flight Club

Please return your seatbacks and tray tables to their upright & locked positions. The lady on my first flight spent the entire time getting to know me. Maybe it was because I helped her with her carry on and introduced myself before I sat down. When we got to Charlotte, she handed me her business card and said that if there was anything I needed, that I shouldn’t hesitate to send her an email. I had to ask, hoping maybe, just maybe she would have something to do with the soap industry. No dice. She was an interior designer from Cleveland. Does it count that she looked like at point in time she’d worked the Clinique counter (or at least owned more than half their entire line)?

I barely made my connection to Phoenix. I’m flying standby, so I have to take whatever is available. I prayed to God, “I know you would’ve made it easier to get to the airport if you had intended for Man to fly, but just this once can I have some seat buddies who actually fit *in* their seats (unlike the last trip where the lady should’ve made reservations for two) and please let them not want to suck face for the here hour flight (see notes on last trip…again).

I was pleased, although my flight was delayed an hour because a flight attendant had better things to do. Of course, the inevitable happened and Mr Window Seat passed me the crotch on the way out and the ass on the way back in, but I’m not complaining because he is by far the most nicest, most interesting single-serving friend I have ever met. After all the pleasant and unpleasantries have been handled, I got out my headphones. I’m not sure what or who’s it was but there was a buzzing that kept driving me crazy, and as I browsed through the ridiculousness of the Sky Mall catalog, what with the i Restore Hair Therpy Laser and all, I suddenly wondered if condiments were being served aboard this flight.

At any rate, @rovingvagabond is following about an hour behind me, but I’ve already been everywhere he’s going. He’ll catch up eventually, but if he should ask, just remember the first rule of Flight Club.

Be Nice To Me...OR ELSE! An Old Skater's Nightmare
  • RV: Will you lead me around when I'm blind & deaf?
  • HMB: Yeah, but you'll probably have to push me around in my chair. I'm already half way there, ya know.
  • RV: How can I push you around if I'm blind??
  • HMB: I dunno. Just don't push me into any walls.
  • RV: Well, maybe you could have one with a motor and a joystick...
  • HMB: (interrupts) ...And we could get you a skateboard, and we could put shoe loops on it so you don't fall off, and I could pull you along!
  • RV: ...
  • HMB: You'd better be nice to me.
  • RV: Why??
  • HMB: Because if you're not nice to me, I'll switch your shoe loops around and instead of regular I'll make you push mongo.
  • RV: :/
  • HMB: