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ok but.... what would rover be in the warrior au

OOOOO idk hmmm

@klanced idk how far u read into the series but there was a point where jayfeather had this weird stick and it was like. his favorite thing and then i think it got destroyed?? should we give pidge some sort of. stick ???? and she names it rover??? ? 

So, who was supposed to be mayor?

A lot of people seem to think it might have been Isabelle, but there are two flaws with this: first, the letter you receive from the should-have-been mayor doesn’t sound as if it were written by her, and second, she’s already been established as the secretary of the mayor.  It’s clear the former to-be mayor set you up; Isabelle already has your name, your profile information, and everyone knows it’s you the moment you step off the train.  Now, the profile for a former to-be mayor would have to be someone with experience (especially in travel, for beyond-the-border-relations), some sort of connection with the people of the town, but for fairness reasons could not already be a resident of the town.  We know of one character like this, and he has been there since the beginning…

He travels quite a lot, of course, and it is known he and Tom Nook have some sort of friendship from the very first game.  You and Rover were the only two passengers on the train, and he approached you as if he knew nothing about you - but would it be too farfetched to say that, perhaps, he made certain he was there as a sort of send-off, to calm the nerves of the person who had no idea what they were about to get themselves into?  He would never reveal his identity, of course, but he could certainly make himself known - and that’s what he did, likely as a way to resolve his own guilt of pushing mayoral responsibility unwillingly onto someone else, in particular someone he barely knew.

I imagine he backed out of potential mayoral status because he lives for a life of roaming, hence his name.


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