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Weekly Spotlight #2 - @angryschnauzer

So when I had the idea for these, I had no clue it would morph into what it has, and I’m sure I still have a few surprises ahead of me. But I sincerely look forward to chatting with each nominee and getting to know them, and I hope this spreads some wonderful positivity and love!

This week I got to know the lovely Simone @angryschnauzer. She’s a lovely blogger that writes for the Marvel fandom and their respective actors. She’s a sweetie and her blog is lovely! So without further ado…

Alright, first question… name, age, and where are you from?

angryschnauzer: Simone, I’m 36 at the moment though 37 is rapidly approaching in August! I’m from a town called Redhill which is just south of London in England.

Erin: So many Brits in the first 7 weeks of interviews! I love it!

And what led you to create your blog?

Simone: A fledgling mini obsession with Tom Hiddleston that blossomed thoroughly once I signed my soul up to this website!

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