Bu Bu Jing Xin ep 3

liveblog thoughts:

  • more foreshadowing! for the eventual 4/Ruoxi/8 triangle
  • that party mood sure got killed quickly. Look at all those looks all the princes are shooting each other. Did Crown Prince seriously not know how a gift like that would look, or is he not-so-subtly trying to remind everyone of the royal pecking order?
  • yup, power play
  • wow, Rouxi and Mingyu are totally going at each other, complete with slaps, a headbutt and finished off with dunkings in the lily pond. I don’t like seeing catfights in dramas, but this didn’t bother me as much as usual, because: 1) Rouxi completely holds her own 2) Mingyu is both spoiled and very young (15/16?) and 3) both girls are really fighting for their sisters (well, and because they don’t like each other)
  • thank goodness everyone greets the princes verbally wherever they arrive-it save me having to figure out who’s who.
  • I totally want a Downton Abbey-esque downstairs look at what all the servants are thinking about all this
  • The end of this ep is, I think, Ruoxi’s first realization of what being stuck in the Qing dynasty really entails. She’s adjusted surprisingly well so far, and even managed to form a genuine sisterly bond with Ruolan, but this is her first true glimpse of the gilded cage everyone in the Imperial Court lives in. The stifling clothes and lack of air conditioning she can accept–but what about the lack of freedom, the realization that your entire life can be changed by one word from the Emperor?