BRENDAN KITTO/@Route52. Solo exhibition at Studio 40, 40 Princes St, Onehunga, Auckland. Opens Thurs 29 May, 6-9pm followed by a convoy up to the Onehunga Night Markets. Viewing times Fri 30 May to Sun 1 June, 11amto 3pm.

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Been a while since I took to the streets with the gang and I was definately feeling rusty.  Went back to a familiar haunt and whilst the landscape is much the same the surfaces have really changed.

One of the benefits of being in this little collective is the wealth of knowledge other members bring to the table.  Brendon, Rees and Dave have a depth of knowledge with regards to cameras and the associated camera bits and pieces that makes my head spin sometimes.

ROUTE52 - The Truck

In today’s digital world, Route52’s admiration for analogue holds strong. He captures one of Askew One’s moving canvases at its home in Onehunga, Auckland, with an Olympus OM-1 camera, Artista 100 EDU film and a Gossen Luna Pro light meter.

His humble home dark-room continued along the analogue pathway in which I learnt about the photographic brand names, AGFA and Kaiser. Learning something new every day.

For more info and to purchase one of these prints, click here.


Delve deeper into the photographic works of Brendan Kitto aka Route52, as Brendan presents a collection of old favourites and new pieces, to be enjoyed in the flesh and not on the small screen.

Join us on the opening night at Studio 40, 40 Princes Street, Onehunga, Auckland.

Opening Reception: Thurs 29 May | 6 - 9 pm, followed by a convoy up to the Onehunga Night Markets.

Viewing Times: Fri 30 May - Sun 1 June | 11am - 3 pm

For more info on the artist, go to

Big thanks to Studio 40’s sponsors, Invivo Wines and Grolsch!, for always supporting us here at the studio.

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