7/23/16 5.44 miles
Shortened (for me) group run
YTD: 734.44 miles
AVG: 3.5826/day
204 days in a row

I enjoyed being able to “sleep in” a little bit until 5:30 today. The group was striving for 14 miles, I could only commit to “about 5″. I knew the path through the park that’s part of the normal route qualifies as about 5, so I met them there. Passed them in my car on the way and gave them a little honking; they seemed to know it was me even before they turned around to look.

Before I headed out the door for my car I assumed it would be another cool morning so I slipped some pants on over my shorts. I opened the door and was smacked in the face with hot oppressive humidity. If I weren’t trying to be quiet to avoid waking people up I would’ve turned around and left the pants behind. Oh well.

I arrived at just the right time.

The path was really crowded. Lots of marathon training groups meet up at this park, including the group that was featured in “Spirit of the Marathon” (If you haven’t seen it, do - it’s a great documentary).

If you’ve seen it, or will, the park where Jerry is waiting on his daughter who shows up late - that’s this park that I run through. The movie is a must if you’ve never run a marathon (and are thinking about it or planning on it), or if you’ve not yet run the Chicago Marathon.

So back to today. I was glad to cut it short. Greg was riding the struggle bus - I think we’ve all been there - so he was lagging. Not sure how Kip, Carlo, and Mars fared, but they seemed to be OK when I left them.

My plan calls for no running this weekend, but I can’t give up my streak and I really enjoy running with these guys - even if it’s only for an hour :)

Carlo and Mars stopped for a bit to wait for Greg at my car. Kip had some family obligations to get back to, but set out some water for the guys since their plan was to run by his house on the last of their run:

I hear the water was much appreciated. Greg asked for a haiku, so I delivered:

Heat, humidity

A hot running summer day

Shining oasis


I just returned from a trip to California with 2 of my friends. It was my first time taking a trip with friends instead of family, and needless to say, it was absolutely fantastic. 

I decided the best way to document the trip would be through video, showing little snippets of our adventures. It’s nothing fancy, I’ll save the fancy stuff for when I’m better at video editing. 

Photos/Details about the trip coming soon, but for now, enjoy this!

Route 5: Chapter 1

Author’s note: This is my first Hartbig fanfiction, though I used to write a lot of fanfiction back in the day. This is going to be a series; but I write very slowly, so bear with me. SFW. 900 words.


Grace reaches forward and flips off the camera then sighs. I hope I can edit that mess into something interesting. The thought of her viewers noticing the rut she had fallen into lately just made her hate herself more. Silence permeated her gut as she quickly fumbled with her camera in a sad attempt to import her footage so the stress would end. She needed a distraction. Something that would allow her to feel like everything was easy and carefree.

“Goosey. Momma needs a break.” Grace sighed as she jostled the dogs ears around. “Do you think I could convince someone to take over the vlogs for two weeks?”

Goose’s head cocked to the side before she haphazardly rolled over on her back. Grace frowned at the dog’s lack of encouragement but was brought out of her haze when her Mac dinged to inform her that the footage was imported. When she looked up all she could see was her face, empty and sad. She blinked twice and scoffed.

“Talk about Summertime Sadness.” She mumbled to no one. “I should have invited Hannah over, Goose. She would make sure I didn’t look so damn depressed.”

Hannah. The thought of the smaller Hart only brought a smile to Grace’s face. Grace had been secretly nursing a crush on the My Drunk Kitchen creator for awhile now. But do to her creative rut, Grace’s communication skills had gone downhill drastically. The social anxiety she fought with as a teenager had reared its ugly head and she was struggling to stay out of its grasp. Hannah was easy to talk to but Grace was constantly worrying that the smaller girl could see right through her.

Grace reached forward to her iPhone and unlocked the screen. Scrolling through her text messages, Hannah’s name appeared and she clicked it. The most recent conversation between the two glared back at Grace’s face.

            “Hannah; I’m stuck in a rut.”

“I hate it when that happens! Try going for a run or do some aerobics. It’ll get your blood pumping.”

Pumping. Mmm. Grace shook her head and tried to get the dirty thoughts out her mind. When her long time boyfriend Scotty had broke up with her back in April due to the distance; she had considered trying to get back into the scene. But no one was going to catch her eye as long as she continued to let herself be stuck on Hannah. Do something. Something spontaneous. Tell her. Grace grabbed her phone and let her fingers fly across the touch pad.

            “Hannah. What are you up to for the next three days?”

The cogs inside of her brain kept spinning as she shuffled through all the adventures she could take Hannah on. Grace knew if she could just drag Hannah out of L.A., out of her comfort zone, then maybe she could muster up the balls to tell the girl how she had been longing after her ever since they had become close. Grace remembers the night she fell down the stairs outside her apartment. The blood pouring from her forehead had sent her nerves into a frenzy but she remembers Hannah pressing a washcloth to her head and telling her simply, “Come on Grace, I got you.”

She’s got you alright. She’s got you good.

After finishing her editing, Grace grabbed her phone and sprawled out over the couch. Checking her phone for messages, the lack of response from Hannah was getting to her so she just threw it to the other side of the couch and let out a long sigh. Maybe I’m not meant to be spontaneous. The all so familiar but muffled “Helloo-“ came from near her feet and Grace almost toppled herself off of her couch in order to answer.

           “I don’t know. I hadn’t planned on anything other than                     editing some more tour footage. Got something in                            mind?”

A smile graced her face.

            “Pack a three day bag. You and I are going on an adventure!”

            “Oh, and Hannah, your bag better not be full of snapbacks.”

Adventure? Hannah’s mind was boggled as she tried to re-read the text from Grace and shove her groceries inside her home.

“This rut must be really getting to her.” Hannah mumbled to no one.

After the girl closed her door, she leaned against the cold wood and glass and slid to the floor. She had been tired. The tour, the book, winestreams, collabs, Camp Tokota, friends, and Sarah pushing her had all been getting to her. The thought of being stuck in a car for a few days reminded her of tour and she did not think she had the strength. But you’ll be stuck in the car with Grace. That fact alone made Hannah giggle to herself.

Grace was a big part of why she was keeping it together lately. If Grace could have a daily show, nearly two million subscribers, multiple collabs, a web series, and a movie then Hannah could deal with a bit of exhaustion. And Hannah knew deep down that she harbored real feelings for the popular blonde. Ever since she met her at playlist live, Hannah was sure Grace could get her to do just about anything.

What if Grace asked you to jump? Hannah thought and then she whispered out loud to no one  “How high?”

            “Alright Grace. Where are we headed?”

Choose Your Own Adventure - Night 6


Day time story

<-Story start

The story so far:

In mid-January, a giant obelisk of unknown origin descends into the township of Kelly, Minnesota. It’s protruding from the frozen lake. A dog found it almost immediately, but disappeared mysteriously, and Jason–the dog’s owner–has come to investigate. There’s a hologram named Emissary that only Jason can see, and he has come to the local watering hole to break the news about the obelisk to the townsfolk.

“Listen,” Jason was screwed. The bar was dead quiet, caught mid-stride grabbing coats and hats and moving towards the door. They were staring up at him. He still felt giddy, and not just from the prying eye. His head hurt, and his muscle felt like they had an electric tingle arcing through them. “I don’t really know what’s going on with this thing—“

“But you’re a scientist!”

“Well, yeah…” he scratched his neck, “but this is something way different than anything we know about science—and I’m just a student, okay?”

“More than any of us know about this, kid,” Big Lou stepped up, “and I don’t think anyone in here would be offended to hear me say it. You’ve had your nose buried in this kinda stuff since you were knee high. Now everybody’s scared, do you know anything about this?”

“Did it come from space?” Sally asked when Jason didn’t respond right away.

“No,” said another man near the door. “Had to come up out of the ground, it’s some kind of volcano thing.”

“A volcano? Are you stupid?” someone shot back.

“It’s for sure something someone built, like the government.” Someone else.

“I can’t believe you guys are believing this horseshit, let’s go see it!” Another.

“Stop,” Big Lou spoke soft, but the whole bar fell silent. “We’re all going to listen, now. We can gab about it later. Jason?”

Out of the corner of his eye, Jason saw Emissary turn to give him a wary look.

“No pressure.” The hologram’s sarcasm was particularly jarring against the silent room.

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The Negev. The Mediterranean sea laps against Israel’s coast, and the plains slope up to its crown; Jerusalem. A different type of sea extends from her backyard. A sea of sand and rock, a vast expanse teeming with desert life and biblical past lives.

Negev, 2012. Photo by Rachel Nilson.

Nuzlocke Update 16

Okay so I’m just gonna put everything that happened to me in Lumiose City behind me and move onto the next gym.

No I am not okay. Im just minding my own business when suddenly your Lucario comes out of no where and knocks me on my ass. You know what I think I might have broken something. In fact I’m in so much pain I might sue for compensation. That’ll teach you to keep your Lucario on a leash



Everyone this is Skittles. You know I have been really unlucky with my encounters lately


Hey Carrot Top and Jackie Gleason how are you two doing.

You want to battle me? That’s adorable

Don’t quit your bus driving career Ralph Kramden you need something to fall back on in case Dancing With the Stars doesn’t work out.

Totally Tubular bro. Your swag is off the charts

And FireFox finally got his letter from Hogwarts