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Interpreting the Kagerou Project: Parallelism

In celebration of Kagerou Project being alive again I’m going to dedicate some time to looking at what makes the story really good in addition to just being fun. Now, perhaps the most interesting thing in character driven narrative is the interaction and relations between said characters. Relations are interesting and often contribute to growth, but more gripping is how certain types of relations help to give the story meaning. The Kagerou Project is a story driven entirely by the strength of its large cast whose meaning is doubly conveyed with its parallel and anti-parallel character relations. The different reactions of similar characters with similar struggles bring the story all about living with death in mind to life. Indeed, a better understanding of the characters goes a long way in clearing up the haze of what can be a very convoluted narrative.

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Kiki's Theory: Lost Time Memory already happened.

So with the new spoilers and mudskipperkip’s theory on it, there is one thing that should catch the eyes and it might cause some revelations that should have been obvious ages ago. The fact that Lost Time Memory may have already happened.

Note: I haven’t made Theories for a long time so sorry for the messiness!

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