route truck

Tailgater gets his reward.

Interstate 5 is a north-south freeway that goes from southern California through Washington State. It’s a major truck route, and some stretches are pretty desolate. Speed limit is 70 MPH in much of northern California, and it isn’t unusual for traffic to be moving about 80. I’m heading northbound doing about 80 in the left lane of a a 2-lane stretch, passing a pretty steady stream of trucks in the right lane, a safe distance behind another car doing about the same. Jerk in a Dodge Charger comes from behind screaming up on my bumper flashing his lights about half a car length behind me.

The trucks to the right are in a pretty tight convoy and there’s also another car in front, plus the tailgater is being a complete douche so I’m in no particular hurry to let him pass. There’s an overpass about ¾ of a mile ahead.

Just then my radar detector gives a brapp-brapp KA band warning ahead, pretty weak but getting stronger. I give it a few seconds to get closer, then flash my lights once and the car ahead pulls to the right between two trucks, as do I.

Jerk in the Charger floors it and passes us doing well over 90 just as we approach the overpass, finger extended. Radar detector is screaming now. Sure enough, CHP is lurking on the onramp and comes zooming down with lights blazing after the Charger. Gave him a nice wave as I went by, couldn’t have timed it better.  

Who wants to go on a road trip?

We could go through scenic routes, visit truck stops and tourists trap, survey the land for a plot we could establish our settlement on once society breaks down and we need to live off the land, and stay in motels!


The reports were grim, an abyssal striking a travelling convoy with force and unmentioned brutality. The only one in the water at the time was Vier, the rest being all stuffed into inspections and service. 

She traveled with due speed to the incident, moving on what could be considered an interception route as she trucked through. It’d be ages since she had a reason to fire her amssive guns, and the German was anxious to do so. “This is Vier reporting, please ensure all reparations are set for your departure, I will update zou on the convoy status when I see it.” She radio’d to whatever operator was near.


the signs as signs
  • aries: stop sign
  • taurus: yeild sign
  • gemini: speed limit
  • cancer: lane usage and turns
  • leo: no parking
  • virgo: road closed
  • libra: children
  • scorpio: slow traffic
  • sagittarius: bicycles
  • capricorn: truck routes
  • aquarius: curves and turns
  • pisces: work zones