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Glitchtale “Geonocide continues” theory

Ok, so to start off, the “Geonocide continues” or “Gc” theory is going to focus not on how plot progresses, but mainly on “How the game works from programming aspect”.

You may think that Camila wouldnt do something as “Advanced” as that, and you may think something like “Camila is animator, not a programmist DUH”, but let me prove you wrong.

In this case, she has basic knowledge on how game would behave, so lets continue.

Now, lets talk about how the game would behave.

Undertale save works as a text file, that game can read, for example, if you didnt kill papyrus it would look like that (simplified version)

Papyrus killed = 0

And in this case, “0″ means null, he was not killed.

Lets talk about how reset works.

It basically erases current variables all to “0″, but Undertale was programmed to remember some things.

Now, lets see how would it look if you had killed papyrus .

Papyrus killed = 1

And after reset it should have been something like that

Papyrus killed = 0


Yes, but with one exception, it would create ANOTHER variable, so the thing would look like this

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus REMEMBERS being killed = 1

And that is basically how undertale behaves.

Same works with routes, and as we know, Frisk had completed every possible route (seing every line of dialogue means beating every neutral version, because of unique Sans’ dialogue at the end), up to the Megalomaniac when they fail to complete Geonocide route.

Now, in healthy condition after resetting it should make save to something like:

Geonocide = 0 

But as we know, after Frisk had escaped they have created first glitch, allowing them to reset mid-battle.

Now, we’ve seen more glitches after resetting, meaning that something went wrong with “Reset” option.

And quickly we can come to conclusion that it didnt reset values, but created two values that cannot co-exist.

for example you can’t have values like

Papyrus killed = 1

Papyrus killed = 0

At the same time, because the game will not know what to do, creating more and more glitches after resets, as resetting adds false variables to the save file.

In Glitchtale, it eventually came to point where ONE MORE false value in save file, will make timeline (in this case save) to erase itself.

At this point in time, we know that we are on hard mode, because in “Yet darker” we saw the file being named “Frisk”

And as it is hard mode, game GAINS the ability to SPAWN objects, for example it can spawn final froggit in ruins.

But what if it can spawn something to fix itself?

As it is spawning more things, it also gains ability to create new “stories”.

The game is smarter than we thought.

What if the game was to create one powerfull being, so that it can fix the game itself?

And you are right, the game did that, and so the game created Betty.

Now, for some of you being like “But it was bravery who created her!”

I need to say one thing, the bravery, twins, and whole story is STILL inside the game, it is still INSIDE the window frame.

Meaning that game could “create” story for Betty to make it look less, well, suspicious?

How would Betty work by then?

Well, Betty would be just a “Eraser tool” to erase every false value to point it was last time the game was ok, and this last time was Geonocide run.

By that, it means that from these two values:

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus killed = 1

Betty would have erased “ Papyrus killed = 0 “, leaving him killed as it originally was on the Geonocide route before Frisk decided to glitch.

And what’s the order of killing?

Everything in the game needs to proceed with some sort of “order”.

And get ready for your mind to get blown,

The game thinks we are inside “Pacifist” route, but with Geonocide value, meaning it would take ONLY order we see in Pacifist route, and let Betty kill them by it.


That is right!

We dont get a chance to see anything other in normal pacifist route in game, so the Game itself took the only order it could find.

The core starting point is Frisk, and the nearest ones to stand by them will die first.

For example, Sans And Alphys are standing RIGHT next to frisk, and they died first, the next one in order would be Undyne, but she has the thing.

After some calculations I’ve come to this order:

- Sans

- Alphys

- Undyne (She will loose her whole determination but not die just now)

- Papyrus

- Undyne (Now she dies, no determination =D )

- Toriel/Asgore (it is hard to tell which one)

So as we came to the conclusion,

The villain is the game itself.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked my theory, and remember, it is ONLY a theory, meaning it can be wrong with some things, or with everything or it can also be 100% accurate!

Feel free to voice that on YouTube, just say that it is MINE theory and put my name on screen and in description of video.

Don’t copy-paste theory, just reblog it.

Bite that tattoo on your shoulder (X)

//breathes in// UNKNOWN ROUTE PLEASE

queen2816  asked:

In your new, AMAZING song, what does the ballet shoe in this line mean. "All I can see in your grip is a ballet shoe..." BTW, don't over work yourself and eat when you need to or else Ice will donate $10

Well since I doubt anyone will get it.

The ballet shoe is supossed to represent the lack of integrity Frisk has left, you know the “moral uprightness”.

Frisk won’t have a really nice attitude while facing Betty…

Remember that not only they did the genocide route… *They’ve seen every line of dialogue the game has to offer*

Sedona, Arizona

When I told folks in my office I was zooming west for a long weekend to see the Grand Canyon, three of them said, “make sure you go to Sedona.”

I had heard of Sedona, but had no idea why I had heard of it, or why it was famous, but nonetheless my mom and I decided to listen and go; good thing we did!  

If you ever drive (in the day time) from Phoenix to Flagstaff make sure you drive through Sedona. It’s incredible!  The city’s main attraction is its collection of beautiful red stone formations every which-way you look.  

It was so gorgeous that my mom and I went twice; after we got back from the Grand Canyon tour, and the next day on our way back to Phoenix. 

The first time we saw it, we had just missed the sun set by about 10 minutes, and I think that’s when this place must glow.  

We drove to Chapel of the Holy Rock (recommended by our Canyon guide), but unfortunately it was closed. Still, we got to see this remarkable church built into the rock (hooooowwww?!?) 

As the sun finally disappeared and we headed back to Flagstaff for the evening, we decided to get up early to go again the next day, especially as it’s right on the route back to Phoenix!    

Initially we had planned a day in Phoenix, but instead of half-assing Phoenix, and doing it in a hurry, we decided to explore Sedona this time around, and next time see Phoenix properly. :)

The 89A (recommended scenic route) drive down from Flagstaff is steep and beautiful! You drop in elevation from 2,106 m (6,910 ft) to 1,319 m (4,326 ft) so your ears will pop! 

Neat, eh? 

Sedona did have a city center (below), but it looked very touristy. Not sure I’d want to stay there personally, however many people do!  (Would be good to see sunrise/sunset here)

It also looked like a wealthy retirement area. Lots of large homes built into the rock, and golf courses! 

My mom and I wanted to do a hike, but we were too limited on time, so we only managed to park the car and do a ten minute walk (our own path, woot!) to try capture views of the “finger” type rocks. 

It was very exciting when we saw them! As we dropped in elevation we went from the heat on in the car and Ugg boots on, to t.shirts and air-con! 

After a stop for some coffee and snacks, we hit the main interstate road and headed back to the airport to drop off the car, and catch our flights. 

There were thousands and thousands of cactus (what’s the plural for cactus, cacti?) lining our route. I’m sure Arizona folk don’t blink an eye towards them, but they were so cool to see!! It takes about 20 years to almost attain one foot in height, so these are old cacti. 

And then suddenly I was on a plane back to Detroit (my mom on another one headed back to Toronto) after a whirlwind, wonderful spontaneous Arizona , Adventure! 

minena  asked:

If MC had beautiful singing, how will the boys react? Will they adore her or watch with tears? (I think this is the worst question I got)

Thanks for asking~

My art skills aren’t really cooperating lately TT_TT (my brain is kinda fried too, so sorry about this. >.> HOW DO PEOPLE DO THESE HEADCANON THINGS IT’S SO HARD OTL)

So have some cruddy sketches. Some are cruddier than others OTL


  • Is awed at your skills
  • Loves your singing
  • Wants to listen to it more
  • Asks for lullabies at night


  • Loves your singing and wishes to hear more
  • If possible, wants to act in a musical together with you, thinking that it would be the best thing ever
  • You sing duets together sometimes


  • Loves your singing and acknowledges your talent
  • Won’t hesitate to call up big wig producers to give you your big shot at stardom (even without your consent)
  • You end up having to refuse him until he understands, but he still asks you from time to time (lol)


  • Loves your singing
  • (probably post route story line) Records your singing and makes it viral via virus. Later creates a tripter bot for you (like with Zen lol)
  • Secretly has your recording playing on repeat all the time when he misses your voice (aww)


  • He doesn’t have much of an interest in music but he likes your voice.
  • He won’t admit it though. (You tsundere)
  • Likes hearing your voice in the BG because it makes him feel secure, and not lonely. ;-;


  • Loves your voice, whether singing or just plain talking
  • Since his eyesight is going awry, he loves it even more
  • Would probably be the type to cry if you sing an emotional song lol

Douglas Robinson, The New York Times, 16 April 1967

Thousands of antiwar demonstrators marched through the Streets of Manhattan yesterday and then massed in front of the United Nations building to hear United States policy In Vietnam denounced.

The Police Department’s office of Community Relations said that police, off leers at the scene estimated the number of demonstrators outside the United Nations at “between 100,000 and 125,000.”

It was difficult to make any precise count because people were continually leaving and entering the rally area. It was also almost Impossible to distinguish the demonstrators from passersby and spectators.

On Friday the police had announced that they were preparing for a crowd of 100,000 to 400,000.

Leaders of Parade
It was the largest peace demonstration staged in New York since the Vietnam war began. It took four hours for all the marchers to leave Central Park for the United Nations Plaza.

The parade was led by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Benjamin Spock, the pediatrician, and Harry Belafonte, the singer, as well as several other civil rights and religious figures, all of whom linked arms as they moved out of the park at the head of the line.

The marchers—who had poured into New York on chartered buses, trains and cars from cities as far away as Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Chicago—included housewives from Westchester, students and poets from the Lower East Side, priests and nuns, doctors, businessmen and teachers.

Chant From Youths
As they began trooping out of Central Park toward Fifth Avenue, some of the younger demonstrators chanted: “Hell no, we won’t go,“ and “Hey, Hey, L. B. J., How Many Kids Did You Kill Today.”

Most of the demonstrators, however, marched silently as they passed equally silent crowds of onlookers. At several points—notably Central Park South from the—Avenue of the Americas to Fifth Avenue—the sidewalks were swarming with onlookers. Other blocks were almost deserted.

Some of the marchers were , hit with eggs and red paint. At 47th Street and Park Avenue, several demonstrators were struck by steel rods from a building under construction. Some plastic cups filled with sand barely missed another group. There were no serious injuries.

At least five persons were arrested for disorderly conduct. Three youths were taken into custody when they tried to rush a float that depicted the Statue of Liberty.

The demonstration here and a similar One in San Francisco were sponsored by the Spring Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, a loose confederation of leftwing, pacifist and moderate antiwar groups;

A few minutes before 11 AM, an hour before the parade started, about 70 young men gathered on an outcropping of rock in the southeast comer of the Sheep Meadow in Central Park to bum their draft cards. They were quickly joined by others, some of whom appeared to have decided to join in on the spot.

Hard to Check
The demonstrators said that nearly 200 cards were burned, although in the chanting, milling throng it was impossible to get an accurate count or to tell whether all the papers burned were draft cards.

Surrounded by a human chain that kept out hundreds of onlookers, the demonstrators first clustered In small groups around cigarette lighters, then sat down and passed cards up to a youth holding a flaming coffee cam Cheers and chants of “Resist, Resist,” went up as small white cards—many of which were passed hand to hand from outside the circle—caught fire.

Many of the demonstrators carried or wore daffodils and chanted “Flower Power.”

It was the first large draft-card, burning in the protests against the war in Vietnam, although groups of up to a dozen had publicly burned their cards.

Among the group yesterday was a youth in the uniform, jump boots and green beret of the Army Special Forces, whose name tag said “Rader.” He identified himself as Gary Rader of Evanston, Ill., and said he had served a year and a half of active duty as a reservist.

Like the rest of the demonstrators, the card burners were a mixed group. Most were of college age, and Included bearded, button-wearing hippies, earnest students in tweed coats and ties, and youths who fitted in neither category.

There were a number of girls who burned half of their husband’s or boy friend’s draft cards while the men burned the other half. Among the burners were a sprinkling of older men, including several veterans and the Rev. Thomas Hayes of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

Last week the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit held unconstitutional a law passed in 1965 banning draft-card burning under pain of a maximum 5-year sentence and a $10,000; fine; Two convictions under the law, however, have been upheld by United States Courts of Appeals in the Second and Eighth Circuits.

Vietcong Flags Raised
In his speech at the United Nations rally, Dr. King repeatedly called on the United States to “honor its word0 and “stop the bombing of North Vietnam.”

“I would like to urge students from colleges all over the nation to use this summer and coming summers educating and organizing communities across the nation against war,” Dr. King told the crowd.

Before making his speech, the minister and a five-man delegation presented a formal note to Dr. Ralph Bunche, Undersecretary for Special Political Affairs at the United Nations.

The note said: “We rally at the United Nations in order to affirm support of the principals of peace, universality, equal rights and self-determination of peoples embodied in the Charter and acclaimed by mankind, but violated by the United States.” The demonstrators began to assemble in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow early in the morning.

On one grassy knoll, a group calling itself the United States Committee to Aid the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam built a 40-foot high tower of black cardboard tubing. They then attached a number of Liberation Front (Vietcong) flags, of blue and red with a gold star in the center.

At 12:20 P.M., the parade stepped off from Central Park South and the Avenue of the Americas, with Dr. King and the other leaders in the vanguard. They were surrounded by a group of parade marshals who linked hands to shield them from possible violence. From the hundreds of people  lining the route of march came expressions of anger or support.

“I think it’s terrible, ” said Carl Hoffman, an engineer from Hartford, who stood at the corner where the march began.

Nearby, 20-year-old Estelle Klein, an office manager from Queens, gazed at the students, nuns, businessmen, veterans and doctors marching by and said: “I’d be out there too, but I don’t know, I just don’t think it’ll do any good.”

As the demonstrators moved east on 59th Street, they encountered bands of youths carrying American flags and hoisting placards with such slogans as “Bomb Hanoi” and “Dr. Spock Smokes Bananas.”

The bands of youths ran along the sidewalks paralleling the line of march, calling insults at the demonstrators.

Along one stretch of high-rise apartment houses on Lexington Avenue, eggs were dumped from a number of windows and many marchers had their clothes stained with red paint tossed by persons behind police barricades.

Guests Peer Out
From the windows of the Barbizon-Plaza Hotel the Plaza and the St. Moritz, guests—a few still in pajamas—peered from their rooms at the throng moving out of the park. Most of these watchers neither applauded nor heckled.

Although the demonstrators were supposed to follow a line of march set up by the police, several thousand members of the Harlem contingent broke away and marched down Seventh Avenue through Times Square.

Several fistfights broke out in Times Square between angry motorists caught in a huge traffic jam and the paraders.

At 42d Street and Second Avenue, a fight broke out between several spectators and 19-year-old Edward Katz of Manhattan. Mr. Katz said later that he was trying to get to his car with his wife and baby when “a group of anti-peace people started knocking over the baby carriage.”

By 4 P.M., the last of the marchers had moved out of Central Park, leaving it looking like at disaster area. The paths and roadways were covered with litter.

There were several floats in the parade, including one on which Pete Seeger, the folk singer, rode with a number :of children. They sang folk songs like “This Land Is Your Land” as they rolled along the line of march.

Most of the marchers carried signs that had been authorized and printed by the Spring Mobilization Committee. Among the slogans were “Stop the Bombing,0 “No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger’! and, “Children Are Not Born to Burn.”

There were many unauthorized banners and placards, however. One, a bed sheet carried by three young men, bore in large black letters the words, “Ho Chi Minh is a Virgin.”

A minor scuffle between the police and the peace marchers broke out at 3 P.M. on the south side of 42d Street just west of First Avenue when some marchers tried to turn north.

Patrolmen, on foot moved into the crowd, trying to push them into line. Other policemen on horseback charged into the throng and helped turn the marchers back. Nearby, counter-demonstrators screamed: “Kill them, kill them.”

The speeches at the United Nations did not, start until after 2 P.M. While the demonstrators waited, filling the plaza from 47th to 42d Streets, they were entertained by folk singers.

An overflow crowd filled the side-streets west of First Avenue. More than 2,000 policemen were on hand at the United Nations to keep order, and to separate demonstrators from counter-demonstrators.

‘Be-in’ at the Park
A “be-in” of several thousand young men and women preceded the start of the parade. They gathered on a rock but-cropping in the southeast corner of the Sheep Meadow, dancing and singing to the music of guitars, flutes and drums.

Many of the young people had painted their faces and legs with poster paint. The sweet smell of cooking bananas hung over the group.

Unidentified demonstrators set fire to an American flag held up on a flagstaff in the park before the march began, the police said. No arrests were made in connection with the incident.

After leaving Dr. Bundle’s office at the United Nations, Dr. King told newsmen that the “demonstration was “just a beginning of a massive outpouring of concern and protest activity against this illegal and unjust war.”

The speeches ended soon after 5 P.M. when a downpour drenched the plaza, converting it into a field of soggy clothing, peeling placards and deep puddles.

The rally area was almost completely deserted by 6:30, except for crews from the Sanitation Department who were cleaning up a mountain; of debris.

Speakers at the rally, in addition to Dr. King, included Floyd McKissick, national secretary of the Congress of Racial Equality, and Stokely Carmichael, leader of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.

Mr. Carmichael, who spoke against background shouts of “black power,” described the United States’ presence in Vietnam as “brutal and racist,” and declared that he was against “drafting young men, particularly young black Americans.”

Mr. McKissick called for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam and predicted that the turnout of marchers would bring “some positive, action” from Washington.

The Rev. James Bevel, who was national director of Spring Mobilization, said he would give President Johnson “one month to stop murdering those folks in Vietnam.”

“That’s all we’ll give him, one month to pull those guns^out,” Mr. Bevel said with his fists upraised. “If he doesn’t, we’ll close down New York City.” He did not elaborate.

Before leaving Central Park, Mr. Belafonte told newsmen that he was participating in the demonstration because “the war in Vietnam—like all wars—is immoral.”

Melbourne Gothic
  • The seagulls know you have fish and chips, they can hear the rustling of the paper. The seagulls begin to gather. One lands next to you. You throw the bird a chip. You look down, blood pours from your hand. The bird flies off with your finger.
  • Your train is coming in ten minutes. Your train is coming in two minutes. Your train is coming in twenty-three minutes. A train moves through the station, driverless and empty. Your train is coming in ten minutes.
  • There’s a man playing bagpipes on Princes Bridge. There’s a man playing bagpipes at Flinders Street Station. You can hear them from your office. You wake in the night; they’re coming from your living room.
  • Your friend suggests a macca’s run, but you can’t move. Your legs have turned to lead. It approaches.
  • You topped up your MYKI online. It will take two days to process. You begin to grow weaker. The MYKI glows in your hand. The process has begun.
  • There are roadworks on the Monash freeway. The signs flash at you menacingly in the night; they suggest a detour. You take the detour, but nobody follows. You don’t know this route. The lines on the road disappear, your radio turns to static. You don’t have to look in your rear-view mirror to know that it’s there. It waits.
  • Everyone keeps talking about the cool new bar. Everyone has been there. You ask where it is, but no one can answer. But everyone insists you must go. You ask how to get there, but everyone is vague. Everyone has been there. You are the only one who has not. The only one left. You run.
  • You wait for the tram, but a bus approaches. The driver tells you that there’s track works. You get on the bus. The driver exits; he shuts the door. You hear something at the back of the bus, but the bus is empty. The sound moves closer. The driver never returns.
  • Your footy team is losing. They’re always losing. The draft brings new players, but they disappear. The footy record lists players that you vaguely remember; where are they? You attend the next match, your team has no men on the bench. You bite in to your meat pie and crunch down on something hard. You spit out a wedding ring, it gleams in your hand. More players disappear.
  • You sit in Hoddle Street traffic. Four lanes are at a standstill. There’s a man in the car in front of you. You check your watch. You glance up at the man, he has a family now. How long have you been here? The seasons change. Your engine rusts. Your wife is waiting at home. Isn’t she?
the narrachara theory: proof

(undertale spoilers)

the popular “narrachara” theory argues that all narration is provided by chara across all routes. everything from item descriptions to witty comments about the environment reveal chara’s personality. chara speaks for frisk and tells the player how frisk is feeling or what they’re doing.

it’s easy to be skeptical of the narrachara theory. at first, it might be hard to connect the cold, abrupt language of the genocide route with the playful descriptions used in the pacifist and neutral routes. however, close inspection reveals underlying connections between all of the dialogue.

 the canon: chara is present in the genocide route

once the genocide route begins, after the monsters in the ruins are eradicated, the narration suddenly and dramatically shifts. the most notable change occurs in the mirror, which normally exclaims that “it’s you!” 

after the final pacifist route battle, the text in toriel’s home will clarify that the “you” is actually frisk rather than the character the player named at the beginning of the game (chara). the text remains in second person. in the genocide route, however, it switches to first person.

it is chara, through frisk, speaking in first person, letting the player know that chara is in control for the time being. there are many other instances in which they let their presence be known as well.

most ominously, an innocent piece of text describing “cookie cutters for gingerbread monsters” is replaced with something more sinister.

the red text is generally accepted as chara’s dialogue, and for good reason. first person red text appears again and again in new home.

without a doubt, these all clearly refer to chara’s experiences. 

more canon: the white text

all of the flavour text and narration in the game is white, and the mirror is definitive proof of chara’s ability to communicate through white text as well as red text. however, there are several other instances of them doing just that, even in battles and in menus.

while facing monster kid in the genocide route, chara speaks not only in battle, but also in first person and through white text.

examining the real knife will only produce words that seem to come from chara, rather than a description of the weapon itself.

this leads to the conclusion that regardless of text color, chara uses first person to describe themself, and uses second person to describe frisk. though it may seem strange that chara may be so bold as to claim what frisk is feeling or thinking, they do the same thing with the player at the end of the game.

in the darkness of the abyss after the world is erased, chara mentions “you” several times, assuming the player’s thoughts, and even providing the player an opportunity to respond to them.

the way “you” is used in this segment is similar to the way “you” is used throughout the narration in undertale. chara does not hesitate to speak for their partner. while it’s clear chara can communicate via flavour text in battles, in menus, and on the field, there is one last question: does chara narrate outside of the genocide route? 

the theory: chara in other routes

in pacifist or neutral routes, there are certain lines that don’t seem to come from frisk. these bits of narration draw on outside knowledge or are oddly cryptic. the only way to explain them is if another entity is providing them. in typical games, this entity would be an omniscient narrator, but in undertale there is evidence linking this narration directly to chara.


for example, the left bed in asriel’s room is revealed to be chara’s bed in the genocide route. while not as explicit, this fact is also alluded to in the neutral route.

the game heavily implies that chara died of buttercup poisoning. the neutral route narration suggests “my bed” was quite literally chara’s deathbed.


in any route, the joke ACT in the battle with woshua will produce one of three jokes at random. 

all three of these jokes seem a bit arbitrary – until one considers chara and asriel, that is. 

  • muddy flower garden:
    there is a flower garden in asgore’s house. he waters his flowers often, which would make the ground muddy.
  • a kid who slept in the soil:
    in the genocide route, flowey states that toriel probably moved chara’s body to give them a “proper burial.” chara’s body is resting in the soil.
  • ate a pie with their bare hands:
    toriel is fond of baking pies and likely made them for her children. perhaps chara once “ate a pie with their bare hands.”

frisk couldn’t have know about any of these things. therefore, the suggestions may have come from chara.


while the check and joke ACT options in the battle against snowdrake’s mother seem typical, there’s something very different about the text produced if the laugh or heckle ACT is selected.

usually, frisk follows through with the ACT selected. in these two cases, however, frisk does not, and the narrator has to correct themself.

because the narrator does not accurately describe frisk’s actions, this confirms that the narrator is not frisk. furthermore, the narrator cannot be omniscient because an omniscient narrator would not be inaccurate. if the narrator is not all knowing, and capable of making mistakes, then it gives room to believe the narrator is an entity with their own personality, feelings, and being.


from the start of the game, frisk will hear the voice of asgore, a character they have not met yet, when they die.

in toriel’s home, going to sleep triggers a memory that prompts frisk to wake up. this memory is very similar to what was said to chara while they were dying.


VHS TAPE 5 (toriel and asgore’s voices):

in waterfall, after being chased by undyne, frisk falls onto a flowerbed. before waking up, they experience memories that do not belong to them.

during asriel’s battle, another set of memories are shared. it is these memories of asriel that allow frisk to save him in the pacifist route, and these memories could only belong to chara and asriel. since asriel is the one fighting frisk, it makes more sense that chara is the one to share the memories with frisk.

it’s also worth examining the opening scenes regarding the ancient war and chara’s fall in 201X. it’s possible that these scenes are shared by chara when frisk first arrives in the underground. this idea is all conjecture, but if the fall knocked frisk unconscious then these scenes would match how the other memories are shared.

the narrachara theory holds up

while technically impossible to claim the narrachara theory as unequivocal canon, no evidence appears to contradict it, and circumstantial evidence suggests it as highly plausible. interpreting the narration as coming from chara provides insight into their personality and character.

here be spoilers for 5.18...

Dead Man’s Tale - the title covers the A and B plot.

Powerful end scene. Shinwell was ruthless, showed no mercy beating Sherlock, aka someone who stood in his way….

Shinwell is Sherlock in season one. He is out for revenge - his sole motivation to avenge the death of someone he loved by whatever means necessary.  If any one is able to understand his motives it should be Sherlock. The question is can Joan pull Shinwell back from further violence - she unsuccessfully tried stopping Sherlock when he set off to kill Moran. Sherlock only stopped when he discovered the truth - Moran was not responsible. Will Shinwell have a similar epiphany? Has Joan changed enough to not try to stop Shinwell?

My money says Joan and Sherlock’s current positions on Shinwell will flip flop.  Sherlock, true to his ACD nature, will understand where Shinwell is coming from and work with him while Joan maybe will take the law and order route. Bottom line - Shinwell will be redeemed and disappear for his own protection Kitty-style.

On other notes -
Love the Lost Ark reference and JLM’s quick and defensive reading of that line “so was I” - Sherlock does not joke. Now we know where the Ark of the Covenant resides ;)

Love the huge bee pin on Joan’s collar - I’ll refrain from joanlock theories here.

Love Sherlock’s answer to Shinwell stating he doesn’t like him breaking into his place - “No one does.” The implication being everyone complains but Sherlock’s not about to stop.

Love Joan working with Mason on her own. Usually Sherlock is the one who has the tech fun.


Leslie Odom Jr., of ‘Hamilton,’ at Home in Hell’s Kitchen (more pics)

So surely you’ll understand that in the midst of this madness some things fell by the wayside. You’ll see how it was that Mr. Odom and his wife, Nicolette Robinson, hung some picture frames in their one-bedroom Hell’s Kitchen rental, but forgot about removing the stock photos. “Friends would come in and say, ‘Who are all those white people?’ ” Mr. Odom, 35, said with a laugh. [..]

The couple had gone the “sleek lines” route in their studio apartment: furniture that was lovely to look at but not exactly delightful to know. “Everything was uncomfortable,” Mr. Odom said. “This time we wanted an overstuffed couch, the kind that begs you to come and take a nap in it. I’m the nap champion.”

[…] Mr. Harrison’s acrylic painting of the Queensboro Bridge, a gift to the couple, adds a pop of vibrant color to the living room. It’s Mr. Odom’s favorite thing in the apartment. But he’s also having quite the tender love affair with his wall-mounted white laminate fold-down desk. Never mind his wife’s comically exasperated observation that he rarely uses it.

On the Millennium Falcon, and the issue of Parsecs...

I’ve heard the discussion about Han Solo’s famous “Kessel Run” time and time again - both inside the Star Wars community and outside it. Common consensus seems to be that Han Solo’s boast that the Falcon could do the run in 12 parsecs indicates that Solo has no idea what a parsec is, or else relies on the fact that his audience doesn’t know.

This discussion relies on two main facts:

  1. A parsec is a unit of measurement equivalent to roughly 3.26 light-years. This means that a parsec is a unit of distance, not a unit of time.
  2. The Kessel Run is a smuggling route in the Star Wars universe, running illicit spice from the spice mines of Kessel to its destination worlds. It is not a commonly-used trade route, partially because the route is fraught with danger - especially “The Maw” cluster of black holes.

The main mistake people seem to make when discussing this issue is believing that Han is boasting about the Falcon’s speed. This is understandable, because Han often boasts about the Falcon’s speed in other situations, and it is natural to assume that a vehicle owner boasts about the speed of their vehicle because that is what we Earthlings are used to when discussing cars and other machines.
As such, they think that Han is purporting that “12 Parsecs” is a quantification of the Falcon’s immense velocity.

This is an incorrect assumption, however. What Han is actually boasting about is the Falcon’s ability to safely navigate the dangerous Kessel Run by the shortest possible route.
Travelling at hyperspace is not a simple matter of moving the ship directly from A to B, since there are doubtless hundreds or thousands of intervening planets, stars, asteroids, and other dangers. A ship’s computer must be programmed with a route which avoids such obstacles - usually giving them a wide berth, just to be on the safe side. The computer can also adjust itself en route if an unforeseen hazard presents itself.

Han Solo programs the Falcon’s computer system to fly as close to these hazards - especially the forbidding Maw Cluster - as is possible without being destroyed. Most other pilots would see this behaviour as foolhardy, but Han apparently doesn’t care. Because the Falcon is programmed to fly closer to these obstacles than most other pilots would dare consider, it needs to “steer” far less, and so can traverse the route in a straighter line than any other starship. This means that the Falcon completes the Kessel Run in a shorter distance than other ships - a mere 12 parsecs.

This is backed up in The Force Awakens when Rey, impressed that the ‘hunk of junk’ she’s aboard is the Millennium Falcon, marvels that “This is the ship which ran the Kessel Run in 14 parsecs”. Han corrects her by saying “12″. This therefore implies that 12 parsecs is more impressive than 14 - something which is totally in keeping with the above.

Han isn’t talking out of his arse when he boasts about the Falcon’s record, nor is he demonstrating his lack of understanding of interstellar measurements. He’s just not talking about what many people think he’s talking about, which is their own lack of understanding, not Han’s.

The Milk (&) Honey Route

Swollen hands traced lines in the soil,
dirt hid away underneath fingernails,
sun-kissed skin became our constant.

Down the line it came together,
crops flourished to feed our tired soul.

We reaped what we sowed,
took off on a cargo train headed west,
all without your mother’s blessing.

The only words she had for us
were something we had to prove wrong:
“Escape is a pipe dream.”

Never wanting more from life,
just less & less until we had nothing.

We survive the actuality of our true reality,
one of possessions & mindless chatter,
through these dreams we live within.

In libraries on universities,
in favor of classwork or socializing,
I research our desperate dilemma:

How to extract atoms of a dream
to press & clear them for reality.

Title: Metallic pt. 5

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

have fun reading, everyone!! this is the part 5 of Metallic!
Part 4.

this prompt is based on days 7 - 9 of Jumin’s route but i took it from there. fic contains a possible theme that might disturb some people. i used some characters on his route but the story line is entirely different as well as their relationships and some facts that i’ve changed to fit the story. you’ve been warned!

- light spoilers on his route -

❝ You are to me
A part of me just like anatomy
You're pulling me
You're pulling me in like you're gravity

I'm notorious for thinking you're full of beautiful
Instead of hollow
Sugar on your lips, it's hard to kill
Jagged like a pill, so hard to swallow.

Day of the Party
12:00 NOON; approximately 3 days passed since the last voicemail.

He never contacted you again.
Perhaps he might have got the gist that you didn’t want to talk – or to at least see, feel or hear his presence?

It was sad, actually. To actually come to realize that what stung the most was not his continuous pursuit for you after the deed but his absence after only 3 days.
You sighed against your nose.
He gave up?

You were jerked away from your thoughts when you felt a hand gently tap you on your shoulders, as if to make you realize that you need to get back on to the reality.
Today is the party.

You’re going to see the rest of the RFA.
But why aren’t you excited?

You were able to come home 2 days ago when Seven told everyone that the danger is solved. Though he was not his usual self but more of a broken man than before. Was he like that? You can remember him being jolly and cheerful but after the incident regarding the hacker, he drastically changed.
Was there a catalyst for it?

“You can look a bit more excited.” You heard Jaehee’s amused voice as she lifted an eyebrow to look at you, seeming to appreciate the dress you were wearing. It was honestly an old dress – your first prom dress to be precise. It’s a good thing you did not grow on it, the size remained the same. Or was it a bad thing? It’s a dark blue, silk clothed bubble-type, off-shoulder dress. You paired it with a gold-colored stiletto you bought at an auction at the mall yesterday. A small handbag and then you’re ready.

“I try.” You shrugged and smiled sheepishly as you fixed your already straight hair with the palm of your hands, trying to tame it. You sighed as you felt frustrated – has your hair been this stubborn?

“Let me.” You heard her say as she gently laid her memo pad and pen to the counter of the ladies’ bathroom as she touched your hair from behind. “You’re very beautiful, MC. So you should smile more.”

You felt your cheeks heat up at this – Jaehee rarely compliments and when she does, it’s kinda heartwarming? It’s like getting an approval of hers. She told you at first she doesn’t fully trust you yet – and here you two, bonding as she fixed your hair. Pretty unexpected.

You saw how she carefully braided the sides of your hair and tied both ends on the back of your head, making it look like you’re wearing a flower crown. You smiled a bit but it didn’t reach your eyes. Why does it have to be like this? Isn’t it just right for you to have your space after what happened but why do you seem so guilty about it?

Jaehee seems to know the cause of your severely dropping mood as she looked at you knowingly – wait, why was she looking at you that way? Does she know something? Or was it that obvious?

“You can try and forget him, yes?” She asked, adjusting the rim of her glasses. “Enjoy the day, MC. You deserved it – you worked hard for it.” A small encouragement and you felt yourself smile a little. Lately, you couldn’t fully smile to yourself.

“Thank you, Jaehee.” You murmured as she laughed at your shyness. “…really. For everything – for having my back too.”

“It’s no problem.” She smiled warmly as she urged you to finally go inside the party halls to greet some guests. “For starters, I might work for him but it doesn’t mean I have to agree to his ways.”

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