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Bite that tattoo on your shoulder (X)

//breathes in// UNKNOWN ROUTE PLEASE

Glitchtale “Geonocide continues” theory

Ok, so to start off, the “Geonocide continues” or “Gc” theory is going to focus not on how plot progresses, but mainly on “How the game works from programming aspect”.

You may think that Camila wouldnt do something as “Advanced” as that, and you may think something like “Camila is animator, not a programmist DUH”, but let me prove you wrong.

In this case, she has basic knowledge on how game would behave, so lets continue.

Now, lets talk about how the game would behave.

Undertale save works as a text file, that game can read, for example, if you didnt kill papyrus it would look like that (simplified version)

Papyrus killed = 0

And in this case, “0″ means null, he was not killed.

Lets talk about how reset works.

It basically erases current variables all to “0″, but Undertale was programmed to remember some things.

Now, lets see how would it look if you had killed papyrus .

Papyrus killed = 1

And after reset it should have been something like that

Papyrus killed = 0


Yes, but with one exception, it would create ANOTHER variable, so the thing would look like this

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus REMEMBERS being killed = 1

And that is basically how undertale behaves.

Same works with routes, and as we know, Frisk had completed every possible route (seing every line of dialogue means beating every neutral version, because of unique Sans’ dialogue at the end), up to the Megalomaniac when they fail to complete Geonocide route.

Now, in healthy condition after resetting it should make save to something like:

Geonocide = 0 

But as we know, after Frisk had escaped they have created first glitch, allowing them to reset mid-battle.

Now, we’ve seen more glitches after resetting, meaning that something went wrong with “Reset” option.

And quickly we can come to conclusion that it didnt reset values, but created two values that cannot co-exist.

for example you can’t have values like

Papyrus killed = 1

Papyrus killed = 0

At the same time, because the game will not know what to do, creating more and more glitches after resets, as resetting adds false variables to the save file.

In Glitchtale, it eventually came to point where ONE MORE false value in save file, will make timeline (in this case save) to erase itself.

At this point in time, we know that we are on hard mode, because in “Yet darker” we saw the file being named “Frisk”

And as it is hard mode, game GAINS the ability to SPAWN objects, for example it can spawn final froggit in ruins.

But what if it can spawn something to fix itself?

As it is spawning more things, it also gains ability to create new “stories”.

The game is smarter than we thought.

What if the game was to create one powerfull being, so that it can fix the game itself?

And you are right, the game did that, and so the game created Betty.

Now, for some of you being like “But it was bravery who created her!”

I need to say one thing, the bravery, twins, and whole story is STILL inside the game, it is still INSIDE the window frame.

Meaning that game could “create” story for Betty to make it look less, well, suspicious?

How would Betty work by then?

Well, Betty would be just a “Eraser tool” to erase every false value to point it was last time the game was ok, and this last time was Geonocide run.

By that, it means that from these two values:

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus killed = 1

Betty would have erased “ Papyrus killed = 0 “, leaving him killed as it originally was on the Geonocide route before Frisk decided to glitch.

And what’s the order of killing?

Everything in the game needs to proceed with some sort of “order”.

And get ready for your mind to get blown,

The game thinks we are inside “Pacifist” route, but with Geonocide value, meaning it would take ONLY order we see in Pacifist route, and let Betty kill them by it.


That is right!

We dont get a chance to see anything other in normal pacifist route in game, so the Game itself took the only order it could find.

The core starting point is Frisk, and the nearest ones to stand by them will die first.

For example, Sans And Alphys are standing RIGHT next to frisk, and they died first, the next one in order would be Undyne, but she has the thing.

After some calculations I’ve come to this order:

- Sans

- Alphys

- Undyne (She will loose her whole determination but not die just now)

- Papyrus

- Undyne (Now she dies, no determination =D )

- Toriel/Asgore (it is hard to tell which one)

So as we came to the conclusion,

The villain is the game itself.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked my theory, and remember, it is ONLY a theory, meaning it can be wrong with some things, or with everything or it can also be 100% accurate!

Feel free to voice that on YouTube, just say that it is MINE theory and put my name on screen and in description of video.

Don’t copy-paste theory, just reblog it.

if you really think about it … all wlw ships are Connected …… all of them … somehow

The Average Intergalactic Cadet’s Field Guide to Understanding Their Human Classmates and Crewmates.

Written in Earth English
Current as of Earth Date 05-09-17

Understanding Their Competitive Nature and Occasional Aversion to Physical Activity or Friendly Sports

The Barbaric Practices of Young Human Physical Education.

Physical Education in many Human Schools

In the required Physical Education class, the students play all sorts of physically demanding games such as: Kickball/Matball, Dodgeball, Prisonball, or Linetag. These names may sound alarming and rightfully so. In our observations, the “games” they play are often humiliating for some and potentially injury inducing for others. Pardon our generalizations, but if your human is academically inclined, it is likely they do not have fond memories of their Physical Education classes and you will understand why after reading this breakdown of a typical class period (45 minutes to an hour long)

In Kickball and Matball, the small humans are divided into two “teams”. This may be done by the “coach” or by an outdated and socially cruel process of assigning “team captains” among the students who then alternate picking their fellow students to be on their teams. From this, the students who are either athletic or popular or both are easily determined from the shy, clumsy, or awkward students.

Once the teams are decided, the team that will be attempting to score points will line up; they are called the “visiting” team. The team trying to keep the opposing team from scoring points fan out across the gym; they are called the “home” team. The defending team will roll a spherical object called a “ball” at the line of students visiting team. One of the offensive students will then kick the ball as hard as they can and then run for a mat/base like a Idjwluge is chasing them.

Now this is the part where things get interesting. The home team students will attempt to catch the ball. If they catch the ball in the air before it hits the ground, the kicker is “out”. Three “outs” will cause the teams to switch roles. The kicking team doesn’t want out; the defending team wants to cause outs. If they don’t catch the ball, they can still grab the ball and throw it. We do not joke: the only way to get the kicker out after a non-catch is to THROW THE BALL AT THEIR BODY SO THAT IT HITS THEM. There is another option where the defensive team holds the ball and taps the running player with the ball, BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS; THEY ALWAYS RESORT TO THROWING THE BALL AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. BECAUSE HUMANS LOVE TO MAKE THEIR LIVES AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE WITH THE MOAT POTENTIAL FOR PAIN. However, if the runner gets to the base/mat before the ball hits them, they are “safe” and cannot get out as long as they are on the base.

This is one way where kickball and matball differ. In kickball, the runner on base is required to keep moving to allow room for the next kicker in line to get on base. In matball, there can be as many people on base as can fit on the mat. This routine will continue: kick, run, kick, run until you can run “home”. “Home” is the place where you kicked from. The bases form a diamond and there are four of them that form a circular running pattern. You kick from “home” base, and run towards “first” base. You then head for “second” base. Then “third” base and then back to where you started. If you safely make it home, you score your team a point. In kickball, you run the bases once. In matball you run them twice: first, second, third, back to first, second, third, then finally home. This probably to makeup for the advantage of choosing when you run to the next base rather than being obligated to.

The goal is to score as many points as possible before the other team gets any person on your team out three times.

If you thought that game was horrid prepare yourself again. After this description, the word “dodgeball” will strike fear in your heart. The entire goal of dodgeball is TO THROW A BALL AT THE OPPOSING TEAM WITH THE EXPLICIT INTENTION OF HITTING THEM WITH IT.


The humans are split into two teams similar to the kickball teams. They line up on opposite walls. Precisely in the middle of the “gymnasium” (which as near as we can tell is the official name of the torture chamber of public schooling) are a row of spherical balls lined up parallel to the lines of students on each side. When the “coach” blows a whistle the students sprint for the balls, grab them and retreat. What follows is a chaotic battleground the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Battle of Wakowwnoif. The “game” is simple. Throw the ball at a member of the opposing team. They avoid the ball. If they are unsuccessful at dodging the impact, they are “out” and move to the wall. If they do dodge, they are fine and nothing happens. If they catch the ball thrown at them, they can bring one of their teammates back into the game and the person who threw the ball is out. If the person gets hit in the head, the person who threw the ball is out (this is the closest we could find to any sort of safety precautions laid out in this game). The game continues until one team systematically hits every member of the other team out.


Prison ball is exactly the same as dodgeball, it just has a few more enhancements and opportunities for social humiliation. Teams are still split in two. However, each team has three figurines called “bowling pins”. They are placed on the gymnasium floor. The goal of prisonball is to knock down the other team’s figurines and get the other team out. So each team is guarding their figurines while still playing dodgeball. Another twist comes when you are hit with a ball. Instead of simply being out, you are in Prison. Prison is an area in enemy territory separate from your team.

There are two ways out of prison. One is statistically unlikely. On each side of the gymnasium, located high up on the wall is a hoop with a net hanging from it. If the opposing team manages to to throw a ball through that hoop from their side of the gymnasium, everyone on their team in prison gets to rejoin the game.

The other way out is if a teammate throws a ball from their side of the gym, over the enemy territory and the enemies heads and the comrade in prison catches the ball, then the prisoner is set free.
This method requires a few things. First it requires the prisoner to have a friend on their team willing to throw them a ball. Second, it requires the non-prisoner teammate to be able to throw a ball that great distance accurately. Third, it requires the prisoner to be able to catch the ball. Fourth, it also requires the non-prisoner to also get hit in the process of doing all this, and if the prisoner and would-be rescuer don’t have any other friends-they are simply out of luck. In other words: the human must be popular and athletically inclined or just very very lucky. This is where the social humiliation comes in. However, many of our reports have shown that this game is prefered to dodgeball because once the human is “in prison” they simply have to pretend that they are trying to get people to get them out but then can just fritter away the rest of the game not participating. These are the humans we want to recruit for strategic planning.

The game ends when all the figurines are knocked down-either by the opposing team throwing balls at them or by the guarding team’s clumsiness.

Linetag is the least strenuous “game” the humans play in Physical Education. In all honesty, it looks rather fun. The human game of “Tag” is usually characterized by chaotic running around and avoidance of the human that is “it”. If “it” touches another human, that human is now “it” and must “tag” another human. There are many variations of this game that we will detail below since they are the least barbaric of the human “games” and might be useful in certain training exercises.

Linetag is one of those variations. Linetag requires a floor with different sets of intersecting lines. For some reason, humans decorate their gymnasium floors with a design of lines. Further research is required to discover if these are sacred markings, if they have special meanings, or if they are just for aesthetics. Two to four humans are chosen to be “it”. They remain “it” for the remainder of the game. Their goal is to tag every one of the non “it” students. When the student is tagged, they must sit down right where they are-no matter what.

The trick to the this game, however, is that the humans are only allowed to walk on the lines. They cannot deviate from a set of prescribed routes. They cannot hop lines. They must find intersections to avoid “it”. When a player is tagged and they sit down, they become a “roadblock”. The fleeing humans cannot pass them-but the “it” humans can. The game continues until all students are sitting.

Other Tag Variations:
Freeze tag: chaotic running pattern, but when “tagged” the player freezes though touched by a Nxiebxwoie. Game continues until every player is frozen. Players can unfreeze friends by crawling through their legs. (We do not understand why this would work to unfreeze someone but we have discovered that humans have very vivid imaginations when it comes to recreational activities)

Amoeba tag: also known as “sticky tag” or “worm tag” one player is “it” until they tag another player and then they are “stuck” together and must hold hands while chasing the other humans. With each tag, the “it” group gets larger and larger continuing to hold hands, link elbows, etc. Great fun to watch.

Circle tag: humans pair up and link elbows in a circle. “It” and a “runner” will begin a pursuit. The “runner” can link elbows (the bendy bits of their upper limbs) with anyone of the pairs and the partner that didn’t get linked must then run away. If they are tagged they are now “it” and the former “it” is now the “runner” and must find a pair to break up.

For the athletically disinclined human, you could understand why these activities would be traumatizing. Oftentimes these games were treated as though they were the equivalent to our Yeqipguited Games by the more athletically inclined. The less talented humans may have been mocked. If the human you are working with seems less inclined to participate in a game of Bejbpoi, you now understand why.

Major Aria post

We’re nearing the end and even I honestly don’t see Marlene ever going the Aria AD route (unfortunately) but just line up all the things that are suspicious to her/ never got explained. (for all you guys saying we have no proof)

  • She was personally investigated by the police (season 5)
  • Tanner once came over to her house and told her dad that she got suspicions that especially Aria is involved with multiple murders.  
  • ‘’A’’ ‘’saved’’ her relation multiple times (she even says this)
  • ‘’A’’ never threatened her with shana’s murder/ multiple times that she’s been cheating (He always did with the other girls)
  • She told something so horrible that mona (first A) was crying and had to run away saying ‘’she knows how to turn the knife and she underestimated her’’
  • She gave mona her old dolls (season 4)
  • Mona gives her off screen updates (season 6/7)
  • Mona called Aria when she had ‘’proof’’ that Alison was ‘’A’’ (season 5)
  • Mona gave the camera in the dollhouse to Aria instead of Spencer who knew how it worked (or hanna her best friend)
  • Mona kept pairing up with Aria in the dollhouse (other girls with each other)
  • When Mona was in Radley she didn’t want to talk to anyone/ went crazy except with Aria. They talked about building a solid foundation + building a card house.
  • When mona is released from Radley, we have a scene where it shows us that Aria is walking past Mona in school while giving her a ‘’know your place look’’ when walking up the stairs (season 3)
  • Multiple times we see Aria talking to someone the camera doesn’t show/ let us hear the dialogue (2x25)
  • Multiple times we see Aria texting to ‘’someone’’/ giving no explanation
  • Weird dialogue with Ezra that she is fascinated by villains and says ‘’sometimes the villains win’’
  • In the dollhouse we see all the girls in a shot getting in their room and the camera shows us Aria in the middle and giving us an extra shot of her alone (after the others) getting in her room
  • The family portret in her room in the dollhouse (season 5)
  • In season 4 she got a doll with a blond girl on one side and Aria on the other side.
  • She had a weird connection with Jenna and they played flute/piano together at Jenna’s house.
  • Famous ‘’Big A scene’’ (please note that uber A was not suppose to exist and the show was suppose to end with ‘’Big A’’)
  • She photographs and keeps forgetting what photo’s she shot/ indicates that she keeps forgetting things (season 4)
  • Aria is by far the liar with many scenes looking at herself in a mirror or seeing her reflection
  • She disappears a lot of the times when the other 3 girls are looking for clues + tracking a location (the camera follows the other when they do this, not so much for Aria)( The icecream factory season 4 for example)
  • Aria and Mona completely vanished for a while when the girls/ bf’s where searching for Alison who was being abducted by CeCe at the ball (season 6)
  • Aria is by far the one liar always seen to watch black and white movies (’’A’’ watches them a lot too)
  • The camera always pins to Aria when the girls are discussing ‘’A’’ (all seasons)
  • She got a mystery ball that literally said ‘’A’’ one time, while the other girls got tasks.
  • Spencer told us that ‘’drugging yourself is the best alibi’’. 2 episode’s later Aria gets drugged on the Ghost Train.
  • AriA writes her last letter just like ‘’A’’ does. (ghost train)
  • We never ever got a solid idea what/ how the Montgomory family their time was in Iceland.
  • Aria always had that doll ‘’pigtunia’’ which Marlene hinted was important. We know ‘’A’’ does likes his/her pigs references.
  • She was recognized at Radley by Eddie lamb en he disappears into thin Air in the same episodes, never to see the light again.
  • The pilot focusses on Aria and the ‘’A’’ scene in the end is almost an exact replica to Aria walking in to the funeral/ seeing the alison’s casket.
  • ‘‘A’‘ has by far victimized Aria the least/ not at all. 
  • The random ‘’A’’ signs in the scene’s with Aria are insane (season 1/5)
  • Aria had a conversation/ kept hearing a dead body move and make noice (before and after the cops was there) (season 7)
  • She had apparently been spotted in another place on camera.
  • The other ‘’A’s’’ never knew who the ringleader was so this makes sense with some scenes.
  • Aria being garbage at doing tasks herself would indicate a personality disorder or indicate that she is indeed ‘’Uber A’’ calling the shots/ instead of doing the work herself hence why’s she bad because she always had other people to do it
  • Her intensions in a lot of scenes weirdly enough fall into line with ‘’A’’ his plan.
  • The music on the show sometimes hints to Aria or her name. (Mona was one time dressed in a black hoodie listening to ‘’aria with 30 variations’’)
  • She always leads the girls away from the actual answers or ‘’coincidentally’’ finds the exact thing they’re looking for within second (for example.. her finding the exact file within seconds in a archive and even the other point this out)
  • Often is pointed out to be the best Liar.
  • Goes missing for hours sometimes without the audience knowing where/what she is doing
  • Sometimes has really off scenes where the mood/ music suddenly gets very dark (car scene with ezra about villains, stair scene with Andrew CampBell)
  • She learned to master hack things by spending one morning with caleb (or so she says) (season 7)
  • She was checking her email and she had a e-mail in her mailbox about getting materials for a fence project (this was before we found out that there was a fence build around the dollhouse season 5)
  • She’s an exact replica to Alison’s alter ego ‘’Vivian darkblook’’ and the people on the show mistake Aria for her and she even wears the red jacket once! (goes missing afterwards)
  • Aria’s costumes always have significance to the ‘’A’’ events that are going on (black swan, black and red, title references, random ‘’A’’ stuff etc)  
  • Aria was doing the ‘’sshhhh’’ season 1/5 (do you think they will admit it that’s she’s the one doing it because she’s ‘’A’’, no of course they would tell something else like ‘’she was the one doing it the best’’)
  • Aria will be the one to do the ‘’Stttt’’ on the series finale.
  • Lucy hale was the first one to be casted thus making her the most important if she was ‘’A’’   

Please note that especially the Mona connection here is weird. Mona the one who turned ‘’A’’ because the girls took Hanna from her! Why would she suddenly treat Aria as her best friend?

Pray for a good A.D. reveal guys.. we’re going to need it.

stayed at cape caem today after completing my usual murder circle route and got this idle animation and there’s just a lot here:

  • gladio sits on chairs like a pe teacher that’s tryna act like he’s fresh and hip w the teens
  • based on the placement of the coffee on the table, talcott drinks coffee
    • ignis: cream and sugar? are you talcott?
    • talcott: mr. ignis i want my coffee black :( :(
  • also based on the placement of the drinks gladio is drinking from a flask and a bottle of beer like we get it man u can take ur liquor
  • there’s a bottle of what i think is whiskey on the table in front of a child and a 15yo look at these irresponsible adults
  • someone doesn’t make their fucking bed here
  • none of these gremlins put away playing cards properly
  • the croissants

Sims 3 CAW: How to… improve routing

This is a quick overview how to use features of CAW to find routing issues. It assumes that you have basic knowledge in working with CAW and Sims 3 world creation and that you know what the Routing Grid is and how to apply non-routing paint.

Let’s have a look at this perfectly innocent spot in Al Simhara in CAW:

Looks perfectly accessible, right? So let’s show the routing grid:

This is how it looks like with visible Routing Grid:

You can see that there is something under the grass, but really, sight is pretty much blocked. So let’s switch off some visual layers, namely plants and objects:

Just untick those boxes. And all of a sudden…

we see all the routing horrors. And can fix them!

Some generic recommendations:

Good routing grid:

Nicely blocky and boxy, straight lines, not too much zig-zaging, each dot connected by at least 3 routing lines. The seemingly broken lines aren’t an issue, only your sims’ feet may clip a little into the ground.

Not so good Routing Grid:

Not a big issue, but the boxier the better. Some dots only connected by two routing lines.

Example of a Really Horrible Grid (other than the one at the river above):

A: this WILL lead to stuck sims and lag. Sims (NPCs, townies, small pets, stray pets etc) can and will spawn in these spots but cannot leave. The game will endlessly try to calculate a way out.

B: this may or may not lead to issues. While sims can turn around and walk back, horses can not for example, they need much more space for their maneuvers. Also, the way back can be easily blocked by that stray dog or something else that pops up there. Better to avoid dots that are connected to the grid by only one line whenever possible. Dots should be connected at least by 3 lines, the more, the better.

Let me know if you have questions :)

queen2816  asked:

In your new, AMAZING song, what does the ballet shoe in this line mean. "All I can see in your grip is a ballet shoe..." BTW, don't over work yourself and eat when you need to or else Ice will donate $10

Well since I doubt anyone will get it.

The ballet shoe is supossed to represent the lack of integrity Frisk has left, you know the “moral uprightness”.

Frisk won’t have a really nice attitude while facing Betty…

Remember that not only they did the genocide route… *They’ve seen every line of dialogue the game has to offer*


-昌平橋界隈 Around of Shohei Bridge -

上列より、松住町架道橋 Matsuzumicho Overroad Bridge

神田川橋梁 Kanagawa Bridge (以上、総武本線)

万世橋高架橋 Manseibashi Viaduct

昌平橋架道橋 Shoheibashi Overroad Bridge

紅梅河岸高架橋 Kobaigashi Viaduct 以上、中央本線)

東京出張の休日日記 その21

April 23 2017

Newcomers Pt 30

Drums, flutes, horns, dancers, actors and all manner of instruments and those who used them were part of the parade and they like their city celebrated. Many had been waiting in the streets for hours even before dawn just to see a glimpse of their new Chieftain. Flags and banners were waved from windows of the buildings that lined the route and people fought for room to see and even fights would break out but were quickly broken up by the guards that lined the streets. Leading the parade was a Bastion, it held it’s weapons high and it’s klaxon roared over the cheers of the crowed. Many who had been in the city when it had fallen to the Humans looked up at these things with fear as the memories of that day came back. But to those who were seeing it for the first time it was a wonder of technology. The cheers and shouts that greeted the passing dancers, soldiers, warriors and musicians were nothing compared to when Ceran and Taleena came into view. Many thought they would go deaf as their Chieftain and his wife to be passed them standing together holding each others hands high and expanding their winged capes. The crowed was even honoured to see the two kiss which brought more cheers.

All the while the transport carried them, Ceran would find time to look at Taleena and the two would often be seen just looking into each others eyes. Some said this was to please the crowed, others who were sceptical of the whole thing dismissed it. But there were those who knew that look, these two were truly falling in love with each other if they had not already. One of the more humorous surprises was when Hesky and Cathy sang, sometimes alone sometimes as a duet. It seemed they had gone to great lengths to prepare the right songs to keep the spirit of the parade going.

The Benemar warriors marched with pride for they were the first of Geeda that would be there to protect their new Chieftain, many were warriors who had fought against the Humans when the city had fallen. But as their oath says they protect the Chieftain of Geeda and that was now Ceran. They were not armed in the traditional Benemar manner of oversized cumbersome but powerful rifles but instead wielded modified Human rifles made for their size. Human rifles were less powerful but far more accurate. Marching alongside them were the Human soldiers clad in their new battle armour. As their bodies had changed so to had their equipment, the new armour encased their entire body in pitch black light absorbing armour, The most obvious difference was their helmets which now had a face mask which hid the features of every soldier. To an enemy army they would be fighting an army of clones. It was fashioned to pay homage to the Gal who had since dwindled in number and now only a few of their ships remained. Two green triangle shaped eyes with two pincers engraved slightly risen from the mask gave the impression of a more Human like Gal as both races of Human and Gal were coming to an end.

The parade was fast approaching the Chieftain’s tower and the two of them who had now become accustom to waving to the crowed and extending their winged capes for their amusement were feeling nervous again. It would be here they would be married. They took each other by the hand once more and drew strength from one another. Taleena smiled at Ceran and kissed him one last time before they had to disembark from the transport. Almost as though she feared she would not get another chance.

They were helped down from the transport and surrounded by guards both Human and Benemar, they ascended the steps of the Chieftain’s tower. Waiting for them at the top were their parents, Taleena’s as well and her brother Jakop who could barley contain his excitement even if he did glare at Ceran bit.

Jenkins was also present along with the elders and Ceran’s new court which he will use and trust to help him govern the city. The crowed cheers slowly died down as their image was now streamed all over the city and even beyond.

They stopped before Jenkins who along with Sharn next to him held a small crown of golden leaves. They knelt before them, Ceran on one knee and Taleena on two as the tradition went.

The silence was now total as everyone watched and waited for what came next.

“Humanity came to this world expecting to find only enemies, but instead we found friends. This young man, who has with only words conquered what others could only do with blades now stands ready to lead the Benemar of Geeda as Chief” the crowed cheered once more and they had to wait for it to die down before Jenkins could continue.

“Ceran, do you swear to rule justly and honourably?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear, to be the first into battle and the last in retreat in defence of this city?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear, to love and honour your chosen mate, to stand with her in all things?”

“I swear”

Ceran swore the last part to Taleena as much as to Jenkins and the people and she smiled, since they knelt they had not looked away from each other.

Sharn then spoke to Taleena.

“Taleena, do you swear to rule with honour and grace?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear to be the voice of the people less he forget his duties?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear, to love and support him and stand with him in all things?”

“I swear”

“Then by the power we took by the blade, I now pass to you” Jenkins and Sharn placed the crowns on their heads but the crowed did not cheer yet.

“Now rise, Chieftain Ceran and Taleena of Geeda!”

The roar of the city could be heard for miles around the city as they as one voiced their joy for the crowning of their new Chieftain.

The two stood for a time waving to the crowed now fully crowned and adorned for their new roles in the days to come. Then the more private celebration was about to begin and Ceran and Taleena’s families came forward to congratulate them.

“My baby sister” Jakop said hugging her “Look at you” he was smiling from ear to ear as he did so and behind him slowly came her parents.

“Taleena” her mother smiled and her father looked down at her smiling.

She smiled at them both and hugged them both tightly and for a time considered a bit too long. She pulled away her eyes were filling with tears but she was smiling.

“I don’t want to see either of you again” she said simply and left.

They went to go after her but a pair of Benemar guards barred their path and their shouts to her fell on deaf ears. Jakop though understood why she said what she did as would anyone if they knew her story. He although still had affection for his parents like any child would was rather pleased to see this sense of justice or karma as the Human put it fall upon them. He unlike them was allowed access to the Chieftain’s tower and the celebratory dinner that was to follow.

“Are you sure you want that?” Ceran asked her.

“Yes” she said taking his hand.

Suddenly Ceran’s arm was seized by Jakop “Listen here you little shit, you ever make my sister cry and I’ll tear off your arm and beat you to death with it”

He paused and suddenly noticed he was surrounded by Ceran’s Benemar guards and the guests had all frozen in shock.

“Um…you do know that grabbing me, your Chieftain like that and threatening me is punishable by impalement”

Jakop’s eyes widened in fear, he looked to his sister who said nothing and only looked at him and nodded that her husband was right.

“Um….huh?” Jakop said still holding Ceran’s arm.

Then Ceran burst into laughter and the atmosphere suddenly lifted “Oh I am going to have so much fun doing this, it’s fine Jakop” he said slapping his now brother in laws arm. “Have no fear, I intend to make your sister the happiest girl on Bento, but if I ever do fail in that you may indeed try to kill me, if you can make it past my guards” Ceran laughed and Jakop gave a nervous laughter in return.

“Is he serious?” he asked Taleena.

“Who can tell?” she replied going to Ceran’s side and linking her arm with his.

Jakop watched them go and the Benemar guard followed, he smiled as he saw his sister give her husband another kiss. He liked this new Chieftain for he had never seen his sister more happy.

The dinning area was large and had an open space in the centre where dancers performed for the guests, both Human and Benemar dancers had been invited as the guests consisted on both races. Ceran and Taleena sat at the head table where guests would come and offer their more personal congratulations and offer gifts.

“Greetings young Chieftain, it is an honour to finally meet you”

“Greetings Admiral” Ceran replied noticing the uniform.

“My apologise for not being at your Crowning as sadly the war in space delayed me”

“It is sometimes hard to remember a war is happening at all” Taleena said.

“You my dear I hope never has to see the like of this one again” Winston said kissing her hand in the Human way. “Unfortunately I do not have any gifts either for you except may be some advice my father gave me. Always keep your weapon in your left hand”

“What does that mean?”

“I didn’t know then and I’m not sure I know now” Winston said looking puzzled.

“Well I thank you for it nonetheless”

The evening went on and the music slowly change tempo to a more slow rhythm, then to the shock of many Ceran got to his feet and offered his hand to Taleena.

“Would do dance with me, my lady” he asked.

She took his hand and got to her feet and the dance floor emptied for themselves to dance alone on. Ceran nodded to Sharn and she signalled the musicians to switch to a certain melody. It was Taleena’s favourite and Ceran had asked her brother what songs she liked so as to have this moment with her.

He held her by the waist and her hand and the two danced, his eyes never straying form hers. Their dance was not eccentric nor elaborate and nor did it need to be, Ceran and Taleena danced for each other and not to be a spectacle for their guests.

“I love you” he whispered.

She looked at him shocked, he had never said it before now and she could not help but have her eyes fill with tears.

“And I love you”

The two kissed as the music ended and the room erupted in applause, even the guests had felt their hearts warm and had held their own partners closer while they danced.

Ceran’s father and mother then approached embracing them both and welcoming Taleena to the family of which Ceran was now technically the head of.

Malthos though held up his hands and called for everyone’s attention, Oolana could guess what was about to happen next and laughed.

“Friends and honoured guests” he said “This entire day has been a great celebration and even outside I still hear the drums of the people celebrating the night away. Let us hope they do not all get too drunk”

Laughter followed his small joke.

“And now, as many of you now know it is time for the bedding”

Ceran and Taleena shot looks at him.

“So, ladies if you would take my son’s wife to the bedchamber we shall follow with the Chieftain shortly”

“Um…father?” Ceran was able to say before he was pulled away and the woman in the room all crowed round Taleena who looked rather frightened as to what was going on. This part of the wedding is not told to young Benemar and they will only learned of it on their own wedding day when it happens. It was why all the unwed Benemar had been ushered from the room before it took place.

In accordance with the tradition Taleena’s wrists were bound with silk and she was lead away while Ceran looked on.

“Now son you will drink your last glass before you go and join her” his father lead him back to the head table and he was poured another glass but this one was not ale or any kind of alcohol but a soft wine that was meant to clear the head and prepare the man for the night to come. Now the room was filled only with men and it almost reminded Ceran of his bachelor party and he noted how men tended to act when there were no woman around. Especially the Humans who became more loud and boisterous and more physical with one another by getting into friendly fights. He slowly drank his wine and spoke with his father and his now brother in law who had asked why he had had to leave and where his sister was. Ceran in accordance with the tradition did not answer the first but simply said Taleena had retired for the night.

“Wait if she has retired, you are going to as well soon?” he asked.

“Yes, once I have finished my drink”

Jakop stood there his eyes looking but not seeing, his sibling instincts screamed at him to hit Ceran but his mind told he shouldn’t “I don’t know what to do now”

“You could get me another drink”

“NOPE” Malthos said taking the glass away “You have made that one last too long it’s time for you to get going”  

He pulled his son to his feet and everyone saw and knew where he was going and shouted their approval and cheered.

But his father took him to one of the rest rooms where a number of servant girls were waiting to clean all the make up off his face and dress him in a night tunic. He tried to protest but his father pushed him inside and held it shut until he was finished.

Now washed and dressed more suited for the night he walked with his father to the highest room in the tower.

“So father”


“Any last minute advice for me?”

“Well how the plumbing works is-”

“I know all that!” Ceran shouted.

“Then the rest will come to you, just take it slow” Malthos said smiling. Finally they arrived at the two doors that lead into Ceran’s new chambers, inside was his wife waiting for him.

“Here” his father handed him a knife.

“What’s this for?” Ceran asked almost horrified and confused.

“To cut the silk, it used to be chains and locks and the father would hand over a key but now it’s silk and a knife” Malthos patted his son on the shoulder and left leaving Ceran alone.

He was suddenly nervous, he had never been with a woman before and his hand shook as he tried to take the door handle to enter but like an invisible barrier he could not approach it.

“Ah” he grunted to himself and paced in front of the door.

“CERAN GET IN THERE!!!!” his father voice sounded from down the hall and he leapt grabbing the door handle and running inside.

The chamber was dark except for the light of the moons coming through a pair of glass doors to his right that were stationed next to the bed. On the bed sitting down was a figure that he could clearly see was Taleena, like him she had had her make up removed and was dressed for the night. Swallowing he walked towards her and finally could see her face, she was smiling at him, her wrists still bound by the silk and she slowly offered them to him. Remembering he had the knife he cut her free and put the silk and knife aside on the table.

They sat there with neither of them speaking for a few moments and started laughing both of them feeling shy and embarrassed.

“Have you ever done this before?” she asked her voice low.

“I err…no” he replied sheepishly “Have you?”

She smiled but said nothing and pulled him towards her kissing him, they laid down together and shared the night in one another’s embrace.

The next morning Ceran was awoken by the sun shining through his glass doors and he grunted as he strained to open his eyes and shield them with his hand. Looking down he saw Taleena had slept resting her head on his chest and him embracing her in the way he remembered before he fell asleep. His mind went to last night and he smiled, it would be a night he would cherish in his memory forever.

Gently slipping out of Taleena’s embrace and not waking her, he got up and went to the glass doors and opened them feeling the cool breeze wash over his body and the warm sun strike his skin. He walked to the edge of the balcony and looked down and saw thousands of people looking up and cheered when he came into view…naked. He shouted and jumped onto the floor towards the room and crawled back inside waking Taleena who shot up and looked around confused.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“There are thousands of people down there looking up here” he said still laying on the floor.

“Oh they are waiting for the red sheet” she said yawning and rubbing her eyes.

“The what?”

“It another tradition the woman told me about when a Chieftain takes a wife, after their first night together the sheet they slept on that has the blood of her on is thrown from the balcony”

“But…you’re not a virgin, you didn’t bleed” he said getting to his feet.

“Yes that is why the woman gave me this” she showed him a small vile of red liquid which he assumed was blood. “Being a virgin is not necessary any more but people like the spectacle” she threw back the covers and spilt the blood over the sheet and used a sponge to dry it.

“Get dressed in something they will expect you to throw this from the balcony”

He quickly threw a tunic over his head and Taleena gave him the sheet rolled up, he took it and the whole thing seemed a bit out of date to him but it seemed to bring some joy to the people so he went with it. Opening the doors again he walked to the balcony and threw the sheet over the edge and the crowed erupted in cheers that dwarfed those of when he first came out.

Now came the days that they had to begin ruling the city and they took to it with a vigour that only Benemar of their age could. Taleena made sure the food distribution centres stayed open for any who could not afford a meal for that day, it meant that taxes went up a bit but she convinced the people by asking what if they could not eat one day?

Ceran went about securing the military power, he made sure his Benemar warriors were well armed and well trained and asked the cities scientists to try and find a way for them to build their own rifles and not rely solely on the Humans. The two of them also went about travelling the city looking over outdated and old buildings many of which had burned during the bombing and went about modernizing the infrastructure. They also began construction on public service buildings such as education centres for those wishing to learn skills even into their adulthood. This was a revolutionary idea as in Benemar culture skills were passed from parent to child and not widely shared. Except for the young schooling they would get in basic matters.

The Humans did their best to help Ceran and Taleena but they were slowly pulling away from them, they knew what was about to happen, Williams forces had arrived and the time to march on Potellan had come. But just as Jenkins was to give the news to Ceran, the new Chieftain pledged one quarter of his warriors to march on the city with him saying.

“This is no longer a war between Humanity and Benemar, this is a war for us to throw off the yoke of the High Chieftains tyranny bring Bento into the light of a new era”

The Humans could not very well refuse such an offer and Ceran would not even hear of Jenkins answer, the Human were as they were in Geeda, subject to his rule after all.

The Humans formed in the streets of Geeda fully armed and armoured, their faceplate emotionless and stern for the battle to come, the people of Geeda had come to bid them farewell and good luck. Even those who had been in the city when the Humans attacked it now seemed sad to see those they had once called enemies but now called friends leave for battle.

Ceran and Taleena stood outside the Chieftain’s tower where Jenkins and his officers were gathered, in a final farewell.

“Humans, when I first saw your kind I was struck with fear and hatred. But now I look upon you with admiration and fondness” he began and Taleena took over.

“You may have come to this world as conquerors, but you will leave as liberators fighting an enemy we could not rise against on our own”

“To this cause we pledge our own warriors to you, those who have even met you in the field of battle will now fight alongside you as brothers in arms”

They held each other hand and spoke together.

“Go, with the fate of all Benemar in your hands and love with in our hearts we bid you farewell and pray for your safe return and news of your victory”

Jenkins bowed and turned to his soldiers and in the language of his land back on Terra he shouted the words to attention and to begin their march.

As a single organism they moved, through the link they had surrendered their own moments. They unsheathed their blades and held them skyward in salute to the Chieftain of Geeda then across their hearts in salute to his wife. Their combat shields on their left arm was held tight and they turned and marched out of the city like the ancient armies of Terra. The skies above were filled with fighters, bombers and transports and the Bastions sounded their klaxon as they began their march. With them were thousands of Benemar warriors who would march with them and fight with them against the High Chieftains. So they marched, towards Potellen, the city that had stood for millennia as the capital of Bento Prime, the city that has never fallen, the city who’s walls stood taller and stronger than any other. To those walls that had never been breached they marched and the final decisive battle of this war.


Everyone it has been a brilliant journey and you have all helped me more than I can ever put into words but sadly it is time to say goodbye to Newcomers. For now at least. As of now there will be no more updates posted to tumblr or any other site. The reason for this is because I wish to complete this story and get it published. I hope to get it finished before this year is out and I will try to get it published as an Enovel rather than paperback (it’s easier). I will also add a few more side parts with Karen and Hesky and Cathy to give their characters a bit more depth. Working on this has helped me put my thoughts in order on my main project which is in fact a 3 book series about a war between Humanity and an alien race. I will post updates on these projects should they get to be published and about Newcomers which I will work to get finished first.

My love goes out to everyone who sent me kind words of their love for this story and I look forward to finishing it.

Love to you all.



Melbourne Gothic
  • The seagulls know you have fish and chips, they can hear the rustling of the paper. The seagulls begin to gather. One lands next to you. You throw the bird a chip. You look down, blood pours from your hand. The bird flies off with your finger.
  • Your train is coming in ten minutes. Your train is coming in two minutes. Your train is coming in twenty-three minutes. A train moves through the station, driverless and empty. Your train is coming in ten minutes.
  • There’s a man playing bagpipes on Princes Bridge. There’s a man playing bagpipes at Flinders Street Station. You can hear them from your office. You wake in the night; they’re coming from your living room.
  • Your friend suggests a macca’s run, but you can’t move. Your legs have turned to lead. It approaches.
  • You topped up your MYKI online. It will take two days to process. You begin to grow weaker. The MYKI glows in your hand. The process has begun.
  • There are roadworks on the Monash freeway. The signs flash at you menacingly in the night; they suggest a detour. You take the detour, but nobody follows. You don’t know this route. The lines on the road disappear, your radio turns to static. You don’t have to look in your rear-view mirror to know that it’s there. It waits.
  • Everyone keeps talking about the cool new bar. Everyone has been there. You ask where it is, but no one can answer. But everyone insists you must go. You ask how to get there, but everyone is vague. Everyone has been there. You are the only one who has not. The only one left. You run.
  • You wait for the tram, but a bus approaches. The driver tells you that there’s track works. You get on the bus. The driver exits; he shuts the door. You hear something at the back of the bus, but the bus is empty. The sound moves closer. The driver never returns.
  • Your footy team is losing. They’re always losing. The draft brings new players, but they disappear. The footy record lists players that you vaguely remember; where are they? You attend the next match, your team has no men on the bench. You bite in to your meat pie and crunch down on something hard. You spit out a wedding ring, it gleams in your hand. More players disappear.
  • You sit in Hoddle Street traffic. Four lanes are at a standstill. There’s a man in the car in front of you. You check your watch. You glance up at the man, he has a family now. How long have you been here? The seasons change. Your engine rusts. Your wife is waiting at home. Isn’t she?