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Possible KS Routes Theorizing

1. yoon bum and ji eun (surprise bitch) actually become friendly after a rough start and in noticing this, sangwoo does away with her quickly.

2. yoon bum and ji eun dont become friends but yoon bum causes her to question sangwoo more and in doing so, finds out more than she ever bargained for, leading to her demise.

3. yoon bum gets so wrapped up in jealousy that he actually kills ji eun (directly or otherwise) and sangwoo gets a massive boner.

4. yoon bum has exhausted all his options so he turns to suicide in which sangwoo finds his body limp on the house floor.

5. same as the above, but instead attempted because yoon bum lives and now sangwoo takes him e v e r y w h e r e he goes or when he cant, he ties bum’s arms and legs down so he cant harm himself.

6. sangwoo kills bum’s uncle either in front of him or unbeknownst to bum.

7. sangwoo roughs up bum’s uncle and has bum finish him off and/or simply help him in his killing.

8. sangwoo gets cornered and shot by the police.

9. yoon bum and sangwoo dont die “on camera” but sangwoo gets life in prison or the death penalty and yoon bum gets whatever punishment is coming to him.

As much as the bad end route for Hanako in KS pains me for like, so many reasons (mostly how stupid and self-righteous Hisao has to be for that route to happen it makes me cringe so much jesus), I really like that shot of her when she finally goes off on you, it’s like the wrath of a god, as terrible as she is beautiful

Like look at this shit

This is why I like Hanako, because this is the real her the entire time, not some shy, devoted, obsessive waifu.  Even in the good route, she basically is really tired of you for a pretty long time before you shape up and treat her like a person.  She has been through some serious shit and she is more hardcore than you, or any of the other girls.  Hanako Ikezawa will fuck you up, don’t get it twisted just because she has severe social anxiety and blushes when you look at her.

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It is beyond odd, being a K/rrasami shipper who would have actually preferred a M/korra endgame. Like, representation is good and all, but not if your just going to throw it in at the last minute just because. MK would have made sense due to the development and interaction during book 4. The held gazes, the smiles the sacrifices, the support, if they wanted to go the ks route then those pivotal scenes would have had asami swapped with Mako. Unless they were going for 'shocking swerve'. It just

felt like a massive tease to the mk fandom, while throwing a rushed prize to the ks shippers. Like they were getting somewhere in book 3 then just said “nah” during book 4 aside from a handful of scenes. This book just didn’t ‘feel’ like a finale book, still some things left unresolved, Mako, still noticeably in love with Korra etc etc. And if they cared so much for the ks endgame tey they should have at least let Asami have more scenes instead of just appearing, fighting, building shit, then vanishing and then appearing later with little explanation. Like I said, I am a K/rrsami shipper, but my god they just threw in the towel for this last book. I feel for MK since they teased the fuck out of it and made it seem like it was going to happen again, and I feel for my KS since it was not given the development it deserved. They could have at least cut the Wu and Varrick scenes down a notch to give the screen time to the actually important characters, especially the title character.