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The route that never come true… ( ಥ _ಥ)

I always wish for Saeran’s route, but Cheritz confirm that’s never gonna happen, so I make this to comfort myself… *sob sob*

( I plan to post it on April Fools’ Day to trick everyone, but… Nah~ lol )


薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章
↳ Playable Character Routes 🌸

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I believe Harry is totally het straight, straight het. He loves women's bouncer boobs and whatever. He wouldn't date Louis Tomlinson in a million years. Can they *** ** now?

Bouncer boobs lol yes pls, end it. Everyone is straight, got it. All she/Her, nothing about Louis. Just god pls end it 

chara’s speech

(undertale spoilers)

as compelling as the narrachara theory is, the only time chara indisputably speaks in canon is during the genocide route, confirmed by them identifying themself in toriel’s mirror (“it’s me, chara.”) and appearing in person at the end of the game.

chara has a unique and somewhat peculiar style of speaking. the following is a set of examples and brief analysis of their speech patterns.

speech pattern #1: incomplete sentences and the favouring of full stops (periods)

most noticeably, chara favours periods in lieu of almost all other forms of punctuation. they even substitute full stops for commas, which gives the sentences a stilted, commanding tone. some sentence fragments are only one word long. here are just a few examples.

chara splits a perfectly good sentence into four sentence fragments.

“failure.” and “perhaps.” are used as single word sentences.

speech pattern #2: drop the question mark

even when forming a question, chara will sometimes omit the question mark. this causes the question to sound rhetorical, perhaps indicating that they already know the answer.

despite starting with a question word, no question mark is used, giving the phrase a flat, matter of fact tone.

here “yes / no” answers are prompted, but the questions themselves lack question marks. this makes the inquiry sound like a statement that can only be agreed or disagreed with.

speech pattern #3: ellipses

sometimes chara prefers to trail off with an ellipsis instead of a full stop.

occasionally, they take a moment to be completely silent.

speech pattern #4: advanced vocabulary

even though chara is a child, their vocabulary is rather advanced. they avoid casual terminology in favour of less common, complex words.

speech pattern #5: all-caps preferred

when it comes to emphasis, all capitals are used instead of exclamation points. (an exclamation point is used only twice: for the real knife’s description – “Here we are!” – and flavor text in Sans’ fight – “Doomed to death of KARMA!”)

speech pattern #6: full words are superior to contractions

much like toriel, chara typically avoids contractions (“does not” instead of “doesn't”). while they do still use them on occasion, the intentional omission of contractions leaves their statements sounding stiff and formal.

chara’s unique speech pattern makes their voice unmistakable after the genocide route has been triggered. while they borrow some speaking quirks from toriel and speak slowly like asgore, ultimately chara’s stiff and proper voice sounds nothing like any other character in the game.

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Can I make a request where MC and the RFA (+ V/Saeran) have just started living together as friends, but one night they're relaxing together and one of them falls asleep (or so they think!!!!) and the other feels compelled to kiss them. So they do...

thank for request sorryimacrapwriter-nim


  • the two of you were sitting on the couch, eating ramen while watching tv
  • sleepless nights due to upcoming exams had led you to become a zombie
  • so Yoosung, the sunshine, offered the suggestion of taking a break
  • as the night progressed, the sleepies hit you. hard
  • Yoosung was feeling exhausted himself, but looking over at you, head lolling back
  • you fell to the side, curling yourself up even more
  • Yoosung knew that he should move you to your bed
  • but he didn’t have the heart to move you
  • so he covered you with a blanket and was about to sleep in his own bed
  • but the exhaustion caught up to him as well
  • and just before he fell asleep
  • in his half-awake state
  • he kissed you
  • and fell asleep like that


  • living with Zen wasn’t too bad
  • except for the fact that it was near impossible to sit down and have a proper meal with him
  • you couldn’t really pin the blame on anyone; Zen was busy scrounging up jobs, you were busy dealing with your own life
  • so as a treat, you ordered some Chinese food
  • you make into a whole event with Zen
  • even cracking open some cans of beer
  • and ‘watching’ TV
  • y’all are just making fun of whatever you’re watching
  • Zen is just ruining the serious mood of the show with his hilarious parodies
  • but eventually he tires himself out (like a baby~)
  • knowing that moving him will be unbearable for both of you
  • you got a blanket and draped it over both your bodies
  • before you fell asleep, you gave him a kiss
  • resting against him felt a little warmer now


  • you were half hoping for Jaehee to pick up on the signals you were sending her
  • but she was too busy to notice
  • that’s okay though
  • cos the moments you did share with her were precious
  • and one of those particular moments was when you two were just sitting on the couch, watching musicals (well watching Zen)
  • eventually she falls asleep on you
  • and seeing her look relaxed made you feel at peace
  • you couldn’t help yourself
  • you kissed her
  • but you retreat almost immediately when you notice that she’s waking up
  • and in her drowsiness
  • she kissed you back
  • and then fell back asleep
  • what a tease~!
  • you cuddled into her and fell asleep too


  • you’ve known from the start that Jumin was a straightforward person
  • (it was one of the traits that attracted you in the first place)
  • yet, you still couldn’t hold in your surprise when he asked you to live with him, mainly because he felt lonely
  • nothing much really changed in your relationship
  • he made you breakfast and whatnot
  • but he was still a stressed donut because of his father
  • these days, the only time you saw him was when he would lazily play with Elizabeth 3rd
  • and on one of these days, he fell asleep with Elizabeth 3rd on his stomach
  • the scene was too cute for your heart to handle
  • all your love for him swelled
  • you couldn’t help yourself
  • you gave him a quick peck and ran back to your room, a blushing mess
  • a few nights later, he returned the gesture


  • okay, so you think you’re a hot mess?
  • meet Choi Saeyoung, professional hot mess
  • sure, he’s always fun to hang out with
  • but being fun doesn’t get the laundry done
  • or restock the fridge
  • and so that responsibility falls to you
  • so on your day off, you take on the task of cleaning the entire apartment
  • about five hours later, the apartment looks brighter than your future
  • and Saeyoung comes home to a possibly different, because he truly can’t recall the last time the whole apartment was this clean
  • he approaches you cautiously
  • you’re sitting at the dining table with a bowl of ramen
  • guilt is starting to overwhelm him
  • it takes you several minutes and cans of dr. pepper to calm him down
  • once he’s been reassured that you don’t mind doing this, he immediately moves you to your bed
  • once you get comfortable, he takes on the role of big spoon and lulls you to sleep
  • once he’s sure that you’re asleep, he places a kiss on your cheek and leaves the room


  • living with Jihyun is quite possibly the best thing you’ve ever done
  • he cooks, cleans and he respects your space when you ask him to
  • you can’t help but return the favour
  • so when Jihyun comes home from another trip
  • he notices that there’s been a drastic change in the layout of the living room
  • you’ve built a massive pillow fort that is actually structurally sound
  • and it’s full of snacks!
  • settling in, he sees that you’ve already conked out
  • he lies down, facing you
  • and slips an onion ring on the fourth finger on your left hand
  • before kissing you on the lips
  • the tickling sensation made you wake up
  • and notice that Jihyun’s face is extremely close to you
  • looking much like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar
  • you eventually notice the onion ring on your finger
  • and slip one on his finger (V route confirmed???)


  • bonding with Saeran means ice cream for days~
  • almost every meal is accompanied with ice cream
  • but lots of ice cream means becoming near comatose
  • Saeran lays immobile on the ground
  • you lay next to him
  • seeing his sleeping form unravels something inside of you
  • (romantic attraction)
  • the desire to kiss him is increasing
  • ah to hell with it
  • you kiss him
  • his lips taste like chocolate
  • you’re about to pull away when you feel yourself being dragged back
  • back into the kiss
  • i mean
  • he’s still asleep
  • but apparently even his subconscious wants more of you

Let’s talk about this for a minute.
It’s been weighing heavy on my mind ever since I realized that this was Guzma’s home where he grew up, and it only bugs me more the more I see people saying that Guz is the one who bent them over his father, which I actually really disagree with, and I’ll explain why.

Golf clubs in media/storytelling are always there to symbolize one of two things: a business man, or in the case of bent ones, a grown man with anger issues.

You’d see it frequently in older sitcoms and cartoons like the Flintstones or Donald Duck. The iconic image of a character losing his temper when he misses the hole and beating his golf club against the ground in a slapstick fashion.

The major point I want to make is that they are never used to represent angry children. What do angry children get as representation? Broken, disfigured toys, highlights of temper tantrums, but never dented golf clubs.

I point you back to my other post about his trophies and the fact Guzma, himself was a really awesome kid back then. He was incredibly talented. He aspired. He was proud of his achievements as blatantly shown to us if we check the photos left of the bedroom door. These are not traits of an angry kid with a natural inclination towards violence.

I’m not saying that Guzma didn’t beat the shit out of his old man. Obviously he did. But somehow I doubt he used the golf clubs. That’s just not what they were put there to suggest.

They’re there specifically to show that his father was a very angry man. That, if you didn’t gather that alone from his talk of “trying to set him straight”, he was very abusive. He was probably the kind of parent who’d say if the trophy’s not gold it’s garbage, breaking his son down by refusing to see his achievements as anything other than failures.

Guzma was a good boy. But the key word there is “was” because even good boys are bound to snap if pushed too far.

. Edit: People are wondering where this is so… This is the house on Route 2, which is confirmed Guzma’s as you’ll find him here post game.
Tactical Advantages in Interpersonal Relationships, Part 6/?

(Sorry guys, I watched some of the show and all of a sudden some plot shoehorned its way in here.  The pace is a bit slower now.  Also, this part got a bit lengthy.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


“Why are we here, sir?” Rex asks as he steps into the cockpit, tugging self-consciously at his black dress uniform.  He’s resisting the urge to fiddle with the rank tabs on his shoulders, new since the last time he’d worn this uniform. He wasn’t just complaining when he told Cody this isn’t his job. He’s a Captain; he stays as far away from politics as he can manage.  

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Mystic Messenger Christmas Special-Guide

This is just a guide for the chat times. (I believe the calls may vary depending on the routes, but I will also try to include them) Please keep in mind that I am playing each route for the very first time, so there may be some errors. I will replay the routes and update/edit.

When you call, mostly everyone answers you, except 707 (like why?  let me hear your voice! T_T) so I will include the times when 707 answers my calls :)

**NOTE 1**I recommend that you call everyone before and after chats. If you have the calling cards for everyone make sure to call them! Even if you just have 1 calling card, make sure you call him/her like I have suggested. **NOTE 1**

**NOTE 2**The character that appears in Day 1:Visual Novel 3 is the route you are in at the moment. Keep in mind that your route might change if you start receiving more hearts from another character. The Visual Novel that confirms which route you are in is the Day 2:Visual Novel 1.**NOTE 2** 

My route order: Jumin–>Seven–>Unknown–>Yoosung–>Zen(Current)–>Jaehee

How to get Unknown’s route: The way I got his route was by going into Seven’s route and then not receiving enough of Seven’s affection. (Yes, I flirted with Zen a lot x.x lol) Unknown texted me 3 times and I replied to him without lying to him.

How do I know if I am heading to his ending? When you reach the last game branch and branch the game, the previous Visual Novels (for Seven’s route) will disappear.

**NOTE** I have heard that you may still head towards his route in other routes. I have not confirmed this at the moment though. Also, I thought his CG was really cute!! **NOTE**