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yesterday at albuquerque  playground in crippling heat. 

Have not been particularly inspired these past weeks in abq where i’ve been stationed for my latest day job. While desolation and route 66 has had its appeal in the past, there is little in the way of walking so i’m often in car or at home where when the a/c is functioning properly it’s been tenable, while I can’t be sure that outside these walls, on the other hand, the sun isn’t plummeting towards earth–or at least new mexico. While I happened to have moved down the street from a film lab and have been trying to shoot regularly I’m not uploading much, in part because I do so less and less here, in part because the photos largely tend to reflect said lack of inspiration or effort, and in large part because my startup disk is almost full and i’m too tired and achey to do much about it. 

Lugged my Aeroliberator, convered Graflex Super D, to the playground yesterday and took four shots, these are three of them. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of this lady over the years, but this somewhat thoughtless spontaneous shot, the first of the three, with my 2 ½ year old son bobbing and weaving in and out of foreground that i didn’t bother metering and figured I’d double expose anyway (which I did do the second go round) turned out to be one of my favorites I’ve taken of her, if not ideally exposed. I’m glad I resisted the temptation to double expose it. It looked pretty on the ground glass. The old polaroid IDUV did the rest. The third one, well on its way to being banal and underexposed, a shot I was setting for 10 minutes while Roxanne and Bud played on the swings, was meant to be a selective focus shot of a couple twigs in foreground and some trees in the background, but the lady in red, and her camouflaged friend, just happened to cross into frame at the right moment. This was without a doubt the most exciting thing to have happened to me in a month here. 

anonymous asked:

How do you think Lotor and lance knew each other. What was their first interaction???

There’s such great art out there for their possible first meeting, but I honestly have had an idea that I haven’t seen yet, so here:

I think canonly, they’d meet in battle and Lotor would be a worthy opponent to Voltron, leaving their ship insanely damaged after their first fight.

But uh, since I’m lancelot trash, here are my fan thoughts on what could happen after that under the cut (^_^):

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IkeSen coming out~

English Version!

So happy since I wait for it for so long and end up playing Japanese version~

The MC is awesome, right? Hands down my fav MC since I read the prologue back then. In Jap not much differences of meaning and context, it’s just the uses of politer version of language (sonkeigo, kenjougo, masu-stem, nuances so on so on LOL *remembering all the lesson and the agony*) tones her down a bit? Since Japanese usually known of being reserved.

To cater to international audiences, Eng Version makes her even sassier~ That’s still cool tho! Hats off to Cybird official translator and proofreader~ I love every moment reading it with her being so freaking funneh smoothly. 

Currently I’ve done reading Ieyasu’s route and currently in Kenshin’s. The plot is really good, especially Kenshin! Despite being yandere, he’s cute (he’s naming all of his rabbit ahhhh) and know his boundary a bit? And I kind of liking it, my fictional guy obsessive over me xD

Kenshin route comes out during Cybird Jap ikemen election if I’m not mistaken. He surpasses Nobunaga who’s being on top before~ Let’s wait a while for his route, he’s no 7 tho! After Hide > Ieyasu > Shingen > Kenshin (not remember on yasu and shingen order, might be switched over)

While in Eng version the endings choices are romantic route and dramatic route, in Jap they are 幸福な恋ルート (kōfukuna koi rūto) & 情熱の恋ルート (jōnetsu no koi rūto) which means happy love route and passion of love route respectively~

Anyway, it’s even fun playing now since it comes for international release and seeing all the excitement, influencing me too~ I can’t wait for both Mitsuss coming out~ Would translate their previews as soon as they come out~

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CB&Q E5 9911A by Chuck Zeiler
Via Flickr:
Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad E5 9911A, named Silver Pilot, at Galesburg, Illinois on August 28, 1948, photographer unknown, print by William A. Raia, Chuck Zeiler collection. My best guess is that this train was the Nebraska Zephyr.

okay but thought:

Maleficent is looking for the Book of Prophecies and also managed to get back into the time of the Keyblade War. Ven was around during said time! And in a leadership position wow! Huh what do you know! And oh man these two will also share time-space coordinates during KH3 probably! Wow would you look at that a powerful fairy with 0 morals and unbelieveable conviction and determination and a kid who knows just what she wants to know probably in the same room whaddya know.

Man I can’t wait to see Maleficent kidnap Ven so she can find out where the Master of Master’s Box and other shit is.


Happy pride, Tyria!

This was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed my first guild wars 2 pride march! Thanks to everyone for making it special! Here are some of the screen caps I took for day 2.

Lion’s Arch -> Gendarran Fields -> Snowden Drifts -> Frostgorge Sound -> Fireheart Rise -> Blazeridge Steppes -> Iron Marches -> Fields of Ruin -> Ebonhawke

“You’ve seen what I’ve done, I don’t deserve to be happy.”

“Yes you do, Saeran. You are my happiness, so please let me be yours.


I really want a Saeran route T___T

On a side note, I really like the name Saeran. It’s such a pretty name ❤️