route 76

Turn Left in Fifty Miles by parksouth and papalogia

South Park Drabble Bomb: July Prompt: Road Trip

Ship: Craig/Kenny (Crenny)

Rated T

Description: “Go shove a rat up your ass.  You’ll find one in your living room, I’m sure." 

Or, the one where Craig, Kenny, and McChicken, the burger wrapper crane, try to traverse Colorado with nothing but a paper map and a tray of nachos.

Length: 2.8k — Status: Complete/One-Shot

AN: Howdy ya’ll, one of my best friends slept over a few weeks ago, and well, this happened. We just wanted to let you know this could be read as the boys being in a pre-established relationship or a relationship in the works. We wanted it to be up to the readers! (Hope ya’ll also like the moodboard lmao)



Kenny watches Craig sip at his dark roast, and presses his lukewarm lemonade to the back of his neck. The condensation on the bottle cools his sweaty skin, and not for the first time since he woke up at the ass-crack of dawn, he debates dumping the lemonade down his shirt.  

“It’s the middle of fucking July,” Kenny mumbles. “How the fuck are you drinking coffee? And wearing that stupid chullo?”

Craig shrugs and stuffs a duffel bag between a suitcase and a mini-keg of beer. “I dunno, how are you wearing your face?” He takes another sip of coffee, longer this time – Kenny doesn’t miss the half-smirk he’s trying to hide behind the cheap styrofoam.

“I think the chullo’s fried your brains, because that was the dumbest comeback. Christ, Tucker, you only have two brain cells to spare, give them a break.”

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Overwatch Q&A
  • Possible competitive mode for 1v1 and 3v3 if it has good feedback
  • Roadhog is getting a hook 2.0 revamp
    • THEY LISTEN TO US they mentioned this like 3 times
  • Trying to fix people dropping out in competitive mode
  • Looking into potentially avoiding in competitive mode//adding incentive for being in team chat when you’re in comp
  • Potentially adding new effects to current maps and weather effects (so rain in kings row or snow in route 76)
    • IRELAND IS STILL THERE the UK copped it hard after the Ominic crisis lmao
  • adding more modes to custom games 
  • (I might have misheard) but potential to exclude certain maps from your lineup???
  • Diversity is v important to Blizzard and they wanted a game that represented earth which is why theyre trying to focus so much on culture/history/nationality 
  • Looking into ways to make missed out event costumes available
  • THEY HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN THE LGBT QUESTION! MULTIPLE heroes aRE LGBT but they want to do them justice so, soon (not blizzard™ soon) they’re going to address it in a story or smth
  • originally the game was going to make it so if reaper picked up a soul mercy COULDN’T rez you no thx
  • they addressed the Mei not having a soul joke LMFAO
  • Possible amateur Overwatch league?
  • s3 competitive should start December 1st, adding competitive practice mode (just with no skills  gained/lost) 
  • Skill rating “we screwed up with placements” trying to re-calibrate and redistribute players over the curve AGAIN in a better way
  • They’re adding jump pads to one of the new maps
  • Someone wanted Hanzo to pin people to a wall with his arrow when they die but they said its too violent
  • Damage numbers aren’t gonna be a thing 
  • Looking into wheel customisation for communication please god
  • this kid just complained Sombra doesn’t have enough health I’m
  • Looking into camera stability for people who get motion sickness (it was specifically related to bastion but?????)
  • Sombra was originally called omniblade and she threw daggers LMFAO

Ok but 76 and McCree not really talking to each other (McCree thinking 76 hates him because of his past lifestyle/ the whole association with Reaper thing) until one day they find themselves alone in awkward silence and finally 76 just goes “so anyway uhh….I heard you like bikes or…something?”