route 56


Hello. My name is Jacob. I am 25 years old and come from Centerville, Ohio. I am a very laid back person and am looking for someone special to communicate with. Prior to being locked up, I was a professional MMA fighter and had a very successful fighting career. Because of that, I continue to work out daily and have maintained being in very good physical shape.

I have been in prison for eight months and have four years to go. There is a possibility that my time here could be shortened, as I have an appeal in process. I would enjoy hearing from you. You can message me at or send me a letter.  If you do use, please be sure that you include your contact information is inside the body of the message or I will not receive the information.

Thank you again and please use the contact information below to get with me and if you JPay me (we can send each other emails through JPAY), please be sure that your contact information is in the body of the email or I won’t be able to write you back.

Astrological Sign:Virgo
Correspond Overseas:Yes
Date of Birth:9/11/1991
Relationship Status: Single

Jacob Alhashimi #A718143
State Route 56 SW/P O Box 69
London, OH 43140 USA


ACVD勢力戦通常出撃#56 ROUTE R1024 重量逆関節ACにおける閃光弾強襲攻撃

最近お気に入りのパーツはフラッシュロケット(閃光弾)TOMOSHIBI.mdl2と容量重視ジェネレータ、MAKIBASHIRA.mdl3となっております。二世代目のフラッシュロケットは第一世代と比べ負荷こそ大きいものの弾持ちがよく、弾丸の進行速度が速いのでだいぶ使いやすいです。 ついでに先日バランス重視ジェネレータが使いやすいどうこう言ってましたが、もういっそのこと容量重視に換えてみたら?軽いし。と思って換えたらこれがまた素晴らしいですね……。どんだけグラブしようがハイブースト噴かそうがエネルギーゲージが減らないのなんの。今までの自分は何をやっていたんでしょうね?お馬鹿ちゃんにも程があります……アーマードコアにおける内装アセンブリの見直し、本当に重要です。