route 217

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Sinnoh Week: Day Two - Your Favorite Location

Again no time for drawings or other fancy art so HAVE SOME NICE GAME STILLS FROM BULBAPEDIA AND SEREBII!

In no particular order, some of my favorite locations are Spear Pillar, Route 217 (and 216), Floraroma Town, Snowpoint City, Sunnyshore City, Floraroma Town, and of course the Distortion World. Which deserves a gif.


Also I didn’t mean to list Floraroma Town twice.

First encounter on route 217 and this happened… I was searching for a regular female Snover but okay.

She’s up for trade too as I already have a shiny Froslass in X. I haven’t transferred her yet so she can still be nicknamed. 

Mainly looking for a shiny starter that I don’t already have or Kalos pokemon but I’m willing to look at other offers :)

*Edit* she’s been traded!!