route 217

Soothing the savage ghost

Scientist in charge: Nicholas Shimiga

Assistants: Yugo Shimizu, Collins Fally

Date: May 2nd

Location: route 217, outside snowpoint city

Subject: Dhelmise

Project: Behavioral patterns in different environments

Succession rate: 50%

Report: I would like to thank the board for allowing me and my assistant Collins to work with Professor Shimizu. I would also like to question the board on why you sent Professor Shimizu a rather rambunctious Dhelmise, but I will save it for the June conference. Collins took an immediate liking to Professor Shimizu, and has been throughly impressed with the environment habitats. I suppose since this is my first time writing about them, I shall briefly explain them. They are 18 chambers built specifically to house each type comfortably to a T. I digress though. Upon arriving, Professor Shimizu seemed rather beat up. He informed me that it was due to the Dhelmise he had received from the board. I decided to take a look for myself, and within moments of entering the brightly lit chamber of the Grass habitat, i was quickly knocked back out by a powerful anchor shot. I only managed to obtain a few broken ribs, but the Dhelmise is of more concern. I have noticed that Yugo tends to have difficulty placing pokemon in the proper habitat unless he seems positively sure. He has explained the both the grass habitat and ghost habitat kept Dhelmise’s temper on high. I sighed and reminded him Dhelmise are typically found in the ocean, near shipwrecks. After a struggle getting the Dhelmise into the water habitat, it seemed to be at ease being in an environment similar to its home. It shall stay with Professor Shimizu for 2 months unless Professor Shimizu ends up having more issues with it. In the meantime, I make one request on Professor Shimizu’s behalf. Please send him a grant so he may study Alolan species firsthand in Alola. Besides, keeping him cooped up in the Snowpoint area isn’t healthy for him.

With all due respect, Professor Nicholas T. Shimiga and Doctor Collins N. Fally

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Sinnoh Week: Day Two - Your Favorite Location

Again no time for drawings or other fancy art so HAVE SOME NICE GAME STILLS FROM BULBAPEDIA AND SEREBII!

In no particular order, some of my favorite locations are Spear Pillar, Route 217 (and 216), Floraroma Town, Snowpoint City, Sunnyshore City, Floraroma Town, and of course the Distortion World. Which deserves a gif.


Also I didn’t mean to list Floraroma Town twice.