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Ten US road trips you should add to your bucket list 

by Danny Baggott

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Route 66

Known as the Mother Road of America, Route 66 journeys for more than 2,000 miles of pure Americana. This historic route, built in the 1920s, travels from Chicago Illinois to Los Angeles California and crosses the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. See the heart and soul of the country from your car window and explore beautiful beaches on the Santa Monica pier, where the route ends, the expansive Grand Canyon and delicious restaurants that are all situated along this glorious highway.

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California’s Pacific Coast Highway

The twisting, cliff-hugging 123-mile route of the Pacific Coast Highway runs along the central California coast and is one of the most exhilarating road trips in the US. It takes around five hours to drive from start to finish. The drive features the beautiful Big Sur Coast Highway and the glorious San Luis Obispo Coast Byway, which starts in Monterey, passing the art colony of Carmel and plunging through the mountains of the Pacific.

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Overseas Highway

Get ready for beautiful scenery overload on the Overseas Highway. The Highway 1 route from mainland Florida to Key West travels for 113 miles past expansive turquoise waters dotted with distant sandy islands. The concrete stretches of this magnificent route are punctuated by classic American gift shops and burger stands serving up cholesterol-bursting milkshakes to break up the long journey.

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State Route 12

Also known as Scenic Byway 12, it’s frequently regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world. State Route 12 winds from west to east for 122 miles, located in the Garfield and Wayne Counties of Utah. The highway starts south of Panguitch, passing through part of the Dixie National Forest, and going over the Escalante River. With its limestone network of turrets and spires, the natural cathedral that is the Red Canyon is also along Route 12, which eventually ends in Torrey, just five miles from Capitol Reef National Park. Driving past retro, rusty signs and baron lands, this route is the perfect trip through time back to old America. 

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Kancamagus Highway

Now designated as an American Scenic Byway, the 34.5 mile long Kancamagus Highway in Northern New Hampshire will not disappoint. Venture through the epic White Mountain National Forest, with views of the Swift River, Sabbaday Falls and Rocky George. Drive Kancumagus in Autumn time and see New England Fall in all its orange and red glory – the highway passes some of the best views of New Hampshire’s famous Fall foliage.

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Beartooth Highway

Positioned 10,947 feet above sea level, near to the magnificent Yellowstone National Park, it’s unsurprising Beartooth Highway is frequently described as the most beautiful drive in America. Located on a section of U.S. Route 212 in Montana and Wyoming, Beartooth cuts through the Custer and Shoshone national forests, and it’s the stunning greenery of these woodlands that makes this route so special. The pass is usually only open from mid-May to mid-October due to the heavy snowfall in the winter months.

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Delaware Water Gap Road Trip

Take a road trip along the Delaware River. The surrounding 67,000-acre forest at the National Recreation Centre is full of flowing waterfalls that deliver the ultimate scenic route. But it’s the Delaware Water Gap, a deep cleft carved by the river into the solid surrounding rock, which is undisputedly the most beautiful sight of this drive. The route round this beauty spot stretches for 35-miles south on the I-84 freeway in Oregon, Utah. 

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Route 6

Based in the heart of the magnificent Massachusetts state, Route 6 connects Rhode Island to Fall River, New Bedford and Cape Cod. Also known as the Mid-Cape Highway, Route 6 takes you all the way to California and runs 3,652 miles long and is the longest contiguous transcontinental route in the USA jutting across fourteen states.

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Tail of the Dragon

Bordered by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, the Tail of the Dragon route has no intersecting roads or driveways to distract your travel. It’s just you and the open road. With 318 curving roads, totaling 11 miles, the Tail of the Dragon is America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. Hire the sports car of your dreams and cruise down the famous open roads for as long as your heart desires.

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Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway

Journeying through Utah and Colorado for 512 miles, the Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway forms a diamond shape with the four highest points at Moab, Helper, Vernal and Grand Junction, which include some of the best National Parks in the country. With the Dinosaur National Monument, the Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado National Monument all on this route, this trip offers a stunning prehistoric adventure through time.  

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Pokemon ORAS Mega Stone

I’m OCD about these, and I finally collected all of the stones, so! I figured I’d write out where to find them.

Abomasite - Route 123, near the Berry Garden.

Absolite - Inside the Safari Zone (north-west region). You’ll need the Acro bike.

Aerodactylite - Once inside Meteor Falls where you find Steven, jump down the ledges, keeping to your left. You will need Waterfall.

Aggronite - From Wanda’s boyfriend in Rusturf Tunnel after Rock Smashing the boulder in the way.

Alakazite - Available as soon as you reach Slateport City. Bottom left side of the market.

Altarianite - Show an Altaria to the person outside the Trainer Fan Club in Lilycove City.

Ampharosite - At the end of the New Mauville cave.

Audinite - From Looker after saving him in a house in the eastern part of the Battle Resort.

Banettite - Summit of Mt. Pyre.

Beedrillite - Inside the Abandoned Ship’s Storage Room in Sea Mauville. You’ll need Dive.

Blastoisinite - Front of the S.S.Tidal.

Blazikenite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Torchic as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Cameruptite - Omega Ruby: Given to you by Team Magma Admin Tabitha during the Delta Episode. Alpha Sapphire: Upon arrival at Battle Resort.

Charizardite X - Use Strength to push the boulder near the Fire Stone inside Fiery Path.

Charizardite Y - Go downstairs in the Scorched Slab. The stone is in the bottom left corner. You’ll need Surf.

Diancite - Visit any Pokemon Center with Diancie in your party.

Galladite - From Professor Cozmo in Fallarbor Town after the Delta Episode.

Garchompite - From Aarune inside the Secret Base Club tree-house in Fortree City after reaching the Platinum Rank for collecting flags.

Gardevoirite - From Wanda at her house in Verdanturf Town after Rock Smashing the boulder in Rusturf Tunnel.

Gengarite - Inside an isolated house on the shore of the Battle Resort.

Glalitite - In the center of the Shoal Cave basement during low tide.

Gyaradosite - In a fisherman’s house on Route 123. You’ll need to get here from Mt. Pyre. Talk to the Poochyena to receive the stone.

Heracronite - South-east area of Route 127. You will need Surf.

Houndoominite - Next to the sand bed in Lavaridge Town.

Kangaskhanite - Behind the Pacifidlog Town Pokemon Center.

Latiasite - Omega Ruby: Beat the Elite 4 and visit your Mother in Littleroot Town. Alpha Sapphire: The Latias that joins you after the Southern Island visit is holding it.

Latiosite - Omega Ruby: The Latios that joins you after the Southern Island visit is holding it. Alpha Sapphire: Beat the Elite 4 and visit your Mother in Littleroot Town.

Lopunnite - From the guy wearing sunglasses in Mauville Hills. Talk to him a second time to get this stone.

Lucarionite - Beat all Master Rank Contests as well as Lisia.

Manectite - Just before Cycling Road on Route 110, there’s a path towards the right.

Mawilite - Available during the the story. Bottom left of Route 117 (below the flower garden).

Medichamite - Inside Mt. Pyre, towards the top right.

Metagrossite - In-game: From Steven after beating him again in the Pokemon League. Via event: Use the Mystery Gift option on the home screen of the game to claim a Beldum holding this stone via WiFi. This can be done any time until January 14, 2014.

Mewtwonite X - Bottom left of Littleroot Town, west of the Pokemon Lab. Obtainable after defeating the Elite Four.

Mewtwonite Y - Outside the Pokemon League’s gates.

Pidgeotite - Receive the Intriguing Stone from the little girl in Verdanturf Town (after finding her Shroomish behind the sign) and show it to Mr. Stone in the Devon Building in Rustboro City.

Pinsirite - Dive in the water east of Lilycove City (Route 124).

Sablenite - Outside the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City.

Salamencite - From Zinnia’s grandmother in Meteor Falls after the Delta Episode. You don’t need Waterfall.

Sceptilite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Treecko as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Scizorite - Inside Petalburg Woods, cut the tree blocking the way on the top right and go through there.

Sharpedonite - Omega Ruby: From Matt, Archie’s brother, upon arrival at the Battle Resort. Alpha Sapphire: Inside the Team Aqua Hideout in Lilycove City whilst playing the Delta Episode.

Slowbronite - Give the collector inside the Shoal Cave 4 Shoal Salts and 4 Shoal Shoal Shells.

Steelixite - Go up the slope inside Granite Cave. You’ll need the Mach bike.

Swampertite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Mudkip as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Tyranitarite - Jump the ledges down Jagged Pass while keeping to your right.

Venusaurite - Bottom right part of Route 119.

Shaymin is now available via Nintendo Network for American Games

Go to Mystery Gift, Receive Gift, via Internet on your Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

To change Shaymin to it’s Sky Forme you most get the Gracidea located in the Snowbelle City Pokémon (X & Y) and at the Berry Master’s house in Route 123 (Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire). You must bring Shaymn to those locations

Also Shaymin can only be in it’s Sky Forme during the day

Mega Stone locations

  • Venusaurite: Find the Venusaurite on Route 119 after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Charizardite X: Find the Charizardite X on the Fiery Path after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Charizardite Y: Find Charizardite Y in the Scorched Slab after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Blastoisinite: Find the Blastoisinite on S.S. Tidal.

  • Beedrillite: Find the Beedrillite in Sea Mauville.

  • Pidgeotite: Obtain an Intriguing Stone in Verdanturf Town, and then talk to Mr. Stone in Rustboro City to receive the Pidgeotite.

  • Alakazite: Find the Alakazite in Slateport City.

  • Slowbronite: Give the old man in the Shoal Cave the Shoal Salts and Shoal Shells needed to receive your first Shell Bell, and you’ll receive the Slowbronite.

  • Gengarite: Find the Gengarite at the Battle Resort after clearing the Delta Episode.

  • Kangaskhanite: Find Kangaskhanite in Pacifidlog Town after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Pinsirite: Find the Pinsirite on Route 124.

  • Gyaradosite: Obtain the Gyaradosite by scratching the Poochyena in “123 Go Fish” on Route 123. 

  • Aerodactylite: Find the Aerodactylite in Meteor Falls after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Mewtwonite X: Find the Mewtwonite X in Littleroot Town after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Mewtwonite Y: Find the Mewtwonite Y in the Pokémon League.

  • Ampharosite: Find the Ampharosite in New Mauville.

  • Steelixite: Find the Steelixite in the Granite Cave.

  • Scizorite: Find the Scizorite in Petalburg Woods after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Heracronite: Find the Heracronite on Route 127.

  • Houndoominite: Find the Houndoominite in Lavaridge Town after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Tyranitarite: Find the Tyranitarite on Jagged Pass after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Sceptilite: Receive the Sceptilite from Steven on Route 120 (if you chose Treecko as your first partner Pokémon). Otherwise, purchase it from the stone seller on Route 114.

  • Blazikenite: Receive the Blazikenite from Steven on Route 120 (if you chose Torchic as your first partner Pokémon). Otherwise, purchase it from the stone seller on Route 114.

  • Swampertite: Receive the Swampertite from Steven on Route 120 (if you chose Mudkip as your first partner Pokémon). Otherwise, purchase it from the stone seller on Route 114.

  • Gardevoirite: Obtain the Gardevoirite by talking to Wanda in Verdanturf Town after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Sablenite: Find the Sablenite in Sootopolis City.

  • Mawilite: Find the Mawilite in Verdanturf Town.

  • Aggronite: Receive the Aggronite from Wanda’s boyfriend after clearing the path through the Rusturf Tunnel.

  • Medichamite: Find the Medichamite in Mt. Pyre.

  • Manectite: Find the Manectite near the Cycling Road after obtaining the Mach Bike or Acro Bike.

  • Sharpedonite: Receive the Sharpedonite from Team Aqua at the Battle Resort in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Receive it from Team Aqua during the Delta Episode in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

  • Cameruptite: Receive the Cameruptite from Team Magma during the Delta Episode in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Receive it from Team Magma at the Battle Resort in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

  • Altarianite: Receive Altarianite from Lisia’s fan outside the fan club in Lilycove City if you show him an Altaria in your party.

  • Banettite: Find the Banettite on the peak of Mt. Pyre.

  • Absolite: Find the Absolite in the Safari Zone.

  • Glalitite: Find the Glalitite in the Shoal Cave.

  • Salamencite: Receive the Salamencite in Meteor Falls after clearing the Delta Episode.

  • Metagrossite: Receive the Metagrossite from Steven if you defeat the Pokémon League a second time after clearing the Delta Episode.

  • Latiosite: Obtain the Latiosite at Southern Island in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Receive it from your mother after clearing the Delta Episode in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

  • Latiasite: Receive the Latiasite from your mother after clearing the Delta Episode in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Obtain it at Southern Island in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

  • Lopunnite: To obtain the Lopunnite, talk to the businessman in the hall of the Mauville Hills development on the second floor of Mauville City, and then come back and talk to him again when he returns.

  • Garchompite: Receive the Garchompite from Aarune after your Super-Secret Base team reaches the Platinum Rank.

  • Lucarionite: Receive the Lucarionite from Chaz after defeating Lisia for the first time in a Master Rank Contest.

  • Abomasite: Find the Abomasite in the Berry fields on Route 123 after battling Groudon or Kyogre.

  • Galladite: Receive the Galladite from Professor Cozmo in his lab after clearing the Delta Episode.

  • Audinite: Receive the Audinite in a cottage at the Battle Resort.

  • Diancite: Receive the Diancite when you visit a Pokémon Center after obtaining Diancie.
Pokemon ORAS Stuff to know Part 4 -- Evolve Stones, Hordes, Exclusives 3.0

Continuing onward from our coverage, we today cover some quirks of the game

When you surf around there are a few things that are fun to know. Such as if you surf on Wailmer, Sharpedo or Kyogre, they will actually display rather than a generic surfing icon. There’s also some fun things to know about Sharpedo as it moves at twice the normal speed, and Kyogre is much bigger while diving, thus has a big hitbox. It is also slightly faster than average.

Hordes are back, too. The pokemon and locations are listed below. Keep in mind, there are even trainer hordes in this game.
Zigzagoon: Routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 104 North, 104 South, 116 and Petalburg Woods
Poochyena: Routes 101 and 103
Seadot (OR): Routes 102 and 114
Lotad (AS): Routes 102 and 114
Ralts: Route 102
Wingull: Routes 103, 104 South, 118, 121, and 123
Taillow: Route 104 North
Plusle: Route 110
Magnemite: Route 110, New Mauville
Minun: Route 110
Sandshrew: Route 111 Desert area
Numel: Routes 112 North and 112 South
Machop: Routes 112 North and 112 South
Spinda: Route 113
Skarmory: Route 113
Swablu: Routes 114, 115, and Sky Illar floors 1-5
Nincada: Route 116
Skitty: Route 116
Electrike: Route 118
Kecleon: Routes 118, 120, 121, 123
Odd Just a little: Routes 119, 120, and all over the Safari Zone
Marill: Route 120
Shuppet: Routes 121, 123, and all over Mt. Pyre
Wurmple: Petalburg Woods
Shroomish: Petalburg woods
Whismur: Rusturf Tunel
Zubat: Essentially nay cave
Makuhita: Granite Cave 1st Floor
Aron: Granite cave B1F, Victory Road first floor and b1
Mawile (OR): Granite Cave B2
Sableye (AS): Granite Cave B2
Doduo: All over Safari zone
Psyduck: All over Safari Zone
Spheal: All over Shoal Cave
Snorunt: Shoal Cave - low tide B3
Meditite: Mt. Pyre outside and Summit
Vulpix: Mt. Pyre outside and Summit
Golbat: Sky Pillar floors 1-5
Ariados: Sky Pillar floors 1-5
Loudred: Victory Road 1st floor and B1

Version Exclusives 3.0
Omega Ruby
Kabuto > Kabutops
Seedot > Nuzleaf > Shiftry
Shieldon > Bastiodon
Shellos (Pink) > Gastrodon (Pink)
Archen > Archeops
Skrelp > Dragalge

Alpha Sapphire
Omanyte > Omastar
Lotad > Lombre > Ludicolo
Cranidos > Rampardos
Shellos (Blue) > Gastrodon (Blue)

Evolving Item locations (Cause it’s been asked)
Dawn Stone: Victory Road and Super Training
Deep Sea Scale: Mirage Mountain
Deep Sea Tooth: Mirage Cave x3
Dragon Scale: Sky Pillar
Dubious Disc: Battle Resort
Dusk Stone: Super Training
Electirizer: Battle Resort
Fire Stone: Route 123, Fiery Path and Super Training
Leaf Stone: Route 119, Route 124, and Super Training
Magmarizer: Battle Resort
Metal Coat: New Mauville
Moon Stone: Meteor Falls and Super Training
Oval Stone: did not find it
Prism Scale: did not find it
Protector: Battle Resort
Razor Claw: Mirage Forest and Battle Resort
Razor Fang: Mirage Island and Battle Resort
Reaper Cloth: Battle Resort
Sachet: Battle Resort
Shiny Stone: Route 121 and Super Trianing
Sun Stone: Mossdeep and Super Training
Thunderstone: Route 124, New Mauville and Super Training
Up-Grade: Battle Resort
Whipped Dream: Battle Resort