route 122

Hoenn Saga Team Maqubi's Journal Day 41: Spooky Scary Duskulls

Hello everyone, Ivan Ooze aka Melvin Tooz here to continue recording Maqubi’s adventure. Today Maqubi was going to go to Mt. Pyre to find out what Team Aqua and Magma were up to. After leaving the Safari Zone, Maqubi surfed her way to Route 122 and then into Mt. Pyre. There were tombstones everywhere, I guess this is the place where Pokemon are buried after they have passed on. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a number of Ghost-type Pokemon here. Not surprisingly enough, we ran into a bunch of Shuppet. 

There were a bunch of trainers in Mt. Pyre, none of which were possessed by Ghost Pokemon. Have they no respect for the sleeping Pokemon? I felt a bit guilty battling in a place where Pokemon were supposed to be at peace. There was even a couple having a date in this place! What are they, some necrophiliacs!? Maqubi continued to climb the cemetery of Mt. Pyre, looking out for the broken floors along the way. Kenorith got to battle a lot more than usual, and I finally got to see what his personality is. He was quite… well that is to say… it was like he popped out of a period drama. If anything, he acted like a samurai or a warlord, which isn’t bad… just will take some time getting used to. Not to be unexpected since he is our ancient companion. 

While nearing the top of the cemetery, Maqubi ran into a Duskull. Maqubi started going off about how the Duskull was her Grandpa coming to see her. I hate to break it to her… but that’s a female…. Regardless, Maqubi caught her and named her Grampa. If she treats her grandpa by sending him to the PC, then I guess Grampa will have to temporarily be her grandpa. 

Maqubi is getting tired so she called on Cotton Jim to be her bed. I don’t know how to feel about sleeping in a cemetery (noted that’s where I should’ve been sleeping originally), but at least the Ghost Pokemon won’t be able to mess with us. Until tomorrow.