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On July 22nd 1793 Alexander Mackenzie completed the first known overland crossing of North America by a European. 

Alexander Mackenzie was born on the Isle of Lewis in 1764. At 10 years old Alexander emigrated to Canada with his family. At 15, he began working for the North West Company.

Alexander Mackenzie at 25 was a fur trader he combined ambition, resolve and arrogance and grew bored with life in a North West Company trading post. Mackenzie became convinced that Cook’s River, in present-day Alaska, could provide a water route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. Such a route — the mythical Northwest Passage — would provide a gateway to the vast trading markets of the Orient.

In 1789, Mackenzie’s crew — which included French-Canadian voyagers, his wife and several others — paddled off in a birchbark canoe from Fort Chipewyan in central Canada. Other canoes, navigated by Indian hunters and interpreters, followed behind.

Over 100 days later, however, Mackenzie’s entourage arrived back at the fort with details of another route to the Arctic Ocean, not the elusive Pacific. Though this first trip aided in mapping the northern regions of the continent, Mackenzie remained determined to find the “Western Sea.”

Therefore, on May 9, 1793, Mackenzie, with nine others, packed into a 25-foot canoe at Fort Fork along the Peace River for a second voyage. This time, he succeeded, and announced his arrival on a rock near Bella Coola near the Pacific……..

“Alexander Mackenzie, from Canada, by land, the twenty-second of July, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three.”

Mackenzie became the first European north of Mexico to reach the Pacific ocean on an overland route, beating, as well, the American explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark who arrived at the coast in 1805.

Without the guidance of Indians, Mackenzie would have been unlikely to reach the Western Sea. While crossing the Peace River watershed to the Fraser, they suggested to proceed overland, instead of continuing on the hazardous Fraser River. Mackenzie returned with the westward route mapped 117 days later.

Pokemon ORAS Mega Stone

I’m OCD about these, and I finally collected all of the stones, so! I figured I’d write out where to find them.

Abomasite - Route 123, near the Berry Garden.

Absolite - Inside the Safari Zone (north-west region). You’ll need the Acro bike.

Aerodactylite - Once inside Meteor Falls where you find Steven, jump down the ledges, keeping to your left. You will need Waterfall.

Aggronite - From Wanda’s boyfriend in Rusturf Tunnel after Rock Smashing the boulder in the way.

Alakazite - Available as soon as you reach Slateport City. Bottom left side of the market.

Altarianite - Show an Altaria to the person outside the Trainer Fan Club in Lilycove City.

Ampharosite - At the end of the New Mauville cave.

Audinite - From Looker after saving him in a house in the eastern part of the Battle Resort.

Banettite - Summit of Mt. Pyre.

Beedrillite - Inside the Abandoned Ship’s Storage Room in Sea Mauville. You’ll need Dive.

Blastoisinite - Front of the S.S.Tidal.

Blazikenite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Torchic as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Cameruptite - Omega Ruby: Given to you by Team Magma Admin Tabitha during the Delta Episode. Alpha Sapphire: Upon arrival at Battle Resort.

Charizardite X - Use Strength to push the boulder near the Fire Stone inside Fiery Path.

Charizardite Y - Go downstairs in the Scorched Slab. The stone is in the bottom left corner. You’ll need Surf.

Diancite - Visit any Pokemon Center with Diancie in your party.

Galladite - From Professor Cozmo in Fallarbor Town after the Delta Episode.

Garchompite - From Aarune inside the Secret Base Club tree-house in Fortree City after reaching the Platinum Rank for collecting flags.

Gardevoirite - From Wanda at her house in Verdanturf Town after Rock Smashing the boulder in Rusturf Tunnel.

Gengarite - Inside an isolated house on the shore of the Battle Resort.

Glalitite - In the center of the Shoal Cave basement during low tide.

Gyaradosite - In a fisherman’s house on Route 123. You’ll need to get here from Mt. Pyre. Talk to the Poochyena to receive the stone.

Heracronite - South-east area of Route 127. You will need Surf.

Houndoominite - Next to the sand bed in Lavaridge Town.

Kangaskhanite - Behind the Pacifidlog Town Pokemon Center.

Latiasite - Omega Ruby: Beat the Elite 4 and visit your Mother in Littleroot Town. Alpha Sapphire: The Latias that joins you after the Southern Island visit is holding it.

Latiosite - Omega Ruby: The Latios that joins you after the Southern Island visit is holding it. Alpha Sapphire: Beat the Elite 4 and visit your Mother in Littleroot Town.

Lopunnite - From the guy wearing sunglasses in Mauville Hills. Talk to him a second time to get this stone.

Lucarionite - Beat all Master Rank Contests as well as Lisia.

Manectite - Just before Cycling Road on Route 110, there’s a path towards the right.

Mawilite - Available during the the story. Bottom left of Route 117 (below the flower garden).

Medichamite - Inside Mt. Pyre, towards the top right.

Metagrossite - In-game: From Steven after beating him again in the Pokemon League. Via event: Use the Mystery Gift option on the home screen of the game to claim a Beldum holding this stone via WiFi. This can be done any time until January 14, 2014.

Mewtwonite X - Bottom left of Littleroot Town, west of the Pokemon Lab. Obtainable after defeating the Elite Four.

Mewtwonite Y - Outside the Pokemon League’s gates.

Pidgeotite - Receive the Intriguing Stone from the little girl in Verdanturf Town (after finding her Shroomish behind the sign) and show it to Mr. Stone in the Devon Building in Rustboro City.

Pinsirite - Dive in the water east of Lilycove City (Route 124).

Sablenite - Outside the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City.

Salamencite - From Zinnia’s grandmother in Meteor Falls after the Delta Episode. You don’t need Waterfall.

Sceptilite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Treecko as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Scizorite - Inside Petalburg Woods, cut the tree blocking the way on the top right and go through there.

Sharpedonite - Omega Ruby: From Matt, Archie’s brother, upon arrival at the Battle Resort. Alpha Sapphire: Inside the Team Aqua Hideout in Lilycove City whilst playing the Delta Episode.

Slowbronite - Give the collector inside the Shoal Cave 4 Shoal Salts and 4 Shoal Shoal Shells.

Steelixite - Go up the slope inside Granite Cave. You’ll need the Mach bike.

Swampertite - From Steven on Route 120 if you chose Mudkip as the starter. Otherwise, the stone can be found on Route 114 being sold by a man, north of the bridge.

Tyranitarite - Jump the ledges down Jagged Pass while keeping to your right.

Venusaurite - Bottom right part of Route 119.

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I’ve been trying to hatch a shiny Deerling using the Masuda Method some time now. Then I heard that Deerling could be found on Route 117. Intrigued, I flew over there.

Sure enough the Season Pokemon was there. I clicked it just to look. 

And the search level was 389! That’s the exact number of Deerling I have ever had in my possession. But just to test it I hatched another one. 

Then I checked the DexNav again.

 390 this time! This means that the DexNav levels up based on how many times you encounter the Pokemon! I don’t know what this means for shiny hunting, but it is a step forward in what we know about this puzzling little machine. Please signal boost this so that all may hear. Thank you. 


So, the day is finally here…
Valentine’s Day.

Instead of making a follow forever of all my favorite blogs and everyone I love, I am instead going to make one of all the people who I shall include in my galactic army (because that is how I show my love for you… by sparing your life and drafting you into my galactic army for conquest ♡). After reaching my follower goal so quickly after remaking like really this blog is less than a year old what are you guys doing, I decided it is time to spread the shadows of my wings and move on to my next phase of taking over the universe– muhwahaha!! So the following blogs are part of my crew and fleet, and together we will be fighting amongst the infinite stars!

‟Today the skies are clear and the waves are high–this battle will decide the destiny of the empire! And believe me, this is just the beginning; we’ll vaporize anything that gets in our way! The SOS Brigade will make its name known to the ends of the universe!!“
 – as quoted by my goddess wife Haruhi Suzumiya

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I am eternally indebted to one of my bestest friends Nabila for making the photoset above, she captured the beauty and subtle grace of my wife perfectly, but more importantly she is perfect.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kyoto Animation for giving me many reasons to cry this Valentine’s Day coughmatsuokarincoughcough. A thank you and kisses to everyone who believed in me, I couldn’t have become super powerful enough to destroy planets and make it to the top without you guys. 
But more importantly, thanks to all my followers for putting up with spams of weird things, and my rants in my tags and such. I’m always trying to improve my blog for the better and you guys following me and telling me nice and supportive things always makes me happy, you guys are the true heros not some nerd like me. 

Wishing everyone a happy, chocolate-filled Valentine’s Day, packed with cool space mecha fights and moe anime girls! ♡

–your fleet captain, Kiki

route-117  asked:

hey i started getting into RT/AH a couple months ago and they have like a t shirt of people like grapes and a lot of fans reference that but i was just wondering what video thats from and how it originated? ive been curious since i joined and havent had a chance to ask anyone >.<

heya sorry for the late reply, it’s actually from something gavin said (what a surprise) in rtpodcast #184; there’s also a rtaa on it here

CLOSED STARTER: rosesliverpenrp

Hannah loved to travel, especially to other regions. There was always something new and exciting to see in such foreign places as well as meeting new people and pokemon. But for all her love, she still needed to travel home.

Walking down the familiar Route 117 on her way to Manville city, she beams cheerfully as memories of her adventures in her home region, Hoenn. She had been a mere 18 when she had collected all of her badges. Though she wasn’t strong enough to dare challenge the champion, she had a desperate urge to travel across the world.

With a wave from her parents, she had set out on this very route to travel the world and now, two years later, she was returning. And she had changed. Though her red hair was still in the tangled mess it always was in, her body had grown hard and fit from such walking, giving a sense of natural beauty no makeup could replicate. A traveler with simply a strap on bag, the clothes on her back, and a red glove on her right hand.

Spotting someone in the distance, she smiled as she hoped it was one of her friends, though she hardly doubted that would be the case. Still, it was best to simply say hello when in range.

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