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薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章
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Megane Suitors 100DP

As a campaign for Albert’s route release in 100DP, Cybird released pictures with all the suitors wearing glasses. 

Nico and Albert went to each suitor, asking them to wear the glasses. They did this in order to decide who is the best looking megane man.  In the end, Nico and Albert both agree that King Byron is the best (but they are biased, we all know that  (・ω<)☆ )

Who do you think is the best Megane Suitor? 

I vote for Byron (of course, well, I’m biased too  (*▼◡`* ) (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄) ).

I used a picture with Albert from the preview of his route (that background must be from Stein). 

You probably noticed that Leo isn’t wearing his usual glasses, that is because he borrowed Alyn’s glasses (Alyn wears those in his route in 100DP, he also appeared with them in one event “Magic of Love”). And apparently, Alyn is wearing Leo’s glasses :D

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Oh don’t worry darling... Looking is free.

Though a few people have already guessed this, I’m pleased to announce that I wrote Aurora James’ route in Gangsters in Love.

Get it, MC.

Anyway, on a more serious note, it was nerve-wracking to write another f/f route for Voltage. I worried near constantly and I’m sure I drove a few people crazy with it, but I really wanted to make sure Aurora’s route was as good as it could possibly be! 

I’m so excited and relieved to know you all enjoyed her so much, and it was such an honor and a pleasure to write Chance Valentine and Aurora James as the first and last routes to be released for season one! 

I know the overlap between “people who want to romance Chance” and “people who want to romance Aurora” might not be very large, but if you enjoyed Aurora at all I really recommend you also give Chance a chance! (No, I’ll never stop making that joke.) There are a lot of intentional parallels between the routes, and I really did view them as “bookends” for season one. 

Likewise if you loved Chance, you should definitely play Aurora’s route– she comes on strong, but she’s actually very sweet, sincere, and secretly, just a little nerdy. She’ll treat you right– you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

As always, Thanks Voltage for this incredible opportunity!



69 Days Until the Centurion Thames Path 100

It’s just a little over two months until I finally take on my first 100 mile ultra along the Thames from Richmond to Oxford. That’s right, I can almost smell the start line. 

As we get closer, I’ve been taking my longer training runs up the river to see what we’re in for once we get beyond the half way mark. I’m a big believer in knowing my enemy just enough to let the subconscious be cool next time we get there. “It’s ok body, we’ve run this before. We cool.”

However, that also means I’ve spent a fair amount of time staring at the Centurion Thames Path 100 route map in Google Maps. It’s not until you zoom out a bit, that you realise just how far this run is. 

Even as a scrunched up wiggle worm of a route it’s almost a third of the span of England down in these southern parts. And that kind of visual reference definitely makes you sit up and respect the distance. With that in mind…

How’s the training going? 

I’ve been consistent from the turn of the year, and although a cold blew 5 days out of my schedule last week, I am feeling positive. 

I’ve put in two 3-hour plus runs on the paths we’ll be treading on race day which always builds confidence and I’ve been working hard in the gym with my strength improving steadily. 

My main concern is that I’m not dropping body fat and I haven’t added a huge amount of lean muscle. 

I’ll be first to admit this is 100% down to diet. I’ve not found the Marathon des Sables levels of monk-like discipline needed to make that happen. At least not yet. With 69 days to go I really need to up my game on that front. I really want to get to that start line feeling like I felt on the first day in the Sahara, nervous but bullet proof.

What’s the race plan?

I’ve not created a detailed plan yet but I do have a target time in mind. I want to finish this inside 24 hours, 1,440 minutes in total. If I allow for two 30 minute, and three 10 minute aid station stops, that leaves me 1,340 minutes of running to get the job done.  

That equates to an average pace of around 13.25 min/miles. 

We set off at 10am. According to Google the sun will set at 8:21pm on the 29 April. So we have 10.5 hours of daylight running. It’ll pop back up again at 5:35am the following morning, after 9 hours of darkness. Another quick Google tells me the moon will be at a very skinny 13% visibility so we’ll have little natural light.

I have run through the night before at last year’s Lavaredo but we ran that bit first. This will be a different beast as the darkness descends around 50 miles and halfway into the race. That’s going to be a lumpy moment for sure. 

Fuelling right is vital. It doesn’t matter how hard you train, if you get your energy and hydration strategy wrong it’ll wreck your race. I’ve got plenty of experience of that. It was almost certainly one of the things that brought me down in the Dolomites. It cost me an hour or so on the long day of the Marathon des Sables, and in both of the 100km ultras I’ve done, I’ve bonked. 

Bonking in this one is not an option. For the next 60 days I’ll be fine tuning my fuel. And it’ll soon be time to get the vacuum sealer out again to start bundling up my race packs.

Between now and race day

I’ve got a few ‘races’ lined up. Next weekend I’m heading on my first race assignment for Runner’s World UK up at the Harewood House Half Marathon just outside of Leeds.

After that I’ve got the Richmond Half Marathon on 19 March, followed by the Brighton Marathon on the 9 April. So there’ll be some more bling to hang on the spare room door soon.


My apologies for the quality of of the first few images (I had to combine them to have room for everything…although I guess I could try playing around with my method).

Anyway, in addition to Katara kind of being a Book  1 Zuko in “The Southern Raiders,” the episode itself plays out like the “Avatar state” in regards to its main plotline concerning Aang and Katara. Furthermore, we get some neat Aang/Katara interactions which end up mirroring each other.

Both episodes start out with someone offering a means to an end. General Fong offers to help Aang figure out how to get into the Avatar state, and Zuko tells Katara that he can help her find the man who killed her mother.

In “The Avatar State,” Katara tries to dissuade Aang from listening to Fong. In “The Southern Raiders,” Aang tries to keep Katara from following through with her plan to confront Yon Rha. In both cases, neither Aang nor Katara think the other understands why they have to go through with their actions.

Both see the other still plans to go through with their plans, but Katara and Aang react differently. Katara simply tells Aang that she won’t watch Aang go through with Fong’s plans because she doesn’t want to see Aang suffer any longer. Likewise, Aang sees that Katara still plans on going through her plan and says that she need to do this for herself if for no other reason than to find a sense of closure.

In the end, both Katara and Aang are consumed by rage in one way or another. Aang through his anger induced Avatar State and Katara through her rage of meeting her mother’s killer. Roku gets Aang out of the Avatar State, and Katara finds that she can’t kill Yon Rha and she doesn’t know exactly why–or, at least, not yet.

In TAS, Aang apologizes to Katara for not listening to her. In TSR, he assures Katara that she did the right thing. With TSR, we get the added benefit of Katara forgiving Zuko.

Progress Report

Hello! Sorry, it’s been quite a while since our last full progress report, huh? Development has been a bit slow lately due to new semester at school/work. Regardless, we did get some stuff, so here is the full list of progress so far (also includes recap from previous updates just in case you missed those)!

  • Writing
    • Ellis’s route outline: 100%
    • Nicholl’s route: 100%
    • Mer’s route: 100%
    • Snow’s route: 100%
    • Zel’s route: 100%
    • We’ll be posting some short excerpts of the script as previews soon, so stay tuned!
  • Editing
    • General route: 80%
  • Character Art
    • Ellis: 80%
    • Nicholl: 90%
    • Charming, Snow, Mer, Zel: 100%
    • Just in case you missed it, this is the newest prince, Ellis!
  • CGs
    • Mer’s route: 60%
    • Nicholl’s route: 100%
    • Snow’s route: 100%
    • Zel’s route: 90%
    • Here’s a sketch of a CG from Mer’s route:
  • Chibi CGs
    • Snow’s route: 50%
    • Mer’s route: 75%
    • Zel’s route: 65%
    • Nicholl’s route: 35%
    • Here are some previews of a finished and a WIP chibi CG from Mer’s route!
  • GUI
    • New logo: 100%
    • New GUI: 20%
  • Backgrounds
    • All routes: 55%
    • Newly finished backgrounds:

Anyways, thank you for the support! <3

Event Info - Rental Boyfriends - The Hot Tutor & My Secret Love Lesson

Event Period: February 15th - February 27th 09:00 JST

This event is a Points (Marshmallow) event meaning that you read the story, meet checks and then have to go to battle in the event themed battle to with carene to pass these checks.

Healing Candy and one hour Marshmallow x2 success fever upon entering the event.

One routes per Love Interest. 12 scenarios to complete a route with two endings: Sweet (Good) and Normal.

Takeomi, Etsuya, and Haruka will be added 2/19 9:00JST.
Junpei and Kotarou will be added 2/23 9:00JST.

Secret Reports. There is a secret report in each route. 100 Platinum each.

Avatar trial. One per route.

  • Premium - 300 Platinum
  • Normal (+70 Charm) - 200 Plat/4000 Love Points

After End Scenarios. After finishing each Sweet End, you will have the option to purchase an after end. 400 Platinum.


  • Fast Complete 1 - Clear Taisuke and Aito within 48 hours of event entry and get Speech Balloon☆Love Lesson.
  • Fast Complete 2 - Clear Takeomi, Etsuya, and Haruka within 48 hours of their routes opening and get Decorative Mirror Stand.
  • Fast Complete 3 - Clear Junpei and Kotarou within 48 hours of their routes opening and get Flower Bulb Chandelier.
  • All Sweet Ends - Regular School Uniform
  • All Ends Complete - Clear all ends (14 total) and get Sweet Lesson Room
  • 7 Route Clear - Closet x1
  • 100000+ Marshmallows - Cream & Red Rose-pattern One Piece Dress.

Event ranking bonus.

  • Place 25 - White & Check Polo Shirt
  • Place 50 - Brown Check Pants
  • Place 75 - Black & White Oxford Shoes
  • Place 100 - Gacha Ticket x1
  • Place 125 - Closet x5
  • Place 150 - Private Room Gacha (1200pts)
  • Place 300 - 1500 Love Points

Marshmallow Needed to Clear.

  • 1st Set: 13300
  • 2nd Set: 34300
  • 3rd Set/All Clear: 48300

Good luck!