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Kiki's Theory: Lost Time Memory already happened.

So with the new spoilers and mudskipperkip’s theory on it, there is one thing that should catch the eyes and it might cause some revelations that should have been obvious ages ago. The fact that Lost Time Memory may have already happened.

Note: I haven’t made Theories for a long time so sorry for the messiness!

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Interpreting the Kagerou Project: Lost Time Memory

In celebration of Kagerou Project being alive again I’m going to dedicate some time to looking at what makes the story really good in addition to just being fun. Alright let’s not mince words here, Lost Time Memory is a breathtaking work of art. The composition is emotional, both empowering and devastating, while taking phrases from previous songs and reworking them amazingly. The lyrics are filled to bursting with character details and metaphors that perpetuate throughout the entire song and in just five minutes an entire character arc is developed and bonds are established. While not necessarily my personal favorite of the piece of the project, Lost Time Memory is perhaps the single best example of exceeding information density in vocaloid. But what actually happens? What do the many symbols and literary jargon mean for the series and for Shintaro? Well this time we’ll really dig in and find the meaning behind this landmark piece. Fair warning, really long.

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