Sorry for bastardising your beautiful art, Blizzard. Reach for the sky, kids, the sheriff’s back in town! He’s got a snake in his boot and a beautiful Bo Peep in his sights. I’d also like to do Roadhog as Hamm (and Mercy as legit Bo Peep…though Hanzo’s pretty cute). 

McCree had no chance against Han Peep’s Bo Staff.

4 recently shared its 15 superfood picks for fall. Pasta is the perfect way to work them into your diet. Start antioxidant-loading with these tasty recipes.



Squash Soup

Caramelized Apple, Pumpkin, Bacon Linguine

Bacon and Roasted Brussels Sprouts Penne

Tomato Basil Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese


The use of this is not an endorsement, affiliation or sponsorship to Health, it is simply for entertainment purposes.

My Favorite 22 Melt and Pour Soap DIYs from truebluemeandyou. 2015 Spa Gift Guide Part 1. 

Why Melt and Pour Soap? It makes soap making quick and easy, so everyone can make soap that looks like it came from a boutique. 

You can combine DIY Boutique Soaps with sugar scrubs, candles and homemade beauty products for a wonderful spa gift. Check back for more Beauty Roundups.

For more DIY beauty and spa recipes including roundups from 2012, 2013 and 2014 go here.

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Rare Ships!!! on Ice: Mila/Sara Round-Up

The collection is revealed! There’s a fantastic variety of new Yuri!!! on Ice rare ship works – gen and romance, art and fic, MM and FF and MF and Other, SFW and NSFW. Browse the entire collection here, or check out our Mila/Sara haul below. Creators will be revealed July 30!

Audacity Is Its Own Reward for renaissance_moving
5860 Words, Rated Teen, No Archive Warnings Apply

There are a few things which Sara Crispino remembers about Orientation Week. The first is that, despite the best and most serious efforts of the nuns, quite a lot of off-site drinking, dancing and general disreputability is involved. Instead of individuals, she remembers crowds and atmospheres.

The third thing Sara remembers from Orientation Week, although she doesn’t think about it much until later, is the red-headed Women’s girl.

bell-clear for Allekha
1149 words, Rated Teen, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Michele, she will realize, tried to warn her: “If you keep watching her, she’ll make you stay.”

At the time this falls somewhere on Mila’s attention/grossness list between Can I get Yuri to drink the milk if I don’t say it’s expired and the knowledge that Sara never washes her soakers.

a crow loves a murder for Val_Creative
1216 words, Rated Teen, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

They taught Mila how to win, but no one has ever taught her how to lose.

Finale for SerenadeStrong
2119 words, Rated Mature, No Archive Warnings Apply

It’s the World Figure Skating Championships. Mila is more nervous than anybody should be about an exhibition skate, and Sara is letting her hair down. Some end of season fun!

Five Firsts for hopefullyanauthor
1669 words, Rated T, No Archive Warnings Apply

Mila was immediately taken with Sara the first time she saw her skate.

Language Barriers for Rodinia
651 words, Rated General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply

Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Pre-Canon

New Blood for bluejane
Fanart, Rated General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply

The transformation is always toughest on those previously human. New outfits are rather successful at cheering them up, however!

Sara, Enchanted for TereziMakara
10,543 words, Rated General Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply

As heir to the Twin Throne of Bizidel, Princess Sara has had her life set out for her from birth: marry well, make as little trouble as possible, and (eventually) rule the country alongside her brother. And she’s prepared to do so—until a mysterious masked stranger makes her consider whether the future she’s been prepared for is the future she actually wants.

[an ella enchanted au]

Wings for Zelinxia
3255 words, Rated Teen, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Mila Babicheva spent many hours wondering what her wings are like.   She often asks other people with wings what hers looks like but no one will tell her.  

They say only soulmates should tell describe them to you and Mila shouldn’t be robbed of the privilege.  So she waits for that one special wingless boy to tell to truly see her, for it is only wingless people who can truly be your soulmate.


Some things are just meant to be together—like wine and pasta, for instance. In honor of National Wine Day, here are three recipes starring this match made in heaven.

Penne with Red Wine Reduction, Roasted Butternut Squash and Asparagus

Spaghetti with Lobster and Marsala Wine Sauce

White Wine Fettuccine with Italian Sausage

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