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The Iraqi Air Force’s (القوة الجوية العراقية; Al Quwwa al Jawwiya al Iraqiya) was founded in 1931 under name of the Royal Iraqi Air Force (abbreviated RIrAF). At the time, Iraq was a League of Nations mandate (which it became in 1920) This was administered by the United Kingdom. In Britain, the first batch of five Iraqi pilots received their aviation training at the RAF College Cranwell. On the day of return, which is the 22nd of April: This is recognised, as the official date of founding of the RIrAF. The initial inventory of the newly founded air force consisted of primarily British aircraft, such as Hawker Fury biplane fighters or Hawker Audax reconaissance aircraft. In the following years, after the Iraq achieved independence as a Kingdom of Iraq in 1932.

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 Here’s the classic London underground roundel made of lost property, on display at ltmuseum. This resonated with us because, throughout history, objects have been very special to us: things we’ve made or bought with a variety of intentions and meanings. 

 When people in the past were sick or facing a crisis, they often went straight to their local sanctuary to make an offering to the deity. The worshipper gave them to the god as a plea for help. 

But they were also an extension of the people themselves, forming traces of the worshipper long after the person had left. But what of the millions of objects we don’t choose to give away: the ones we lose on London’s extensive transport network? 12,000 umbrellas, 27,000 phones and 11,000 keys, plus unusual objects like a marionette puppet and a relative’s ashes! 

 Forming a sort of museum of London’s transport users, this vast shrine of mundane, everyday things that were made special by their constant proximity to their owners, infused with identity and an extension of the self. Regardless of their economic value, they must have been very hard to lose. 

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