the signs as aesthetics

aries: Gatsby aesthetic. Gold and black. Angles and sharp lines. Dancing. Flowing fabric.

taurus: teen witch aesthetic. Black sunhats. Glittery eyelids. Chipped nail polish. Human skulls.

gemini: librarian aesthetic. Circular glasses. Candlelight. The smell of old books. Evergreen and maroon.

cancer: techno aesthetic. Hot pink and lime green. Grids. Laptops in bathtubs. Static.

leo: big city aesthetic. Round dark sunglasses. Pencil skirts. Skyscrapers. Museums.

virgo: 40s aesthetic. Victory curls. Denim and cotton. Red and white. Quiet smiles.

libra: space aesthetic. Comet trails. Black holes. Supernovas. Tattoos of the constellations.

scorpio: sk8erboi aesthetic. Loose clothing. Neon and black. The sound of wheels on pavement. Snapbacks.

sagittarius: nature hoe aesthetic. Weeds swallowing up abandoned houses. Mustard yellow tank tops. Wilting sunflowers. Little green beetles.

capricorn: photography aesthetic. Statues of the greek gods. Marble. Fountains. Cheekbones.

aquarius: 70s aesthetic. Turquoise and red. Bellbottoms. Long braided hair. Lava lamps.

pisces: the Plathsthetic. Oversized beige sweaters. Raindrops pummeling windows. Tattered copies of The Bell Jar. Unmade beds.