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No name characters that I’ve been working on lately. Some are magicians/immortals, others are former athlets who had to give up their careers because of diverse diseases. I might never work on that project again so here you go.

Big gentle bott

look I can draw robots :’)))

Watercolor materials for beginners.

I’m so sorry, @wrought-thought, the Tumblr App ate my replies again and then snacked on your original ask! All I can see of it now is this excerpt in my phone, and nowhere else. Fortunately I’d taken notes in my sketchbook that I can work from, because it was impossible to write and view the ask at the same time on my phone. After finally losing the ask itself to the voracious bowels of The App, I elected to wait until I was back in front of a desktop computer to try again. I hope you and others may find the reply useful heading into the new year!

The gist of the Ask was this:

“Christmas has come and gone…” (paraphrasing begins here) and I want to spend some money on art supplies. I have experience in other media but I want to try watercolors and I’d like your recommendations for paints, paper, and inks that don’t bleed.

My sincere apologies to @wrought-thought for butchering the original ask, I hope you find the reply useful! 

Paint: I like to recommend Cotman watercolor sets for people who are just starting with the medium. They come in both dry pans (very portable and they tend to come with a decent small brush), and in tubes(great for being able to mix a large amount of a darkly colored wash, though you will need to buy a pallet if you get this version). The paints are inexpensive but very decent quality and you don’t have to worry about which colors to pick right off the bat.

Once you’re having fun and you’re sure you want to splurge a bit on some “artist quality” paints, I have been slowly converting my original W&N set to Holbein as my pigments run out.

Paint Shopping Tip: If you are looking to match one color of paint in two different brands, look for the pigment code instead of the name. Different companies give different names to the same pigments, and use different pigments under the same name. In example, my W&N “French Ultramarine” and Holbein “Ultramarine Deep” both carry the code “PIGMENT: PB29” and are the same type of blue.

Paper: My go-to is Strathmore cold press paper. It’s a good weight, and I like the texture/tooth on it. Perhaps most importantly, the surface quality has been very consistent from batch to batch for me. I have never had trouble with any water-based pigments bleeding into the paper fibers, and it stands up to a fair amount of abuse. I do not use any coated papers, like “vellum” or “mixed-media,” as the evenness of the coating will be inconsistant from piece to piece and it will always start resisting my washes in exactly the wrong place. I had a bad batch of this sort of paper once that cost me weeks of time to work around on a professional project. It was a nightmare. Never again!

Pens and ink: I don’t use nib pens because my hand pressure is too heavy. The sharp tips catch on the papers I like to use and make a big splattery sobbing-worthy mess. I use felt tipped liners like Micron, and round synthetic watercolor brushes to do my inking. For brushed inks, I’ve found that acrylic-based bleed the least, because the acrylic doesn’t dissolve as easily as some other binding agents.

Inking tips to keep bleeding to a minimum: Always give your ink drawing enough time to dry before you do anything else to it, including erasing pencil lines. To be safe with felt pens, let it be for five minutes. For ink, at least ten. When in doubt, wait a little longer. Avoid sharpies - they fade more quickly in the sun than other pigments and like other alcohol-based dye inks they will more easily bleed/bloom into the paper fibers.

Brushes: I’m adding this one in because I feel that having a decent brush is key to controlling your watercolors. A 6 or 8 round synthetic sable brush is a great place to start. You can do many paintings with just that one brush. My favorite inexpensive brand is Princeton Art & Brush Co. I prefer their series with the red handles.

On Overloaded Brushes: If you find that the paints feel a little too sloppy you may have overloaded your brush. Try letting of if the paint run back onto your pallet, and if they isn’t enough, blot out some of the extra on a folded paper towel.

For when sloppy is what you really DO want: While not strictly necessary, a large flat sable (1.5 inches or larger) or camelhair brush is great for laying in a large wet wash quickly. If you want to do larger work, it will save you time and frustration if you want to get the whole painting wet at the same time so that you can use salt, or do wet-on-wet blending techniques.

Once again, thank you for the Ask @wrought-thought! Happy Holidays and my wishes for a great New Year to everyone. :)

- Emma


Have you watched Stranger things already? 😬 We are on it… just 4 episodes left… so you’re going to see some ST artistic spam in the next days. Get used to it… .
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So if you’re a mac user that needs something like Paint Tool SAI to draw with, or if you need a simplified drawing program, then FireAlpaca is the program for you!

They’ve made some updates that make it easier to customize brushes in lots of ways! Here are some brushes I made on the fly, along with their settings, and you can try them out if you’d like. I also have the images that I used to make three of the brushes! You have to save them as PNGs in order to make bitmap brushes!

They are supposed to be this small because I made them in a 20x20 pixel area. Hope you find these useful!

(Textured Watercolor, Paintbrush Round)

(Block Charcoal)

(6B Pencil)

Day 2 of my Inuyasha 30 Day Challenge for Inuvember: Favorite Ally! 

My favorite ally is little Rin! Aside from being such a cutie pie, Rin is undyingly loyal, caring, strong-hearted, and has such a great will! She has such a sad life, seeing her parents die and becoming mute with trauma… then being murdered by Kouga’s pack. You’d think she’d have an aversion to demons, but she insists on aiding Sesshoumaru when she finds him injured, and she’s able to get him to do the impossible: care for humans. Isn’t that a wonder? She sure is.  If you like my stuff, be sure to check out my Art Giveaway/Commissions