round v

fact: ppl named katie with a k are inherently more powerful than those who spell it with a c. the strongest catie could fight the weakest katie and would still be obliterated. however, katies ending in ie are superior to katies ending in y, with k/catis as the most inferior katie. the katie hierarchy is as follows: katie, katy, kati, catie, caty, cati. katherines, however, are the most powerful of all, with catherines at a distant second. if, for god knows what reason, you place an i between the a and the t (see: caitie, kaity), you do not qualify as a true katie, and will not survive past a single round of katie v katie fisticuffs.


gif battle vs. @jimintensify@chan-yoongi@eatkookiie@mystarsandmoonhao@rninyoonqi
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hey i’ll be eternally annoyed that percy’s gone to new rome university or w/e the it’s called, but like I can’t stop thinking about the dynamic of him being the first Greek to ever study at their university or like just the first student to study there that’s not from new rome or wasn’t in the legion. I mean the Greeks and Romans have baggage that goes back centuries and you can’t tell me everyone would accept the Greeks coming and living with open hands ya kno?

(I’m assuming he’s the first demigod from camp half-blood/anyone to study there that hasn’t been living in new Rome for a while.)


“For the druids’ legends are true. Merlin is Emrys. A man destined for greatness. A man who will one day unite the powers of the old world and the new, and bring the time that the poets speak of. The time of Albion.”

“I have been waiting all these years for the arrival of a new time. The time of the Once and Future King.”



more commissions! i had lotsa’ fun doing these ! thanks everyone!! @asschabs@spacialepopee@blueteaparty @irlaimsaaralath and a lil Sneak of a Samama piece im doing, in order!