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Can we please have more Dark sider stalker Maul in IAMBEN?

Taking a small sip of the milkshake, Ben closed his eyes with a small and content sigh while settling back on the bench, the knot of his hair pressing into the nape of his neck as he felt Dex discreetly holding an eye on him from the counter as other patrons whizzed about along with his droids who served up.

He knew he’d been causing worry for several people but it was nice to be able to just go out and enjoy a decent glass of cold fluids.

After all those years on Tatooine, the simple pleasure of icecubes or a chilled glass of juice could be truly decadent in his opinion. Or the sensation of a long warm shower, being able to actually use the water for it or even a bath to loosen sore and tired muscles after a long mission.

He sometimes longed for the isolation of course, after so long he had gotten used to being alone but that was easily solved by leaving the temple on a mission for a few weeks or even heading out to a cafe for a few hours.

It got him the solitude he required because no one would bother him if he got a quiet booth with a cup of tea or in this case milkshake.

And Dex was always willing to give him a private booth should Ben ask.

But of course, the wish for solitude wasn’t always granted and Ben sighed before opening his eyes to peer across to the other side of the booth at the dark clothed man who had joined him.

“And what can I help you with today Maul?” He questioned softly, picking up his mint and chocolate shake.

The zabrak shrugged a bit. “Nothing, I came to see you.” He murmured.

About to respond, Ben noticed something else and glanced to the counter, staring at one very familiar hulking figure and a smaller unfamiliar one one beside him, both getting milkshakes too. He slowly looked back at Maul and raised his brows.

The hooded zabrak shrugged. “My brothers, Savage and Feral, they wished to come with me.” He murmured.

“I see…If Sidious or Plagueis figure out you’re here…” Ben trailed off and Maul waved a negligent hand.

“They won’t, I’m good at hiding.” Maul smirked a bit. “A benefit of their training I could say.” He reached down and into his belt as Ben watched him quietly, the man settling a box on the table between them.

Peering at it, Ben raised a questioning brow.

“Open it.” The other murmured.

Settling his drink aside, Ben picked up the unremarkable little box, rolling it in his hands before opening it.

Inside two silver round earrings rested with purple gems shaped like two raindrops centered in the middle.

As he stared at them, the gems seemed to glow with power.

“…I had my mother enchant them, she’s a Dathomir witch.” Maul murmured, hands resting on the table. “Happy birthday.” He added even quieter.

“I’m not sure I can accept these.” Ben started but Maul just snorted.

“They’re not dark, they’re gray but not dark. The wearer of the earrings gain temporary bursts of speed and agility in times of peril…I imagine as a Jedi, with the powers you’re going up against, you’ll need them.” He hesitated a bit before reaching out, almost touching Ben but not quite as he dropped his hand to the table again. “And you would look pretty with them.” Maul added.

Ben continued staring at them before running his index finger over the gem, feeling the power that seemed to vibrate from them. “…I see.” He whispered. “That is an expensive gift.”

Maul shrugged. “Money is a monetary thing. I imagine you would more appreciate the thought behind it Master Jedi.”

That brought Ben to quirk his lips before he settled the box down and retrieving one of the earrings out.

Focusing the Force, he carefully pressed it through his left lobe before repeating it with his right one, healing both lobes in one go with the careful direction of the Force.

Maul watched him. “…I was right, you do look pretty with them in.” He murmured.

Ben peered back at him then smiled softly. “I shouldn’t encourage you.” He chuckled quietly, it gained him a sharp toothed smirk.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 2 | 3.11.16

glittering stud earrings by theodele

knees are officially weak. the north stars in white gold, and the luxe rainbow moonstone and diamond circles in yellow gold … both are incredible.

Love’s Strange: so real in the dark; think of the tender things that we were working on

This is a story of long-distance, of mistakes made and apologies left unanswered, of isolation and discrimination, of hard decisions and harder ones, of soaring ups and crushing downs. More than anything, however, it’s a story of a ship and his wayward anchor; a boy and his wandering home.

a/n: Guess what? It has been three years (on March 12th) since the first part of the Sinking ‘verse was posted! This is a continuation of it to celebrate. And, yes, it was intended to be the prologue for a multi-chapter fic, hence the separate title, POV, style, & summary that’s included. (ao3)

warnings: Finn remains a prominent character so he’s mentioned

Kurt Hummel’s reputation is one that precedes him. Everyone knows everything about him, except they don’t. Here’s what they do know, what’s also true:

He is gay. He has sexual experience as a result of Scandals hookups. He belongs to the Skanks, a group that has recently gone down to two members - himself and Quinn Fabray - since the rest dropped out of high school in search of more “noble” ventures. He has a round silver tongue stud, ear piercings (two silver rings in the upper cartilage of his left ear), a small nose stud; has pink dye streaked through his chestnut hair; wears dark, sometimes ripped clothing, a leather jacket on occasion.

He is deaf.

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