round silver earrings


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 2 | 3.11.16

glittering stud earrings by theodele

knees are officially weak. the north stars in white gold, and the luxe rainbow moonstone and diamond circles in yellow gold … both are incredible.

Love’s Strange: so real in the dark; think of the tender things that we were working on

This is a story of long-distance, of mistakes made and apologies left unanswered, of isolation and discrimination, of hard decisions and harder ones, of soaring ups and crushing downs. More than anything, however, it’s a story of a ship and his wayward anchor; a boy and his wandering home.

a/n: Guess what? It has been three years (on March 12th) since the first part of the Sinking ‘verse was posted! This is a continuation of it to celebrate. And, yes, it was intended to be the prologue for a multi-chapter fic, hence the separate title, POV, style, & summary that’s included. (ao3)

warnings: Finn remains a prominent character so he’s mentioned

Kurt Hummel’s reputation is one that precedes him. Everyone knows everything about him, except they don’t. Here’s what they do know, what’s also true:

He is gay. He has sexual experience as a result of Scandals hookups. He belongs to the Skanks, a group that has recently gone down to two members - himself and Quinn Fabray - since the rest dropped out of high school in search of more “noble” ventures. He has a round silver tongue stud, ear piercings (two silver rings in the upper cartilage of his left ear), a small nose stud; has pink dye streaked through his chestnut hair; wears dark, sometimes ripped clothing, a leather jacket on occasion.

He is deaf.

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