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Laurent would start blushing so much if he saw Damen in glasses and then proceed to make out with him right there on the table

ohh he’d definitely blush!! also imagine if they went on a blind date at a coffee shop, and damen gets there early (cuz he’s a gentleman) so to kill time he pulls out his glasses and starts reading and when laurent gets there half the people in the place are turned to this hunk wearing round gold-rimmed glasses and reading lolita lmao and laurent falls in love at the door


A/N: Here’s a little intermission (I guess) from our series. Me and Kaitlin put this together a few nights ago. We’ll be back with the rest of the hyung line tomorrow! We just really like all the aesthetics surrounding the members so we complied a list of 6 for each. Who’s aesthetics do you like best? Tag them! 


Pink floral, soft kisses, white wine, big sweaters, cats purring, lilies.

Vinyl records, liquorice, dimly lit dinners, pastels, converse, long scarves.

Take out food in styrofoam containers, bright paints, sunrises, sweatpants, bathbombs, staying up late and sleeping in.

Vintage books, rainy days, coloured pencil shavings, music boxes, round rimmed glasses, chamomile tea.

Peaches, beaches, snapbacks, thighs, dark chocolate, jerseys.

Puppy dogs, feathers, swimming pools, blowing bubbles, buttons, banana milk.

Minimalistic, white, porcelain, evergreen forests, dark nail polish, perfect eyeliner.

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I tried to send this the other day but it didn't let me but can you please do Harold? I just want to send it one last time so it won't be offensive if I reblog this post! I'm sorry!

Oh of course! I didn’t get any previously, I apologize. (Name aesthetics!)

• rounded, wire-rim glasses
• soft flannel shirts
• vintage record albums
• late summer picnics
• those really cool patios with like fairy lights strung everywhere
• brown tabby cats

Thank you!! ❤️❤️

(Also I know this is more than 3 but whatever right)

Sitting in the bar, Etty knocked back another shot, she’d been there for the majority of the day, she’d just got used to Barney being in Denver, and now he was gone again, turning slightly as someone familiar sat down next to her, the blonde shook her head and ran a finger round the rim of her glass before taking a sip of it quickly. “Please, be warned, I’m not in the mood to play nice.”


I was doodling the original mystery twins and whenever I got to young!author stan’s glasses I kept thinking something was weird. And then I realized it was because his glasses were SQUARE like Grunkle Stan’s. Did anyone else notice this??? I’ve already seen several pieces of fan art on my dash today that ignored this/ didn’t catch it, (He was drawn wearing the round rimmed glasses he presumably wears later on as old!author stan).

This isn’t the first time their frame shapes seem to have been … flexible. As you can see by the additional pics above, in no particular order. But. GENERALLY Grunkle Stan’s frames are square and the Author’s (if we really do have these guys all sorted out in these flashbacks) are round.

So. If who we believe is the author really is wearing the Grunk’s glasses in this new pic (when they were wee kids) … why?

• maybe it’s an animation error

• maybe he likes square frames and then he doesn’t

• maybe Grunkle Stan doesn’t develop bad vision until later, and he gets his brother’s old frames

• maybe the author broke his glasses and Grunkle Stan lent him his own pair because his sight may be marginally better (which would realistically only help a little bit, but slightly improved sight is better than no sight I guess? But seriously this is so complicated like why?)

• MAYBE the body swap theory has more credence than I thought

• maybe I’m just stupid and this means nothing and Alex Hirsch just did it to mess with paranoid people like myself

Really at this point I don’t even know anymore … although … I’m assuming the rounded glasses are on the wheel for SOME reason. So. Who knows?