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Stan's Twin Theory

Hey, this is a new blog dedicated to Gravity Falls, and specifically to theories about Gravity Falls. We have some interesting (possibly far-fetched) theories. This is one of them.

Stan’s Twin Theory:

Stan has to have a brother (although not necessarily a twin), because he’s Dipper and Mabel’s Great-Uncle, and they all share the same last name, therefore he must have a brother. However, we believe he has a twin. Here’s why:

  • twins are genetic (and the gene can skip generations) 
  • There are some pieces of evidence found in the show that supports our claim

We also believe that Stan’s twin may be the Author. Here’s why:                            

1. The Hiding Spot

Look, a hole in the ground

In Tourist Trapped, Dipper found the 3rd book in the forest near the Mystery Shack. This may seem like a stretch, but think about it! where would you hide something important that you might want to access easily? By your house.                                        

Gideon’s factory

In The Hand that Rocks the Mabel it is shown that Gideon’s family factory is located on Gopher Road, the same street as the Mystery Shack. 

The Mystery Shack’s address via the Deed is 618 Gopher Road.

This could explain how Gideon found the 2nd Journal. 

And it’s interesting to note that Gideon was searching for the 1st Journal at the Mystery Shack. 

Possible hiding spots

There are possible hiding spots listed in the 2nd Journal, they seem to be located around a building similar to the Mystery Shack.

2. The Bunker

The Bunker is located underground, in the forest near the Mystery Shack.

There is a sign on the wall of the bunker that says that it is a nuclear fallout shelter. Now, where would you build a fallout shelter? Near your house of course! During times of bomb scares people would build fallout shelters in their backyard.

And since the Author did experiments in the bunker and was observing a shapeshifter, it would be more convenient for him to have the bunker close to the place where he lived. 

3. The Glasses              

In Carpet Diem, a secret room is discovered in the Mystery Shack, and Stan finds a pair of glasses.                                                                  

Stan finds the glasses

Later he is seen staring at the glasses, and he frowns at them in both scenes.

Stan contemplating the glasses

This could possibly represent an old memory of a friend or *cough* brother. It is obvious that someone lived in that room at some point, so why would Stan want to cover it up?


In Dreamscapers, it is shown in the 2nd Journal that the Author was surprised to see glasses on the Bill Cipher wheel, possibly because those are his glasses.Take a look at the glasses, they are similar to the ones found in the secret room.

We don’t think these are Stan’s glasses because his glasses are square with rims at the bottom, while the glasses found in the room and on the wheel don’t have rims at the bottom and are rounded.

Also in Dreamscapers, is a flash back of Stan when he was just a wee lad.

Notice his glasses are square and have rims at the bottom.

Here is Stan a little bit older. Notice that he still has square rimmed glasses.

But, in The Time Traveler's Pig, a younger “Stan” is shown with round glasses without rims at the bottom. His glasses look exactly like the one’s found in the secret room. 

Is this really Stan?

Also, this “Stan” has a cleft chin, whereas we have never ever once seen Stan with a cleft chin (not even in flashbacks). 

4. The Calender

Another small point: the calendar in the secret room has the date July 4, 1982 circled. It can be assumed that 1982 is the year the room was abandoned.

The room definitely looks like it hasn’t been touched since the 80’s

However, in the Author’s bunker, there is a calendar on the wall. Guess what year is on the calendar. 1982.

The calendar in the Mystery Shack and the calendar in the Author’s Bunker are from the same year, 1982. 

This suggests that both the room in the Shack and the Bunker were abandoned around the same time. 

5. Wrestling Match Flashback

In a brief scene in Stan’s flashback in Dreamscapers, we see young Stan at a wrestling match. There is a kid reading a book in the stands that looks very similar to child Stan, he even seems to be wearing the same clothing.

Could this be Stan’s twin?

6. The Swing-set 

In Dreamscapers, Stan’s mindscape is very creepy. One notable object in Stan’s mind is a dilapidated swing-set. This is the stuff of horror movies. 

Good times

Since we can assume everything in the mind is a symbol of a significant part of Stan’s life, then this swing-set is very telling. It likely symbolizes a broken childhood. Since it is a two swing swing-set, it could symbolize another person, likely from Stan’s childhood. A close friend… or sibling…

The fact that only one of the swings is broken is also interesting. In Into the Bunker, the Shapeshifter states that the Author “hasn’t been himself in 30 years” suggesting that he probably went crazy. 

Are all these merely coincidences? Maybe… But this is Gravity Falls we’re talking about. This show is filled with foreshadowing, plot twists, and secrets. There is just no way that all of this could be a coincidence. 

So, what do you think? Is this a stretch? Or are we on to something? Feel free to comment with your own theories. The more the merrier! :)

college yoongi

surprise it’s me kinda short cause apush hw but

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  • ahah nobody requested it but i am taking creative liberty cause everyone likes when i write for yoongi the best and also i like writing for him the best so!!
  • yoongi’s parents were super serious about him going to college and getting a good education, and they really wanted him to go overseas to the states, because there are so many opportunities over there and they thought he would lead a better life over here
  • so he started learning english in high school and he didn’t really have the knack for it and he struggled a lot with it and that really discouraged him from going to college overseas but alas his parents were forcing him
  • and they’re also like now yoongi,,, we know that your passion is your music and your pictures (he cringes at this) but we want you to major in something that will actually get you a job,,,
  • and so they basically decide his major for him as well, well they say it has to be something “stable” and something that he can “make money” with
  • so he decides on psychology cause that’s not something you necessarily have to deal with people with you know? not everyone ends up being a therapist? he loves to learn about how to the brain works too and he loves trying to figure out what happens when things go wrong and he seriously wants to try to make advancements in cures for depression and anxiety and so he declares his major as psych
  • like deep down he’s super passionate about it, especially like the psychology that revolves around mental health and since he was young he had his nose buried in psych books because he wanted to try and see if he could figure out what was going on with him and stuff like that and so he definitely doesn’t mind the major, and he’s super relieved when his parents accept it as a valid option
  • he does minor in photography though, he knows that it’s more reliable than music production, and he can at least try and use that to make some money while in college?
  • plus he really loves it
  • okay anyway he comes over and he’s trying not to be nervous but he’s panicking on the inside because it’s a new country, and he really didn’t dedicate himself to learning english as much as he should have
  • and he’s doing his best not to completely lose it while trying to find his dorm because he wants to make his parents proud and he doesn’t want to disappoint them by calling home in tears that he hates it already but he really doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s scared and nervous and he feels like he wants to faint and nobody is really helping him
  • but he finally makes it to his dorm right and he stumbles in and his face is red and he’s breathing heavy and he feels like he’s about to break down in tears and he’s not ready to socialize with whoever his dorm mate might be but then he looks at the kid and his eyes kinda widen
  • and the boy smiles and starts talking to him in very very very good english “oh hey, you must be yoongi?”
  • and yoongi hears his name and he’s like… “yes??”
  • the boy just gives him this dimply smile and then switches to korean “oh I’m namjoon nice to meet you”
  • and yoongi just about loses it because wow how did he get this lucky?? how did he get a roommate who speaks korean??
  • namjoon is only real friend for the first few weeks on campus like yoongi really doesn’t wanna join any clubs despite what namjoon tells him about clubs helping him to get to know new people
  • like the only thing he shows up for is namjoon’s academic team tournaments to cheer namjoon on and sometimes he’ll read the questions to help better his english what a cutie
  • like he really devotes himself to his studies because he doesn’t wanna let his parents down and he wants to be a kid that his parents can proudly point out and be like “that’s my son”
  • even though yoongi isn’t very social he gets usper popular on campus with the girls like he rocks the natural black hair and it hangs low in his eyes and he’s always bustled in his scarves and he wears ripped jeans and lots of doc martens and sometimes he’ll have those round rimmed glasses in his nose and he’s so cute and girls swoon over him all the time and he just doesn’t notice it poor bean child
  • most of the time he can be found in the library, nose buried in a book because he wants to improve his reading fluency and sometimes he’ll get stuck on something and he’ll sit there with his nose scrunched up and his eyes narrowed in determination and he’ll stick his tongue out and when he finally sounds it out and recognizes the word he’ll cheer to himself then continue to read to himself
  • you meet him in the library actually!
  • you’re trying to do your homework and your roommate has someone over and you seriously didn’t want to thrid wheel like you didn’t wanna be that awkward person who sits on the end of the couch alone while they watch all the lord of the rings or something dorky
  • and turns out, yoongi is also doing some homework!! he has a survey to complete on people’s opinions on a pretty controversial topic so the class could examine the factors that affect someone’s decision but the thing is yoongi is way too shy to go up and actually ask anyone, and he needs more participants than just namjoon
  • but he sees you sitting there, head bowed, earbuds in, and his breath hitches in his throat because you are the most stunning human he has seen on campus like you aren’t anything really out there or extravagant or flashy
  • you’re simple and you look so comfortable and soft and you look so plain but you look so genuine and the little things make you absolutely breathtaking and yoongi finds himself staring at you with wide eyes for like thirty minutes
  • meanwhile he’s texting namjoon, giving him your complete description and he’s like oh my god man, how do i approach them, they’re literally an angel or something
  • and namjoon kinda “ask for their opinion. for your survey? you know, that thing you have due in like a week??”
  • yoongi just facepalms because why didn’t he think of this??
  • he gives himself a mental pep talk before heading over and sitting across from you
  • you don’t notice him right away but then he kinda shuffles and you glance up and almost scream because who the heck is this?? and why is he so good looking?? and why is he at your table????
  • and you quickly yank your earbuds out and you smile sheepishly and he’s all red in the face and he doesn’t know what to say cause his english isn’t great and he doesn’t want you to laugh or anything and he kinda just stares at you
  • but then he’s like oh shit my project
  • “um… i’m yoongi…” he purses his lips and glances up at you and you seem so attentive and his heart flutters and he looks back down at his hands “I um, well… I have this thing, and i gotta ask how you think? your opinion, would you give me yours?”
  • he’s so cute and you nearly die cause he’s asking permission like what a sweetheart??
  • and so you do give it to him and after that you also give him your number because what a cutie and he just beams when you put your number into his phone (with some of his help cause his phone is set up in korean obv) okay but he puts lil hearts near your name to help set you apart and namjoon never lets it go ever
  • and you see his lockscreen and it’s him and friends home in daegu and you kinda “oh where’s this?”
  • “My hometown, im not from here… you probably can tell.”
  • and your eyes widen and you shake your head “oh your english? no it’s really good, you speak more proper than people who’ve lived here forever. you should show me some more pictures later!!”
  • but you have to go cause your next lecture starts and you demand that he texts you soon and he just smiles warmly and waves you off
  • he doesn’t text back the entire day and you start to worry that he didn’t really like you and you were maybe getting your hopes up but it’s because he doesn’t wanna bother you and a lot of time people who learn a second language can speak really great but writing is the hardest thing and so he’s waiting for namjoon to finish his class so he can get his help
  • but music
  • music on the other hand is a universal language am i right
  • whenever he finds a song he really like he sends it to you and he’s into the american hip hop for sure but i see him really into like indie music?? like super into the indie alternative stuff
  • every morning you receive a good morning text with a new song he wants you to listen to and that’s when you find out that he actually writes his own stuff and that he wanted to do something with music
  • slowly but surely you two begin to hang out more and you two really get close as friends first?? like you two don’t immediately end up head over heels like there’s the initial attraction sure but it’s not like you’re in love right away
  • yoongi suspects you have a thing for namjoon actually but
  • like you two always get coffee together except he gets tea every time
  • he’ll bring his laptop with him and you two will sit down together, shoulders brushing, sharing earbuds as he lets you hear what he’s currently working on
  • but one day, he goes up to get your drinks, and you snoop on his files because you wanna hear some more bops, and you actually click on his photography folder and it’s thousands of pictures of scenery upon scenery, like mountains and meadows and beaches and forests and they’re all so enchanting and you feel like you’re maybe living in a fantasy or something while looking at them because they don’t seem like they could come from this world
  • and yoongi comes back to find you gaping at his pics and his face gets all red and he’s all warm and fuzzy inside and he plops down beside you and just studies the look of pure bliss on your face and he decides he rather likes the view
  • “a lot of those are from back home” he kinda shrugs, not wanting to make a big deal about it
  • you turn and glare and he’s like great what did i do but then you giggle and his face gets more red “why didn’t you show me these before? god yoongi, you’re so good at everything you do, let me guess, you’re athletic too huh?”
  • and now he’s really blushing cause he’s a humble guy and you’re just praising him and he sips his drink then mumbles “I like basketball…?”
  • you practically screech at this because “yoongi basketball tryouts are in a few weeks, you should join!”
  • he doesn’t want to because he’s self conscious of his height and of his skills but the promise of you coming to every home game to cheer him on is really tempting and so he agrees, because “i guess i need to keep up my health right??”
  • okay yes yoongi does make the team and he plays point guard and every game you come to cheer him on with namjoon and yoongi just beams at you with his gummy smile and always waves to you when he’s warming up
  • he changes when he play like beast mode activated you’ve never seen someone so determined in his life he plays with such passion and fire and he never gives up and like he glistens with sweat and someone that doesn’t bother you at all
  • after games the three of you always go out for milk shakes at this local diner and namjoon always pays cause he has a job on campus and yoongi always gets all red when you praise his skills and namjoon always ends up having to leave for some reason or another now that you think about it…
  • okay but one night yoongi texts you and he’s kinda “hey wanna come hang with me, i have some shots for my class i need to take, and maybe you wanna come or something idk”
  • and you’re kinda surprised because that morning after he sent you his daily song he promptly said “ignore it” and then didn’t text you the rest of the day
  • but hey you love hanging with yoongi and you’ve never seen him in action before you already finished the majority of your homework so why not
  • yoongi is waiting outside your dorm, and he has a beanie on his head and a thick scarf around his neck and his camera in hand and he looks so stunning your heart kinda jumps into your throat
  • cause you can’t deny it anymore like there is no denying it, that you have helplessly, hopelessly fallen for min yoongi
  • whether it be during the times you helped him with his english, reading articles and stories and reports aloud to him, with his head on your lap as your fingers tangled in his hair
  • or the times, late at night, he would sneak out of the dorms to come throw rocks at your window to ask for you to pretty please come down and catch a midnight movie with him
  • or perhaps it was the times where you were burdened with work, exhausted and defeated and ready to give up everything, that yoongi took your hands in his and promised that you two would do it together, make it through college, through life, as the best of friends
  • friends
  • you assume that’s what it’ll ever be
  • yoongi has everyone on campus practically drooling over him why would he ever stop to have feelings for you?
  • you’ve cried to namjoon about it like a million times
  • like it seems impossible that yoongi would somehow love you of all people and it hurts and it hurts more that you can see and touch and feel the person who yoongi really is under his cold and unsociable exterior and you’re so close you can practically feel his lips on yours when he leans in close and whispers something about the psychology behind choices and why he makes them but then just as your eyelids flutter shut, he pulls away and your heart breaks
  • but here he stands now, smiling softly and motioning you along and you can’t help but follow even though you need you’re going to fall more and more in love if you let things like this continue to happen
  • he doesn’t really explain the assignment but he’s taking you towards the city, towards the bright lights and the loud noises and the fun and the passion that can’t always be found down on campus
  • you’re his silent assistant as he takes pictures of the mundane
  • of garbage cans, and sleeping alley cats, and doorframes and windows illuminated by the city lights
  • he takes pictures of the ramen you two order down at this little hole in the wall, and he takes a picture of the koi fish pond in the corner of the restaurant
  • he takes pictures of your shoes, pressed against the toes of his own, and he takes picture of taxi cabs and bicycles and cracks in the pavement
  • but then he brings you to this lil secluded area and it’s near one of the art galleries, but behind it, and it’s a park actually, with lots of weeping willows, and benches, and a pond in the middle
  • the moon is up in the sky and the stars are smiling down at the two of you and it would be so perfect if your i love you wasn’t burning the tip of your tongue and it’s becoming more and more difficult to swallow
  • yoongi points to one of the trees with the branches sagging low due to the snow white blossoms and he kinda “now stay there okay… and i want you to look down okay, and on the count of three, i’m gonna take your picture okay?”
  • obviously you’re kinda confused because yoongi rarely ever takes pics of people, and this project he hasn’t so far, and why you of all people, like if you knew he was taking your picture you would have dressed better??
  • but you do as he says and he counts down and then he gets to one
  • “I love you”
  • it’s just above a whisper and his voice is shaking a bit but you hear it and you cover your mouth with your hands and stare up at him with wide eyes and he takes the picture right at that moment
  • and he smiles so softly and you run into his arms and he sets the camera down on the nearby bench
  • and you wrap your arms around his neck and run your fingers through his hair and he pulls you close and he smiles through the kiss
  • and afterwards he buries his face in the crook of your neck and you both are laughing and smiling and he’s holding your hands and kissing your nose
  • you can’t help but ask what the assignment was though
  • and he kinda laughs and mumbles against your skin “well it was to make a portfolio of the things that make me feel alive”
  • after that yoongi is always taking your picture like you just woke up and have bed head well guess who has the camera ready to capture the moment oh wait yoongi
  • he takes pictures of you always, especially with his polaroid and he tapes them to the walls of his dorm
  • namjoon always tells him to stop being so sappy but yoongi just sticks another picture up
  • he’s not very touchy and showy and most people don’t even know you’re dating but he lets you wear his basketball jacket and that’s when people kinda start to suspect some things mm hmm
  • he also writes you music all the times and compiles some playlists for you of all your favorite songs and he makes study playlists and running playlists and probably some other types of playlists
  • he likes to have you over at his dorm always and lay there with you on his bed as he talks about the psychology behind attraction and affection and the likes
  • anyway he would be a really cute college boyfriend okay and you two would be the envy of all the couples on campus okay

anonymous asked:

could you write a drabble for robron and number 7?

Here you go, anon

“How long has it been?”

5 months, 3 weeks, 2 days and almost 13 hours. 

He´s not going to tell Julia that though, that he´s still counting. That he still hopes that at some point he´ll be able to stop the clock.

It would just make him look pathetic and desperate.

Not that that wouldn´t be true, but they have only known each other for about 15 minutes and the fact alone that he is spending his friday morning sitting on a dark brown leather couch in a small cozy room, surrounded by bookshelves and with a pillow in his lap; instead of lying in his bed, hiding under the covers and nursing the rest of last night´s whiskey, makes him feel vulnerable enough.

He most certainly isn´t ready to let her in on the full extent of his desolation and self-hate. At least not yet.

Maybe if he keeps staring at the clock on the wall behind her he can somehow will time to go by faster.

 “6 months,” he says. 

Robert looks at her then and tries to act somewhat nonchalant. His voice is void of emotion, but his hands are gripping the pillow tightly. So tightly that his knuckles turn white.

If nothing else, Robert has gotten good at hiding his real feelings again over the last couple of months.

“I´m doing fine.”

“Yes, I´m eating.”

“You don´t have to worry about me.”

The lies roll off his tongue far easier these days.

Right after, they hadn´t.

Aaron had taken a sledgehammer to all of the walls Robert had carefully built over decades, but at least to everyone else he had still been a closed book.

That was until everything had fallen apart and he hadn´t been able to keep up the pretence any longer.

Hadn´t had the strength to play tough.

Not that he had talked to people about it, but the dark circles under his puffy eyes and his ashen complexion had been enough of a giveaway for anyone who had still cared enough to notice.

Julia gives him a kind smile and nods. She´s maybe in her late thirties, sitting across from him in a matching brown arm chair, her legs crossed, her long blonde hair in a braided bun on top of her head. It reminds him of Liv.

God, Robert misses Liv.

“And how would you say you´re coping with the separation?” Julia´s voice is soft and gentle. She sounds like she actually cares, not as if she is only pretending to be interested because it´s her job. Not the way Diane does when she calls once in a blue moon.

Robert stares out the window. It´s slightly fogged by the cold november air, not too much though, so he can still see the row of cars driving by down below.

People driving to work or bringing their kids to school. Functioning, well-adjusted adults, who manage to get out of bed every morning and go about their day without a pit in their stomach, without a constant feeling of dread.

It´s easier to focus on them than to look at the counsellor when he doesn´t feel like he deserves the sympathetic look in her eyes.

“I´m coping,” he answers.

It´s bullshit.

Sure, nowadays he holds out on opening a new bottle of alcohol until the early hours of the afternoon, instead of diving right in as soon as he wakes up in the morning and he actually managed to send out two application letters this week (London flats are expensive and his savings won´t last forever), but that´s about it

Even four months after his move, his place is still covered in unopened boxes of flat-pack furniture and the only human interaction he gets are Victoria´s daily calls, which grow more and more worried as time passes, and the two lines of small talk he shares with a rotating number of delivery men every night.

Julia doesn´t push for more right away. She just slides her round, gold-rimmed glasses up the bridge of her nose with her index finger and scribbles something into her notebook.

It makes Robert nervous. Makes him feel like he didn´t pull that line off as well as he had hoped. Makes him feel like maybe she knows.

He tightens his jaw and crosses his arms over the pillow. Draws it a little closer, because that is the only bit of protection he has in here.

“I know that this isn´t easy, but I can only help with whatever is going on with you, if you open up…” Julia says, but it´s Victoria´s voice he hears in his head.

It´s what she has been telling him ever since he crashed on her couch that first night after Aaron kicked him out. 

And she hadn´t let it go, even after Robert was out of her sight and trying his best to keep her worries at bay by sounding as convincingly okay as possible on the phone. 

Victoria hadn´t bought it. She had been able to see through the facade and that´s when she had started to drop hints about therapy. About how it might be easier to talk to someone who wasn´t so involved in all of it, someone he wouldn´t feel pre-judged by.

Actually, it was her who gave him Julia´s number. Begged him to at least give it a try. 

It had taken weeks, but in the end he hadn´t been able to refuse his little sister. Especially not since she was the only one still willing to put up with him after everything.

His pride wasn´t worth losing that. Wasn´t worth losing her.

“It´s…,” he doesn´t quite know how to explain the way he´s been feeling without giving too much away. 

“It´s been really hard,” he settles on.

There´s more, of course there´s more.

I miss him. I miss my home. I miss my family. It´s hard, because in the end it was all my fault. It´s even harder, because I always knew that I would disappoint him. It was just a matter of time.

He wants to let it all out right then and there, just for the slight chance of feeling a little bit better afterwards, a little bit more like himself.

It´s been a long six months and Robert´s grown tired of pretending. He´s desperate to just once go to bed without feeling like he´s repeatedly being punched in the gut while his mind is running in circles. Without the image of a crying Aaron clouding his every thought.

He doesn´t though. Because he is still Robert Sugden, he is still Jack´s son and it´s going to take him more than twenty minutes to trust the woman in front of him with all his deepest darkest secrets, if he ever will.

But at least it´s a start.

He´s not sure if this will help, but he owes it to Victoria to try.

He owes it to Aaron.

And maybe Robert even owes himself the chance of getting better, no matter how badly he messed things up. 

Especially if he wants to keep his hope of ever being allowed to come home again alive.

the color blue, soft like the sky on a cloudless day. the shady spot in the grass made by a big tree. the sleeves of your sweater covering your hands, fingertips barely visible. a field full of dandelions, wishes waiting to be made. that moment after the sun sets, right before it gets completely dark outside, when the sky is trying to stay awake for just a moment longer before it’s time to say goodnight. round, wire rimmed glasses slightly too big for your face.
—  name aesthetic: alice // requested by @in-wondrlnd
(cc, 2017)

b/c im still working on content for them, here are some vancouver crowd headcanons, most of which are carried on from the captions on this post:


  • punk rock. absolutely punk rock.
  • the reason why there’s now a rule forbidding ‘unnatural and/or lurid colouring of hair’ circa 2014 in the aglionby rulebook.
  • he exclusively listens to alt-j, glass animals, and got7.
  • he takes all three sciences (chem, bio, phys) as well as both calculus and statistics, because he hates himself.
  • the angriest of petitioners. wrote a scathing letter to headmaster child protesting the limit on subjects, and as a result is currently the only aglionby student who takes fourteen (fourteen!) subjects.
  • buys gourmet sushi from across the aglionby dorms to feed his cat. she doesn’t appreciate it, he says, but is personally offended when one of the others suggests they just buy her normal cat food.
  • bitter.
  • he mans the official vancrewver instagram, and under him, over 80% of it is selfies of himself. occasionally, there’s a shot of the defaced aglionby billboard with henry cheng on it, or a picture of cialina with sicksteve’s personal instagram tagged in the caption, but it’s mostly selfies. ryang’s selfie game is pretty strong. litchfield house was renovated with wall-length windows to give him good selfie lighting.
  • along with chengtwo, ryang’s closest to henry.
  • definitely the angriest and most slouching of the crew, to the point that he’s gained a spot in the hall of fame at nino’s for simply the Worst Of The Worst At Aglionby.
  • champions the swim and lacrosse teams, and gets up at ungodly hours in the morning to train. 
  • he’s on pretty good terms with the mountain view kids. (tj takes joyrides on his motorcycle, confirmed) 
  • the friend who somehow convinces you to do shit you’d never consider sober, and who gets you to drink enough to gain advanced perception of the shadow people in your peripheral vision.
  • ryang’s a truly renowned drunk who made koh buy him alcohol before he could legally do so himself. sicksteve has a scrapbook of him doing dumb shit at parties. they pass it around every break to remind him to chill out a little.
  • he broke his lacrosse stick over another student’s (tad! carruthers!) head for calling him a ch!nk, and was not at all sorry for the fallout. 
  • there used to be a video on youtube of him doing shots at a party, and then proceeding to fistfight jiang, but it was taken down upon a teacher’s request. it’s been archived on the instagram page, though, and can be found between a picture of him and leesquared posing next to headmaster child’s porsche, and a video of rutherford doing his homework in the shower.
  • has little to no interest in advertising himself as a modest student, but has restricted himself to indulge only occasionally in his considered-radical political beliefs.
  • (ryang is a marxist.) (if you imply in any way that his beliefs reflect stalinist ideals, he will deck you.)
  • his instagram handle is unironically ryang.gosling, and has been since he was twelve.
  • he plans to go into law after aglionby, and has big plans for, in his words, revamping the justice system. the other boys relentlessly take the piss out of him for it.
  • in general, he’s not a fan of gansey, or who he perceives gansey to be, and he definitely isn’t a fan of ronan. he’s pretty fond of blue, though, and definitely dyes her hair to match her name when they get home from venezuela.
  • in general, he’s really, really, not sorry.

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Countdown (M)

Originally posted by hpfanaticinfinity

» jay park x reader
» 2k
» anon asked: Would you be able to write Jay Park smut where he’s your coworker and new to town and you end up spending the weekend together? 
» warning: smut 

No strings attached? Yeah right. Jay had tried the whole thing before and it had become the most disastrous thing ever. He ended up getting attached and at the end of it all he ended up wanting the more than just friends treatment.

But, now that he was placed in the situation again and there was a girl laying on his hotel bed with nothing but a racy black underwear set on, Jay found himself with nothing else to say but yes. Yes, I’ll fuck you tonight and tomorrow we go back to being just coworkers who occasionally get coffee together.

“Are you going to eye fuck me or actually fuck me, Jay Park?”

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I hope this is OK. I got carried away on somethings…

Alyn - His little girl shares his love of horses, so they spend a lot of time in the stables. They ride together and she’s into show jumping and dressage, and he takes her to horse shows and spends hours waiting on her hand and foot. He spoils her, but makes her take care of her pony, and he has mad hair skills. He can do better hair than most women because he’s used to braiding horse manes and tails.

Byron - His daughter is super smart and curious and she and her daddy love to study constellations and look through the telescope on clear nights. He also pays for her space camp every year, as long as her grades are good (they are). She is fairly sassy and Byron has to remember that he was also a little punk too sometimes. Unfortunately, Byron can’t do hair to save his life.

Albert - She is like the cutest smol fem version of him, but she wears round rim glasses instead. She likes math and history, so she and daddy go to historical reenactments and renaissance fairs and she goes to STEM camp every year. Albert likes to spoil her, but he makes her do household chores to keep her humble. He’s actually ok at doing hair- if you want a simple braid.

Sid - She is a tough little girl, she’s a tomboy and she’s mouthy. Sid has his work cut out for him, but realizes that she is so much like him and she learned all those dirty words from him. She likes kick boxing and martial arts, and she’s frequently in detention, and she likes all things punk rock. Sid can give you a fantastic ponytail.

Nico - He regrets all the sneaky things he’s ever done because now it’s all staring him in the face, in the form of the cutest person he’s ever known. He has the worst time disciplining his daughter - because he’s mostly amazed at her clever pranks. Lucky for him, she’s also very sweet and smart and loves animals- she’s wants to be a veterinarian. Nico’s only hairstyle is bedhead.

Giles- His little girl is sweet and … manipulative. She’s actually quite nice and gentle and likes reading and playing dress up, she’s a girly girl, who likes her make up, tea parties and kitties (Michelangelo is no stranger to dress up), she knows how to work that charm over on daddy. She likes fashion and design :) Giles does hair like no other - curls, braids, side-braids, updos…

Louis - She loves gymnastics and ballet of course, but she’s more extroverted than he is, and twice as stubborn. He loves taking her to competitions and watching her in the ballet, but she when she sprains her ankle and still wants to practice the two buttheads a bit. Fortunately, Louis knows how to handle his little firecracker and she sits out a bit and learns the harp :) Louis can only do curls, he can’t braid.

Leo - His little bookworm is loads of sass. She of course uses words that most adults don’t even know what they mean, and languages of course - she will clean up at spelling bees. She also has weird sleep habits, and impeccable style like daddy. She’s way too smart tho - she drafted a chore and allowance contract that Leo regrets signing - he tried to get it amended, but her lawyer Sebastian said no. Leo is OK at hair- like a side-braid.

Robert - She is super artistic of course, and also likes to travel. She’s curious about all kinds of things and people and places. She enjoys design and wants to be an architect someday. She’s more out going than Robert was as a child, and more rebellious- but also has a kind heart. She likes to paint pictures and give them to sick children in the hospital. Daddy is good at hair, he likes to braid ribbons and flowers and such in it.


A/N: Here’s a little intermission (I guess) from our series. Me and Kaitlin put this together a few nights ago. We’ll be back with the rest of the hyung line tomorrow! We just really like all the aesthetics surrounding the members so we complied a list of 6 for each. Who’s aesthetics do you like best? Tag them! 


Pink floral, soft kisses, white wine, big sweaters, cats purring, lilies.

Vinyl records, liquorice, dimly lit dinners, pastels, converse, long scarves.

Take out food in styrofoam containers, bright paints, sunrises, sweatpants, bathbombs, staying up late and sleeping in.

Vintage books, rainy days, coloured pencil shavings, music boxes, round rimmed glasses, chamomile tea.

Peaches, beaches, snapbacks, thighs, dark chocolate, jerseys.

Puppy dogs, feathers, swimming pools, blowing bubbles, buttons, banana milk.

Minimalistic, white, porcelain, evergreen forests, dark nail polish, perfect eyeliner.

I Hate Doctors (Flash Fiction #514)

I hate doctors. Especially the one who always insists on visiting me when I’m holding my son. She’s pretty cute. Blond hair tied in a ponytail. Round-rimmed glasses that frame sparkling blue eyes. I would like her, but her mouth sours the air around us.

She tries to trick me. She lies about my son. I know, though, I know that she wants to take him away from me. She doesn’t want me to be in possession of my son, my pretty red son, my only family since Lily died.

She keeps on insisting that he had died with her.

Want More:

lovelyyehet  asked:

Hi! I adore your blog! May I please get a ship for Avengers and X-Men? If you can only do 1, then it's okay. I've got brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, wear round rimmed glasses, and am pretty short (4'5 😕) I love reading fantasy books, helping people complete difficult tasks, warm hugs, sweet treats, and try to obtain positivity as much as I can. I enjoy making new friends and bringing people out of their shell (but not forcefully. if a person needs their space, I give it to them.) TY!

i apologize for the late reply! I just got through a break up but i wanted to do my requests! // - Madison




- you start to bring him out of his shell. You’d talk to him every day even though he would never respond. 

- He is in LOVE with your voice 

- he calls you kitten

- LOVES how short you are

- he tries to steal your glasses and wear them himself

- honestly once you get past the shell he is super cuddly

- he didn’t want to tell anyone for awhile but he told Steve after like. two days

- you guys move into the same room after 5 months of dating

- you’re one of the only people who can brake him out of the winder soldier state

-you help him with his nightmares by quietly talking to him after he wakes up. usually he falls back asleep

- simple dates are key




- but there are times where he’ll take you somewhere nice

- the two of you will dance together in middle of the kitchen at 3 in the morning

- so many cute photos of you two

- he is broken but you’re slowly putting him back together.


- you honestly took her breath away

- you’re kindness made her cry. Pietro would’ve loved you

- she loves how short you are because you’re perfect cuddling size

- she likes your glasses. she thinks you’re adorable 

- she prefers that you guys stay in for dates

- super gentle 

- though when she’s pissed it’s a different story


- you guys started sharing a room after 3 months

- you let her know how amazing she is. and that she is NOT a monster in any way shape or form

- onetime she saw you crying and almost broke. she held you and quietly referenced books, hoping to make you smile.

- there is so many photos on so many peoples phones its actually ridiculous

- one time someone threw a homophobic slur at you guys and though you may be short. you’re scary as hell when mad.

- you comfort her over Pietro. It always hurts, missing her brother but he will always be with her.

- though sometimes things may get rough, the love never dwindles 



- you two are huge (cute) nerds together

- the two of you are like on different ends of the height spectrum

- if you cant reach something to high up *BAM* hank comes to the rescue

- you two are fangirls over books

- he loves it when you help him with work

- he’s really shy about his blue problem but you thought it was super cute when he showed you his mutation.

- sometimes when he’s super stressed you’ll make him take a hot shower and make him hot coca

- dates are usually going out to dinner or going out for walks

- he’s super vanilla

- but his main goal is to make you feel good

- he goes back and fourth between dom and sub

- you help him with all of his insecurities

- you guys moved into the same room after like 6 months

- both of you may be flawed but you see past those flaws and love eachother


- both of you are flawed but love eachothers flaws

- you amazed her because you’re just so..kind

- she thinks you’re to good for her. WHICH IS NOT TRUE

- you two are awkward dorks together 

- you already shared a room as students

- Charles regretted this as the relationship got more serious

- honestly everyone thinks you’re cute together

- there’s Polaroid photos of you guys all around the room

- for dates you guys walk around the mansion grounds or in town

- sex just kinda depends

- she’s SUPER dom

- you guys try new things a lot

- one time you guys were talking sexy to each other through telepathy and Charles started crying 

- lots of homophobic slurs in public, but the two of you are used to it

- she loves hearing you read

- cuddles are key honestly

- you’re small spoon

- she is a slut for height difference 

- you guys go through a lot but you guys stick to each other like super glue 

Sweet Dish (M)

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» namjoon x reader
» 2.2k
» Hello, I’m new to this, but I recently found out that I share the same birthday as Namjoon and was hoping for a one shot, based around that? Smut or fluff would be great, thank you!
» warning: smut (public sexual acts) 

Abstinence could be a curse. Of course, if you weren’t an idiot, you could use it to your advantage and make it worth your while. Refraining from sex was frustrating but, given that you chose to only keep from it over a week, it honestly wasn’t that hard.

Namjoon, on the other hand, found it very hard (because he was hard, like all the time you realised). Telling him that you were too tired or too busy was honesty because you always were busy and tired. Usually, however, you made time for Namjoon to do what he wanted.

So the week leading up to the two of your birthdays was a long, long period of time for him.

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But the Cookies!

Summary: An unexpected visitor arrives at Vongola HQ. Just another day for the Vongola.

Warnings: Language, Tsuna and Enma being cute AF together, The Cookies.

Disclaimer: Don’t own.


Tsuna and Enma were curled up on one of the couches in Tsuna’s office; it was their break and they were planning on spending it by just relaxing.

The quiet atmosphere was broken by a black and green light that silently struck through the air like lightning and then disappeared leaving behind a person gracelessly sprawled on the floor.

The person picked themself up as Tsuna and Enma watched curiously, not sensing a threat from the unexpected visitor.

The newcomer turned out to be a guy around their age (early twenties) with messy black hair and a pair of brilliant green eyes behind wire-rimmed, round glasses.

He blinked at them, “Terribly sorry. Inter-dimensional misplacement. Job hazards. You know how it is.”

Tsuna smiled, “I feel you. I once woke up in a different dimension, very much female and very much engaged to Xanxus.” He made a face, “No offence to Xanxus or anything but I’m 100% committed to Enma.”

“Oh.” Enma blushed as he looked at Tsuna.

“Mmm.” Tsuna turned to look at Enma and smiled softly at him.

As the two stared at each other, showing no sign that they were going to be doing anything else for a while, the newcomer cleared his throat, “I’ll just… go. Find the kitchen. Maybe make some cookies.”

The two paid him no heed as he awkwardly averted his eyes and left the room.


Hours later,

Tsuna and Enma walked down one of the corridors arm in arm and holding a plate of Harry’s, the newcomer’s, cookies, and each of them nibbling on one.

“Ah, Harry.” The two came to a stop in front of Harry who looked at them inquisitively.

“I hope you liked the cookies.”

“They’re delicious, thank you.” Enma smiled, blushing, as he looked at Harry from underneath his eyelashes.

As Harry was about to reply, there was a light just like the one that brought Harry. The light deposited another person. This time, the newcomer looked exactly like Tsuna.

“Hey, Tsu!” Harry smiled, “What are you doing here?”

Tsu launched himself at Harry, “Harry! There you are! I thought something bad and/or strange happened to you. One can never know with your luck, and I am the one saying that.”

“Chill, nothing happened.”

“Are you sure? You didn’t accidentally start a rebellion or a myth or a religion?”

Tsuna cleared his throat, “Last I saw them, the Varia were building a shrine to your cookies.”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “Crazy.”

Tsuna nodded solemnly, “I know, right?”

Enma sighed, “Tsuna, you’re the head priestess.”

Tsuna waved his cookie-holding hand, “Details.”






“Head priest Xanxus, we have failed to acquire the Miraculous Recipe and convince the Great Creator to extend His stay.”

“Head priestess Trash, you fucker, you’re supposed to be our top negotiator.”

“The Great Creator’s Watchdog did not like the way shrine keeper Enma was eying the great Creator.”



anonymous asked:

how would you describe giriboy? appearance, personality, freuqent sayings, likes and dislikes??

This is what I think of Giriboy based on translated fanaccs, fancams, tweets, interviews and TV/radio appearances. He could be so much more than what is described here but worth to read if you want to know a bit of him.

Appearance wise, I’d say Giriboy is a good-looking guy but he doesn’t show it since he hardly overdresses. Most people remember him for his thick-rimmed/round glasses and Supreme clothes. Despite him looking small and skinny, he’s actually quite tall (176-178 cm).

Giriboy is awkward and not really good at speaking, though he’s slowly getting better at it. He doesn’t talk much on TV/radio shows, but when he does, he can be really funny and witty. He communicates with fans by replying to their tweets mostly in a playful manner. He also remembers his fans’ face who often come to see him perform at events.

Giriboy has said at least twice that he’s just a piece of shit and he’s nothing without the support of his fans. It might not look like it but he really appreciates his fans.

Giriboy likes idol music, as he has mentioned several times that he’s a huge fan of Shinhwa that he used to want to become an idol like them. He likes f(x), Girl’s Day, Big Bang, Miss A, etc. His favorites are Suzy, Sojin and Seolhyun. As for food and drinks, he loves chicken feet, soda/energy drinks and 17 차 (17 Tea). He likes to read comic books like One Piece and play online games such as LoL (League of Legends). Giriboy doesn’t like when his friend/labelmate gets bashed. He said he doesn’t mind hate comments as long as it’s not targeted at his family.

anonymous asked:

Donghyuck scenario where you have a crush on him and your best friend tells him. You have a school schedule (like camping? could be something else too :) ) and you get to spend time together but the reader still doesn't know that donghyuck knows about her crush so tries ti act cool around him :D ... How donghyuck reacts is up to you ^^

Hi there!! This one was such a fun scenario to write, hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. 💓 (PS. NCT 127′s new album is finally out & all the songs are bomb!! WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH). 

Also, to our readers, listen to Donghyuck’s beautiful & unique vocals while reading - it really fits the atmosphere.

Listen: x


The day was finally here! Boring exams and projects were finally over with and it was the annual camping trip of the school. This was the only time where students could fully relax. Crowds were formed next to the coach bus and you scanned the area for your best friend’s red duffel bag, the one she always brought on trips. 

Once you found her you waved but she didn’t see you. You realized that she was busy laughing and talking to no other than Donghyuck, your crush. You felt your cheeks tint red, slightly jealous of how she got along with guys easily, unlike awkward you.

You had known Donghyuck since first year when the two of you were in the same homeroom. Back then he was the loud goofy kid that got along with everyone. He had handsome features but due to his slightly chubby face and outgoing personality, everyone treated him and viewed him comfortably.

Back then you were super quiet and timid, your everyday look consisting of a tidy uniform, pigtails and round-rimmed glasses. You could still remember the times when you were sitting in the back of the classroom pretending to be more interested in your homework than what the class was talking about during break. At those times Donghyuck would always tug on one of your pigtails lightly and when you turned to look he would surprise you by showing up on the other side. Slowly, you opened up to the class and no one treated you like a loner anymore.

However, apart from first year, you weren’t in his class again. You could only see him in the hallways, where he would casually smile warmly at you and you would timidly greet him. Now that you were older you realized he was a lot more calm. He was a lot taller now and had defined features, making him the flower boy of your year. Of course you look different too, now you have straight long brown hair and you replaced your glasses with contacts. You got compliments every now and then for your improved looks but of course you weren’t treated like a goddess at school.

You sighed lightly and hauled your duffel bag onto the bus you were assigned, choosing a window seat near the front of the bus.

You had closed your eyes for about two minutes when a voice interrupted you.

“Hey, anyone sitting here?”

You looked up to see his deep double-lidded eyes staring back at your round ones.

Too shocked to speak, you shook your head as he smiled at you and took a seat next to you.

Usually you would have saved that seat for your best friend but of course you couldn’t reject the opportunity to sit next to Donghyuck. After hardly conversing with him for over a year, you had no clue what to say and your throat ran dry. You thought of many topics but nothing seemed right.

You saw your best friend get on the bus and throw you a wink as she took a seat near the back of the bus.

You sighed. This was going to be a long ass ride.

You felt someone shake you as you woke up to a familiar giggle.


Now that you were fully awake you sat up as your best friend ruffled your hair.

“I can’t believe that you could fall asleep with him next to you! How could you waste your chance of talking to him!”

Your mouth widened as your eyebrows creased together and you let out a frustrated sigh.

“The two of you are pretty cute though, you do know you were sleeping on him the entire time right?”

Now you were just speechless.

“You’re lying…”


“Are you serious?!?!”

She laughed but before you could ask anymore she grabbed your duffel bag and headed out of the bus.

It seemed like forever when you finally settled in your cabin.

Your best friend had gone ahead to register you and her for the activities tonight. There were a couple to choose from such as capture the flag, night fishing and star gazing. The two of you had long discussed about wanting to stargaze together so while you unpacked your things, she ran out to get your names on the popular activity. It seemed like everyone else had that in mind too though and soon you were left alone in the cabin.

Once you finished unpacking you put your hair up in a ponytail and walked down the entrance to stand on the big shiny rock that was planted in front of your cabin. The nature was calming and since it was quiet you proceeded to put your arms up as you closed your eyes to enjoy the breeze.

“Careful you don’t fall.”

A familiar voice called out and you quickly opened your eyes to see Donghyuck standing at the entrance of the cabin next door.

Shocked, you started to wobble and soon proceeded to fall on your bottom.

Donghyuck rushed over immediately as he held onto your elbow lightly.

“Are you okay? Can you get up? Sorry I shocked you…”

“I’m fine! Totally fine! See?”

You stood up on your own but soon realized your overreaction made you look kind of lame. Oh why did his cabin have to be right beside yours?!

Soon the bell for lunch rang.

“Oh look it’s lunch! See you!”

You turned around started walking away from Donghyuck.



You turned around immediately, cheeks tinted red with embarrassment.

“The way to lunch is this side.”

He chuckled lightly as you bit your lip and slowly walked back to his direction.

Soon the two of you were walking side to side towards the hall where lunch was held. Although there was an arm’s length distance between you two, you could see that he was more than a head taller than you. You were by no means short, but Donghyuck sure grew a lot from what you remember, making your heart skip a beat.

“So, what activity are you doing tonight?”

Donghyuck was into eye contact so every time he spoke or he listened to your response, he would glance at you.

You were trying so hard not to betray your nervousness but you were probably acting awkward as hell.



Duh! Of course he’s talking to you.

“I’m going stargazing, you?”

“I chose capture the flag. I thought it would be fun in the dark.”

Although you were a little down that you wouldn’t be seeing him, you nodded your head.

“It would have been fun if we chose the same activity.”

You paused for a moment. Did you hear right? Did he really want to do an activity with you? You felt a bit more confident now.


He paused to glance back at you.

“Yeah, I think it would have been fun too.”

He chuckled at your cute expression as you walked over back to his side.

“Want to have lunch together?”

Now it was his turn to look over at you with a surprised expression.


The two of you reached the lunch hall when your bestie ran over.

“Oh, here you are…with Donghyuck…hey Donghyuck!”

She gave you a teasing glance as she winked at Donghyuck causing him to give her a shy smile.

Shy?! Smile?!

Oh gosh, please tell me he doesn’t like your best friend…

“Sorry ________! I wasn’t able to reserve stargazing for the two of us…they only had room for you in capture the flag!”

You looked dumbstruck as she put her hands together to beg for forgiveness as she leaned over to whisper in your ear.

“But don’t worry, Donghyuck will be there!”

Was she serious? She knew you sucked at sports. However, you were determined. You would try to be more outgoing, try your best to spend time with Donghyuck and maybe the two of you could get closer.

“That’s fine. You know I love capture the flag too.”

Your friend burst out laughing but tried her best to stifle her giggles as she led the two of you to the table she reserved.

“Hey Donghyuck!” The popular, active girl in his class shouted, signalling that she had reserved a spot for him at her table.

“Come sit with us!”

Donghyuck looked at you and you looked back at him. No way were you letting the opportunity to sit with him go away!

“Sorry! He has to sit with us for lunch.”

Everyone who had heard the conversation looked a bit shocked. You were even shocked at yourself for speaking up on his behalf.

“Don’t tell me that you’re trying to compete with me…”

She didn’t look happy and you could tell that her ‘compete’ meant more than Donghyuck as a lunch partner.

“Of course not! It’s just that we need to discuss our strategies for capture the flag tonight. See you around!”

You quickly held onto Donghyuck’s arm awkwardly and scurried away. Behind the two of you was your friend who looked like she would blow up from laughter any second. Oh come on, it wasn’t that funny…was it?

After a busy day of activities, night time finally came around and it was time for the last activity of the day, the one you were anticipating the most.

However, when you arrived at the destination for capture the flag, you found out that it was going to be girls versus boys. Even worse, your team leader was no other than the girl from lunch…who was glaring at you right now. How great, no time to spend with Donghyuck and you would be under her scrutiny all evening.

The jerseys were glow-in-the-dark and the girls wore red while the boys wore blue.

Donghyuck had given you a slight wave before the games began.

During the game you were situated right next to the flag with two other girls.

The girl from lunch said you were non-active, couldn’t run and was probably too dumb to capture the flag from the other team.

She was probably correct about the first two points but it was obvious that she was just trying to keep you away from Donghyuck.

An hour of the game passed and no one really got near to the flag yet so the other girls and you were just relaxing on the grass. The game was situated in a forest with a lot of small little hills and rocks where players could hide behind. The girls chose the vast space near the centre back of the playing field so that everyone was alert when players from the other team tried to take their flag away. There was only half an hour more until the game would end.

You were fiddling with the blades of grass in front of you when you heard girls shouting “Protect the flag! Protect the flag!” meaning that a player was nearby.

You clumsily got on your feet but by then the girls around you yelled “________! He’s heading right for you! Catch him!”

However, he was already too close and all you could do was shut your eyes.

Instead of hearing joyous shouts from the boys for their win, what followed was manly hands grabbing your own and running off with you into the night.

When you opened your eyes you could see the outline of his height even in the dark.


He turned around and you could see him smile at you as the two of you continued to run for a bit longer.

Soon there was a large rock in front and he let go of your hand as he breathed heavily and took a seat behind it, patting beside him for you to sit.

You took a seat but couldn’t take your eyes off him.

Once he started to relax he let out a laugh.

“That was exciting wasn’t it?”

You nodded. You could see him flash his pearly whites in your direction as he pointed to the sky.

“You like it? I thought we could go stargazing on our own.”

You bit your lip and didn’t say anything but looked up. Despite being in a forest, this spot had a wider opening to the sky and the two of you could see the stars clearly.

“Wow, the stars are so pretty!”

He chuckled and leaned back to lie on the rock, clearly tired from all the running he did. The two of you gazed at the stars in silence until you realized that the two of you weren’t exactly playing the game anymore.

“Hey Donghyuck, why didn’t you grab the flag though? You were right beside it! Your team almost won, especially how I wasn’t being the best guard and didn’t exactly catch you when you were heading towards my direction-”

He sat up and glanced at you.

“You have no clue how hard this game was for me, I didn’t think it would even work out. First off, I had to find a spot to see the stars, then locate where on earth you were on the playing field, then I had to get past all those girls in order to find you and bring you here and-”

He paused when he realized that you seemed a bit lost.

“What I’m trying to say… is that the objective of the game for me wasn’t to find the flag, but to find you.”

You stayed silent for a moment, you were simply too touched but didn’t want to overreact. What if he was just trying to be a good friend because you said you wanted to go stargazing earlier?

“Wow thanks…all this because I wanted to go stargazing?”

He laughed.

“Well yes, and also the fact that I like you.”

Now you were really shocked.

“You l-like me?”


You shyly tucked a strand of your long brown hair behind your ear.

“I…I…I l-like y-you too.”

“I know.”

“Wait what? How!”

“Well…at least we’re together now right? I’m more shy than I look you know…”

And with that, he reached over until he felt your hand and held it gently.

You were so going to get your best friend back, but maybe after you thank her.

gif cr: johnniesuh

anonymous asked:

Jehan jumped as he spotted all 3 heathers. They were in front of his car and the only way to get there was to go through. He pushed up his round rimmed glasses and headed over. "Excuse me." he said, trying to get to his car. (thejehanflower

Heather Chandler put her hand up to him as a sort of “give us a fucking minute bitch” sign as Heather M recounted what happened on her date the previous night, crying. Heather Duke butted in, saying how it reminded her of this one time only to be cut off by Chandler telling her to shut up and telling the other Heather to keep going.


anonymous asked:

I feel sooo ashamed to ask this, but I've never read the HP books, just see the movies.. so i wanna ask how are Draco and Harry, physically and personality, like the most canon definition¿¿

While i strongly advise you to read the books, i’ve done my best in describing them. I’m no writer but here it goes.

Draco is described as lean and slender, he’s taller than Harry and has a pale complexion. He has sharp facial features with a fine bone structure. Harry describes him pointy, especially his chin. His hair is described as sleek and silver blonde, in Hogwarts he slicked it back. He has grey eyes that Harry regarded as cold. He blushes in pink rather than red. He’s said to look just like his father. He has the dark mark on his left arm, and might have some scarring on his chest from the Sectumsempra incident in 6th year.
Draco is haughty and arrogant, he’s described as being narcissistic and spoiled, he likes being the centre of attention and before sixth year he liked to brag about his family and their assets. He can be quite spiteful and snappish. He’s clever, creative and cunning. He’s quite stubborn and passionate. He’s also good at compermentalizing his emotions, as he’s a succesful occlumens. Draco’s morally dubious, while he joined the death eaters willingly, he didn’t have it in himself to actually go through with it. He was quite disturbed by the real violence Voldemort spread in his house and he was unable to murder Dumbledore, even at the risk of his parents. He also didn’t identify Harry in the manor, even if he could have gained Voldemorts forgiveness and rewards for his family. He’s incredibly loyal towards his family and has a good relationship with both his parents. Despite being shown as treating his friends as body guards and minions, Draco actually cares for them and has a sense of loyalty to them. While he’s very self preservinf refuses to leave the fiendfyre before the golden trio takes Goyle as well. He’s said to be a better man after the war, who raised his son as a kinder person and didn’t teach him the muggle hating bigotry, along with Astoria.

Harry has untidy, messy jet black hair that is untameable and sticks up at the back. He has a thin face and almond shaped bright green eyes, he wears charcoal colored round rimmed glasses. He was decribed as small skinny with knobbly knees and in his Hogwarts years, due to his malnourishment as a child. He grows up to be as tall as his father, and James is described as tall relatively often. In the Malfoy manor scene is DH, Harry describes Draco as slightly taller than himself. His lightning bolt scar is in the middle of his forehead, his hair usually covers his scar. There is a scar that reads “I must not tell lies.” on his right hand, they show up white on his skin when he makes a fist. He has an oval shaped burn mark on his chest and possibly a straight cut scar on his arm. He’s said to look exactly like his father but with his mothers eyes.
Harry is very brave, loyal and courageous. He’s strong willed and stands up for himself quite often. He has a great ability to love, he’s selfless and proctective of people he loves. While he can be quite vengeful when riled up, he’s also quite forgiving when it comes to it. He can also be hot-tempered and impulsive and he’s quite sassy and sarcastic at times. He’s smart and better at practical magic than theoretical. He generally doesn’t like the attention his fame brings him and wants to have quiet, normal life. He often tries to do things on his own rather than ask for help and feels severe regret over people who got hurt in order to help him. He also feels guilty because of the deaths from the war. The war and his childhood, causes him to show depression and PTSD symptoms at times, i imagine this would continue through his adulthood as well.

I can honestly wax poetics about the both them and go in to detail character analysis until the morning but it’s getting pretty late as it is. I hope this was helpful!

Littoral - Chanyeol

This is the first time I’m actually including all the other exo members and let me tell you that was probably harder than weaving this story together for the past two weeks ;; It’s the first summer story of the season so I hope you guys like it! And I probably will never let something get this long as a one shot ever again.

(Every roadtrip has a destination.)

There’s something about driving that’s comforting. Peaceful. A sense of tranquility with the sun arched in the blue sky and occasionally hiding behind puffy clouds. The endless highway that stretches for miles, road signs surfacing on the roadside every couple yards, but you don’t pay attention to those.

You don’t have a destination.

You’re just……going. Putting as much distance between you and the chaos at home. The rapid changes happening that had you stumbling for a way out. An exit. Some space where you can sit and just figure things out.

Alone. Almost. You’d picked up a passenger right before rolling out of your driveway, and he had been anything but invited.

“We need a plan.” says the boy beside you. “A map. A place to stop at if anything goes wrong.”

You grit your teeth, the peace from before quickly leaving your veins.

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