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Sugar Sweet | 7 | (M)

word count: 6.3k

genre: mentions of smut + fluff + angst; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

thanks to: @jooheonster for giving it a quick read and giving me feedback  ♡

music: dream in a dream - ten ; all mine - f(x) ;  bad - tablo ; sing for you - exo

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Stan's Twin Theory

Hey, this is a new blog dedicated to Gravity Falls, and specifically to theories about Gravity Falls. We have some interesting (possibly far-fetched) theories. This is one of them.

Stan’s Twin Theory:

Stan has to have a brother (although not necessarily a twin), because he’s Dipper and Mabel’s Great-Uncle, and they all share the same last name, therefore he must have a brother. However, we believe he has a twin. Here’s why:

  • twins are genetic (and the gene can skip generations) 
  • There are some pieces of evidence found in the show that supports our claim

We also believe that Stan’s twin may be the Author. Here’s why:                            

1. The Hiding Spot

Look, a hole in the ground

In Tourist Trapped, Dipper found the 3rd book in the forest near the Mystery Shack. This may seem like a stretch, but think about it! where would you hide something important that you might want to access easily? By your house.                                        

Gideon’s factory

In The Hand that Rocks the Mabel it is shown that Gideon’s family factory is located on Gopher Road, the same street as the Mystery Shack. 

The Mystery Shack’s address via the Deed is 618 Gopher Road.

This could explain how Gideon found the 2nd Journal. 

And it’s interesting to note that Gideon was searching for the 1st Journal at the Mystery Shack. 

Possible hiding spots

There are possible hiding spots listed in the 2nd Journal, they seem to be located around a building similar to the Mystery Shack.

2. The Bunker

The Bunker is located underground, in the forest near the Mystery Shack.

There is a sign on the wall of the bunker that says that it is a nuclear fallout shelter. Now, where would you build a fallout shelter? Near your house of course! During times of bomb scares people would build fallout shelters in their backyard.

And since the Author did experiments in the bunker and was observing a shapeshifter, it would be more convenient for him to have the bunker close to the place where he lived. 

3. The Glasses              

In Carpet Diem, a secret room is discovered in the Mystery Shack, and Stan finds a pair of glasses.                                                                  

Stan finds the glasses

Later he is seen staring at the glasses, and he frowns at them in both scenes.

Stan contemplating the glasses

This could possibly represent an old memory of a friend or *cough* brother. It is obvious that someone lived in that room at some point, so why would Stan want to cover it up?


In Dreamscapers, it is shown in the 2nd Journal that the Author was surprised to see glasses on the Bill Cipher wheel, possibly because those are his glasses.Take a look at the glasses, they are similar to the ones found in the secret room.

We don’t think these are Stan’s glasses because his glasses are square with rims at the bottom, while the glasses found in the room and on the wheel don’t have rims at the bottom and are rounded.

Also in Dreamscapers, is a flash back of Stan when he was just a wee lad.

Notice his glasses are square and have rims at the bottom.

Here is Stan a little bit older. Notice that he still has square rimmed glasses.

But, in The Time Traveler's Pig, a younger “Stan” is shown with round glasses without rims at the bottom. His glasses look exactly like the one’s found in the secret room. 

Is this really Stan?

Also, this “Stan” has a cleft chin, whereas we have never ever once seen Stan with a cleft chin (not even in flashbacks). 

4. The Calender

Another small point: the calendar in the secret room has the date July 4, 1982 circled. It can be assumed that 1982 is the year the room was abandoned.

The room definitely looks like it hasn’t been touched since the 80’s

However, in the Author’s bunker, there is a calendar on the wall. Guess what year is on the calendar. 1982.

The calendar in the Mystery Shack and the calendar in the Author’s Bunker are from the same year, 1982. 

This suggests that both the room in the Shack and the Bunker were abandoned around the same time. 

5. Wrestling Match Flashback

In a brief scene in Stan’s flashback in Dreamscapers, we see young Stan at a wrestling match. There is a kid reading a book in the stands that looks very similar to child Stan, he even seems to be wearing the same clothing.

Could this be Stan’s twin?

6. The Swing-set 

In Dreamscapers, Stan’s mindscape is very creepy. One notable object in Stan’s mind is a dilapidated swing-set. This is the stuff of horror movies. 

Good times

Since we can assume everything in the mind is a symbol of a significant part of Stan’s life, then this swing-set is very telling. It likely symbolizes a broken childhood. Since it is a two swing swing-set, it could symbolize another person, likely from Stan’s childhood. A close friend… or sibling…

The fact that only one of the swings is broken is also interesting. In Into the Bunker, the Shapeshifter states that the Author “hasn’t been himself in 30 years” suggesting that he probably went crazy. 

Are all these merely coincidences? Maybe… But this is Gravity Falls we’re talking about. This show is filled with foreshadowing, plot twists, and secrets. There is just no way that all of this could be a coincidence. 

So, what do you think? Is this a stretch? Or are we on to something? Feel free to comment with your own theories. The more the merrier! :)

Mr. Kim - Teacher AU

“I know you weren’t in the guidance office before my class today. I also know you spend more time in my room with your eyes on me than anywhere else you should be looking,” Jin purred, walking his fingers up and down your thigh. “So why don’t you tell me the truth, darling? Eager to see me?”

word count: 3.3k

genre: smut (oral, car sex, dirty talk, uniform kink(?))

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Caved In [ZYX/KMS] (M)

↠ minseok/yixing/f!reader; 5.4k; your boyfriend’s best friend may have a crush on you, or your boyfriend, or both of you
smut warning (it’s a little more gay than my other threesomes but hey); college au; minseok is kinda strange but also horny lmao

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with you,” Minseok says. His voice is gruff and makes your spine shiver. You can’t even look over to Yixing because you’re afraid you’ll be caught. “My dirtiest thought is what you’d feel like when I used my tongue to make you scream like Yixing does. Do you think you can be that loud for me?”

Originally posted by purpleuhan

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Brothers - Peaky Blinders Imagine

The relationship with each of your brothers


Originally posted by christinaisrighthere

There was a large age gap between the two of you, about 15 years to be exact, but that didn’t stop the protective instincts Tommy had over you. Ever since you were little he’d rap his arms around you when you were hurt and he always always made sure he had your approval before beating a young man senseless for you.


‘Tommy, Y/N’s in a shitty mood and won’t tell me why.’ As soon as those words left Polly’s mouth, Tommy lit his cigarette and headed straight for your room.

A knock at the door sent a shiver down your spine. You weren’t interested in talking to anyone. The door slithered open anyway and there stood Tommy.

‘What happened?’ He puffed out along with a cloud of smoke.

‘Fucking Hans boy.’ You responded, rolling on your side and turning in the other direction from your older brother as you thought of how the little bastard of a man had attempted to hug you in ways you didn’t want.

‘Yes or no?’ Tommy simply asked, a wiff of smoke being sent your way.

‘Kill him for all I care.’ Then, the door shut and that poor excuse for a man wouldn’t disturb you anytime soon.


Originally posted by awhoreslies

Arthur and you had always gotten along quite well. It could be because of your sensitive natures or the fact that you both knew how to say the worst things at the wrong time. Either way, Arthur often spoke about how proud he was of you.


Arthur, Finn and John were all sat around the private drinking room in the Garrison, chugging down bottles of whiskey and smoking their lives away.

You’d recently got engaged and to say that Arthur was happy about was a complete and utter lie. He hated the man you were marrying and he wanted to speak to John about convincing him to leave you.

‘John, a word?’ He attempted to mouth in his younger brothers direction but Finn caught on first.

‘Ah c’mon you idiot. You can say it in front of me.’ Finn said, a little to far up his own ass for Arthur’s liking.

John gave Finn a look, then gave Arthur the same one.

‘It’s Y/N’ Arthur told them both.

John raised his eyebrows and Finn went on to light another cigarette.

‘If Finn would just piss off I’d explain a little better.’ Arthur growled, pointing at the direction of the bar door.

‘Fucks sake.’ Was all Finn said before putting out his cigar and storming out of the pub.

‘What’s up?’ John questioned his eldest brother, pouring him self another drink.

‘I love Y/N, I really do. But there’s no way in hell im letting her marry that poor excuse for a man.’ Arthur explained, sitting back in his chair.

‘I can agree with that but isn’t what we want is it? It’s what our baby sister wants.’ John defended you, rubbing his index finger round the rim of his glass.

‘Like hell it is.’ Arthur complained like a nine year old before burying his emotions in a bottle of rum.


You and John did not get along. There had always been sibling rivalry and for whatever reason, neither of you planned on ever helping each other.


‘Fucking hell John!’ You practically shouted, aiming your right fist at his cheek.

He toppled to the ground in response before jumping back up and putting you into the position he had just been in.

‘Don’t touch me.’ He growled equally as loud back at you, about to send a kick to your shin.

You were quicker though and you managed to hit him in his Crown Jewels.

You were fighting because in the family meeting moments before, John had completely dropped you on it by telling your entire family that you’d been messing about with the current enemy. You weren’t happy about it to say the least.

John was angry now, angrier then you’d ever seen him before. Before you knew what was happening, a punch sent you to the dark side knocking you out cold.

‘Shit, shit shit shit.’ John said as soon as he realised what he had done.

Yes, you two fought a lot and there was a punch here and there but he’d taken it to far this time. Way to fucking far.

He picked up your limp body and rested your head on his lap. At the same moment, Polly and Tommy walked in, both stopping in their tracks as they registered the situation.

‘WHAT THE FUCK JOHN?’ Polly screamed as she jumped to your side and did a one over of your wounds.

Tommy grabbed John by his shoulders and pulled him up. ‘You’ve gotta stop doing this, right fucking now. Or I’ll kick you out this family, you here me? I’LL KICK YOU RIGHT FUCKING OUT!’ Tommy shouted but John wasn’t listening, he was overwhelmed with guilt as he looked down at his baby sisters lifeless body.

What had he done?


Originally posted by finnshelby1920s

Finn was younger then you but the two of you were close. He’d be the one to play with you when you were younger and you’d be the one to teach him the ways of the Shelby family.


He’d heard arguing going on inside, presumably from you and your current boyfriend. He was under strict instructions not to interrupt since you had ‘everything under control’ but he was biting his tongue not to barge in and break up the storm inside of the house.

The sudden sound of palm hitting skin sent Finn past the line and he stormed in. There you were, clutching your cheek as your ‘boyfriend’ held his hand in a hitting position.

‘Don’t touch her.’ Finn scowled, holding his hands up as a sign of non aggression.

‘Finn, it’s alright. Go back outside.’ You pleaded with him, not wanting your baby brother to be caught in the crossfire.

‘No Y/N, I can’t let him treat you like this anymore.’ Finn shot straight back at you, taking a step forward and removing his pistol from his waist.

‘Get back, tiny man.’ Your partner angry growled, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you into him.

‘She’s mine.’ He growled.

‘No she fucking isn’t.’ Finn said, taking his gun and aiming it at your boyfriends head.

With sudden nerves, the man holding your waist let go and you ran towards your little hero before he could change his mind.

‘Let’s go Finn.’ You pushed the gun in his hands down in the process. ‘Thank you.’

Our First and Last (Ch. 1)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 |

 Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin 
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi 
  • Words: 3,297
  • Description: The first time you met Jeon Jungkook was on your tenth birthday. On that day, he was nothing more than the strange man who jumped into a dark portal that suddenly opened in the middle of the park. The ten year old you just stood in the grass, strands of hair ruffling from the calm breeze that swooped by; head slightly tilted, bright, innocent eyes wide open and staring at him with wonder and disbelief. There was a certain amount of confusion, but your young mind was too naïve to question his actions or what they entailed.

Like parallel lines running in opposite directions, the Yin dimension and the Yang dimension were separate worlds that flowed in perfect sync. People living in the Yin dimension aging up and people living in the Yang dimension aging down. But the interesting thing is, once a person’s life is nearing its end in one dimension, they begin anew in the other, forming a never-ending life cycle that’s existed since the beginning of time.

People in the Yin and Yang dimensions never came in contact with each other simply because they aged in opposite timelines and any form of interaction would just create a paradox.

The only case you’ve ever heard about where two people who aged in opposite timelines were able to see each other and fall in love was the famous story of a boy named, Park Jimin, and his lover Kim Taehyung thousands of years ago. It was quite the legend, a tale told to every kid when they were little. Parents always reassured their children that glitches like that only happen once in a million years because the Yin dimension and the Yang dimension flowed in a perfect parallel cycle, and any kind of error was VERY rare. Some people even went as far as to say, the story is nothing but an urban legend about star-crossed lovers, made up to teach children a life lesson, because the accuracy of the flow of time in the dimensional cycle is apparently 100%.

But this very legend had it’s reputation as most popular children’s bedtime story long before you were even born, mainly because of the lovable protagonist Park Jimin, who was described as a pink-haired, fairy –like boy from the Yin dimension, and his lover Kim Taehyung, a beautiful sun-kissed prince from the Yang. It was less about the actual paradox of two opposite timelines colliding and more about what would happen to people if they lost their practical mindset. The two lovers could’ve chosen to forget about each other and just let the cycle naturally correct the mistake it made. But in the end, their love consumed them and they were forced into the dark depths of a black hole, eternally lost. Or so the story goes….

You had no idea how the telling of this legend became an unchanging tradition, let alone why it was even necessary to expose children to such a tragic tale.

The concept of death was literally that, a concept, because no one existing in either the Yin or Yang dimensions knew what death actually was, because life to them was just an endless cycle, a progression of time in a circle…from old to young, young to old and back again.

To just suddenly not exist one day was unfathomable, and no one would trade eternal life for mortality, so perhaps the legend served the purpose of giving people an idea of true love, another unfamiliar concept (perhaps even more unfamiliar than death) for the people of the two dimensions.

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college yoongi

surprise it’s me kinda short cause apush hw but

Originally posted by jinkooks

  • ahah nobody requested it but i am taking creative liberty cause everyone likes when i write for yoongi the best and also i like writing for him the best so!!
  • yoongi’s parents were super serious about him going to college and getting a good education, and they really wanted him to go overseas to the states, because there are so many opportunities over there and they thought he would lead a better life over here
  • so he started learning english in high school and he didn’t really have the knack for it and he struggled a lot with it and that really discouraged him from going to college overseas but alas his parents were forcing him
  • and they’re also like now yoongi,,, we know that your passion is your music and your pictures (he cringes at this) but we want you to major in something that will actually get you a job,,,
  • and so they basically decide his major for him as well, well they say it has to be something “stable” and something that he can “make money” with
  • so he decides on psychology cause that’s not something you necessarily have to deal with people with you know? not everyone ends up being a therapist? he loves to learn about how to the brain works too and he loves trying to figure out what happens when things go wrong and he seriously wants to try to make advancements in cures for depression and anxiety and so he declares his major as psych
  • like deep down he’s super passionate about it, especially like the psychology that revolves around mental health and since he was young he had his nose buried in psych books because he wanted to try and see if he could figure out what was going on with him and stuff like that and so he definitely doesn’t mind the major, and he’s super relieved when his parents accept it as a valid option
  • he does minor in photography though, he knows that it’s more reliable than music production, and he can at least try and use that to make some money while in college?
  • plus he really loves it
  • okay anyway he comes over and he’s trying not to be nervous but he’s panicking on the inside because it’s a new country, and he really didn’t dedicate himself to learning english as much as he should have
  • and he’s doing his best not to completely lose it while trying to find his dorm because he wants to make his parents proud and he doesn’t want to disappoint them by calling home in tears that he hates it already but he really doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s scared and nervous and he feels like he wants to faint and nobody is really helping him
  • but he finally makes it to his dorm right and he stumbles in and his face is red and he’s breathing heavy and he feels like he’s about to break down in tears and he’s not ready to socialize with whoever his dorm mate might be but then he looks at the kid and his eyes kinda widen
  • and the boy smiles and starts talking to him in very very very good english “oh hey, you must be yoongi?”
  • and yoongi hears his name and he’s like… “yes??”
  • the boy just gives him this dimply smile and then switches to korean “oh I’m namjoon nice to meet you”
  • and yoongi just about loses it because wow how did he get this lucky?? how did he get a roommate who speaks korean??
  • namjoon is only real friend for the first few weeks on campus like yoongi really doesn’t wanna join any clubs despite what namjoon tells him about clubs helping him to get to know new people
  • like the only thing he shows up for is namjoon’s academic team tournaments to cheer namjoon on and sometimes he’ll read the questions to help better his english what a cutie
  • like he really devotes himself to his studies because he doesn’t wanna let his parents down and he wants to be a kid that his parents can proudly point out and be like “that’s my son”
  • even though yoongi isn’t very social he gets usper popular on campus with the girls like he rocks the natural black hair and it hangs low in his eyes and he’s always bustled in his scarves and he wears ripped jeans and lots of doc martens and sometimes he’ll have those round rimmed glasses in his nose and he’s so cute and girls swoon over him all the time and he just doesn’t notice it poor bean child
  • most of the time he can be found in the library, nose buried in a book because he wants to improve his reading fluency and sometimes he’ll get stuck on something and he’ll sit there with his nose scrunched up and his eyes narrowed in determination and he’ll stick his tongue out and when he finally sounds it out and recognizes the word he’ll cheer to himself then continue to read to himself
  • you meet him in the library actually!
  • you’re trying to do your homework and your roommate has someone over and you seriously didn’t want to thrid wheel like you didn’t wanna be that awkward person who sits on the end of the couch alone while they watch all the lord of the rings or something dorky
  • and turns out, yoongi is also doing some homework!! he has a survey to complete on people’s opinions on a pretty controversial topic so the class could examine the factors that affect someone’s decision but the thing is yoongi is way too shy to go up and actually ask anyone, and he needs more participants than just namjoon
  • but he sees you sitting there, head bowed, earbuds in, and his breath hitches in his throat because you are the most stunning human he has seen on campus like you aren’t anything really out there or extravagant or flashy
  • you’re simple and you look so comfortable and soft and you look so plain but you look so genuine and the little things make you absolutely breathtaking and yoongi finds himself staring at you with wide eyes for like thirty minutes
  • meanwhile he’s texting namjoon, giving him your complete description and he’s like oh my god man, how do i approach them, they’re literally an angel or something
  • and namjoon kinda “ask for their opinion. for your survey? you know, that thing you have due in like a week??”
  • yoongi just facepalms because why didn’t he think of this??
  • he gives himself a mental pep talk before heading over and sitting across from you
  • you don’t notice him right away but then he kinda shuffles and you glance up and almost scream because who the heck is this?? and why is he so good looking?? and why is he at your table????
  • and you quickly yank your earbuds out and you smile sheepishly and he’s all red in the face and he doesn’t know what to say cause his english isn’t great and he doesn’t want you to laugh or anything and he kinda just stares at you
  • but then he’s like oh shit my project
  • “um… i’m yoongi…” he purses his lips and glances up at you and you seem so attentive and his heart flutters and he looks back down at his hands “I um, well… I have this thing, and i gotta ask how you think? your opinion, would you give me yours?”
  • he’s so cute and you nearly die cause he’s asking permission like what a sweetheart??
  • and so you do give it to him and after that you also give him your number because what a cutie and he just beams when you put your number into his phone (with some of his help cause his phone is set up in korean obv) okay but he puts lil hearts near your name to help set you apart and namjoon never lets it go ever
  • and you see his lockscreen and it’s him and friends home in daegu and you kinda “oh where’s this?”
  • “My hometown, im not from here… you probably can tell.”
  • and your eyes widen and you shake your head “oh your english? no it’s really good, you speak more proper than people who’ve lived here forever. you should show me some more pictures later!!”
  • but you have to go cause your next lecture starts and you demand that he texts you soon and he just smiles warmly and waves you off
  • he doesn’t text back the entire day and you start to worry that he didn’t really like you and you were maybe getting your hopes up but it’s because he doesn’t wanna bother you and a lot of time people who learn a second language can speak really great but writing is the hardest thing and so he’s waiting for namjoon to finish his class so he can get his help
  • but music
  • music on the other hand is a universal language am i right
  • whenever he finds a song he really like he sends it to you and he’s into the american hip hop for sure but i see him really into like indie music?? like super into the indie alternative stuff
  • every morning you receive a good morning text with a new song he wants you to listen to and that’s when you find out that he actually writes his own stuff and that he wanted to do something with music
  • slowly but surely you two begin to hang out more and you two really get close as friends first?? like you two don’t immediately end up head over heels like there’s the initial attraction sure but it’s not like you’re in love right away
  • yoongi suspects you have a thing for namjoon actually but
  • like you two always get coffee together except he gets tea every time
  • he’ll bring his laptop with him and you two will sit down together, shoulders brushing, sharing earbuds as he lets you hear what he’s currently working on
  • but one day, he goes up to get your drinks, and you snoop on his files because you wanna hear some more bops, and you actually click on his photography folder and it’s thousands of pictures of scenery upon scenery, like mountains and meadows and beaches and forests and they’re all so enchanting and you feel like you’re maybe living in a fantasy or something while looking at them because they don’t seem like they could come from this world
  • and yoongi comes back to find you gaping at his pics and his face gets all red and he’s all warm and fuzzy inside and he plops down beside you and just studies the look of pure bliss on your face and he decides he rather likes the view
  • “a lot of those are from back home” he kinda shrugs, not wanting to make a big deal about it
  • you turn and glare and he’s like great what did i do but then you giggle and his face gets more red “why didn’t you show me these before? god yoongi, you’re so good at everything you do, let me guess, you’re athletic too huh?”
  • and now he’s really blushing cause he’s a humble guy and you’re just praising him and he sips his drink then mumbles “I like basketball…?”
  • you practically screech at this because “yoongi basketball tryouts are in a few weeks, you should join!”
  • he doesn’t want to because he’s self conscious of his height and of his skills but the promise of you coming to every home game to cheer him on is really tempting and so he agrees, because “i guess i need to keep up my health right??”
  • okay yes yoongi does make the team and he plays point guard and every game you come to cheer him on with namjoon and yoongi just beams at you with his gummy smile and always waves to you when he’s warming up
  • he changes when he play like beast mode activated you’ve never seen someone so determined in his life he plays with such passion and fire and he never gives up and like he glistens with sweat and someone that doesn’t bother you at all
  • after games the three of you always go out for milk shakes at this local diner and namjoon always pays cause he has a job on campus and yoongi always gets all red when you praise his skills and namjoon always ends up having to leave for some reason or another now that you think about it…
  • okay but one night yoongi texts you and he’s kinda “hey wanna come hang with me, i have some shots for my class i need to take, and maybe you wanna come or something idk”
  • and you’re kinda surprised because that morning after he sent you his daily song he promptly said “ignore it” and then didn’t text you the rest of the day
  • but hey you love hanging with yoongi and you’ve never seen him in action before you already finished the majority of your homework so why not
  • yoongi is waiting outside your dorm, and he has a beanie on his head and a thick scarf around his neck and his camera in hand and he looks so stunning your heart kinda jumps into your throat
  • cause you can’t deny it anymore like there is no denying it, that you have helplessly, hopelessly fallen for min yoongi
  • whether it be during the times you helped him with his english, reading articles and stories and reports aloud to him, with his head on your lap as your fingers tangled in his hair
  • or the times, late at night, he would sneak out of the dorms to come throw rocks at your window to ask for you to pretty please come down and catch a midnight movie with him
  • or perhaps it was the times where you were burdened with work, exhausted and defeated and ready to give up everything, that yoongi took your hands in his and promised that you two would do it together, make it through college, through life, as the best of friends
  • friends
  • you assume that’s what it’ll ever be
  • yoongi has everyone on campus practically drooling over him why would he ever stop to have feelings for you?
  • you’ve cried to namjoon about it like a million times
  • like it seems impossible that yoongi would somehow love you of all people and it hurts and it hurts more that you can see and touch and feel the person who yoongi really is under his cold and unsociable exterior and you’re so close you can practically feel his lips on yours when he leans in close and whispers something about the psychology behind choices and why he makes them but then just as your eyelids flutter shut, he pulls away and your heart breaks
  • but here he stands now, smiling softly and motioning you along and you can’t help but follow even though you need you’re going to fall more and more in love if you let things like this continue to happen
  • he doesn’t really explain the assignment but he’s taking you towards the city, towards the bright lights and the loud noises and the fun and the passion that can’t always be found down on campus
  • you’re his silent assistant as he takes pictures of the mundane
  • of garbage cans, and sleeping alley cats, and doorframes and windows illuminated by the city lights
  • he takes pictures of the ramen you two order down at this little hole in the wall, and he takes a picture of the koi fish pond in the corner of the restaurant
  • he takes pictures of your shoes, pressed against the toes of his own, and he takes picture of taxi cabs and bicycles and cracks in the pavement
  • but then he brings you to this lil secluded area and it’s near one of the art galleries, but behind it, and it’s a park actually, with lots of weeping willows, and benches, and a pond in the middle
  • the moon is up in the sky and the stars are smiling down at the two of you and it would be so perfect if your i love you wasn’t burning the tip of your tongue and it’s becoming more and more difficult to swallow
  • yoongi points to one of the trees with the branches sagging low due to the snow white blossoms and he kinda “now stay there okay… and i want you to look down okay, and on the count of three, i’m gonna take your picture okay?”
  • obviously you’re kinda confused because yoongi rarely ever takes pics of people, and this project he hasn’t so far, and why you of all people, like if you knew he was taking your picture you would have dressed better??
  • but you do as he says and he counts down and then he gets to one
  • “I love you”
  • it’s just above a whisper and his voice is shaking a bit but you hear it and you cover your mouth with your hands and stare up at him with wide eyes and he takes the picture right at that moment
  • and he smiles so softly and you run into his arms and he sets the camera down on the nearby bench
  • and you wrap your arms around his neck and run your fingers through his hair and he pulls you close and he smiles through the kiss
  • and afterwards he buries his face in the crook of your neck and you both are laughing and smiling and he’s holding your hands and kissing your nose
  • you can’t help but ask what the assignment was though
  • and he kinda laughs and mumbles against your skin “well it was to make a portfolio of the things that make me feel alive”
  • after that yoongi is always taking your picture like you just woke up and have bed head well guess who has the camera ready to capture the moment oh wait yoongi
  • he takes pictures of you always, especially with his polaroid and he tapes them to the walls of his dorm
  • namjoon always tells him to stop being so sappy but yoongi just sticks another picture up
  • he’s not very touchy and showy and most people don’t even know you’re dating but he lets you wear his basketball jacket and that’s when people kinda start to suspect some things mm hmm
  • he also writes you music all the times and compiles some playlists for you of all your favorite songs and he makes study playlists and running playlists and probably some other types of playlists
  • he likes to have you over at his dorm always and lay there with you on his bed as he talks about the psychology behind attraction and affection and the likes
  • anyway he would be a really cute college boyfriend okay and you two would be the envy of all the couples on campus okay
Always Pt. 4: Begin (M)

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Ignorance is bliss

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, feat. Jimin and Taehyung

Genre: Killer!Jungkook, Angst

Word Count: 6060

Content/Warnings: Violence; Graphic depictions of death; Major character death; No smut in this chapter (sorry). Also I hope no one takes this the wrong way and thinks this has anything to do with the fandom wars, because I can assure you it doesn’t, so please don’t make this about that.

** Italics indicate a flashback within the flashback **


You would die for him, kill for him, and everything in between.

He was as much a part of you as yourself. 

You didn’t want anyone else. 

It was always Jungkook.

Jungkook stood in the old warehouse. The stale smell of gasoline and ocean salt filled the air.

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t kill you,” he said to the blond man kneeling before him. But these were empty threats. Jungkook had never killed someone before, only done so much as knock another man out with a punch to the jaw. But taking another’s life… That’s something he promised himself he would never do.

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A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 9

“It’s all my fault.”

My head is deep in my forearms because really I’m ashamed of everything I’ve done in the last couple of weeks and I don’t want to look anyone in the eye right now. The guilt is eating me from the inside out because as much as Shiro tries to convince me that I can’t be held reliable, that everyone should be held accountable, he doesn’t know the half of what I’ve done and I can’t… let them all believe that the minor impacts they might’ve had on Lance’s decision is anything compared to the hits I’ve delivered.

Both metaphorically and literally, my knuckles ache with the memory of his cheek beneath them, and my chest aches with the memory of the way his blue eye widened before it swelled shut. What have I fucking done? How could I… Lance, he’s an annoying guy sometimes, never on purpose, but just seeking reactions. He talks loudly and dramatizes almost everything to an unrealistic extent, all about physically contact, bumping our shoulders together, fist bumping, high fiving, insistent hugs that no one would admit they appreciate, even friendly kisses on the cheek. Most often, he kisses Hunk. Yes, he’s a little much, but I’d never… hurt him.

I never thought I would, but I guess I was wrong. I’ve been wrong about a lot of the things I swore I’d never do to him for a few weeks now and I would take any one of his bad puns and shoulder bumps just to go back and let him know I’m sorry and that he’s wanted. He’s so wanted because now that he’s gone… I don’t know what to do with myself.

You only know you love her when you let her go.

“It’s…” I don’t think I’ve ever seen Allura tear up. Eyes much more blue that Lance’s with moisture teetering dangerously on her long lashes. “It’s all of our faults. We each made this mistake. And as a whole, it broke Lance down until he could no longer take it.”

“No, you don’t understand,” I knot my fingers through my hair I wish he would make fun of and knit my brows, “I - I was so much worse than any of you, we - I - he just - and then I - ”

“Not everything’s about you, Keith.” Pidge snaps, ripping their glasses of their face aggressively. “You picked the wrong fucking time to be emo.”

“Language.” Shiro scolds softly.

“Fuck my language!” They bite back, hugging their stomach like it hurts. I don’t blame them. I’m sick to my stomach too. “Lance took of with the heir to the Galra Empire because we never paid attention to him and Keith’s trying to make it all about himself again! This is,” If a tear rolls down a pale, freckled cheek, no one points it out, “it’s about… him. We have to get him back.”

For the most part, Matt has been quiet, which I don’t understand since he’s the one who reported all this information to us, much longer after we could do anything about it. Sometimes, I’m startled by how similar Pidge and Matt look, even down to the round, gold wire rim glasses. He speaks up now, though. “He’s made his decision. Even if it’s the wrong one, Lance has to find that out himself. He wanted to belong so badly, he was blinded by it and ran to anyone he thought loved him and if we try and rescue him now, he’ll learn nothing.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Hunk asks timidly, eyes puffy and nose red. “You’re not suggested we just leave him with that purple creep?”

Matt shrugs.

A growl rips out of my mouth. “You just wanna take his place! You don’t get a fucking opinion!”

“Keith, language!” Shiro warns.

“No, why is he even here?” I point at him in disgusted accusation and maybe it’s a way to cope with the blame that rests so heavily on my shoulders, and I’ve never been good at control. “Lance wouldn’t have left if he didn’t think someone could fill in for him!”

“Oh, shut the fuck up,” Pidge scoffs with an eye roll, perching their glasses back on their narrow nose. “Lance didn’t care about how Voltron was impacted, he was gonna leave whether Matt was here or not because we’re assholes!”

The thought burns. That it didn’t matter if Matt was here or not. Maybe it’s because it’s true. I, for one, didn’t care when Matt arrived, only accepted him into the small group of people I tolerate because Shiro was nuts about the guy. Only acknowledged that he existed when he showed me a thing or two about adapting a better fighting technique. But, I still treated Lance so badly. I… I said that awful thing to him that I didn’t even mean. I can never voice my opinions correctly, so when it all bubbles up inside, I just blurt things out and honestly I’m not used to communicating through anything other than actions.

I was angry. I think he got the message from the blood decorating his pink lips and the flesh engorging around his socket.

“It doesn’t matter now, okay?” Shiro exclaims, rubbing his mechanic hand over his stressed face. “All that matters is he’s gone and somehow, we have to get Lance back. For all we know, Slav’s prediction is completely wrong and Blue won’t accept a new Paladin. If that’s the case, we’re at a completely defenseless state with Lance in the hands of a dangerous sociopath.”

“Hey!” Allura frowns. “I never said he was dangerous.”

“Well, he’s a Galra, so?” Hunk slumps over at his station, pulling his headband off. His bangs fall across his forehead. I really hope my bangs don’t look like that. I feel more upset just looking at his hair. His headband’s been holding back his emo this whole time?

“Well, I’m Galra, so.” I mumble. “Thought you learned to stop making assumptions based on someone’s species.”

“Keith, dude, I didn’t - ”

“Lotor and I,” The princess intercepts lightly, probably to stop another argument from occurring, “we were childhood friends. This may slightly warp my perception of him and his intentions, but based on what I know of his personality, he would never take someone against their will. This is what Lance wants and as long as it continues to be what he wants, he’ll still be with him. Lotor’s too… gentle to keep someone if they’re not happy with him.”

A grim silence falls above us, like a blue chandelier, dangling from a single thread, threatening to fall, glass threatening to shatter and spray ten feet in every direction. Blue, like his eyes, blue like his heart, blue like his expression when I hit him that night. Blue as a constant reminder, blue to tell me that I’ve fucked up.

“So we just… have to wait? Wait until he comes back if he even wants to after how we’ve treated him?” I ask hopelessly, sliding down into my seat like a pile of dead weight. God, I feel like I’m drifting away. “And what about Voltron?”

Allura turns on instinct to Matt, who smiles sadly. “I… I believe if Blue wanted anyone to ever take Lance’s place, she would’ve wanted it to be me.”

“No.” Coran says simply. I’m… surprised. I haven’t heard him talk this entire discussion. “This isn’t right and you lot know that it isn’t. Slav’s predictions should never have had a say in whether or not you treat your valued teammate with respect. I’ve tried to tell you all to not take this path, but you brushed me off as easily as you did to Lance. Now…” He looks to the side, getting teary himself as he slinks down into his station, heaving a sigh and combing his fingers through his neat, orange hair. “Now, it’s up to the teammate you used for your pleasure whether or not Voltron will survive.”

Those words of his could’ve been taken as anything, mind changing words around so that it makes sense. But, when he looks right at me with tired, narrowed brown eyes, I know exactly what he meant and my brain doesn’t have to change a thing about those words to understand. Coran and Lance were so close. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Lance seeks reconciliation in him, who must be like a Shiro figure to him when Shiro was preoccupied. I never knew why they got so close, though.

All I know is that they were close enough that Lance told Coran of our flings. And he is not happy with me. He, while the others blame themselves, knows who is guilty in this room.

Fucking quiznak.

Chapter 10:

wuace  asked:

Jongin has been trying to put on a tie for almost an hour and he is too embarassed to ask his jagi for help ;)

Jongin still has an hour to prepare himself for the company meeting and another hour to drive to the office building. But for some reason, he’s already wasting half an hour fixing his tie in front of the mirror. A little frustrated, he groans and narrows his brows because after all this time he has been working in sales department of a car company, wearing countless of suits and different patterns of ties, still, he doesn’t know how to put on a tie properly. The only person who has saved him numerous times from struggling to put on a tie by himself is no other than his precious bestfriend, jagi, husband for life–Kim Kyungsoo. 

Ah, just thinking and mumbling the name has Jongin smiling like a fool. Kim Kyungsoo is such a nice name to hear indefinitely.

However, Jongin is too embarrassed and shy now to ask for help. It has been going on monthly, weekly, ever since they got married in the middle day of their birthdays that year and it’s already in the middle week of October and yet, Jongin still hasn’t learned the art of putting on a necktie.

Not just a little, but overly frustrated this time when he sees the time, Jongin removes the tie around his neck and convinces himself to disturb his husband instead, who is cooking in the kitchen.

But before he can step inside where the aroma of sweet crispy chicken being cooked can be smelled, he steps backwards when he sees his husband in a huge blue sweater and grey jogging pants plus his round black rimmed glasses, over a grey apron, swaying his hips while humming to a song Jongin knows very well–Gashina. Kyungsoo has been obsessed to that song lately that he even caught Kyungsoo dancing to the song one night while cooking dinner.

It’s not the swaying of Kyungsoo’s hips that has Jongin stalling by the threshold of the kitchen, but it’s because, he’s gripping the patterned necktie and contemplating whether to disturb, yet again, his husband to tie the necktie for him.

Jongin is old enough to know how to put it on and for sure, Kyungsoo will nag at him again to practice so he could learn because what if I m not around and you have to put on a tie? who would put a tie for you then? Kyungsoo would always tell him, but Jongin did try to watch tutorial videos of it online, but he has no will to do it, thinking that he loves it more whenever Kyungsoo puts it on him.

Deciding not to bother Kyungsoo, he turns on his heel, but seeing the time, he turns back to the direction of the kitchen and walks briskly inside and calls, “Kyungsoo–” he stops, however, when Kyungsoo lifts his head up adorably.

“Yeah?” Kyungsoo is holding a cucumber in hand and it’s half cute and half suggestive, but Jongin doesn’t need dirty thoughts in his mind at the moment, so he clears his throat and takes a leap, “Can you put on my tie?”

Deliberately, Kyungsoo puts down the cucumber on the kitchen counter and nags like a mom would do. “Jongin, just when you would learn?” He accepts the tie from Jongin and stands before him. Jongin takes a  He drapes it around Jongin’s neck and starts to loop it easily. “Later, when you get home I’m going to teach you how to put that on, okay?” He smooths the lint of Jongin’s white button up shirt before tip toeing to peck him on the cheek. Jongin’s heart skyrockets from the contact. “Go now, handsome or you’ll be late.” 

Jongin stands still on his spot while Kyungsoo round s the table and picks up small bag. 

“Here’s your lunch. Eat on time. It’s sweet crispy chicken. I also sliced apples for you. Now, go.” He led Jongin out of the kitchen to the living room, but he disappears again and reappears, holding Jongin’s coat and black sling bag that contains his MacBook. He hands them to him. “You might forgot. You still have forty five minutes to get there.”

“Jagi,” Jongin speaks gently, a grateful smile on his lips. 


“You’re cute.” Jongin says instead of the usual thank you.

Kyungsoo chuckles endearingly and nods fast. “Yeah, yeah, I’m cute, handsome, adorable as fuck, cuter than penguins and cuter than all our poodles. I know, I know.” 

They get out of the house as Kyungsoo walks Jongin to their car. He still has his glasses and apron on and still looking as adorable as fuck.

Jongin opens the car door, but stares at Kyungsoo for almost five minutes. He doesn’t miss the blush on Kyungsoo’s chubby cheeks.

“You’re going to get late if you keep on staring at me that way.”

“You know what,” Jongin leans in dangerously closer to his husband’s face. “I think I don’t want to learn how to put on ties anymore.”

He receives a slap on his bicep. “Then I won’t help you anymore, Mister Kim! Get going now before your boss kicks your ass for being a lazy ass!”

Jongin laughs, but sweeps a kiss on Kyungsoo’s lips before getting inside the car.

“See you later, cupcake!”

“Yah! I’m going to teach you a lesson later lazy ass!” Kyungsoo scolds with his hands on his hips as Jongin starts the car and sticking out his tongue at his husband.

“Love you!”

“Yah, Kim Jongin! You should learn how to put on a tie!”

The car zooms away and the smile on Jongin’s lips is glued on his face. He still has thirty five minutes to go to the office. He might really get late.

white sugar.

word count: 1080

pairing: hyungwon x reader

notes: modern au, fluff 

The city sounds intensify the second the sliding doors pry themselves open before you. The swirl of afternoon conversations, impatient honking, and the occasional screeching of unsatisfied kids are all part of your daily routine. You take in these familiar sounds and the midday sun rays, fixing your blue chiffon dress that floats above your knees. 

Leaving the shade of your office building, you follow the same path as every other weekday: one block to the right, and then ten small streets right again. And with that, the towering apartment buildings and shops drown out the busy traffic of the city. 

As you near the corner of the last block, the sweet aroma of desserts and pastries waft from the homely bakery. Since you encountered it on a stroll around your workplace, you’ve made it your goal to try everything on the menu. So far, two weeks in, you’ve been satisfied with everything. 

A well-dressed man strays from other side of the shop, peering inside the glass windows. His silver rimmed round glasses hang right above his nose, and his chestnut brown hair lays neatly on his head. 

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170526 | VogueME Weibo: “#张艺兴# 现身长沙参加活动,圆框眼镜搭配格纹衬衫,清新自然,文艺气十足。唇边有挡不住的浅笑是不是因为吃到了家乡的味道 [馋嘴]#张艺兴就爱冠着你#”

Translation [Dailyixing]: “#ZhangYixing# showed up in Changsha to take part in an event, round-rimmed glasses matched with a plaid button-up, fresh and natural, full of artistic air. He can’t hold back the faint smile at the corners of his lips, is it because he had a taste of home? #ZhangYixingCrownsYou#”

Just A Girl in Arkham (Jerome x reader) Part 1

Word Count: 1784
Warnings: nope, just you meeting Jerome in Arkham.
A/N: Ok peeps, I’m probably gonna do a part two with the Galavans, and breaking out, and all that. Let me know what you think (not my gif)

Originally posted by fallenangelia

 You sighed heavily as a creaking from the other side of your cell woke you up. You heard the rustling movements of the guards coming towards you, but you didn’t bother moving. Strong hands grabbed each of your arms and harshly pulled you to your feet, and you let them. You really couldn’t do much else, seeing as they had you in a straight jacket.
 Smiling, you looked over at the guard on your right. “Lovely day, isn’t it?” You asked him, not expecting an answer. He looked at you in disgust as he helped lead you out of the small cell and up the stairs, out of the basement. They took you down the hall to the ‘patient-doctor-sessions’ room. One nurse trailed behind your group, emergency sedatives in hand. When you got to the therapy room, if you could even call it that, she scurried forward and opened the door. The guards shoved you inside, one staying by the door, the other forcing you to sit and cuffing your ankles to your chair. They retreated quickly, the nurse informing you in a weak tone that your doctor would be there soon.
 Once the door closed, you began humming. It was an odd song, but it was the one that had been playing when you’d shoved your older brother out the window of your fifth story apartment. You sighed happily thinking of it. He was always awful to you. He brought girls home every night, barley went to work enough to support you, and he often hit you when he got angry or drunk.
  You were so lost in your happy memory, you didn’t register the door opening, or the doctor walking in. You did, however, snap out of your thoughts when the chair opposite yours scraped against the floor so someone could sit there. You looked up to see your doctor.
 He was a very short, very trusting little old man. Just the type you could manipulate without much effort. His face held round horn rimmed glasses, and his white coat barley fit around his fat body.
 He smiled at you as he sat. Pulling out your file and turning to your current progress page, he began to list off everything you’d been diagnosed with.   “Patient Y/n L/n, diagnosed as a psychopath, and in extension suffering from alexithymia, along with narcissistic personality disorder, insomnia, and a severe case of pyromania.” He looked up at you. “That’s quite a resume.”
 “Aww, glad you like me, Doc.” You said indifferently. He sighed and began to ask you questions.
 “So, Y/n, tell me how you’ve been feeling this week,” he said kindly. You made a show of thinking for a moment before answering.
 “I feel…..better. My head feels clearer.” You said carefully. He nodded happily.
 “Good, good. And about the incident two months ago?” He was, of course, referring to when you’d killed one of the guards by poisoning his water. That was why they’d put you in solitary in the first place.
 You allowed an expression of regret wash over your face, and you hung your head in false shame.
 “I…I feel really bad about it…I’m sorry I killed him.” Lies. You were more than happy he was gone. He was one of the guards that thought hitting the residents of Arkham was okay.
 But the doctor seemed very happy with your supposed ‘progress’. He nodded excitedly, shuffling through some papers.
 “And, the nurses tell me you’ve been taking your medicine regularly?” He inquired, peering at you over the top of his glasses. You nodded.
 “Good, good.” He muttered, moving papers around and signing a few here and there.
 “Alright,” he said after a moment, “I am letting you go into the common area with the other patients, your solitary is finished. But, you must still wear your protective jacket until further notice.”
 You sighed outwardly whilst smiling internally. Finally, you were getting out of that stupid cell. Being alone was very boring after two months.
 Fifteen minutes and three light sedatives later, you were being escorted to the door of the common area. You smiled at the guard, and the second he left, you spit out the meds they’d given you. You flipped your head upside down and shook out your hair before flipping right side up again. Shaking out the skirt of your dress (as best you could wearing a straight jacket), you pushed open the door in front of you.
 You strolled into the room like you owned the place, (which, in a way, you did), and sat down at your usual table. It was the table you’d sat at before you’d been sent to solitary, and in your mind, it belonged to you.
 It must’ve been very early in the day, because only two other patients were there. Gretter, a blind schizophrenic who’d killed three homeless children, and Maylee, a narcoleptic old lady who never spoke to anyone.
 With some difficulty, you managed to sit comfortably with your forehead resting on the surface of the table. You sat there for about an hour, thinking, before you heard the chatter of the other patrons. You kept your head down, waiting to see who’d recognize you were back. You’d heard from the nurses that there’d been several new additions to Arkham while you were gone, and you were eager to see the fresh meat.
 The first person to walk through the door was someone you recognized instantly. Richard. Nice guy. Weird. Had a habit of calling you his friend. You watched through your hair, which had fallen partially over your face, as he turned toward the person behind him. Which happened to be a gorgeous blond. You wondered what they were both in for. No one really talked about why they were in Arkham, unless you were asked, or unless it was very apparent. Like Greenwood.
 “Speak of the devil,’ you thought as the cannibal walked in behind blondie.
It took a moment for them to walk to where you were, setting down their breakfast trays at the far end of your table. You watched with interest as a small group formed around them, slowly spreading down the table towards you.
  Richard was animatedly telling a story when the blond suddenly noticed your presence.
 “Who’s that?” She questioned, interrupting Richards story and making him turn to look in the direction she’d pointed. Richards face screwed up in confusion for a moment before realization dawned on him.
 “Y/n!” He called out, standing up and walking to you.
 “Richard, nice to see you.” You said as you lifted your head from the table, h/c hair falling back into place.
 “How was solitary?” he asked, taking a seat beside you. You grinned.
 “Same as the last six times I’ve been.” You informed him. “And you, well,” you chuckled, “seems like you’ve got a little group. Am I still invited?”
 “Of course you are!” He exclaimed, turning towards the gathering of people.
 “Y/n, Barbra,” he pointed towards the blond, who waved at you, “Greenwood, you know, and that’s Helzinger, um…who else?” He turned to Barbra, who simply raised an eyebrow at him.
 “Oh! Y/n, you’ve got to meet- “He was cut off before he could finish.
 “Well, hello gorgeous!” A voice spoke from behind you. You turned to see a young man, maybe eighteen. The first thing you noticed was his hair. Ginger. The second was his eyes. Blue and grey, like stormy water. The third was his smile.
 “Well hello there, what’s your name?” You flashed him a smile of your own.
Jerome’s P.O.V.  
I placed a hand over my heart and fell onto the seat next to Y/n. “I’m Jerome.” I said, snapping out of my dramatic act. “Jerome Valeska.”
 “Y/n. L/n.” She introduced herself.
 “And you must be new, right?” I asked with a large smile.
 “Actually J,” she corrected,” you’re new. Compared to me.”
 My smile dropped and my expression turned curious.
 “What’s that mean?” I asked.
 “I’ve been here almost six years. I was in solitary for the last two months.” Somewhere in her explanation, Richard had muttered a quick, ‘I’ll leave you two for a bit,’ and he was gone.
 “Ooh, bad girl,” my smile was back, “what’d you do?” I propped both of my arms up on the table, resting my head in my hands and giving her my full attention.
She leaned in close to me and whispered, “What didn’t I do?”
I knew it the moment I saw her smile, but now there was no questioning it. I was hooked.
Your P.O.V.
Jerome shivered slightly before repeating his question.
 “No, really. What was it?” You laughed slightly.
 “I killed a guard. One of the ones who thought he could beat the residents of this fine establishment.” Jerome’s eyes went wide, and he laughed.
 “Ahh, I see,” he said once he’d calmed down.
 “I just got out today, actually.” You nodded your head down toward your straight jacket. Jerome’s eyes went wide, as if he hadn’t noticed it yet.
 “I can think of a few places I’d like to use that.” He remarked, grinning cheekily.
 “Ooh, kinky Valeska.” You said, sending him a smirk.
 “Well darling,” he drawled, “we’ll have to find out.”
You were seated across form Jerome, on some uncomfortable chairs in the group room. You leaned a bit closer to him.
 “Alright, why are you in Arkham?” It was your turn to ask the question. Talking with Jerome had been interesting, and Twenty Questions had seemed like a good way to get to know one another.
 “Ooh, I killed my mother.” He said, waving it off, though you knew he wanted to tell you his story.
 “Well, don’t leave me in suspense.” You teased.
 “Oh, well, you know how mothers are. She was always…pushing. Bringing home her flings. I thought, hey, fine mom, be a whore. Be a drunken whore, even. But don’t be a nagging drunken whore,” his eyes were filled with obvious contempt for his mother before he snapped back to himself, “ya know?”
 You giggled for a moment before nodding.
 “I do, actually. My brother…,” your eyes darkened at the thought of him, “well, let’s just say he sounds a lot like your mom. He always brought home girls, almost never went to work, he even hit me….so I killed him.” You finished, grinning.
 “Wow,” Jerome breathed out, “you’re amazing.”
 “You’re not too bad yourself, J.”
 “No, really Y/n,” he said, looking at you intently,” if we ever get out, I’m gonna make you my queen. That’s a promise.”
 “Alright then, Mista J. I’ll hold you to it.” You said, grinning at him happily.
 Little did you know, getting out would come sooner than you thought.

Liar 8/? (Tom Riddle Jr/Voldemort Imagine)

The sound of shuffling was the first thing you remembered waking up, the second being the pain in your shoulders. Raising your head weakly, a soft grunt escaped your lips.

“Don’t move, Y/N.” You turned your eyes and blinked lazily at him - Riddle. “What are you doin’ to me?” You slurred softly.

“You fainted, again.” Stiffening up and clumsily standing on your own, you moaned, “Stop. I can walk.”

Dropping your arm as if it were ice-cold, Riddle straightened his robes. You turned to thank the other student who had assisted you but when your eyes met his blue ones, your gaze hardened. “What are you doing here?” You spat, shoulder leaning against the cobblestone wall.

“I’m helping you,” Abraxas smirked, “I think I deserve a little appreciation, don’t you?” Scoffing, you forced yourself to stand and waved the two off, “I feel fine, let’s just go back to class.”

“Your back was covered in leeches, Y/N. You most likely fainted from loss of blood and you need to see the matron.” Tom said, inspecting the wall behind you. “How many?” You paled, stomach flipping unpleasantly.

“At least ten.” Malfoy’s smirk widened, “They were full with your blood.” You whipped your head around and clenched your jaw, the blonde looked satisfied with your response and he stepped closer to you. “I wonder how they got there.”

Your face reddened with anger at his indirect confession and with shaky hands, you shoved him out of the way. “Y/N,” you heard him sing-song at you teasingly from afar and your breathing became labored.

Breaths became shorter and louder with every step you took and as you came to the doors of the hospital wing that familiar warm, wet sensation tickled your cheeks. You stood there and cried, fists balled up, face scrunched hideously and hair falling in your face. Quivering in your robes sorrowfully, clenching your eyes shut and raising a fist to wipe at your wet face, you focused on steadying your breathing - only to gasp in fright at the sound of a young girl.

“Why are you crying?” You whipped around, back against the door and wide-eyed, “What could you possibly be crying for? Nothing you’re going through could be worse than what I’m going through.” Blinking away tears, you examined the girl.

Pale skin with a broad face framed by thick, round rimmed glasses. Her dark brown hair was pulled into two ponytails and her blue and white tie did nothing to bring any attention to her. Had she not spoken to you, you’d have never noticed her at all - she practically faded into the walls behind her.

“I’m not crying,” you defended, “and I don’t think this should be a competition.“ The girl watched you carefully, arms crossed and eyes puffy, “I cry a lot.” You snorted, “Good for you.”

Turning to the door, you pushed against it weakly, stepping into the unfortunately familiar room. “Who’s there?” The woman called from behind a curtain. “Myrtle,” The Ravenclaw girl called and you shot her a glare, “Y/N.” You added bitterly.

“You two can’t stay away for long, can you.” She joked as she revealed herself, “Alright Y/N, what seems to be the problem?” The Ravenclaw, Myrtle, gawked at the two of you, “B-But what about me?”

The matron looked exasperated, “I’ll get to you in a moment, Miss Warren.” Myrtle huffed as she sat down on the end of a bed, folding one leg over the other and watching you with squinty eyes.

Brushing her off, you grabbed the curtain and pulled it across the bed, shielding yourself from the nosy girl. “I was in potions, ma'am,” you began undoing your tie and unbuttoned your white shirt which was dotted with blood.

Turning to expose your back, the matron gasped, “What happened, dear? Who did this?” She inspected your bruises flesh, “Is it bad?” You asked anxiously, “These look like bite marks.” Frowning, you hummed, “Someone put leeches down my back in class. I guess there were a lot.” The woman’s soft fingers traced your lower back and she tutted, “I fainted once I felt them moving but Riddle thought it might be due to blood loss, insisted I come here.”

“That boy really has kept an eye on you, hasn’t he? Such a sweet young man.” You grimaced at that but agreed reluctantly. “Am I going to be alright, ma'am?”

Tie in hands, you traced the stripes on them absentmindedly as you thought back to potions. “I think so, dear. Do you know who did this?”

“I do, ma'am.” You jumped as the top of a head full of silky brown hair revealed itself from above the curtain. “Tom!” Myrtle gushed and you watched the silhouettes moving behind the white material.

He towered over her and she stood closely to him, “What are you doing here? He admitted it?” You threw the curtain open without thinking and instantly regretted it. Eyes meeting with his, Tom narrowed his gaze for the briefest of moments before turning his head and clearing his throat.

Tossing it shut, you shook profusely and your entire body felt as if it were on fire. “She admitted it.” Trying your best to brush off your humiliating action, you lifted your shirt over you shoulders, buttoning it as you spoke. “She? Who?”

Myrtle huffed and you saw her pigtails sway as she turned, “Olive Hornby.” Riddle answered, paying no mind to the girl by his side. “Olive is always being mean to me!” The Ravenclaw declared. “Olive put the leeches down my robes? Are you sure?”

Grabbing the curtain and pulling it aside, Tom examined your surprised face, wide-eyed and lips parted. “But she wasn’t even - ”

“She was behind us, partnered with Abraxas.” Your eyes narrowed and you scoffed, “Of course she was. I’m so sick of him.”

Myrtle took a step forward, nose scrunched, “Sick of who?” Her tone was constantly whiny and every time she spoke you cringed. “None of your business.” You snapped and the girl flinched, bowing her head submissively. A moment of silence passed and your stomach welled with guilt.

Sighing, you yielded and slumped onto the bed, “Malfoy,” you started, “We’ve hated each other for years and he’s always going out of his way to mess with me.” The brown haired girl’s eyes softened and her arms unfolded, “Isn’t he your friend, Tom?”

You clenched your fists, you’d completely forgotten the two were associated. Seeing them together at the front of Slytherin table was one thing but Abraxas actually followed Tom around like his own shadow.

“We’re acquainted, yes.” He admitted, “I just stopped by to tell you that Hornby is going to be punished by the Headmaster personally, so I’ll be going now.”

You nodded, heart dropping at the thought of him leaving. “What about our grade on that practical lesson?” The brunette raised a brow at you, “We’ll have to do it again, we were pardoned temporarily. We’ll finish that while you serve your detention after classes today.” Your heart dropped even lower and you blinked up at your classmate, who stared back at you blankly before his lips curled into a faint smirk, “You didn’t forget did you, Y/N?”

You wanted to protest, to complain or somehow weasel your way out of it, but you knew the sooner you went the sooner you’d be able to go to your room and just sleep the day off. You simply didn’t have the energy to argue.


one shit

pairing ;; Mark lee x reader
genre ;; fluffy af

i feel sick and i wanted some cute shit so i made some cute shit enjoy ( the texts ah i love sm )

You slid into the leathery seated booth of some random cafe without a single care in the world. Sliding all the way towards the window you began to gaze out the frosty cool glass and out into the street. The small cobblestone path was flooded with people walking about, snow that had just began to melt already freezing back over causing the tops of the mismatched piles to be icy and rigid. This was the coldest day of the winter, awkwardly place towards the end in between to slightly warmer days, the temperatures had dropped a bit and now everyone was just trying to stay warm.
This included you, and of course the body who had soon slid in next to you, his firm grip on your hand, body warm against your shoulder.
“y/n what do you want to drink?”

You quickly turned your attention to him. He had short brown hair, which was delicately tucked underneath a burgundy beanie, his eyes partially shielded by deep brown round rimmed glasses. He wore a light brown coat that fit neatly on his shoulders, just barely showing the white collar of his semi sheer white button, the outfit completed with a blue sweater vest and dark wash jeans. He was a real sight to see now wasn’t he, his normally sun kissed skin was a few shades paler due to the lack of sunny days, the smile that laced his faint pink lips caused his dimpled to poke through and his droopy almond eyes to crinkle a bit.

He glanced up at you from the menu of beverages and pastries. “oh! Just grab me a hot chocolate and something sweet”
You returned his warm smile as he gave your hand one quick squeeze before standing and walking off to order at the counter.
You often asked yourself ‘wow what did i do to deserve him’ Mark and you had been together for more than a few months now, and you really felt a connection with him, it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when he was around–

“im back!~~” his voice was a sweet coo, he slid in placing a cup with a matte black lid on it in front of you. You hummed in response, placing your hands around the warm styrofoam cup, eyes peeking towards Mark whom was blowing on his one steaming cup of tea.
He managed to catch your gaze for a moment, an amused smirk falling on his lips as your eyes darted away and you brought the cup to your lips, cheeks slightly red. You didn’t know why him simply seeing you admire him made you blush so much, but something about his dimple graced smirk and the way his eyes looked when he glanced at you, and how his nose wrinkled up was so adorable yet incredibly alluring to you.

“you have some marshmallow on your lip” his words were even and cutely stated. With ease he placed his thumb and forefinger on your chin, gently pulling your face towards his and in one fluid motion he swiped the sticky chocolate liquid from your upper lip. He took his finger between his lips with a sly smirk, the smack ringing in your ears as his index finger left his mouth. The light blush on your cheek intensified at this sight, only making him grow more smug as he leaned forward to press his lips to your cheek.
“i love you y/n”
“i love you t- aHHH HEY”
He suddenly put his spit dribbled finger into your ear- a wet willy… You bat his hand away, crossing your arms as you sunk into the booth.

“you were being cute and you ruined it”
He chuckled at your frustration, scooting in closer to press his lips to your cheek again, then your forehead, and nose, and everywhere else on your face. A grunt left your throat as you sat up, “Stopppp Markkkkk”
Your voice was whiny and child like, hands resting against his shoulders.

“Do you not like my kisses?”
“i love them but we are in public kiss me later”
“but i want everyone to know how much i love your face”
“i- mmmmmmm fine”
He chuckled, planting a big kiss to your lips, hands falling into yours. You smiles warmly at him, it was fun just to enjoy each-others presence… even though he was incredibly embarrassing half the time…

Once you both had finished your drinks you headed out into the snow to enjoy the rest of the day together. It wasn’t often you got to enjoy days like this, but this was indeed a lovely one.

just imagine kyungsoo watching andante after a tiring day from filming. he wants to take a nap but he doesn’t want to miss the first episode of his jagi’s drama. with his round rimmed glasses while munching chips in front of the tv, jongin strides in their room (ehem) with only a towel around his hips, six, seven, eight packed abs on display, kyungsoo doesn’t know where to look whether on the playful shikyung on the drama series or on his boyfriend’s glorious body that always makes him weak on the knees. again, he’s tired from filming, but jongin’s nakedness is better than drowning himself from cups of coffee. kyungsoo is widely awake.

“would you show your abs on the drama, jagi?” kyungsoo asks, mouth agape.

jongin only blinks at him, “what?”

“i miss your abs.”

b/c im still working on content for them, here are some vancouver crowd headcanons, most of which are carried on from the captions on this post:


  • punk rock. absolutely punk rock.
  • the reason why there’s now a rule forbidding ‘unnatural and/or lurid colouring of hair’ circa 2014 in the aglionby rulebook.
  • he exclusively listens to alt-j, glass animals, and got7.
  • he takes all three sciences (chem, bio, phys) as well as both calculus and statistics, because he hates himself.
  • the angriest of petitioners. wrote a scathing letter to headmaster child protesting the limit on subjects, and as a result is currently the only aglionby student who takes fourteen (fourteen!) subjects.
  • buys gourmet sushi from across the aglionby dorms to feed his cat. she doesn’t appreciate it, he says, but is personally offended when one of the others suggests they just buy her normal cat food.
  • bitter.
  • he mans the official vancrewver instagram, and under him, over 80% of it is selfies of himself. occasionally, there’s a shot of the defaced aglionby billboard with henry cheng on it, or a picture of cialina with sicksteve’s personal instagram tagged in the caption, but it’s mostly selfies. ryang’s selfie game is pretty strong. litchfield house was renovated with wall-length windows to give him good selfie lighting.
  • along with chengtwo, ryang’s closest to henry.
  • definitely the angriest and most slouching of the crew, to the point that he’s gained a spot in the hall of fame at nino’s for simply the Worst Of The Worst At Aglionby.
  • champions the swim and lacrosse teams, and gets up at ungodly hours in the morning to train. 
  • he’s on pretty good terms with the mountain view kids. (tj takes joyrides on his motorcycle, confirmed) 
  • the friend who somehow convinces you to do shit you’d never consider sober, and who gets you to drink enough to gain advanced perception of the shadow people in your peripheral vision.
  • ryang’s a truly renowned drunk who made koh buy him alcohol before he could legally do so himself. sicksteve has a scrapbook of him doing dumb shit at parties. they pass it around every break to remind him to chill out a little.
  • he broke his lacrosse stick over another student’s (tad! carruthers!) head for calling him a ch!nk, and was not at all sorry for the fallout. 
  • there used to be a video on youtube of him doing shots at a party, and then proceeding to fistfight jiang, but it was taken down upon a teacher’s request. it’s been archived on the instagram page, though, and can be found between a picture of him and leesquared posing next to headmaster child’s porsche, and a video of rutherford doing his homework in the shower.
  • has little to no interest in advertising himself as a modest student, but has restricted himself to indulge only occasionally in his considered-radical political beliefs.
  • (ryang is a marxist.) (if you imply in any way that his beliefs reflect stalinist ideals, he will deck you.)
  • his instagram handle is unironically ryang.gosling, and has been since he was twelve.
  • he plans to go into law after aglionby, and has big plans for, in his words, revamping the justice system. the other boys relentlessly take the piss out of him for it.
  • in general, he’s not a fan of gansey, or who he perceives gansey to be, and he definitely isn’t a fan of ronan. he’s pretty fond of blue, though, and definitely dyes her hair to match her name when they get home from venezuela.
  • in general, he’s really, really, not sorry.

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Demon on a Train

Summary: Dean, Sam, and you fight a demon on top of a moving train.

Pairing: None. Characters are Dean, Sam, and You/Reader

Word Count: 1010

Warnings: None!

A/N: This is for two challenges, because both of them had hilarious quotes that I thought fit well together. The first is @seenashwrite‘s 200 follower celebration. Congrats again Nash! My prompts were “I’ve always wanted to fight on top of a moving train” and “I’m sorry, what’s that? I can’t hear you over the sound of my deafening awesomeness.” The second challenge is @wideawakeandwriting‘s random writing challenge. That prompt was “I forgot I was a single parent.” I hope y’all enjoy!

Originally posted by beautyisworthagif

“Where is he?!”

You could have sworn the train conductor jumped a solid foot straight into the air at the sound of Dean’s voice. He was a small, unimposing looking man, who couldn’t have been more than five feet tall, with shock white hair, and gigantic, round rimmed glasses. His eyes widened to fill those glasses as he took in Dean, Sam, and you, posing, what you could only assume was, a rather terrifying sight with your guns trained and your kill glares on full power.

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