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Today a little girl was spinning round and round on the railing in between the tills and I asked her nicely to stop. Her dad yelled at me, and when I said I just didn't want her to get hurt he said she was at the top of her gymnastics club and wouldn't fall. Then there was an enormous crashing sound. She'd fallen onto the next customer's item - a big box of wine glasses she'd put on the floor because they were heavy. She had to go to hospital to get glass out of her shoulders. I'm so angry.

Great Combat Revolvers: III: Smith & Wesson M&P R8

8 rounds and a tactical rail. If a SWAT team were to use revolvers, this would be the one.

edit: Some rebloggers have explained that the revolver is intended to be used by the point man or shield carrier on a SWAT team, because a semiauto’s slide can hang up on the edge of the shield or a door frame. Fantastic!

I did the Uzi and the MAC-10, the Beretta should’ve been expected.

This is the Beretta 92FS, one of the most common 9mm Parabellum handguns ever made. It’s the sidearm of a number of police forces and militaries and is a common sight in holsters from Los Angeles to Tokyo. It’s as iconic as the AK, and without the ties to communism. 

The story begins with Beretta, the oldest gun company in the world. How old? Well it began operations with Bartelemeo Beretta who began making barrels for arquebus’s in Venice in 1526. So yeah, that’s almost 500 years. Now to save on text, I’ll skip to the modern era.

During WWII, Beretta was one of the largest armorers of the Italian military, giving them the Beretta 38 Submachine gun and the Beretta M1934-5 pistols. These guns were a common sight in the hands of both Italian troops as well as many different members of the Axis Powers, including Germany and Romania. And unless you live in an alternate universe where they won, the Axis lose and Beretta make even more money as they effectively became the main armorer for the Italian military.

These ranged from the absurdly popular M12 submachine gun, the modified M1 Garand, the BM59 and a number of other designs. However pistol wise, they didn’t make much following the creation of the Beretta M1951. This was a single stack magazine 9mm pistol and the first Beretta gun with a locked breech. It was popular with the Italian military as well as a number of Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and Egypt, who made their own versions, the Iraqi Tariq and the Egyptian Helwan.

However the 1970′s was seeing a shift from single stack to double stack magazines. Guns like the CZ-75 and the older Browning Hi-Power showed the advantage of a double stack magazine. Beretta knew this was a great idea, so they decided to work on a new design. They took the 1951′s look and added a locking block barrel design from the German Walther P38. And fitted with a 15 round magazine, the original Beretta 92 was made.

Now for those who are attentive, you may have noticed this doesn’t look like the 92FS on top, and that’s because this is the original 92. These guns had a frame mounted safety, heel magazine release, steel grips and sad finish. Well that’s because over time and requests, the guns sort of evolved into the 92FS.

The first revision was the 92S, a requirement by a number of law enforcement agencies that saw the frame mounted safety swapped for the now iconic slide mounted safety/decocker. There was then the 92SB, a gun intended for Air Force trials, which saw a firing pin block added and the first gun fitted with a push button magazine release over the heel mounted one.

The biggest change was the 92F, in response to the US Armed Forces pistol trials in 1985. These changes included a redesigned trigger guard, parts modification to make it all 100% interchangeable, modified the grip, hard chroming the bore to make it more chrome resistant and finishing it with a new finish called Bruniton, that made the gun more resistant to wear. And it competed against the SIG-Sauer P226 and beat it narrowly over the Beretta being a cheaper gun. 

And from there, the 92FS became the hottest seller of the 1980′s handgun market. A large amount of police departments bought them, and a shitload of militaries have the 92FS in it somewhere. It was accurate, reliable and big. Like 40 ounces loaded big. It was perfect for those big hands. And with a gun that’s still selling like hotcakes, there’s got to be other versions.

The first versions were newer ones Beretta made to replace the older guns in the US Military, The M9A1, fitted with a front rail, better grip checkering, larger sights and special sand-resistant magazines and is used by the US Military. The M9A3 was also made, with a tan finish, 17 round magazines, bigger front rail, removable sights, straighter grip and other modifications. While the M9A3 didn’t get adopted by the US Military and they keep making programs to replace the M9, knowing how most US Military programs go, the M9 and M9A1 are gonna be the US Army standard for a long time.

Other versions include a number of compact models, ones in other calibers like 9x21 IMI, .40 S&W, the machine pistol 93R, the French PAMAS G1, the Stainless Steel 92FS Inox, the Brazillian Taurus PT92 copy and so many others, the 92FS line is a line that almost beats Glock in the amount of other models.

And with a gun like this, you know damn well it’s a film legend. And courtesy of a man and a movie, the 92FS is a legend.

A little known Hong Kong movie director by the name of John Woo.

John Woo’s Hong Kong action flicks are icons of their time. The Killers, A Better Tomorrow, Hard Boiled and other movies helped launch Woo into fame in the US and with that came the 92F and 92FS. Woo liked both the 92FS and the Taurus copy, the PT92 for their large size and near bottomless magazines. And if that didn’t make the guns popular, there came another movie that helped promote the 92FS series.

Die Hard.

To say this helped make the 92FS even more popular is an understatement. With Beretta’s product both common on the movie poster and the sidearm of Bruce Willis’s character John McClaine. Every scene you see him in, you see the 92F. And if that didn’t settle it, it’s use in other 80′s and 90′s film classics did.

From the holsters of US soldiers in Iraq to the megaslums of Detroit, the 92FS is a very common sight. It’ very large, in a very common caliber for movie armorers and is big and iconic. It got it’s first appearances in Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Miami Vice and has showed no sights of stopping. When you need a villain or a hero to have an iconic and big gun, no gun is as fitting as the 92FS.

And with a filmography that makes Clint Eastwood look short, comes a fame in video games. And the 92FS’s first couple of video game appearances were with a series famous in the 1990′s and now.


Yes, just like in movies, the 92FS got a start off with one of the most iconic FPS games ever made. In the digitized toy gun arsenal for Doom, one was a water pistol shaped like a 92FS painted black. With that and it’s use in film, the 92FS has been as common in video games as it is in movie. From the noir of Max Payne to the tactical combat of Project Reality and Squad, the 92FS or one of it’s models shows up in some way.

That’s not even half of the images I could pull for the 92FS and it’s variants, but it’s a great example of how common this gun is. The 92FS is a common handgun, as iconic as the AK and while it’s almost 30 years old, shows no sign of slowing down in popularity. And while more modern designs show up and usurp it, it’s still one of the most produced handguns ever made.

It’s a part of film. The grainy effect, a cop with nothing to lose, two Beretta’s with infinite ammo, and a desire for vengeance. Or if you’re filming your magnum opus and you need something striking.

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Helloo! I want to request hc where mc from kbtbb suicide and the guys feeling guilty cause they think it is their fault?


Eisuke: He stood in the doorway to the bathroom shocked and stunned still, He was looking at a bath of crimson and in the middle a pale and lifeless figure, you. The only thing he could see was from your collar bones upwards and the arm draped over the side with fresh blood dripping from the deep wound that adorned your wrist. Your head drooped to one side your eyes still open but dead and giving no ounce of life to him, no hope that you could be saved. He slowly made his way over to you, he stroked a stray piece of hair from your face and cupped your cold cheeks with his warm hands, then it hit him, the iciness of your face, he took it all in. you were really gone. He began to sob and his arms grabbed you and pulled on your lifeless corpse he hauled you out of the bath and sat in the pool of blood that had began to congeal on the floor, your body half in and half out of the bath, he choked and sobbed loudly into your shoulder. “NOOO!” WHY! WHY ____ PLEASE COME BACK!” WHY DID YOU DO THIS!! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME COME BACK! PLEASE!” His sobs didn’t go unheard and his old friend Soryu began to run to the sounds of distress he was screaming now. Soryu made it to the bathroom and saw his friend cradling your body, the blood staining his suit and face, the shock on his face was easy to see. He made his way over and tried to make him let you go. “NO! I CAN’T LEAVE HER HEAR LIKE THIS!” Eisuke tried to fight against him but was soon overpowered and dragged from you, as he let you go and he watched you sink back into the bath of your own blood. His eyes watched as you disappeared and Soryu sat him on the bed in the next room and began to call the police. He came back in holding a small piece of paper, he silently handed it to Eisuke in your handwriting it simply said. ‘I’m sorry’ He held it tightly and tears rolled down his stained cheeks. “Its all my fault.” He whispered. Soryu placed his hand on his shoulder silently, not knowing what to say, there was nothing he could say. He watched his friedn unravel in front of him and all he could do was be there. 

Soryu: He was running frantic now, he couldn’t find you, the panic was overtaking him, the fear he felt at not being bale to find you was consuming his entire being. You had ran away after learning of the death of your parents and younger brother, who had been in a car Soryu got them and the breaks failed, you were heartbroken and ran. now alone and probably scared Soryu had to find you. Then he saw  your shadow in the distance at the cliff top, just stood as the breeze took your hair on a whirlwind ride. He breathed a sigh of relief as he had found you, he made his way over to you, you heard him coming and snapped your head around to face him, “Soryu.” He heard you whisper. he stopped and stared at your face, eyes red and swollen from crying, your voice horse from the choking sobs. Nose dry from sniffling. “___, its all going to be ok, i promise.” Soryu said quietly closing the distance between the two of you. He could see you were distraught with grief, he knew you weren’t yourself right now and he wanted to be there for you, for as long as you needed he was going to be by your side. “I have nothing, i have lost everything.” You said looking down. “You have me.” Soryu said reaching you. “I have nothing left.” You say tears falling from your eyes. “What do i do now?” You ask him and he doesn’t have an answer. he hugs you loosely and kisses your head. “I promise you will never be alone, come on lets go home.” He says and steps away from you his hand holding yours, he steps away but you don’t follow and your hand falls back to your side. “____?” He says questioningly. “I’m sorry.” You say through quiet sobs. and with that you take a step back, plunging to your death. “NO!” Soryu throws himself forward but he isn’t quick enough, he falls to his knees and lays down and looks over the edge just in time to see your body make impact with the crashing waves below. His eyes widen in horror and silent tears fall, he lays there not knowing what to do, you were gone and to him it was all because of him. He was the reason you did this and he wouldn’t never forgive himself. 

Baba: “Princess!” He chirps as he enters the home you share together, He had been and bought you flowers he knew you had been feeling down lately and he wanted to cheer you up sop flowers and a nice hot bubble bath it was. But you didn’t respond to his happy greeting, he instantly worried, where were you. He saw a dim light coming from the kitchen and assumed you were there but hadn’t heard him, you were always in your own world when you cooked. He smiled to himself and made his way there, the sight he found would haunt his dreams forever. You laid on the cold tile floor pale and lips blue with an empty pill bottle and half a bottle of vodka on the floor besides you, White foam coming from your mouth with tinges of blood specked in it. Eyes rolled in to the back of your head. He dropped everything he was holding and rushed to your side, he fell to his knees and silently placed his hands on your neck, no pulse. He was shaking and crying, no sound escaped him, he was unable to scream, his entire body in shock. He shook and stared at you for another moment before his functions returned. He grabbed you and pulled you into his lap as he rocked your body back and forth crying in to your lifeless form. “Why why why why….” He repeated this one word over and over to himself for hours as he held you, he felt you go cold and decided it was time to let you go and call for help, he picked up his phone and the first person he called was Ota, when the artist couldn’t get any full sentences from his friend he hung up and made his way over as fast as he could. He walked in on Baba clutching onto your lifeless, cold, stiff body and gasped in shock. what had happened? he took in his surroundings and pieced the puzzle together himself, his friend a silent mess on the floor staring into space he called the ambulance and made his way over. Baba stared at him as he sat besides him. “This is my fault, i didn’t make her smile enough, and now i will never see her smile again.” Ota looked at his friend through sad eyes and let him rest his head on his shoulder as he cried. 

Ota: It had been one hell of a day, He couldn’t wait to get home to you and snuggle and do nothing for the rest of the night, He remembered how you had been suffering from slight depression lately and nothing seemed to cheer you up like chocolates and so he stopped off to buy some before heading home. When he got home the door was locked, which was weird. were you not home? He let himself in and turned around to lock the door behind him, then he headed into he house. The sight in front of him was terrifying, there you were hung from the marble stair case in the foyer of the home you shared together, a makeshift noose made from silk bed sheets wrapped tightly around your neck. “____!” He yelled upwards towards your body. He ran up the stairs to wear the bed sheets were tied round the railings, if you were still alive he couldn’t just drop you down the fall would kill you, so he began to drag you upwards but from the weight and lack of struggle he knew he was to late to save you. With each pull of the sheets you got closer to him and he became more and more frantic, he knew he was to late and was sobbing loudly by the time he had you in his arms. He sat on the floor with you laying in his arms, he brushed the hair from your face and kissed your cheeks, removing the bed sheets, he stroked the bruises that had formed and stained your beautiful neck. “What do i do now huh? Koro? where do i go from here? How do i go on with out you?” He asked you these questions knowing he would never get an answer. “Just please, tell me why?” He sobbed, still nothing. He stroked your face and played with your hair as he sat rocking your body. He took out his phone and dialed for the police, he sat with you until they arrived, he didn’t want to let you go but he knew he had too. He would never hold you again, never heard your laugh, never see your smile. “Why didn’t i see this coming, this is my fault for not paying enough attention to how you were feeling.” He said to you as they zipped up the body bag and took you away from him. 

Mamoru: He saw you on the street just up ahead of him, you were making your way home, he smiled at you and watched you walk, he loved to see you walk from behind, so instead of spoiling his view he stayed behind you every step of the way and enjoyed his walk home. You entered the apartment building just before him and got in the lift to the 4th floor, he missed it and so waited for the next one, he couldn’t wait to get home and talk to you about his day, You had been down a lot lately and he loved trying to cheer you up. When he reached the 4th floor he stepped of the lift and that’s when he heard it BANG! A gunshot coming from the direction of the flat you shared. He ran as fast as his legs could possibly take him and stormed in through the door baring his own weapon, that’s when he saw it, your body on the floor limp and lifeless with blood seeping from your temple. a glock in your right hand, there was no one else here, you had done this to yourself. Mamoru threw himself down by your side and with shaking hands grabbed your body and brought you closer to him crying into our chest holding tightly on to your body, he could feel the heat coming from you die down as you began to go cold in his arms. “No sweetheart please no don’t die, don’t leave me here alone. please, say this is a joke. please please.” He begged you over and over, but to no avail, you were gone, nothing more than a corpse in his arms. he sat holding you on his knees for what felt like an eternity before he placed a call to the precinct where he worked. He hung up and cried into you again. “If only i hadn’t wanted to watch you walk home, if only i had caught up to you then this wouldn’t have happened i could have stopped this and heard you voice one more time, seen your eyes#, this is my fault, mine, and no one else s.” He sobbed again, until they arrived ans you were taken away from him forever. 

There we gooooo!!! Love Coral. xxx