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It’s 1914, the war looming. Aaron is the new chauffeur at Home Farm, and Robert is newly returned from London after years away. Aaron wants a new start, with Liv, while Robert wants to reconnect with his family. Bad memories haunt them both making their relationship a challenge. With the war comes tragedy and then Aaron goes missing.

 - Love Never Fails - (Emmerdale Big Bang Round 1) |Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three| |Epilogue| by @nooneelsecomesclose17

It’s been a joy to make graphics for this fic, go read and show Vix some love. She has a great story here, it will keep you hooked from start till finish. 

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as long as you keep comin’ round (3/4)

Rated: Mature

Warning(s): Underage
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part onepart two・part four・playlist

Normally Bellamy made a point of being punctual, but he found himself dragging his feet on the way up the driveway. (Per Gina’s request, he was wearing a button-down and slacks — no tie, though; a guy had to draw the line somewhere. And it wasn’t as though Clarke had no idea what he usually wore to parties, if he went at all.)

Once he was inside, he looked around anxiously, first trying to locate Clarke, then broadening his search to anyone he recognized. Roan’s parties weren’t quite free-for-alls, but invitations were highly coveted and sometimes forged, resulting in rooms packed with strangers and deafening music barely audible over the even louder chatter. It was most introverts’ worst nightmare, but at least there was booze and pretty girls.

Speaking of whom. There was Clarke, talking to her boyfriend on the other side of the pool.

As Bellamy approached them, he realized that talking was too mild a term: they were definitely arguing, Clarke unflinching and relentless in the face of Finn’s defensiveness. But she caught sight of him before he could back away to give them privacy, waving him over.

“Can you give me a ride home, Bellamy?” she asked, turning a very bright and very forced smile on him.

“Of course.” He forced himself not to look at Finn; if she wanted to tell him, she would. “Right now?”

“If you don’t mind.”

He’d only come to this party because she’d be here, so of course he didn’t mind. Rather than say that, though, he just nodded and led the way back out to his car.

Finally, as he was taking the turn out of Roan’s neighborhood, Clarke broke the silence. “I guess I owe you an explanation.”

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Nerdanel’s Writing Masterpost

(After doing the Top 5/Bottom 5 last week, I realized how much writing I had amassed on here which was… more than I expected? So it seems like it is time to keep track of these all in one place! Most of these were completed as part of the weekly DA Drunk Writing Circle, which has been a blast.)

There Is Only Forward 
Trapped in a dream she cannot escape, Lavellan is forced to relive the years she spent in the Inquisition—the years she spent with Solas. But not all is as it should be, for the longer she lingers in the dream, the more it begins to diverge from memory and become something else entirely, a path that—once her feet have been set upon it—will be difficult to leave.
130k+ words | NSFW | Solas x Lavellan | unfinished/ongoing

excerpts of TIOF posted to tumblr as stand-alones:
The Lights in the Shadows | Solas and Lavellan share a dance after the Breach is sealed

He kissed not with his lips but his whole body | First kiss in the Fade

Perigee | Second kiss, sort-of balcony scene. (Also making the rounds (much to my shame) misspelled as “Perigree.”)

Precipice | Part One | Part Two |
Early love. NSFW in the Western Approach.

During Inquisition:
Lavellan is unsure what to make of Solas during the journey to the Temple of Sacred Ashes.
Solas, Lavellan (pre-romance) | Lavellan POV | SFW

The Vigil at Vir Vian
Solas follows the Inquisition up the mountainside after the battle at Haven. But at the pass where the they have camped, his eyes keep turning to the path back to the village, waiting, hoping that the Herald found a way out in time.
Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | SFW

But That Glittering Seed
Solas struggles to keep his “ill-considered” kiss with the Inquisitor out of his mind while she is away from Skyhold.
Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | SFW

Fertility Control
TW: Pregnancy (sort of!) | Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | NSFW (and also a fluffy? and angsty?)

Thaihyn Beneath the Stars
Solas and Lavellan getting drunk and frisky on top of the Mage Tower.
Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | SFW

her lips (crimson, stained with wine)
Solas comes to the Herald’s Rest looking for Cole and sees something he wishes he hadn’t.
Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | SFW, angst

water, quivering
Solas joins Lavellan while she is bathing. [smut]
Solas x Lavellan | NSFW

an impossible spring
Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | Guilty Solas | Cuddles | Forbidden Oasis | NSFW 

Vacivity—The Lonely Quiet

Lavellan tries to come to terms with the loss of her arm and with it, the anchor.
Solas x Lavellan | Lavellan POV | SFW

Beyond the rhododendron
Cole tries to comfort a distraught Lavellan after the events of Trespasser.
Cole and Lavellan (Solavellan if you squint) | Lavellan POV | Gen/SFW

He should have burned the clothes a long time ago.
Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | SFW/angst

The Pups of Fen’Harel
Solas spending some time with his sons before his third child is born.
Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | SFW/Gen/Fluff

Eager to Rise
Solas watching the sunrise with his second born son.
Solas x Lavellan | Solas POV | SFW/Gen/Fluff

First Thaw
Mostly just Varric, being a good bro.
Varric, Cole, Lavellan, Dorian | Varric POV | SFW/gen/fluff

Inquisition Canon Divergent/AU:

Instead of wandering off on his own after “All New, Faded For Her,” Solas falls asleep to search the Fade for traces of Wisdom. Lavellan and Cassandra are forced to carry his sleeping body around the Exalted Plains while they deal with the Freemen of the Dales. (a silly little Sleeping Beauty/Snow White inspired AU)
Solas x Lavellan | Lavellan POV | SFW

Top 20 Hiddlesworth fanfics (including daddy issued babies. No matter if teen!Tom w. adult!Chris or the other way round)


Study Sessions (Part one and two) by ambiguouslines (tumblr) with student!Tom and teacher!Chris


Sweetheart, you’re looking for trouble by potentialfordisaster (archive of our own) with hitman!Chris and naughtylilshit!Tom


Somewhere around nothing and Lost and Found by umakoo (archive of our own) with trucker!Chris and traveller!Tom


Sugar, Sin, The Bones of Saint by furiedheart (archive of our own) with student!Tom and teacher!Chris


!!! But the dust never settles when you’re riding on the wind by furiedheart (archive of our own) with teen!Tom and biker!Chris


Ain’t too sweet for you by curds_and_wheyface (archive of our own) with young employee!Chris and bakeryowner!Tom


Overcome by curds_and_wheyface (archive of our own) with addict!Tom and socialworker!Chris


Seduction by Jamie_Anya (archive of our own) with teacher!Tom and student!Chris


At least the Money is Good by thisdorkyficthing (archive of our own) with virginal!Tom and pornstar!Chris


Eager by curds-writes (tumblr) with businessman!Chris and barboy!Tom


Kick and snare by libearies (tumblr)


talks like a gentleman by libearies (tumblr) with scumbag!Chris and teen!Tom


Untitled by libearies (tumblr)


easy come, easy go by libearies (tumblr)


The Arrangement by curds_and_wheyface (archive of our own)


Artful Manipulation by curds_and_wheyface (archive of our own)


Salty & Sweet by Velociraptor_Hands (archive of our own)


still my heart, hold my tongue by townpariah (Archive of our own)

/ I hope it’s a helpful list for all the kinky bastards out there ♡ For more fanfic of this kind, please contact me!
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Trade Nights

Blurb Nights

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ALL Writing here

Jill’s Writing:

“Thinking Out Loud: Young Soul”-Ashton Fluff NEW

“Thinking Out Loud: My Forever”-Luke Fluff NEW

“Fall For You”-Any Member NEW

“Breathless”-Michael NEW

“No One But You”- Michael 

“Home is Where the Heart Is”- Daddy!Luke Fluff

“You Said” - Luke Sad Fluff (Part One) (Part Two)

“Kitchen Quickie”- Calum Smut

“One Year”- Luke Smut

“Don’t Hold the Wall”- Michael Smut

“Mr. Irwin”- Ashton Smut

“Fights”- Calum Smut

“Alone”- Luke Smut

“No Hands”- Michael Smut (Part One) (Part Two coming soon)

“Rounds”- Ashton Smut (Round One) (Round Two)

“Needs” - Calum Smut

“Kiss Me” - Ashton

“Time Bomb” - Ashton

“No Idea” - Calum

“End Up Here” - Luke

“Finally” - Ashton (requested)

“Long Way Home” - Michael

“Everything I Didn’t Say” - Ashton

“Beside You” - Calum

“Day Off” - Daddy!Luke

“Don’t Tell Mom” - Daddy!Michael

“Still Into You” - Calum Smut (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

“Troubles” - Daddy!Ashton

“Surprise Surprise” - Daddy!Calum

“Beach Day” - Personal Luke Imagine (requested)

“Quiet” - Luke Smut (Part One) (Part Two)

“Say It” - Luke Smut

“This” - Ashton

“Naughty Naughty” - Calum Smut (Part One) (Part Two)

“Lazy Afternoon” - Michael Smut

“Marry Me?” - Any Member

“That Time of the Month” - Ashton (requested)

“Restless” - Ashton Smut

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“Silence” - Michael

“Falling Asleep Together” - Ashton

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Krista’s Writing:

“Caught Under the Covers” Luke Smut NEW

“Shower Time” Ashton Smut NEW

“Don’t Forget About Me” Calum Smut NEW

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“After School Special” Ashton Smut

“Missed You” Calum Smut

“Pictures on the Wall” Calum Smut 

“Back in the Stacks” Frat Boy Calum Smut

“Lick the Icing Off”- Ashton Smut (requested)

“What Goes Up Comes Down”- Luke Smut (requested) 

“Secret Lovers” - Calum Smut (Part One) (Part Two

“Animals”- badboy!Ashton Smut

“Locked In”- Luke Smut 

“Sherrif’s Daughter”- badboy!Calum Smut 

“Shut Up and Drive” - badboy!Michael Smut

“High School Hero” - badboy!Luke Smut

“Morning Rush” - Ashton Smut

“Oh Baby” - Any Member Blurb (requested)

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Ashton gets jealous at the VMAs (requested)

“Heartbreak Girl” - Calum Smut

“Eighteen” - Luke (Part One) (Part Two)

“How Michael Would Be in Bed”

“Small Bump” - Ashton Imagine for Jill <3

Your First Time with Luke (requested)

Calum being good with kids (requested)

“How Ashton Would Be in Bed”

First Time with Ashton (requested)

Frat Boy Calum Smut (Part One) (Part Two)

100th Follower Special Imagine - Michael

“Backstage Quickie” - Luke Smut

Frat Boy Ashton (Part One) (Part Two)

Happy feels 5sosfam!

Love, Jill & Krista

anonymous asked:

since school is starting can you make a quick breakfast round up? Also a easy lunch roundup one's that are portable and don't need reheating.

For quick breakfasts you might consider the vegan oatmeal round upvegan August 2014 smoothie round up, vegan pink & red smoothie round up or vegan green smoothie round up. Here’s a vegan make ahead breakfast round up. Some other options for make ahead breakfasts are overnight oatsbanana bread, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, pop tarts, muffins and donuts. Below are more easy breakfast recipes along with make ahead breakfast recipes.


make ahead:

As for lunch, here are two vegan bento round ups (part one and part two). Protein packed sandwichesrice and beans, and filling meals for long work shifts are a few other options. Also, check out Vegan Lunch BoxLaptop Lunches from Vegan Homemade5 Make Ahead Vegan and Gluten Free Lunches from Oh She Glows (Part 1 and Part 2), Packed Lunches from Veggie BlackboardEasy Vegan Packed Lunch Ideas from Cadry’s Kitchen and 21 Portable Allergy-Friendly Snack Recipes by Oh She Glows. I hope this gives you a few ideas!

Fandom drinks round two: Steven Universe style

Crystal-methyst: One part blue raspberry vodka, one part blue curacao, one part cranberry juice, add grenadine until satisfied with purple color and the taste. Serve in a short, sturdy, plain cocktail glass you party animal.

Mom-Squared: Equal parts vodka and cranberry juice. A simple combination of two wonderful things. Serve cold in a very tall glass.

Rose’s Temple: 6 ounces ginger ale, 2-3 ounces vodka, add grenadine until sufficiently red and sweet, stir. Garnish with maraschino cherries. 

Watermelon Steven (this one is entirely sarcastic-clapping ‘s fault): one cup fresh seedless watermelon, 3-4 ounces rum, 1 ounce lime juice. Toss everything in a blender and blend until pretty much smooth.

The Ballerina: Mix equal parts sparkling pink lemonade and vodka, add a sprig of mint for a classy twist. Drink it out of a champagne flute if you have one, but if not any glass will do.

Giant Woman: 1 ounce vodka, 4 ounces champagne, 1 ounce club soda, add a teaspoon of sugar and dissolve. For added sweetness, dust the rim of the glass with sugar.

Minaj-erie: One (or two, if you feel adventurous) parts Tequila, one part club soda, one part grape juice. Go out and punch a wall after enjoying.

Monster Mash: Mix one part champagne, one part cointreau , one part vodka. Add 3 parts cranberry juice, enjoy with friends because the more the merrier.

Mr. Universe: Mix 2 ounces vodka, 1 ounce pomegranate juice, 0.5 ounces lime juice, and a tablespoon or so of grenadine. Garnish with mint and a piece of pineapple cut into the shape of a star.

As always, enjoy responsibly if you’re over the legal drinking age in your country.

Please II

 Request(s):  Please part 2? AND  PLEASE ANOTHER PLEASE AND  Hey can you do a part 2 to “Please” where it’s the next day and the reader is teasing him by occasionally running her hands through his hair when Dean isn’t looking on a hunt or something and the night of smutty smut smut??? AND  i saw your sub!sam one shot and it was sooo gooooood i caant. could you make a part 2 of that with round 2? where she ‘punishes’ him for coming? thanks AND Have you considered round 2 to please ;)
Reader gender: Female
Word count: 1,724
Warning: Sub!Sam, Dom!Reader, Masturbation, Smut, I think thats all 

A/N: So… This has been my most requested sequel. I apologise for the eternity that it took to get it written but anywho, I hope you enjoy it and any feedback is always appreciated :)

Read part one here. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey, have you ever thought of doing a round-up of possibilities for vegan packed lunches? Sandwiches, box-able sides, things that you don't necessarily have to keep hot or cold, etc.?

Here are two vegan bento round ups (part one and part two). Protein packed sandwichesrice and beans, and filling meals for long work shifts are a few other options. Also, check out Vegan Lunch BoxLaptop Lunches from Vegan Homemade5 Make Ahead Vegan and Gluten Free Lunches from Oh She Glows (Part 1 and Part 2), Packed Lunches from Veggie Blackboard, and Easy Vegan Packed Lunch Ideas from Cadry’s Kitchen. I hope this helps some! Let me know if there are any other specifics you’d like to see.

((Deadbeat Possession Round Two! Part One here: X Excited!Ghost!Arthur is the brainchild of mowulf.))

The silence was broken by Vivi shrieking at the top of her lungs.

The Deadbeat choir lost their tough facade and scattered in a panic. Chairs were thrown about, and picture frames crashed to the ground in the chaos of frightened spirits phasing through the walls and floor. In the confusion, the Deadbeat possessing Arthur’s body jumped up and fled the room, fearing its master’s wrath.

Arthur himself, though, was surprisingly calm.

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Fic Tennis: Round 21 (AU, redux, 3/?)

Here’s the third entry for this particular round of fic tennis. That’ll be the tag you’ll want to savior if you’re looking to take a pass on these shenanigans. 

The prompt for this round is below, to catch up, there’s: Part One and Part Two.

When Rose wakes, it’s to the feel of something hard beneath her head, and something soft and hairy beneath her hand. 

Her fingers curl on reflex, looking for purchase, and the soft, hairy thing under her palm sucks in a breath. She snaps her eyes open, and she’s greeted by the sight of green velvet. 

Oh, right, the Doctor. The rain. The wardrobe change. The mental, up-ended state of her life. 

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As I begin my final week of Chelsea Lately I thought I would take this time to reflect, thank, praise and just let everyone know what it has meant to me. 7 years ago I got an email from my friend Chelsea Handler and she told me she was doing a new nightly talk show on E! and was wondering if I would like to be a part of the pop culture round table discussion that she would have at the top of each show. Chelsea and I were old friends from our stand up days, I was very happy for her success and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. Originally the round table was one comedian and two b-list celebrities (ex: Scott Baio-Ron Jeremy-Barry Williams) it didn’t take us long to realize Ron Jeremy’s comedy chops paled in comparison to his auto-fellatio skills and we decided to use a rotating cast of comedians. Everyday for the last 7 years I have had the privilege of working with some of the nicest and best comedians working today. To say that I have worked alongside these people is an honor and my memories of it will last a lifetime.
I was not only a round table regular but I was also a writer on the show for the past 7 years which means that for almost 1500 shows I had the best job in the world. Everyday was filled with laughter, joy and the hope that Chuy would remember his lines. Seeing Jen Kirkman, Heather McDonald, Sarah Colonna, Fortune Feimster, Jiffy Wild, Josh Wolf, Brad Wollack, Sue Murphy, Tom Brunelle, Dean Ward and Ian Karmel every morning made my day. Not only were the writers and producers a pleasure to work with but each and every staff member on the show was as important to me and the production as any of us.
Chelsea Handler and this show have changed my life in every way possible - I came to L.A. years ago in hopes of making a living in comedy and because of Chelsea’s generosity and belief in me that dream has come true.
Finally to the people that watch this show - I really have you to thank more than anyone. I know it’s been said many times, but without fans and a loving audience there is no reason to do this. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated every one of your kind ( and the not so kind) tweets, Facebook posts, messages and all around love for me and all of us at Chelsea Lately. This journey has taken me around the world and meeting you guys has been my favorite part. So as we prepare for our final show next week I just wanted to say thank you. Wherever I go people say that Chelsea Lately has made their night for the past 7 years - I just wanted to let you folks know that the feeling was mutual.

All The Best
Chris Franjola

You Know the Rules *Zayn Malik One Shot*

A/N: Ok so this is the girlfriend swap one and I picked Harry and Zayn but the idea of Harry and Perrie is kind of weird to me so let’s say for the sake of this one shot Zayn is with someone else


Its always a one time thing, the couple we agree on are supposed to be strangers. Supposed to be… This time they aren’t. We’ve both taken an interest in these two, and even though Zayn is one of Harry’s bestfriends Harry agreed. It wasn’t completely my idea but I didn’t go against it. I mean have you seen Zayn he’s… Perfect. For this that is. For me he wouldn’t be the kind of guy I could stay with. Harry was perfect in a way that made me want to be with him more than just physically. We understood each other in a way I couldn’t find in anyone else. I don’t know what drew me and him to this but it was exciting in a way. Being with these other people made being together more fun and that’s why we do this. “You know the rules,” Harry says his voice low in my ear. I can bairly hear him over the loud music in the club but I know what he’s saying because he’s said it all before. “As do you,” I reply my eyes locked on his. He nods kissing my lips lightly before pushing me forward into the crowd of dancing people. I sway my way through the mob until I find Zayn. He’s talked to Harry so he knows what this is about. His back is to me as I approach, I run my hands up his back and his movements stop. Marry his girlfriend looks at me, I nod my head to the bar where Harry is waiting and she nods at me as well. Her and Zayn share a kiss much like the one Harry and I shared and she leaves. Zayn’s arm finds my hips and he pulls me into him. Don’t get attached, I think rule one. Don’t forget about Harry, rule two. Don’t kiss him too much rule, three. His lips swoop in and steal the first kiss. I press myself into him and take the access I want. I explore his mouth for a second before I pull away. He’s had a few drinks that I can tell. His lips trail sloppy kisses down my neck and I use my hands to explore his body. Down his chest and abdomen. Over the slight tent in his pants, down his leg around his hip. Over his ass and up his back. Zayn pulls away taking my hand, he ready that much is obvious. He pulls me across the floor to the back door. I spot Harry and Marry by the bar, his lips are at her ear and I know that he’s telling her what he wants to do to her while also reading her the rules. I’m swept out the door and quickly pinned to the brick wall. He steals kiss number two and his hand trails the length of my dress. He toys with the hem for a second before slipping under it. “You’re not wearing any panties,” he comments finding my hips to be bare. He cups my naked ass and his lips envelope mine for the third time. He tangles his tongue with mine and his fingers play with my clit. He slips a finger into me and I can’t help but moan into his hot eager mouth. There is a honk from the end of the ally we were standing in and he pulls away. His finger leaves me and he licks it clean. He pulls me to the waiting taxi that he must have dialed for ahead of time. We slip into the back seat and he tells the driver the directions to the hotel while I toy with his body. I pull at his shirt and run my knee over his tightening pants. He moans while I suck at his neck, his eyes falling shut at the pleasure. The driver looks at us through the rear view mirror and I shoot him a glare. He turns away going back to driving. We arrive at the back of the hotel and Zayn slips the driver some money before pulling me out of the car. We race through the fairly empty hotel kitchen and find the elevator. The doors slide open and I pull him in pressing my back to the wall. He steps forward going in for the fourth kiss. The doors ding and we’re finally at our floor. He picks me up and carries me to the door. I can hear the swipe of his room key and the door falls open. He kicks the door shut while I’m working on his neck. He sets me on the bed and his eyes lock with mine for a second while he strips himself teasing me slightly since I like to do that. He’s down to his boxers when he tries to go for kiss number five. I move quickly out of the way leaving him to fall face first to the mattress. He sits up and gives me a funny look. I hold a hand up as to say hold on. I kick off my heals, reach behind me and pull the zipper down letting the dress slide off of me and to the floor. I kick is away and stand there completely naked. His eyes dance over my body following my curves down then back up. I take two steps forward and climb onto the bed to straddle him. I can feel him against my center and feel an increase in the wetness of my center. I kiss down his neck and move back slightly to kiss his chest. I slowly slip off the bed again putting myself infront of him on my knees. I slip his boxers down and take his length in my hand. He looks down at me anxious for me to make a move. I can see the bit of precum on the tip and work with that. I press my thumb against the tip and spread it around. I lean forward and drag my tongue up his length. I wrap my lips around his tip and play with it for a second sucking and licking it while his head falls back in pleasure. I push slowly down letting him fill my mouth. I deep throat him long enough to make his head fall back sharply and a loud moan to escape his mouth. I pull back deciding he’s had enough and I want him in me. I straddle him again and he wraps his arms around my waist. I slide down on him feeling myself stretch. I moan against his neck and he decided I’m not going fast enough. He flips me over and begins to thrust into me hard and fast. He hits my g-spot and runs his hands over my body. He cups my breast and pinches my nipples. He plays with my belly button ring and claws at my hips. My breathing is raged and I can’t control the sounds that escape my mouth. Strings of profanitys shouts of his name and declarations of how close to exploding I am. He presses into me again and I begin to shake, “Sh-Shitt,” I moan and pulse around him. He let’s out a grunt and releases into me his hands gripping my hips tightly. He pants loudly his movements stalling. He pulls out and falls onto the bed next to me. I regain my breath and stand I slip on my dress and pick up my heals mine and Harry’s room is just across the hall and he should be done by now also. “You can’t stay a second?” Zayn asks sitting up. “Don’t stay, rule number four,” I say holding up four of my fingers. He sighs quietly, I lean down and kiss him for the fifth and final time before heading out the door. Just as I turn around Marry slips out or the other door. Her hair is a tangled mess and he dress is sloppy. She blushed slightly looking down. Ah first timers I know its weird the first time but after one your hooked. I open the door and shut it quietly behind me. Harry is sitting on the bed smirking at me, “How was it?” he asked. “Don’t ask don’t tell, rule five,” I say hopping on bed with him. “My turn,” he says holding up a shiny pair or handcuffs, “Rule six,” he states still smirking. I roll my eyes and latch my lips onto his. He rolls me over ready for round two. This is always the fun part.