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please consider Juvenile stage of chocobo that dont have puffy big adult tail feathers yet cause they just dropped their chick stage feathers so they are very awkward emu like teens …..


In which Ellie Miller needs a smaller font

After two years of square nails, I’ve finally taken the plunge and given myself almond shaped nails! Or round.. But they are pointed round.. Not stiletto.. So that would be almond, right? -shrug- Anyways, I love them. And they hurt me less because there aren’t any sharp corners to worry about. And now, I don’t have to worry about corners dulling out.


up on heaven’s boulevard

wordcount: 1965

summary: a meditation on nail polish, set march 2017.

genre: kind of thoughtful, mostly sweet.

warnings: nothing beyond mild language.

a/n: i wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and then my boy dan took a selfie and captioned it “post the nail polish fic. it’s time.” happy easter, too. (title from stars by grace potter & the nocturnals)

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Gravity Falls Journal tutorial!

When I posted my journal replica online this weekend, I never expected it would get so many positive reactions! I’m really flattered, thank you all so much! 

Now of course I promised a tutorial, so here goes. I hope I will be able to explain things well enough with the pictures I’ve taken. If you still have questions regarding the journal, feel free to ask. 

For the people who haven’t seen the pictures yet, this is the journal I will try to talk you through making:

I’m putting the rest under a read more, because this post is pretty long.

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Vampy-King’s DIY Fang Tutorial

So I know there’s a few of these out. But you don’t really get a good view on what they’re doing so hopefully mine works for you.


(These are the full-cover, if you couldn’t tell)

You’ll also need some nail clippers, AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY(or unholy?) MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN THEM WITH, and an emery board. I’m just using the tips because that’s all I have right now and it’s just for the sake of the tutorial. 

So the first thing you’ll need to do is get nails out of the pack that’s close to the width of your teeth. To do this just hold the nail up to your tooth just to make sure. It’s okay if the nail is a little be wider than your tooth because you’ll be filing it down.

(WOW MY TEETH LOOK GROSS ; A ; I’m so sorry)

After that you’ll want to cut the nail into the length and shape you want. I usually cut it so that one side is more steep(not the right word but I can’t think how to do explain it), that side is the one that will be closer to my front teeth.

Next file the nail into more of a rounder shape and file the sides. Also file the sides that don’t make up the point so that the nail will match the the width of your tooth more. Also file the point the tiniest bit to make it more realistic. Fangs on any animal isn’t perfectly pointy, the tip has more of a round tip.

Put the nail up to your tooth every once in a while to check and make sure it fits and is at the length you want.

Next you’ll need some denture glue so you can wear your newly made fangs! A little bit goes a long way and some will squish out the sides of  your fang, which the more there is, the nastier your mouth will feel because you will get denture glue all up in your mouth.

This is the amount I use.

Then to place your fang in your mouth just barely touch the denture glue that’s on your fang to the tip of your tongue and press the glue your gum line on your tooth. Then wipe as much of the excess away as you can and rise your mouth out with warm water about 1-2 times to try and clean if up a bit.


Hope this helps

5 things tag

tagged by @michonneswife <3 

rules: tag 15 people

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
-old movie tickets and badges (wsc/concerts, etc)
-my current nail polish

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
-nielsen box
-my nail polish collection
-my husband’s shoe collection
-a mess 

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
-win the lottery
-try chicago style pizza
-be totally irresponsible 
-go to south africa 

5 things that make me feel happy:
-new beyoncé music
-black girls winning
-live-tweeting tv shows  
-my dogs
-autocorrect knowing when i’m typing ‘richonne’

5 things I’m currently into:
-bates motel
-rounded nails 
-kofi siriboe
-game of thrones theories
-the color coral

5 things on my to do list: 
-finish the next chapter of palm trees (and the story, really)
-answer at least one of the 269 texts waiting for me
-catch up on 'another round’
-the laundry 
-my husband

i tag (if you want to!): @acrescendoll@boy-isaacs, @cloudydaes, @deep-ricking, @eas1lyamused, @fangirljeanne, @gorogomft, @hermionegranger13, @indigoalex, @jamiesrzblr, @kendrawriter, @longhaulhome, @mochadoe, @nemesisrox, @ohmyjinkies