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Your Dominant Planet


  • appearance may be heavily affected by the sign where the planet is placed in.
  • you can check your dominant sign too with their planet ruler, it will have a similar effect.
  • I’d check my top three dominant planets.

Sun - Solarian - The Hero

Originally posted by simplyelda

Appearance: arched eyebrows, wide forehead, luminous eyes, proportionate (unless they have a jupiterian sun, like sagittarius or cancer, pisces to a lower extent), average height, big lips, yellowish skin and downwards noses. Can be corpulent or build muscle really quickly.

Personality: charismatic, assertive, sensitive to rudeness, energetic, refined, creative, sociable, gracious, self-centered, arrogant, inspiring, optimistic, smooth, needy of attention, well liked, vain, doesn’t dwell on the dark side of life, charming, dramatic and dominating. Dislikes being tied up to a lover which can make them players.

Professions: polititian, actor, poet, painter, anything artistic.

Sun dominant people: Gillian Anderson (leo sun conj. ascendant and mercury), Hulk Hogan (leo sun conj. ascendant), Kirsten Dunst (taurus sun conj. MC), M.C. Hammer (aries sun conj. MC), Pablo Escobar (sagittarius sun conj. MC and mercury), Nostradamus (capricorn sun conj. MC and mercury), Viola Davis (leo sun in the 10th).  

Moon - Lunarian - The Caregiver

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Appearance: soft chin, full lips, round face with a soft jaw, heavy lidded eyes, glowing skin, ashen (usually light or just pale) and abundant hair, upturned nose, watery eyes, there’s something about them that makes you want to protect them, very feminine features. Looks younger.

Personality: receptive, sensitive, meek, imaginative, easily distracted, influentiable, prone to daydreaming, victim complex, lack of vitality and assertion, calm, pessimistic, attracted to the occult, psychic, unstable, empathetic, considerate, brooding, mysterious, manipulative, affectionate.

Strongly affected by other people’s moods,

Professions: writer, musician, nurse, psychologist, pediatritian, chef, anything esoteric.  

Moon dominant people: Angelina Jolie (aries moon conj. jupiter and mars), Farrah Fawcett (gemini moon conj. uranus), Valentino Garavani (cancer moon conj. pluto), Fergie (libra moon conj. pluto), Robert Pattinson (cancer moon conj. ascendant), Natalie Wood (taurus moon), Keith Richards (virgo moon conj. MC).

Mercury - Mercurial- The Trickster

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Appearance: twinkling and foxy eyes, childish and mischievous expression, small and angular features, lean body, very smiley people. Usually pretty short with high cheekbones. Prone to big teeth.

Personality: witty, dishonest, communicative, curious, detached, lack of empathy, inventive, charming, indecisive, diplomatic, persuasive, manipulative, fickle, childish, expressive, influentiable, adaptable, constantly changing ideas, quick learners, multifacetic, eloquent, shit talker, logical, observant, full of nervous energy, perfectionist. Attentive to details.

Professions: mechanic, mathematician, actor, statitian, journalist, scientist, writer, scientific, reviewer, teacher, singer, sports that require being fast.

Mercury dominant people: Samuel L. Jackson (capricorn mercury conj. sun), Madonna (virgo mercury rx conj. pluto and ascendant), Misha Collins (leo mercury conj. sun), Keanu Reeves (virgo mercury rx conj. uranus, pluto and sun), Hugh Grant (virgo mercury conj. ascendant), Edward Snowden (gemini mercury conj. ascendant).

Venus - Venusian - The Lover

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Appearance: soft features, curvy but not as much as jupiterian natives, full lips, hooded eyes, sensual expression, wide noses. Traditionally attractive unless venus is afflicted or in aquarius.

Personality: gentle, polite, glamorous, passive, influentiable, sociable, vain, self-centered, hypocritical, peaceful, dependent, people oriented, little sense of self, prone to feeling lonely, lazy, people pleaser, materialistic, superficial, diplomatic, stylish, elegant, dependent. Wants to ‘fit in’.

Likes to show off.

Professions: musician, sexologist,  dancer, artist, host(ess), photographer, model, anything fashion or cosmetics related.

Venus dominant people: H.P. Lovecraft (libra venus conj. ascendant), Eddie Redmayne (aquarius venus rx), Lana del Rey (taurus venus conj. 1st house), Brendan Fraser (capricorn venus conj. MC), Léa Seydoux (taurus venus conj. MC), James McAvoy (pisces venus conj. mercury and 7th house).

Mars - Martian - The Warrior

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Appearance: strong eyebrows and jaw, lots of hair, striking nose, wide forehead, lean body, fairly androgynous, veiny hands and arms. Athletic but a bit clumsy. Usually have deep voices.  

Personality: competitive, sexual, eager, wild, assertive, direct, rude, active, loud, independent, harsh, ambitious, daring, provocative, conflictive, agressive, impatient, direct, bossy, selfish, explosive, energetic, argumentative, loves challenges. Easily bored and want to prove themselves to the world.

Either don’t hesitate to defend and protect others or become bullies.

Professions: firefighter, athlete, aviator, any military job.

Mars dominant people: Morgan Freeman (scorpio mars rx in the 8th), Kristen Stewart (aquarius mars conj. MC), Demi Lovato (gemini mars conj. 3rd house), Zoë Kravitz (scorpio venus conj. pluto and 2nd house), Iggy Pop (aries mars conj. mercury), Nicki Minaj (capricorn mars conj. AS), Kate Hudson (aries mars conj. MC), Megan Fox (capricorn mars).    

Jupiter - Jupiterian -  The Wise

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Appearance: very tall or very curvy depending on Jupiter’s sign, tends to have a heavier weight, kind expression, full cheeks, dimples, clear voice, small hands, big features in general.

Personality: optimistic, excessive, generous, exaggerated, good natured, tactful, affable, dislikes rudeness, little self control, talkative, honest, loving, lazy, curious, charming, self worshipping, ‘lucky’, idealistic, carefree, unrealistic, adventurous, irresponsible and noncommittal.

Professions: polititian, life coach, professor, sailor, police officer, lawyer, tourist guide, orator, philosopher, something having to do with public service, artist, .

Jupiter dominant people: Jennifer Love Hewitt (leo jupiter rx conj. MC), Amanda Seyfried (aquarius jupiter), Bob Marley (virgo jupiter rx conj. MC), Denise Richards (sagittarius jupiter conj. AS), Nicholas Cage (aries jupiter), Winona Ryder (sagittarius jupiter), Sylvester Stallone (libra jupiter conj. moon and MC), Nelson Mandela (cancer jupiter conj. pluto).    

Saturn - Saturnian -  The Ruler

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Appearance: unconscious scowl, intimidating, makes features smaller and masculine, strong bone structure, deep set eyes, stern look, distinctive nose, protruding lower lip. May look older than they are. 

Powerful aura.

Personality: disciplined, career oriented, stubborn, pessimistic, mature, controlled, ambitious, materialistic, reflexive, silent, distrustful, selfish, bossy, frivolous, hard working, enduring, responsible, influential, skeptical, serious, realistic, loyal. Attached to traditions. Has deep but concealed feelings and emotions

Professions: banker, engineer, executive, builder, surgeon, finantial advisor, anything they put their minds to tbh.

Saturn dominant people: Elizabeth II (scorpio saturn conj. MC), Debbie Allen (virgo saturn rx conj. the 1st house), Sandra Bookman (capricorn saturn), Ozzy Osbourne (virgo saturn conj. MC), Ludwig van Beethoven (leo saturn rx conj. MC), Louis Armstrong (capricorn saturn rx conj. MC), Chuck Norris (aries saturn conj. 4th house).  

Uranus - Uranian - The Outlaw

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Appearance: androginous, unconventional beauty, assymmetrical, a pretty straight bodyshape, may have big noses, thin eyebrows, long face and thin lips. They usually stand out.

Personality: chaotic, eccentric, innovative, sudden bursts of energy, usually fight for what they believe is right, detached but deep down empathetic, idealistic. Likes to have friends and be popular, but may have a strong disgregard towards social norms. Out of the box type of thinkers.

Professions: activist, diplomatic, inventor, anything to do with human rights or technology.

Uranus dominant people: Ian Somerhalder (scorpio uranus conj. MC), Zendaya (aquarius uranus rx), Bon Scott (gemini uranus conj. 4th house), F. Scott Fitzgerald (scorpio uranus conj. saturn), Alan Turing (aquarius uranus rx conj. MC), Sasha Pieterse (aquarius uranus conj. mercury and moon), James Dean (aries uranus conj. AS). 

Neptune - Neptunian -  The Dreamer

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Appearance: dreamy expression, big and glassy eyes, full lips, very fish-like features. Round face, prone to being overweight, short height. Usually sweet appearance.

Personality: unrealistic, prone to daydreaming, immature, childish, self-sacrificial, easily confused, martyr complex, see life through rose tainted glasses, optimistic, imaginative, sensitive, kind, dependent, näive, usually psychic, shy, escapist, delusional, resourceful, gullible, compassionate.Blurry sense of self and others.

Somehow detached, not in an insensitive way, more like being out of touch with reality.

Professions: painter, designer, occultist, psychologist.

Neptune dominant people: Marilyn Monroe (leo neptune in the 1st house), Rachel Weisz (sagittarius neptune rx, pisces stellium), Rebel Wilson (sagittarius neptune), Andrew Garfield (sagittarius neptune rx conj. MC), Vin Diesel (scorpio neptune rx conj. AS), Monica Bellucci (scorpio neptune conj. MC), Adriana Lima (neptune rx in sagittarius).  

Pluto - Plutonian - The Antihero

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Appearance: somehow magnetic and repelling , lots of sex appeal, sharp features, narrow but strong noses, strong and arched eyebrows. Upturned, powerful eyes.  

Personality: suspecting, resilient, mysterious, courageous, paranoid, obssessive, distrustful, sexual, exhibitionist, transformative, strong-willed, self-destructive, observant, pessimistic, proud, intuitive, concealed, driven, revengeful and judging. Controlling and possessive.

Very complicated people that love to create controversy with their strong opinions.

Professions: mortitian, therapist, historian, detective, psychologist, occultist, model (they are usually very magnetic).

Pluto dominant people: Janet Montgomery (pluto conj. sun both in scorpio), Björk (pluto in virgo conj. uranus), Victoria Justice (pluto in scorpio in the 1st house), Justin Bieber (pluto in scorpio conj. ascendant), Leonardo DiCaprio (pluto in libra in 1st house), Prince (virgo pluto conj. MC), Ellen Page (pluto rx in scorpio).