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Did Ciel Shoot Agni?

Hello everyone! The spoilers for the new chapter were definitely… interesting, to say the least! After looking through the chapter a couple times, I noticed some inconsistencies in the person Soma saw outside of the gate, and the where Ciel actually was.

Towards the beginning of the chapter, we see Ciel getting in to a carriage with white wheels, a curved roof, a man seated towards the back of the carriage, a rounded window, and a lamp next to the window.

We never see this carriage arrive at the Phantomhive townhouse, where Soma and Agni.

The carriage that we see arrive at the Phantomhive townhouse is vastly different than the previous one. Unlike the other, it has black wheels, three rectangular windows, a straight roof, and a man seated in the front.

These carriages are extremely different, so how is it that Ciel would have been the one to arrive and the townhouse and shoot Soma? Soma thought that the person who exited that carriage was Ciel, so else could it have been? Who else is someone who looks exactly like Ciel… 2ct?

Past Abusive Relationship with Tony Perry. (requested).
Can you do a Tony perry one where you were an a abusive relationship and your dad used to hit you too but now dating Tony. And you accidentally broke his guitar and he yells “what the fuck” and you go in the corner and cry then when he comes to see you, and you beg him not to hit you then he tells you he loves you and would never hurt you?
I’m cleaning up my apartment; it’s a mess. Mainly because my boyfriend, Tony, had just moved in a couple of months ago. Currently, he’s over at Vic’s house or something, who’s another member in his band: Pierce The Veil. He creates mess everywhere he goes, and I mean everywhere. Dirty clothes are left, rubbish, paper, and I can’t forget: his guitar. It was his prized possession. Much more valuable than I was. He had a bunch of others but he loved this one. It was black and had green oozing over it, I had no idea what type it was; I’m not really a ‘guitar’ person, completely the opposite of Tony. He loves it so much, he’s owned it for ages, it’s always been his favourite. Soon enough it’s going to get broken, especially because of the way he leaves it around the house everywhere. This time, it was displayed nicely over my living room floor. I sigh out loud to myself. I specifically moved a bunch of stuff out from my old spare room so that he could put all of his music equipment in there. Does he use it? Of course not. Wires and such are wound round my stairs, lamps, tables. Everywhere. It’s like he uses every room apart from that one.
I grab the neck of the guitar and hoist it from the floor. The amount of times I’ve had to manoeuvre this lump of wood is unreal. Admittedly, I carry it clumsily out of the living room. Jeez, cleaning up after your boyfriend should be a sport. I mumble to myself as I drag my feet up the stairs. Stupidly, I don’t watch where I’m going. “Fuck!” I curse as I trip over one of the higher up stairs. Releasing Tony’s guitar, it bashes itself down the staircase. I see chips of paintwork jolt off of it. My eyes widen as I see it lay, practically shattered, by the bottom of the stairs. I can see about three strings split. I freeze at the top of the stairs. Uh oh. I rush down the stairs then sit in front of it on the floor. As I said: some paintwork is missing, strings have snapped, and I notice a crack in the guitars neck. For a moment, I’m speechless. I sit there in silence. Then the thoughts pour in. W… What if he gets angry? Just… Just like Ryan did… Just like my father would… What if he… he… hits me? My thoughts stutter. Both my father and Ryan would get angry if I smashed one of their alcohol bottles my accident and they had tons. This was Tony’s one and only favourite guitar… Tony’s never done anything like that to me before, he’s gotten angry but he’s never hit me. Regardless of that, I freeze as I feel my past almost becoming my present. The fear of someone growling in your face, the look of complete disgust plastering their own. Seeing someone’s fist lunge at your face… He… He’s going to hit me… He’s not going to love me… or want me… As I said: that guitars more valuable than I am. I feel my eyes shatter like glass. I sit there and stare at the guitar. What can I do?
Just my luck, I hear a key enter the front door. It’s Tony coming home… I scatter back a little, so I can see him walk through the door. Flicking his hair, I see his eyes are drawn to me, he sees the tears. Hurriedly, he makes his way over to me before crouching down. He doesn’t notice his guitar… Yet. His luxurious eyes meet mine. “Y/N, what’s u-” His mouth drops open as he looks to my side. He stands up tall. “Y/N, what the fuck?” He growls at me. “What the fuck have you done to my guitar?” He yells at me. “I… I’m sorry…” I whimper, shading myself. My body whelms up. “For fuck sake, Y/N.” He shouts, his hands dart outwards. I prepare for what I’m used to happening. Planning my escape, I sprint off as quickly as I could like I would with my father and Ryan. I hide behind the curtain in my living room. I curl up into a tight ball, clutching my knees firmly to my chest, my head rammed to my thighs. Tears claw their way down my pale cheeks. Sitting here, petrified, is a familiar feeling which I wish left me a long time ago. In my own house… I’m afraid, scared. “Y/N?” I hear Tony’s voice call my name. I can’t recognise the tone; my ears are muffled with the amount of tears that I’m choking on. Fully knowing what’s going to happen to me, I keep quiet. But I see a dark shadow look in front of the curtain. Drawing the curtain, he reveals me to him. “D… Don’t hit me.” I plead as I cry into my thighs. “Y/N…” Tony pats my thighs, trying to break my sturdy ball. “I… I’m not letting go.” I murmur to myself in a whisper, I don’t know if he can hear me or not. “Y/N, I’m not going to hit you, come on, come here.” He coos to me. Reluctant to move, I shake my head. Scooping my hunched body in his arms, he places me down on his sofa. He rests himself up against the arm of the chair, then he slides my body up next to his. His left arm supports my back as his other hand strokes my thigh softly. “I… I’m sorry.” I stammer, tears still dripping faintly off my eyelashes. I can’t seem to calm myself down, my breaths are still quick and unsteady. “It’s okay, Y/N.” He whispers in my ear. “But… But I broke it.” I sob, not being able to look into his eyes. “Hey, I can get it fixed. It’ll be good as new, don’t you worry about it.” He nuzzles his nose to mine. I know he’s lying, it will never be as good as new, but he successes in making me feel better. Breathing slower, I finally relax in Tony’s grasp. “Now, Y/N. Why would you ever think that I would dare to hit you? Your past makes you feel uneasy, I know that… But honestly, I will never, ever hurt you. I wouldn’t dream of it, no matter now angry I ever get, I won’t hit you, Y/N. I promise.” He says innocently, before laying benevolent kisses on my neck. I cosily snuggle against his warm body as he does so. His lips trail up my neck to my face, before finally reaching my lips. Passionately, he brushes his soft lips against mine. “I’m sorry for thinking that Tony, I really am.” I apologise guiltily. “Don’t worry.” He coaxes me gently. “I love you.” He whispers in a sweet, loving voice. “I’ll do anything to prove it.” He adds, squeezing my body tightly to his.

hp lit meme —> ¼ locations


“The Slytherin common room was a long, low underground room with rough stone walls and ceiling, from which round, greenish lamps were hanging on chains. A fire was crackling under an elaborately carved mantelpiece ahead of them, and several Slytherins were silhouetted around it in carved chairs.”


“The Slytherin common room was a long, low underground room with rough stone walls and ceiling, from which round, greenish lamps were hanging on chains. A fire was crackling under an elaborately carved mantelpiece ahead of them.”

“Our common room lies behind a concealed entrance down in the dungeons. As you’ll see, its windows look out into the depths of the Hogwarts lake. We often see the giant squid swooshing by – and sometimes more interesting creatures. We like to feel that our hangout has the aura of a mysterious, underwater shipwreck.”

The Hufflepuff Common Room is earthy and round, with round doors and copper lamps. Sunshine beams down through square and circular windows. The image of a spring walk through newly green trees comes to mind when one walks into the common room. It’s definitely the coziest of the common rooms (though the one with the most rigorous security!) filled with fluffy chairs and sofas, forts made out of sheets, and plants lining most walls. Being next to the kitchen provides a great advantage as the house that knows most of the house elves so they freely get passed cookies and pastries. They show their gratitude by growing herbs for the elves to use in their cooking. Hufflepuff is the house of earth which is shown in everything from the woodsy atmosphere to the growing plants. The dorms resemble chalets with wooden bunk beds and floating hammocks in soft yellow rooms, and put their occupants at ease.


anonymous asked:

what type of plant do you have along your ceiling? Also, how do you keep it healthy and alive?

Okay I am getting this a lot and also many other questions about my room so I will try to answer them all here. This comes from my own, modest, personal experience so please take it for what it is! I have sixteen vases around my room and the plant’s name is Devil’s Ivy (pipremnum aureum) because apparently they are very vigorous and adaptable plant so it’s very difficult to kill (and that’s make it easier to take care of it). These babes love bright places but not direct sunlight, they do quite well even with low lights but they grow way faster when there’s some light. I have around ten round lamps close to the vases to keep the vines happy and well covered in light! and also it looks very nice at night, aw.

all these come from the same plant, basically you just have to cut off around 10 cm from the tips of the vines and keep it for a few days in water, and it will grow some small and nice roots that will soon develop in a bigger and bigger plant. I water each one of them once a month month in very cold winter, every five days in august and around every two weeks in spring and autumn. They love love love a humid environment so I spray their leaves from time to time with water. The vines can grow up to 30 meters apparently, but they don’t reach that size when kept inside pots (luckily for me hehe) when healthy they have a very lovely and bright green color. when there’s too much water or too little its color becomes pale and they start to rot, which luckily happened to me just once (I was afraid they weren’t getting enough water but yeah I was exagerating) but they adjust quite well . To keep them up all around the ceiling I have placed some strings to sustain the vines as you can see in this pic.

They grow very fast when light and water is provided. If they are neglected (asking a friend to take care of them once when I was gone wasn’t the best idea) the leaves start to look dull and the plant stops growing. I remove the dead leaves every time I can so the plant is more free to grow and it also look prettier! After three years of growing that’s what it looks like to have sixteen of them. :) tiny jungle.

Also, sleeping with so many plants doesn’t do any harm. I am healthy and well and never had problems breathing at night, of course. It is true they produce CO2 at night, but the amount of it is absolutely harmless and way way less than the one a human produces while breathing normally. I’ve slept in my room countless times with friends - and the plants - and I can assure you we are all alive and well :) About bugs! The best thing in this case is having a insect screen at the window, so I can open it and get some fresh air without having to worry about the bugs!! I never had any problems though, and the fact there are so many plants doesn’t make any difference. there are some small spiders there and there sometimes like in every other house but I just gently take them out and the problem is solved. Some of them actually helps during summer when mosquitos starts to fly around so it’s not that bad hehe. Hope this helps!

House Aesthetic

Slytherin Dungeon

The Slytherin common room was a long, low underground room with rough stone walls and ceiling, from which round, greenish lamps were hanging on chains. A fire was crackling under an elaborately carved mantelpiece ahead of them, and several Slytherins were silhouetted around it in carved chairs.

*The image in the center is someone else’s creative property.


I made a butterfly ceiling lamp shade for myself over weekend and thought I’d share some brief instructions on how to make one yourself :D

Now before I start, I want to clarify that paper lamp shades are safe from fire if you use 40 watt compact florescent bulbs and leave an inch or more of space between the paper and the bulb. Make sure there are openings at the top of the bulb to allow ventilation. I’ve used that other two origami lamps for many years and never had any fire problems. The paper is barely warm after hours of use. But just to be safe, you should always test out your paper lamp shade and touch the paper closest to the bulb after a few hours of use to see if it’s too hot. 

Now to make the butterfly lamp shade, you’ll need an old metal coat hanger, some regular paper, string, glue, and tape. 

1. Bend the coat hanger into a circle
2. Cut out butterflies of various sizes on regular paper. (Fold the paper in half and cut out half a butterfly to create symmetrical wings)
3. Tape the largest butterflies to the coat hanger
4. Glue strings to the remaining butterflies
5. After the glue is dry, tie the strings to the coat hanger at various length until you have a flock of butterflies 
6. Put coat hanger over existing lamp shade and you’re done! :D

- For the lotus lamp, I just followed this youtube tutorial and modified it a bit to fit the lamp shade. I used bigger paper and less pedals per tier. 

- The round origami lamp is just a really big Arabesque Kusudama. Here’s a youtube tutorial for how to make one. Make sure to use much bigger paper than the ones in the tutorial for the lamp shades. There are many variations of kusudamas out there to choose from but be sure to pick one that has openings for ventilation. 

Have fun! :) 

Fake Husband

Pairing: Rivamika
: AU Modern/Urban
: Action/Drama/[paranormal?]

Synopsis: The Ackerman clan since ancient times been a family of protectors that save guarded a secret so secret, that Levi, an Ackerman himself, has no knowledge of what it is. Rumor  has it that discovering it would give the recipient the powers of a god. Is Mikasa truly the key to discovering this secret? Well, but before all that Levi needs to fake a marriage with her before someone else kidnaps her in order to find out themselves!  

A/N: Please don’t judge my writing based on this plot. I came up with it solely so I can have an excuse to fulfill the “fake dating/marriage” trope. Also I’m shoving some Hanji in your face because it’s her/their birthday recently, So yeah. Everything is Hanji themed, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules. Please enjoy anon and thank you for submitting this request!

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I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of Amiibo Visitor Items
AC Characters - Non-Amiibo


–White Brick Wall
–Yellow Flooring
–Cabana Armchair
–Cabana Bed
–Cabana Lamp
–Cabana Table
–Cat Tower
–Diays Tee
–Jester Shirt
–Makeup Case


–sea view
–ship deck
–blowfish sashimi
–fish on a board (barbell steed)
–fish on a board (red snapper)
–kitchen counter
–ringside table
–sushi tray
–sushi platter
–sushi container


–Music room wall
–Parquet floor
–Cardboard box
–Common bed
–Plastic canister
–Rolling closet
–Ventilation fan


–tropical vista
–sandy beach floor
–beach table
–life ring
–volleyball net
–wave breaker
–snow globe
–tree stump chair
–yule log


–party wall
–white wood floor
–alpine low table
–gift pile
–Santa coat
–snow globe
–tree stump chair
–yule log


–Shoji Screen
–Daimyo’s Tray
–Floor Seat
–Lucky Cat
–Paper Wall Lamp
–Zen Tea Set
–Zodiac Boar


–concrete wall
–paintball floor
–retro fridge
–rice balls
–roasted dino meat
–scattered papers
–sloppy sink
–sloppy table
–Wendells pianting


–Egg Wall
–Egg Floor
–Bunny Hood
–Egg Chair
–Egg Table
–Hot Plate
–Imperial Pot


–Jungle Wall
–Jungle Floor
–Autumn-Leaf Chair
–Leaf Bed
–Pile of Leaves
–Potted Ivy
–Spearow’s Nest
–Sprout Table
–Tree Standee


–Sea View
–Ship Deck
–Beach Chair
–Large Bookshelf
–Lily-Pad Table
–Pondering (Clam Shell Box)
–Sea globe
–Stack of Books
–Treasure Chest


–Pavé Wall
–Pavé floor
–Festivale accessory
–Festivale pants
–Festivale tank
–Festivale tank dress
–Pavé chest
–Pavé clock
–Pavé end table
–Pavé lamp
–Pavé sofa


–Tent Wall
–Tent Rug
–Aquarius Urn
–Cabin Low Table
–Genie’s Lamp, Loom
–Round Mini Cactus
–Tile Screen

AC Characters - Amiibo Exclusive Visitors


–Library Wall
–Gallery Floor
–Basic Teacher’s Desk
–File Cabinet (L)
–Heavy Tome
–Homework Set
–Museum Clock
–Museum Mat
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Stack of Books
–Wii U Console
–Zen Chair


–observatory floor
–Cancer table
–celeste ribbon
–gadget shelf
–new 3ds
–star globe
–star projector
–wii u


–Modern wall
–Herringbone floor
–Basic trash can
–Brown seat
–Console table
–Document stack
–HHA raincoat
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Stripe bed
–Wii U console


–Green wall
–Modern wood flooring
–Alpine bed
–Alpine low table
–Alpine panel
–Basket chair
–Isabelle scooter
–Natural lamp
–New 3DS - Isabelle
–PA system
–Town-hall winter top
–Wii U console


–Stone wall
–Terra-cotta floor
–Cardboard box
–Counter seat
–Counter table
–Glass screen
–Kicks mat
–Lunch pack
–New nintendo 3DS
–Pitcher plant
–Shoe boxes
–Shoe-polishing set
–Succulent plant
–Wii U console

K.K. Slider

–White brick wall
–Modern wood flooring
–Brown seat
–DJ K.K. booth
–Guitar case
–K.K. Cruisin’
–K.K. Jazz
–K.K. Song
–Metal-rim table
–New 3DS - K.K.
–Wii U console


–Polka-dot wall
–Pink wood floor
–Drafting table
–HHA women’s jacket
–Jacquard fleece
–Lottie’s bun
–Lovely love seat
–Makeup case
–Minimalist minitable
–New 3DS XL - HHD
–Pastel low table
–Perfume bottles
–Red warm-up suit
–Wii U console


–Ranch Floor
–Block Flooring
–Counter Table
–New 3DS - Mabel
–New 3DS - Sable
–Quilted Tapestry
–Ranch Bed
–Ranch Tea Table
–Sewing Kit
–Slipper Rack
–Wii U Console
–Yarn Basket

Wisp takes over the shop for the day :-) He’s not particularly capable…

–Parlor Wall
–Pink Wood Shelf
–Antique Shelf
–Hearty Breakfast
–Mermaid Chair
–Mermaid Vanity
–Natural Bench
–Natural Low Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Re-Tail Clock
–Re-Tail Mat
–Wii U Console


–Old Wallpaper
–Old Flooring
–Accordion Screen
–Bathroom Stall
–Box with Helmet
–Large Tea Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Overflowing Trash
–Half-Eaten Pizza
–Resetti Model
–Wall Fan
–Wall-Mounted TV
–Wii U Console


–Train Window Wall
–School-Hall Floor
–Boston Bag
–Hanging Strap
–Metal-Rim Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Rolling Suitcase
–Rover Suitcase
–Strapped Books
–Train Seat
–Wii U Console

Timmy & Tommy
(It’s actually pretty cute.. Wisp will take over their store (You can’t buy anything..) Timmy will be inside the van in his pyjamas.. And Tommy will sit outside c: )

–Plaster wall
–Monochrome floor
–Bunk bed
–Cart return
–Clerk’s shirt
–Money box
–New 3DS - T&T
–Retro sign
–Retro sink
–Shop mat
–Simple panel
–Wii U console
–Zen low table

Tom Nook

–office wall
–terra-cotta floor
–golf bag
–New Nintendo 3ds
–Nooks Homes Car
–Nooks Homes mat
–Racoon Wall clock
–sacks of money
–sales graph
–wii u console


–lunar horizon
–galaxy floor
–GameCube drawer
–NDS Lite bench
–Nintendo bench
–Nintendo DSi bench
–villager statue
–Wii Remote cabinet
–Wii U console

The Amiibo Cards only give you items, they do not visit your town!

Zelda Characters

Wolf Link (unlucked via Wolf Link, Link, or someone else? Amiibo)

–Hyrule Wall
–Zelda Floor
–Heart Container
–Hylian Shield
–Hyrulean Treasure
–Link Hat
–Link Outfit
–New Hero Wig
–New Hero’s Outfit
–Princess Zelda Dress
–Wolf Link Outfit
–Zelda Wig

Ganon (unlocked via Ganondorf Amiibo)

–Hyrule wall
–Zelda floor
–Ganon outfit
–Ganondorf outfit
–Ganondorf pants
–Ganondorf wig
–Hyrulean treasure
–Link hat
–Link outfit
–new hero wig
–new hero’s outfit

Splatoon Characters

Squidlings (All?)

–Ink Splattered Wall
–Ink Splattered Floor
–Black Anchor Tee
–Pilot Goggles
–Splatoon Spawn Point
–Splatoon Tower
–Squid Bumper
–Studio Headphones
–Super Sea Snail
–Takoroka Mesh

Updated! Just missing a handful of characters now :)

HAL 9000 - The World's Most Pointless Machine

Hal-9000, the world’s most useless machine, made its debut at GeekCon 2016.

Based off the construction of the Al machine (AKA “leave-me-alone box), the Hal-9000 goes one step further to ensure the sheer pointlessness of this technology. With a microphone input, audio devices, and even a round lamp for a realistic eye effect, the silly construction of the Hal-9000 was a treat at GeekCon 2016. Credit: Rafael Mizrahi via Storyful

A Guild Wars 2 tribute song inspired by the fall of the human kingdoms, the absence of the Six Gods, and the decline of Kryta.

Listen to others in the Guild Wars 2 series here: 1  2  3

Original melody written by me and johnrobertmatz and orchestrated by him as well.

Lyrics written by me.

Performed by me.

Thanks to @ArenaNet for creating Guild Wars 2.

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