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House Aesthetic

Slytherin Dungeon

The Slytherin common room was a long, low underground room with rough stone walls and ceiling, from which round, greenish lamps were hanging on chains. A fire was crackling under an elaborately carved mantelpiece ahead of them, and several Slytherins were silhouetted around it in carved chairs.

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Did Ciel Shoot Agni?

Hello everyone! The spoilers for the new chapter were definitely… interesting, to say the least! After looking through the chapter a couple times, I noticed some inconsistencies in the person Soma saw outside of the gate, and the where Ciel actually was.

Towards the beginning of the chapter, we see Ciel getting in to a carriage with white wheels, a curved roof, a man seated towards the back of the carriage, a rounded window, and a lamp next to the window.

We never see this carriage arrive at the Phantomhive townhouse, where Soma and Agni.

The carriage that we see arrive at the Phantomhive townhouse is vastly different than the previous one. Unlike the other, it has black wheels, three rectangular windows, a straight roof, and a man seated in the front.

These carriages are extremely different, so how is it that Ciel would have been the one to arrive and the townhouse and shoot Soma? Soma thought that the person who exited that carriage was Ciel, so else could it have been? Who else is someone who looks exactly like Ciel… 2ct?

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote:

‘Ellenya always makes light of things. That’s why I like her things…the words she writes, the songs she sings.’

Yes, you’ll never have to fight to see the light at night round here. I’ve lamps large, medium and slight, both dim and bright, of any height; flashlights, floodlights, spotlights, headlights, even a few that self-ignite! Our home is quite a sight, the neighbors might be downright set to incite a fight by meddling with our fuse box, but will be thwarted by the foresight of Bruce’s lock tight security system which protects our electrical birthright. Though we do get a slight fright from the electricity bill, become contrite in hindsight, vow to make do with daylight, and forget again by midnight, but things always turn out alright.

The Hufflepuff Common Room is earthy and round, with round doors and copper lamps. Sunshine beams down through square and circular windows. The image of a spring walk through newly green trees comes to mind when one walks into the common room. It’s definitely the coziest of the common rooms (though the one with the most rigorous security!) filled with fluffy chairs and sofas, forts made out of sheets, and plants lining most walls. Being next to the kitchen provides a great advantage as the house that knows most of the house elves so they freely get passed cookies and pastries. They show their gratitude by growing herbs for the elves to use in their cooking. Hufflepuff is the house of earth which is shown in everything from the woodsy atmosphere to the growing plants. The dorms resemble chalets with wooden bunk beds and floating hammocks in soft yellow rooms, and put their occupants at ease.


A Guild Wars 2 tribute song inspired by the fall of the human kingdoms, the absence of the Six Gods, and the decline of Kryta.

Listen to others in the Guild Wars 2 series here: 1  2  3

Original melody written by me and johnrobertmatz and orchestrated by him as well.

Lyrics written by me.

Performed by me.

Thanks to @ArenaNet for creating Guild Wars 2.

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Prayer for a New Day
Prayer for a New Day

A Guild Wars 2 tribute song inspired by the fall of the human kingdoms, the absence of the Six Gods, and the decline of Kryta.

Listen to the pervious songs in the series here: 1 2 3 

Original melody written by Thornheart and johnrobertmatz 

Orchestrated by johnrobertmatz

Lyrics written by Thornheart

Performed by Thornheart


Thanks to @ArenaNet for creating Guild Wars 2.


The light is fading
Our time comes to an end
Like a dimming sunset
A lamp lost round a bend

Our cities once golden
Spires glint in the sun
All have fallen to shadow
Our day here is done

The gods are still quiet
We’ve been left here alone
To dwindle in darkness
And fight on our own

But you will endure
You will reach to the last
Long after we’ve crumbled
And our glories are passed.

A single reminder
Of a place that’s now gone
Of the greatest of heroes
This world’s ever known

And if someday you hear them
Like a wind through the trees
Our silent guardians
Fall to your knees

Shield your eyes…

Look up to the skies…

And Kryta shall be reborn.