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Hi! I struggle a lot with drawing eyes, especially with shape and size :( but I love the way you draw them! Do you have any tips or tutorials???

Thank you!! well, eyes are a really particular thing in an artist style i think, and also something that can give a lot of expression and emotion to characters. I’m not really good at explaining my own drawing style, but i’ll try to give you a few tips that i use a lot to start drawing/sketching.

1) the size; i think face proportions play and important role here, starting to where to position eyes so they actually make sense. I start doing the circle and the crossed lines to make a mental map of the face

Also the cross makes easier to imagine the direction the character is looking at and so, where the eyes and the gaze is directed to, for example Pidge here may show us…

So, once you directed the face and positioned the eyes, you can start drawing on top, that’s a first step, so now you use what you’ve done to start the real thing and EXPERIMENTING!! 

2) the shape; here i can only say that it’ll depend on your liking and what kind of drawing style you’re after. In my case i like to make them inspired in real life eyes, but a little bigger and rounded, it dependes on the character tho, and the expression you’re trying to achieve: for that i usually play with how open or close is the eye and the final tip of the eye, which i lift, for example if it’s for a cat-like eye, make it more rounded, for example for kids or surprised expressions, or i draw it down, for sad or tired eyes.

The rest is to complement the eyes with the eyebrows (which is a strong game in my opinion) and well… go draw drAW DRAW!!

There and on is a lot of practice and observation, and eyes and expressions will come out naturally :) I’m also still learning all this so if you need any help you can check my ‘art-help’ tag, with tutorials and reference about drawing that i’ve been collecting. 

Hope this helps!! (◡‿◡✿)

alright kids gather round for a lesson from your favorite tumblr art teacher on the difference between “animation style” and “sexist character design”

I know this comparison has been done to death but thats because its a good one so let’s look at some Ghibli couples

this, my friends, is an example of an animation style. yes, all the women have pretty much the same craniofacial structure. but look at who also does: the men!!!

now, here are some examples of animation that certainly has distinct style, but is still guilty of sexist character design

how can I tell, you ask? let’s break it down.

1. all lead Disney women fit into the exact same big-eyed tiny-nosed heart-shaped craniofacial structure

2. all the lead Disney men don;t

there all done its that simple

in case this is still not making sense for some of you I have created a fun visual guide to help

thanks for reading & have a great day

Well, i was gonna save this one for later, i really was.
But everytime i finish a new piece i feel i should immediately post it. I feel like a small child showing their parents a new drawing and making them put it on the fridge. I’ve been on a huge artspam for the last three days and I think I’m gonna chill for awhile. I say that but watch I’m gonna produce 10 more arts tomorrow.

QUICK drawing of these good boys since another voting gauntlets coming up that leo’s gonna be featured in 

i know there’s no way he’ll win if he’s put up against tharja but ill be locked onto his team anyways lol


Much anticipated 12-member boy band VARSITY debuts with “U R MY ONLY ONE” MV!

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I don’t see enough appreciation posts for Eddard Stark so here are some bullet points on why Eddard Stark was the best character on Game of Thrones:

  • Went to war to avenge his family, rescue his sister and stick with his bestie. 
  • Could have had the Iron Throne but chose not to because it would backstab Robert.
  • Protested against the killing of Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon very loudly.
  • Respected the fuck out of people who deserved it even though they were his enemies at the time, e.g Arthur Dayne.
  • Adopted his Targaryen-born nephew as his own, even though it could have got him executed for treason if anyone found out the truth.
  • Apparently never bore any ill thoughts about his sister, despite all the shit that she caused which he may have not known the reasons for and had eighteen years to speculate.
  • Pretended right up till his death that he stepped out on his wife and ruined his honour just to keep said nephew safe.
  • Never once broke his promise to Lyanna for the eighteen years he kept it, didn’t even tell his wife or the nephew himself.
  • Never used his nephew for leverage. 
  • Raised a hella sexy great son called Jon Snow, despite the circumstances, who’s probably going to save the world. 
  • Raised five other amazing kids. All round great dad.
  • Utterly faithful in marriage, though it seems that hardly anyone else in Westeros is. All round great husband.
  • Stayed friends with Robert, even though the show portrays Robert as not being too amicable at times. All round great friend.
  • Turned out a good Warden of the North, though he was never meant to inherit the title or Winterfell.
  • Genuinely supported the Night’s Watch, you know, the guys that are defending the realm from wildlings, giants, the Others and who the fuck knows else.
  • “The man who passes the sentence must swing the sword.”
  • Let his daughter learn to sword-fight when it was 100% not the done thing. That way saves Arya’s life several times over.
  • Didn’t trust the Lannisters right from the start and turned out to be hella right about that.
  • Was one of the only people to try and expose the truth about Jon Arryn and the Lannisters.
  • Wouldn’t let Robert assassinate Daenerys, even though she was his enemy and he could have ruined his friendship and lost his job.
  • Gave Cersei and the kids a chance to run away.
  • Was willing to admit to high treason and possible execution just to keep Sansa and Arya safe.

Feel free to add, ya’ll.


Request:  Can I have an imagine that you are the youngest avenger and in love with your friend peter parker? when he figures it out he distants himself cuz he likes liz. but with new stark-xavier scholarship program jean (your bff) and pietro (your ex) comes to the tower and something blossoms again between pietro and you so Peter becomes jealous and finally realizes his feelings?

Word Count: 2,979 (holY SHIT)

Warnings: angst? fluff? maybe you’ll hate the ending? who knows???

AN: oh my GOD THIS IS LONG. this is the first request i’ve done & it was a bit of a challenge but i’m always up for pushing myself. kinda iffy about this lol let me know what you think, enjoy :) im sorry its so long aiyaiyai

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You watched Peter behind your lockers door, hiding in case he would ever catch you in the act. You weren’t close with him, but you both knew each other enough to match a name with the face. Especially you. After being infatuated with Peter ever since the beginning of sophomore year, you did your best to make him feel the same way but could never succeed thanks to Liz Allan. Peter whizzed past a group of people in the hallway as he made his way over to his best friend, Ned.  

The two of you were close, best friends since junior high, but knowing how intense you can be with your feelings, you decided to back off just a tad. Nothing too bad.

“Peter’s smart and everything but, man, he’s clueless when it comes to you.” A voice comes from behind you that causes you to jump back into the lockers.

“Jesus, can’t you ever greet me like a normal person, Michelle?” Grumbling, you close your locker before walking through the hallway with her. She was the only person who knew about your ‘little’ crush after she caught you staring at Peter during lunch without blinking. You were hesitant to admit it at first but eventually gave in. He hasn’t spoken to you about it, so you figured she never wound up spilling the beans.

“Where’s the fun in that? In my defense, I do it so often that you should be used to it by now.” She continued with her rambling as your attention drifted to Peter, looking over your shoulder to look at him one last time and waving at him as soon as he caught your glance, grinning and giving you a nod before you walked off with your friend.

“Are you even listening to me?” Michelle interrupted your thoughts, gently pushing your shoulder back.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m listening. I’m easily scared or whatever.” She rolled her eyes at your lame excuse of covering up.

“I have to go, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Michelle said her farewells, “and don’t forget to wipe some of that love-drool you’ve got going on there.” She joked, pointing to the corner of her mouth before turning around and walking away.

You stood at the school’s back parking lot, waiting for your ride. You were supposed to be meeting Tony Stark at the Tower for some meet and greet. You watched as a small, black car pull up in front of you and began making your way to open the back door when someone’s hand grabs hold of the handle before you. Looking to your left to see who it is, your heart stops


“Y/N?” The two of you stood in place, looking at one another with a confused look on your face. “What are you doing? This is my ride.” Peter stated.

You shook your head, “I think this is my ride.”

“Will you two kids get in the car already? Mr. Stark wants to see you both.” The driver up front exclaims impatiently. Without saying a word, you swing the car door opening and rush inside with Peter behind you.

You sat as far away from Peter as you could with your hands in your lap, your fingers continuously tapping at your thigh. Peter looked out the window, quickly glancing to his left. “Seriously. What are you doing?”

Turning your head to him, you ask him the same thing. Without risking his entire identity to some girl he barely spoke to, he clenched his jaw and averted his gaze to his shoes. The rest of the car ride was quiet and you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. How are you supposed to tell one of your best friends you were an Avenger?

Once the car parked in front of the Tower, Peter immediately pushed the door open and wasted no time to shut it behind him. You followed him, making sure to keep your distance.

“I see you two have already. Good. Less for me to do.” Tony met up with you both and led the way inside. “So we’ve got this thing going on, the Stark-Xavier Program. There are a couple of kids coming in from Westchester and it’s your job to make them feel welcome and all that. Got it?” He turned to look at you and Peter, raising his eyebrows.

You nod in understanding and asked him when these people were coming in. Tony lifted his wrist to eye level, “Any minute now.”

As if on cue, a group of people came in through the entrance, curiously looking around. Tony called them over, waving his hand in the air and began to introduce himself and the whole purpose of this program. You stopped listening as soon as you started to look through the small crowd. Everyone differed in everything. Suddenly, your eyes stopped once they met a familiar pair brown eyes and silver hair.

Quickly looking away, you shoved the idea of seeing him again to the very back of your mind and tried listening to Tony again. Every now and then, you’d try to force yourself to look back at the set of eyes but restrained yourself. 

“And who are these two young ones standing beside me? To my left, Peter Parker. Otherwise known as Spider-Man.” Your eyes widened and you turned your head to look at Peter for the first time in half an hour. He looked at you sheepishly, his hand tightly gripping his backpack’s strap.  

“To my left, Y/N, basically your modern day Avatar, The Last Airbender. Controlling the earth, wind, air, and fire.” You shyly waved to the crowd, putting on your best smile. Now it was Peter’s turn to look at you. He couldn’t believe what just came out of Tony’s mouth. He’s known you for such a long time and it’s only now that he discovers such a secret? Granted, you two were never really close anyway. “Mingle, mingle. And meet back here in 30 minutes, troops.”

Everyone split off into different groups, some walking with people from their own, some to you and Peter. A girl with hair as orange as fall leaves approached you and introduced herself, putting her hand out for a shake, “I’m Jean.”

“Y/N.” You shook her hand firmly.

“Yeah, I heard. I even heard you can control the elements? Holy shit, that’s cool. I’ve just got telekinesis and the other ‘tele’ powers there are.” She waved her hand, dismissing her powers.

“No way, that’s awesome. I’d take being able to move shit with my mind over moving water and rocks.” You paused for a moment. “Actually, saying it out loud, they sound pretty similar.”

Jean chortled, putting a hand to her chest. “Pretty much, yeah. So what’s it like getting to work with Spider-Man?” She pointed her head toward Peter.

“I actually didn’t even know he was Spider-Man until today,” you admitted, “I just knew him through school and stuff.” Both of you began walking around the Tower beside each other.

“He’s cute though, right?” You blush at her admittance, nodding slightly. You told Jean about your crush.

What’s the harm in telling her, you thought, no one at school knows who she is. “It’s just one of those I like him, he doesn’t sort of thing.”

Turning the corner, you see someone out the corner of your eye. Looking to see who it was, a blurry figure came running toward you. “Hi.” And at that moment, you realized what you were doubting earlier turned out to be true.

“Pietro. Hi.” He stood across from you, his brown eyes looking into yours.

“You two know each other?” Jean interrupted.

“We dated. Didn’t we, Y/N?” Pietro put his arm around you and grinned at the redhead, standing there with raised eyebrows.

Peter slowly walked out of the hallway he was earlier in for the bathroom, he was trying to process what he heard. Hearing you confess your feelings to that other girl he had no idea was made his chest tighten. Then he realized there was only one way to avoid this, right?

“It’s been awhile, huh?” Pietro sat beside you, trying to make himself comfortable.

“Why did you leave?”

He sighed, lowering his head, “Are we really going to talk about this right now? This is the first time we’ve seen each other in practically two years, Y/N.”

“Exactly, which is why I need to know why you randomly left me without even saying goodbye.” Your voice cracked after opening up old wounds. Pietro solemnly looked at you and took your hands in his.

“I was young, okay? We were young. The both of us didn’t know what we were doing.” You felt his grip around your hands tighten. “I’m sorry. When I found that school for people like us and you-you didn’t come with me I just.. I got so angry and I thought there was nothing left for me to do other than to just leave.” Pietro’s eyes had tears welling up at the edge, threatening to fall off with one movement as he apologized profusely.

His tears had already begun to fall as you comforted him while thinking back to the time you two were together. He felt so out of place and wanted to two of you to run away together. You said no because you were worried what others were going to say. But, upon realizing it, isn’t that why he ended up running away in the first place?

“No, there’s nothing to be sorry about.” You looked into Pietro’s tear-filled eyes and slowly moved your hand in front of his face, pulling the tears away and disposing them to some land of grass beside you. “I hated it when you cried.”

“Xaviers’ kids! Gather ‘round!” Tony called out, grabbing everyone’s attention. Pietro looked at you one last time before you told him to go.

While Tony took the others around the Tower, you spotted Peter sitting by himself near the entrance. You called out to him and he didn’t respond. Walking closer to him and taking a seat on the floor near him, you called him again.

“Peter. Hey.” He looked at you and said a soft hello before staring at the grass in front of him again. “What’s wrong? Did something happen, Spider-Man?” You teased, leaning your body toward his and nudging his shoulder.

Peter immediately stood up and said, “Listen, I gotta go. Tell Tony to call me. I’ll see you later.” With that, he left you sitting by yourself, wondering what the hell just happened.

4 ignored calls, 10 read messages, and a whole night later, Peter still didn’t talk to you about what happened earlier. You sat at your regular lunch table with Michelle the next morning, explaining to her what went down (obviously trying your best to keep the whole superpower thing out of the way).

“The fuck’s up with him.” Michelle wondered, watching him as he took a seat next to Liz.

“I don’t know. Whatever it is, I don’t like it, either.”

“You don’t think he heard you when you told that girl, did you?” She suggested. 

“I-oh shit.” You groaned, smacking your palm against your forehead. “You’re probably right.” Resting your head on the table, you mentally scolded yourself for having such a big mouth.

“Sorry, kiddo.” Michelle gently patted your head as you continued with your groaning.

Tony had someone pick you up from school again since you didn’t want to wallow in your room over the end of your friendship with Peter and being left alone with sad music and chocolate. He wasn’t answering anything; he wouldn’t text back or call. Peter wouldn’t even have full conversations with you, just one-worded replies.You knew that with him finding out the trust, something bad had to come out of it.  

Eventually, you realized you had to let some things go.

Once you stepped foot on the property, Pietro came running by your side, practically knocking the wind out of you. You left the Tower last night on good terms with him. You didn’t want to spend your whole life wondering what would’ve happened if the two of you if you didn’t let him back into your life.

“Could you wait a sec?! Not everyone’s as quick as you!” Jean yelled, a couple of feet behind Pietro. “Hi Y/N!”

“Hi, Jean!” You and he walked to her, quietly laughing at her out-of-breath state and exhausted face.

“I’ve got something for you,” Pietro said.

“What? No, you didn’t have to do anything. I mean, if anything I’ve been a bitch to you in my head.” He chuckled, shaking his head, and pulling you near him.

“No, no. I wanted to, don’t worry.” He looked ahead at Jean. “Turn around! We’re showing her the thing!”

A groan erupted from in front of them, “Are you kidding me?! I ran all this way!”

“Let’s go.” Pietro took your hand and guided you to the Tower’s patio. Which was basically a huge backyard.

Once you, Jean and Pietro started to walk through the building, Jean pulled you closer to her body. “You should’ve seen him today, he was working his ass off.”

“Wait, what is this surprise supposed to be?”

“It’s a surprise.” Jean winked, pushing you back to Pietro before she left you alone with him. You continued to walk in between your two new friends until the door to the patio was in sight. The closer you walked to it, the bigger knots your stomach twisted into, anticipating this surprise. You caught a glimpse of lights that were hung from the ceiling as well as Tony standing beneath them. 

Growing closer, you asked Tony what he was doing here. “This kid wouldn’t stop bugging me until I gave him the patio to trash.” He patted Pietro on his shoulder, giving him a nod before returning to your conversation, “It looks good, don’t tell him I said that.” Tony whispered.

As Tony walked away, the space that his body blocked had finally been revealed, a string of fairy lights and artificial vines hung from the ceiling and crept their way around the pillars. Under the ceiling was a table with a candle placed in the center it, its flame dancing with the wind. There was a dark gray couch against the wall covered in throw pillows. 

“Pietro, this is amazing. You did this?” Making your way to the couch, you stared at the objects hanging from above. 

“It didn’t take too long. Super fast and all.” He shrugged his shoulders and sat beside you.

Peter paced around his room, biting his thumb and thinking over the past couple of days. He checked his phone, scrolling through the messages he received from you.  


I know you’re reading this, you should turn your read receipts off.

Come ON Pete

I know you know. But I don’t want to lose you over this 

I’ll talk to you some other time, then

“You’re such an idiot,” he called himself out, knowing he most likely ruined one of his greatest and longest friendships in his life. Feeling his phone buzz, he quickly pressed the home button to check his notifications. A feeling of disappointment filled him as he read that the text from Tony.

Come visit me, there’s this revision i made to the suit and I need to test it out. Make sure it doesn’t kill you or anything.

Peter made his way around the city, still thinking of ways he could manage out of this gigantic pile of shit that he’s buried himself under. And once he made his way to Stark Tower, he had to talk around until he found Tony because he’d never answer his calls. Walking inside, he was just about to hop into the elevator until he heard a familiar laugh.  

Following the noises, it brought him to the patio. “Y/N?” He called out, stepping outside.  

“Do these look good on me?” You laughed, slipping on Pietro’s signature goggles.  

“It’s like I’m looking in the mirror.” He grinned, wrapping his arm around you.  

“What are you doing?” You jumped once you realized someone came in stiffened at the person standing in front of you. 

“Peter, what are you doing here?” 

“Who is this, Y/N?” Peter insisted, his hands formed into a tight ball, his knuckles already turning white. 

Pietro stood in front of you and holding his arm out in front of himself, “Buddy, why don’t you take a step back and just relax?” 

Peter roughly pushed his arm away, becoming angrier at this. “Peter! What the hell is your problem?! You don’t speak to me in days and this is how you come back?” You stood up beside Pietro, holding him back from making a decision he’s bound to regret.  

“I love you, Y/N! After all this time. And I’m sorry for treating you this way, I just- I didn’t want to leave things the way I did and I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t tell you how I really felt. I love you.” 

“Are you serious, man? You come all the way here an-”  

You interrupted Pietro, standing in front of him, “I got this,” you mumbled before looking at Peter, “Peter, I’m sorry. But you left me after.. after all these years that we’ve known each other and that is the most horrible feeling that someone could experience. Not only to lose your best friend but to lose him after waiting for him to like after all this time.” You stopped yourself before you started to completely lose it, “You couldn’t expect me to wait for you forever. I’m sorry, Peter.”

@leonygunawan said: HI ITS ME AGAIN!!! i have a lot of ideas so i apologize if you constantly see my user pops up. tonight i present you my idea of a jeff atkins y/n have a job at a daycare in the toddlers section and one day jeff surprised y/n at work and he ended up playing with a lot of the kids, he would carry them above his head since he’s buff as fck (can i cuss?) and the little girls would ask him to be their bf lol okay yeah. this is a very long ask so i will bid you a doo au revoir and gracias 💖💖💖💖

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Having a summer job at a private Daycare is both a blessing and a curse. For one the paycheck every two weeks along with the children’s laughter really brightens your day, but on the other hand, waking up at the butt crack of dawn and dealing with tantrum throwing toddlers is really nerve grating.

But in the end, you wouldn’t have any other job.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m gonna go ahead and take my lunch break. You good to keep an eye on the babies for me, too?” Your co-worker asks. You glance up at Makenzie, energy already dwindling for the day while she still looks bright-eyed, but smile and nod nonetheless. “Thanks! I’ll bring you back something sweet.”

Fortunately for you, the wall separating the infants from the toddlers is about chest high and you can easily see into both rooms at the same time. The toddlers are currently down for their naps, but the two infants that the Daycare takes care of are set to wake up any moment now.

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can u Please explain to me what's the deal with british people and running thru wheat fields and elections

ok basically what happened: theresa may was asked on the campaign trail what the “naughtiest thing she’s ever done” was and she replied: running through a farmer’s wheat field. that’s literally it. now it’s a meme

bonus rounds include: if theresa thinks running through wheat fields is naughty, what does she think about her selling weapons to the saudis in order to murder yemeni kids

bonus rounds include: the lad that is jeremy corbyn (leader of opposition) answering the same question with “the naughtiest thing i’ve ever done is too naughty to say” and then basically finger gunning the camera. a legend